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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!

  • During the narration, Miguel points out there were plenty of things Imelda could've built her family business upon, candy, fireworks, "sparkly underwear for wrestlers". But no, she made shoes.
    • Also during the narration, when Miguel mentions that Imelda taught su yernonote  (Miguel's bisabuelonote ) to make shoes, we see a young Coco drag her young future husband, Julio, to Imelda. And Julio's got a nervous expression, like he already knows that having a woman like Imelda as su suegranote  will NOT be a pleasant experience.
  • The Montage of Miguel spending time with su bisabuelanote , Mama Coco, counts as this and heartwarming.
    • The way Miguel plays "luchador" with Coco, despite the fact that she can barely participate in this game. He even has her dressed in a luchador mask and cape.
    • "Dimple, no dimple. Dimple, no dimple."
  • Elena's introduction.
    Elena: [serving food to Miguel, lovingly] Oh, you're a twig, mijo! Have some more [food].
    Miguel: No, graciasnote .
    Elena: [sternly, with a death glare] I asked if you would like more ta-ma-les..
    Miguel: [nervously] S-sí?
    Elena: [immediately and cheerfully puts four more servings on his plate] That's what I thought you said!
  • When Miguel introduces Elena and her repeatedly refusing music:
    [At Miguel who's blowing music into a bottle]
    Elena: No music. [Confiscates the bottle]
    [At a passing Pizza Planet truck, whose music is playing over the radio]
    Elena: No music! [Slams the window shut]
    [At a drunk trio of singing street performers]
    Elena: NO MUSIC! [The musicians run away screaming]
    • What's funnier is that the trio is singing "La Llorona", one of Imelda's favorite songs before she banned music. It counts as Imelda posthumously telling the drunk musicians (through su nietanote , Elena) "You keep that disgusting music away from mi casa!"
    • For a woman her age and height, Elena's intimidating enough to scare three grown men, to the point they go from drunk to scared-silly when she screams "NO MUSIC!" at them. She has them scrambling all over themselves trying to escape her.
  • Miguel finding Dante and telling him to do tricks. Dante obliges over-enthusiastically, but can't do shake or fist-bump. Miguel decides to just bump Dante's paw.
    • Miguel told Dante to "shake", and Dante responded by shaking his body on the ground.
  • During the narration, when Miguel introduces the audience to Ernesto de la Cruz, he lists off all the awesome things about his hero. "He starred in movies, he had the coolest guitar, he could even fly." Guess which one of these is a little exaggerated.
  • Admittedly, Ernesto's death is kind of funny - it's not everyday someone dies from a giant bell being (accidentally) dropped onto them.
    • Even funnier is that they leave the sound effect of Ernesto getting crushed by the bell on the official soundtrack version.
    • The look on the face of the stagehand who knocks the lever loose reads "Ooh, I have just screwed up big time".
    • The timing of Miguel expressing his ambition to be like de la Cruz makes it seem like he wanted to be crushed by a falling church bell as well.
    YouTube commenter: Sweetie, your ambition is admirable, but let's NOT get ourselves crushed by a giant bell.
    • The best part? Ernesto's final fate in the Land of the Dead is...getting crushed by another bell. The guy just has no luck with those things, eh?
  • The Mariachi interrupting Miguel, telling him he wanted a shoe shine, not his life story.
  • The entirety of Elena confronting the mariachi. When she approaches, she has a 1,000-yard, glowering Kubrick Stare, and dangerous panflute music plays.
    • Elena effortlessly terrorizing the mariachi is even funnier considering that, a minute earlier, he'd declared that if he were in Miguel's position, he'd march right up to her and tell her off.
    • Elena spinning her shoe in her hand before putting it back on her foot like an old gunfighter.
    • The way she talks to Miguel afterwards, as if she just rescued him from a genuinely dangerous stranger rather than a guy showing him a guitar whilst hugging him so tightly that she almost smothers him in her bosom, leaving Miguel gasping for breath when he finally gets free.
  • Elena chucking her shoe at Dante to get him away from her, and then her ordering Miguel to go fetch her shoe.
    • Doubly funny for Mexican audiences, where this kind of shoe (known as la chancla) is considered the signature weapon of mothers and grandmothers, and triply funny too, because if your mom throws la chancla at you (because you were running away from her, trying to avoid the punishment), it's you who has to fetch it for her.
  • Elena tells the family that Miguel was at the square shining a mariachi's shoe, and the family all collectively gasp. One of his cousins (Abel) who's shining a shoe looks away from his work and the shoe shoots up into the ceiling, where there are other shoes sticking through the boards.
  • Elena tells Miguel that if he were to pursue music, he'd end up like his great-great-grandfather, whose face is missing in the photo on the ofrenda. Miguel begins to ask about him, but Elena says to never mention that man. He then tries to point out that she just mentioned him, but she continues to shush him.
  • Based on a picture of Ernesto's dramatic pose and smile, Miguel tries to mimic that smile, but it looks a little bit cheesy.
  • As he watches movie segments of Ernesto de la Cruz, one such segment shows him telling a woman "The world may follow the rules, but I must follow my heart" before he kisses her. Miguel reacts as naturally as you would expect from a boy his age.
  • Dante eating food from the ofrenda. When Miguel catches him in the act, Dante stops for a moment, then keeps eating with an expression like "Uh oh, I'd better finish this quick!"
    • Fridge-Funny: Any dog owner will tell you that if you catch your dog in the act of eating something they shouldn't, chances are they will respond by just eating it faster.
  • As the town is preparing for Dia de los Muertos, Benny and Manny, Miguel's twin toddler cousins, are helping spread petals on the road - by dumping out their entire basket-fulls.
    • Meta: According to the audio commentary, the decision to make it twin boys happened at the last minute, so the animators saved time by taking the boy and literally copying and pasting him.
  • Although it's a sobering moment, it has one small bit of humor: after Elena breaks Miguel's guitar, she crosses herself, as though what she just did was perform an exorcism.
  • Just as Julio (Miguel's bisabuelo) reassembles himself (after Miguel accidentally bumped into him), Rosita (Julio's sister) runs right through Julio, causing his bones to fly everywhere as she goes to give Miguel a big hug.
  • As Oscar and Felipe (Imelda's brothers who also happen to be twins) appear to tell the family some bad news, Oscar casually greets Miguel with a gentle smile after the boy recognizes them. Then the two of them gasp in shock when they realize that Miguel can see them.
  • Miguel's awed by the Land of the Dead, and claimed that he thought this place was a made up thing that grown-ups tell him about, like vitamins.
    Tia Victoria: Miguel, vitamins are a real thing.
    Miguel: Well, now I'm thinking maybe they could be...
  • A skeleton girl sees Miguel and points him out to her mother who tells her staring isn't polite. When she sees Miguel, she immediately flees.
    Mother: Mija, it's not nice to stare at - Ay! Santa Maria!
  • One of Miguel's twin uncles warning him to watch out for alebrije flying overhead, because they leave "caquitanote  everywhere.
  • While Miguel and the dead Rivera family wait in line to re-enter the Land of the Dead, we see skeletons who get to visit to the Land of the Living. One such skeleton has a large set of braces on his teeth. Apparently, his dentist put up an ofrenda for him. (Kind of falls under heartwarming when you consider the skeleton must've been a star patient). Oh, and not only is this guy the Once per Episode John Ratzenberger cameo, but according to the credits, his name is Juan Orthodontica.
  • Hector attempting to disguise himself as Frida Kahlo in order to cross the bridge to the living world. It doesn't work, and he still tries making a run for it, only to gradually sink under the petals in an anticlimactic fashion.
    Hector: Dumb flower bridge!
    • Though this becomes Harsher in Hindsight when we learn WHY he's trying to do so. Spoilers
      • As he tries to pass as Frida he suggests the bridge officer to just let him through.
    Hector: I'm on so many ofrenda's it'll just overwhelm your blinky-thingy.
  • When the dead Rivera members present Miguel to the attendant:
    Attendant: Welcome back, amigos! Anything to declare?
    Julio: As a matter of fact... Yes. [Shows Miguel to him]
    Miguel: Hola.note 
    [The attendant's jaw '''literally''' drops, falling off of his skull]
    • Funny or horrific, one must wonder if the attendant thought Miguel was a human sacrifice.
  • At the Agency for the Land of the Dead, one of Miguel's twin uncles looks at Miguel and sadly muses "I miss my nose". Miguel's "Okay, I'm in no hurry to die" expression is what sells it.
  • As they arrive at the Agency, one couple is talking to a clerk with the wife telling her husband through gritted teeth that they would not be seeing his ex-wife's family during the holiday.
  • Imelda angrily smashing a case worker's computer with her boot, when the worker tells her that her photo is not on her family's ofrenda.
  • A clerk pokes his head out of his office and asks if Imelda and her group were the Rivera family, the computer gives a well-timed small explosion.
    • Also the way he breaks the news to them.
    Clerk: Well, you're cursed.
    Miguel: WHAT?!
  • Miguel starts to explain how he didn't technically steal, since it was a guitar from his great-great-grandfather who would have wanted him to have it, but Imelda quickly interjects, telling Miguel that that man is dead to this family. He then quietly points out that they're all dead.
  • Despite Dante being a hairless dog, the dead "immigration clerk" regulating entry into the Land of the Dead turns out to be allergic to him, making him sneeze. Miguel points out that it doesn't make sense for the dead clerk to be allergic to Dante because the dog is hairless, but the clerk also makes a good point in that it also doesn't make sense for him to still be able to sneeze despite no longer having a nose.
    Dead employee: Whatever [Dante] is, I'm terribly allergic.
    Miguel: But Dante doesn't have any hair!
    Dead employee: [Deadpan] And I don't have a nose, yet here we are.
    • This dialogue is even funnier once you realize how far it takes Artistic License – Medicine / Artistic License – Biology. Contrary to what many people believe, people who are allergic to cats/dogs/other furry animals, usually aren't allergic to the actual fur but to the animals' dandruff, making whether the animal is hairy or "naked" (and Miguel's point) a moot point. And to drive the point home even more, a person's being allergic or not doesn't have anything to do with their having a nose or not; it comes from their white blood cells and Histamine produced in their blood stream (which, again, the dead clerk can't even have, given that as a skeleton he doesn't have any blood stream to begin with).
  • On another note, due to not having a nose (or any ears) to perch his glasses on, the "immigration" clerk attending to Imelda when she's trying to re-enter the land of the dead, has to tape them to his skull to make them stay in place.
    • Even the family members noted that Dante didn't look like an alebrije, and one of the twins say that he looked like a sausage that was dropped in a barbershop. Tia Victoria (who is Abuelita Elena's sister) gives an annoyed eyeroll while everyone else grins at the joke.
  • The first time Miguel notices the effects of staying in the Land of the Dead too long. It's only his index finger, but when he nervously twitches it, he faints a little, as though he just saw the sight of his own blood.
    • Julio braces Miguel and quickly slaps the boy's face a few times to keep him awake to undo the curse.
  • Imelda gives Miguel her blessing with the condition that he never plays music again which he accepts. Once he's back in Ernesto's shrine, Miguel whoops with glee, spots the guitar and grabs it, prepared to head to the talent show. Just as he sprints to leave, the world quickly shifts back into the Land of the Dead, where Miguel's body slams into the clerk’s desk. The Rivera's turn back in surprise, and once Miguel realizes where he was, and his hands made it clear he was holding a guitar, he grins bashfully.
    Imelda: Two seconds and you already break your promise?!
    • Fridge Funny: The blessing didn't take because Miguel (A) decided to go to Mariachi Plaza instead of returning home (B) had no intention to put Imelda's photo back on the ofrenda first (C) AND grabbed the guitar. In other words, he managed to break all three conditions of the blessing at the same time.
  • Miguel tries to get his other relatives to give him their blessing, but because none of them would dare go against Imelda, everyone shrinks away from the marigold petal in fear, as if Miguel were offering them a disgusting bug: Julio tucks his head into his ribcage, Rosita hides her face in her own hair, Oscar and Felipe hide behind each other and Tia Victoria... she just shakes her head no.
  • When Miguel tries to leave the Rivera family to go find Ernesto, he makes the excuse that he has to use the bathroom. Then after Miguel leaves, the skeleton clerk points out the Land of the Dead doesn't have any bathrooms, since they're all skeletons.
    • Fridge-Funny: The stunned looks on the Rivera's faces indicates they're all thinking "Did this boy just run away from us right in front of us?!"
  • In order to make himself less conspicuous, Miguel pulls his hood over his head so tightly, you can barely see his face. Like he were a Pixar version of Kenny.
  • Apparently, falsifying a unibrow is Serious Business in the Land of the Dead.note 
    • Hector asking if he could at least take back his costume. The officer pretends to pause for a moment before denying his request.
  • During their first meeting, Miguel tells Héctor that he believes Ernesto de la Cruz is his great-great-grandfather. Naturally, Héctor's so stunned by the news that not only does his jaw drop, but his eyeballs fall into his mouth like two marbles.
    • Just before that, Héctor calling Miguel's sudden request to be taken to Ernesto to get his blessing "weirdly specific."
  • The Rivera's spot Miguel and, out of panic, he grabs Héctor's wrist and dashes out of the building, accidentally pulling Héctor's arm off. Just as he's running down the stairs, Héctor's hand snaps its fingers to get Miguel's attention, and gestures back to show that he left Héctor's body behind.
    Héctor: Espérame, chamaco!note 
  • Julio nervously showing Pepita (Imelda's animal spirit guide) the marigold petal that Miguel touched and meekly muttering, "Nice alebrije..."
  • Dante tasting the white shoe polish that Héctor uses to disguise Miguel as a skeleton.
  • Héctor shows Miguel the picture of himself when he was alive, a smiling young man. When Miguel looks at Héctor, the latter is giving a somewhat goofy grin to match the photo.
    Héctor: Eh? Muy guapo, eh?note 
  • Miguel tries "walking like a skeleton" by copying Héctor's awkward pigeon-toed walking style.
  • How does Héctor get Ceci the seamstress' attention? Shooting his arm up like it's an arrow to get to the window.
    • When Ceci picks up his detached arm and sternly remarks that he'd better have her dress, she accusingly points Héctor's own arm at him. What makes this scene even funnier is considering that Héctor's body parts can move on their own even if detached from him, as he just demonstrated earlier while snapping his fingers to get Miguel's attention. This implies that Héctor was pointing at himself.
  • While at Frida Kahlo's studio, Miguel walks past a female skeleton posing for an artist without her clothes on.
    • He doesn't so much as "walk by her" as he does stop and stare at her and bashfully covering his face while skittering off when she notices.
  • A spider-monkey alebrije riding on Dante's back.
    • Later, that same alebrije demonstrating the ability to change colors and breathe fire.
  • Frida believes for a moment that Dante's an alebrije, a powerful spirit animal sent to guide others. Then, after she sees Dante chewing and choking on his own leg, she (understandably) figures that he's probably just a normal dog. Which makes the reveal when Dante turns out to really be an alebrije even funnier in hindsight.
  • Frida Kahlo's entire scene with Miguel describing her performance art before Ernesto's concert, which consists of multiple versions of herself climbing around in a spider-like fashion around a half eaten papaya and a cactus (that is also her) that cries tears of metaphorical milk. After receiving some music advice from Miguel, she concludes that the whole thing needs to be on fire (the dancers aren't too happy about that last idea).note 
    • Even funnier due to Frida's touching upon her constant theme of always being born from herself. The papaya is not a random choice of fruit: "papaya" is also a Spanish slang term for a woman's naughty parts. The most brilliant case of Bilingual Bonus of Pixar, at least for non-Spanish audiences.
  • Miguel suggesting music ideas for Frida:
    Miguel: Oh! What if you did like..."Doo, doo, doo, doo, doom"?
    [Frida snaps her fingers and her band plays back that exact riff]
    Miguel: Uh... Oh! And then it can go..."Da-da-la, da-da-la, da-da-la, da-da-la, da-da-la...ooip"!
    [Again, Frida's band plays back that riff, with a trombone on "ooip"]
  • As the stage rises to reveal what appears to be Ernesto, the stage light flashes onto the figure to reveal a bunch of fruits and wood tied together to look like him, to Miguel's disappointment.
  • According to the other musicians, Héctor died because he choked on a chorizo (a type of spicy sausage common in Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico), thus earning his nickname "Chorizo." Héctor defends himself by saying it was food poisoning. The musicians bursting with harder laughter after the food poisoning remark makes it a little more hilarious. Although it becomes much less funny and actually Harsher in Hindsight when it's revealed Hector was literally poisoned, and his killer tried to assuage his worries about his stomach pain by suggesting it was some chorizo he ate.
    • The joke goes deeper than merely a dropped bridge; "chorizo" is used as a Latin American euphemism for male genitalia.
  • As they go to meet a person Héctor knows that has a guitar, when they make it to the end of a broken bridge, Héctor simply jumps down, takes the impact and allows his body to reassemble itself. The look on Miguel's face is a mixture of awe and fear.
  • The weird alebrije that hops on the docks that's a mixture between a toad and a rabbit. Dante is too confused to even attempt to chase after it.
  • Héctor tries to say hello to Chicharron, but the old skeleton glares at him and declares he didn't want to see his stupid face.
    • Chicharron also hasn't forgotten that Héctor has borrowed A LOT of things from him over the years and not once given it back. That includes his van, his mini-fridge, his good napkins, his lasso, and (for some reason) his FEMUR. Not even Word of God can explain why Hector needed the femur.
  • Although a Tear Jerker moment Héctor plays a song for Chicharron, "Everyone Knows Juanita", about an ugly woman. At one point, he spots Miguel watching him in wide eyed awe, has an Oh, Crap! moment and switches out a word with "Knuckles", which "drag on the floor". Even in his tragically tired state, Chicharron still has the spitfire to say that's not how the song goes. But Héctor points out that Miguel is present.
    • Not to mention the punchline of the song: after singing about how horrendously ugly Juanita is, the singer laments that if he weren't so ugly, she'd give him a chance!
    • "There are children present!" could also be taken as a meta joke, seeing as this is a family movie and there will be children in the audience.
  • Miguel decides he'll play "Remember Me" for the talent show, but Héctor says that won't work. Why? Everyone else will be singing that song, thus making Miguel white noise if he plays that song. The camera then shows a small guitar player rehearsing the song, as well as a man and woman singing an opera version, and a man playing it on glasses of water.
    • Particularly funny if you've ever participated in or run an audition, and know just how much the latest hit recording artist and/or musical turns up.
    • The look Héctor gives after Miguel sees all of said performers. A humorous, slightly smug smirk that all but explicitly says "See what I mean?"
  • All of the acts shown before Miguel's big number at the Battle of the Bands are rather hilarious:
    • A tuba/violin duo.
    • A solo saxophonist.
    • A rock band which the crowd shows complete distaste over.
    • A skeleton plays the scales of his alebrije like a xylophone.
    • An emo skeleton with a very familiar haircut doing a self-synth act.
    • A man conducts his dead dogs to sing. (Later, when Miguel is having a bit of stage fright, a voice in the crowd yells "Bring back the singing dogs!")
    • A trio of nuns play "Remember Me" on accordions, something that the crowd also dislikes, except for one guy near the center dancing excitedly and enjoying it.
  • Miguel saying that he has to perform on his own in order to prove to Ernesto that he's worthy of being a musician. Héctor is momentarily touched. Some emphasis going into "momentarily."
    Héctor: Oh. Oh, that's such a sweet sentiment... (beat) at such a bad time!
  • Héctor teaching Miguel how to loosen up, then encourages to give a grito. Miguel's grito comes out as an unimpressive, creaky squeak. Even Dante winces from it.
    • Héctor understandably gives a Facepalm at this in frustration.
      Héctor: Oh, mon qúe?
    • If you listen closely, Miguel even seems to say "Ay yi yi," realizing how bad his own grito sounds.
  • The entirety of the "Un Poco Loco" song. It may help since it's Spanish for "A little bit crazy."
  • Imelda chasing down Miguel and being understandably annoyed at her great-great-grandson, making her declaration that she's giving him the blessing he needs to get back sound almost like a threat.
    Imelda: You' are going home, and I am giving you my blessing!
  • When Miguel tries to convince a security guard to let him into Ernesto's mansion on the basis that he's the guitar legend's great-great-grandson, the boy flashes him the same cheesy smile as de la Cruz, complete with dramatic pose. Predictably, there's a Gilligan Cut of Miguel being forced back out.
    • Before seeing Miguel, the guard sees that El Santo was invited and said he was a huge fan. He takes a photo with his idol, by taking off his head while his body holds the camera. And yes, even in the afterlife El Santo is still wearing his mask.
  • When Miguel gets the large band to sneak him into Ernesto's party, it looks like they hid him inside the drum, due to lingering shots on it, or maybe in the middle of their tightly packed group as they walk. Nope, they put him in the sousaphone. He even gets shot out by the instrument when it's blown into.
  • When entering the party room the music switches from normal music into dubstep. The change can be a bit jarring and funny for some.
  • Miguel enters Ernesto's plaza to play a song of his to him and his crowd...only for Miguel to walk into the pool without realizing it.
  • The montage of Ernesto introducing his great-great-grandson Miguel to everyone and their dog.
  • Ernesto de la Cruz's alebrije are chihuahuas.
  • Ernesto expressing giddy delight when the fireworks begin.
    • Even his voice actor was amused to do this part.
    • When Ernesto and Miguel walk to the window, three of Ernesto's chihuahuas are running around with a fourth sweetly slumbering in Ernesto's arm. At the first sound of the fireworks, at the same time Ernesto perks up and becomes all giddy, the sleeping doggo wakes up and starts yipping.
  • Ernesto's uncomfortable reaction to Miguel's torso turning into bones is both humorous and weird all at once, mostly because he's treating this as casually as one would at seeing it's way past a child's bedtime.
    • Also, as he offers Miguel a petal, he tells him "I hope you die very soon". Miguel looks up incredulously before Ernesto chuckles and adds, "You know what I mean". Also doubles as Five-Second Foreshadowing.
  • How does Héctor sneak into Ernesto's plaza? By disguising as Frida Kahlo, again. This time, it actually works.
    • Héctor (whilst still dressed up as Frida) confronting Ernesto. (Even funnier, before shedding his disguise to reveal his true self, Héctor rolls his eyes a little because Ernesto actually believed he was Frida.)
  • Though it's ultimately a heartwarming moment, after Miguel learns that Héctor is his actual great-great-grandfather, the latter despondently bemoans that he couldn't have been a more "impressive" ancestor. But Miguel admits that previously, he was worried about being related to a fraud and a murderer (Ernesto), and that Héctor's an upgrade, and assures that he's genuinely happy to be related to him.
    • The dry/depressed look Héctor briefly gives Miguel when he says "You're a total upgrade", as though dryly thinking "Really kid? Are you sure you know what 'upgrade' means?"
    • Generally, Miguel's disbelief that Hector has such a low opinion of himself as an ancestor, that he has to remind him the alternative is being related to a murderer.
  • When Imelda and Héctor meet for the first time in years, she notices Miguel and smiles brightly, but gives Héctor a Death Glare, to which he nervously compliments her by saying she's looking well.
    • The great thing about this moment is that the audience has just learned that Ernesto is not Miguel's great-great-grandfather, so her reappearance comes at the same moment the audience realizes that the man Imelda was so angry at is in fact Héctor and she will not be happy to see him.
    • While riding on Pepita, Héctor (possibly at Imelda's strict orders) is forced to ride upon her tail, holding onto it for dear (after)life.
    • Héctor nervously offers Imelda a hand to help her off Pepita. She responds with a hilariously exasperated eye-roll and then slides off of Pepita herself... On the opposite side of Pepita to where Héctor is standing.
  • Dante changing into an alebrije, in a fashion where his body turns day-glo colors. Then he sprouts an appropriately ragged, lopsided pair of wings that barely keep him airborne.
    • What's especially hilarious is Dante's reaction, when he sees his leg suddenly glowing and changing color, he starts gnawing on his leg as if that would make it go back to normal. Once he gets his wings, he attempts to fly, and stops in midair before falling. He manages to fly in the end.
  • Frida Kahlo's concert - it's so abstract that it leaves the audience quiet, unable to tell if they should be impressed or disturbed (or both).
  • Miguel and the Rivera family (Héctor included) sneak into de la Cruz's Sunrise Spectacular by dressing as Frida Kahlo (courtesy of Frida herself). Miguel then has to rip off the fake unibrow, which pains him in the same fashion of ripping duct tape off.
    • Héctor offers to help Imelda out of her costume, but she gruffly refuses.
  • Imelda smacking Ernesto with her shoe.
    "That's for murdering the love of my life!" [SMACK] "And that's for trying to murder my grandson!"
  • While it doubles as heartwarming, Héctor's so touched by Imelda calling him "the love of [her] life" that he asks her about it twice (earlier after she hits Ernesto with her boot)—she brushes it off both times, but after the second time she denies it, their great-great-grandson smugly remarks that's what he heard, sounding very much like an Annoying Younger Sibling teasing an older sibling after finding out they have a crush.
    • Her response to the first time he asks Imelda if he was the love of her life is pretty funny.
    • Héctor is so over the moon that he can't wipe the ridiculous giddy grin off his face even as they chase after Ernesto.
  • During the ensuing chase after Ernesto, he bumps into dancers dressed as... Giant Ernesto heads.
  • One of the twins grabs his brother's arms and uses them as nunchucks against the body-guards. The brother without his arms simply headbutts a guard.
    • Dante shows up and manages to tackle one of the guards' heads off its body.
  • Imelda accidentally winds up on stage at the Sunrise Spectacular looking bug-eyed at the audience, and has to sing and act like it's All Part of the Show while being chased around by the security guards.
    • Her look of surprise and absolute disgust when Ernesto shows up and turns the performance into a duet where the two are dancing while fighting over the photo of Héctor. But due to Ernesto being such a Glory Hound, he gets so caught up in the song and his triumph that it allows Imelda to escape his grip... By stomping hard on his foot, which causes him to let out a howl of pain that sounds like a grito - or he's just tried disguising it as such (certain dubs make the attempt to disguise his yelp as a grito more conspicuous than others), grabbing the photo and legging it.
      • As Imelda begins to sing, Tia Victoria and Rosita's jaws drop and they glance at each other as if saying, "Mama Imelda's singing??" To top it off, as Héctor starts to accompany his wife on guitar (for the first time in nearly a century!), the conductor glances at the guitarist in the orchestra with a questioning look, only to get back a confused shrug from the man. Their body language says it all in the brief aside shot. "Where's that music coming from?" "Not me, boss." The conductor and musicians quickly decide to just roll with the apparent change of plans, with smiles on their faces. To quote one youtuber:
        The conductor's all "Who's playing? What's going on?" but then he gets into with a reaction of "Eh, to heck with it, she is KILLING it!"
      • Take a closer look at Imelda's face when Ernesto begins showboating. You can just hear her thinking "You stole my husband, my love of music and now you're trying to steal my thunder?! Oh, I don't think so!"
      • Major props to Antonio Sol (the singing voice of Ernesto de la Cruz in the original English version) for managing to make Ernesto's cries of pain when Imelda stomps on his foot sound like a yelping dog... Much like his chihuahuas.
  • Family blessings can come with all kinds of conditions and if Miguel takes the blessing, returns to the living world, and rejects one of the conditions the blessing is revoked, and he's snapped instantly back into the Land of the Dead. Later in the film he's almost, it's a Hope Spot given a blessing with the condition "and never forget how much your family loves you", which may lead some audience members to imagine a rebellious teenage Miguel deciding his family hates him, being snapped back into the Land of the Dead, and most probably he will face a long sermon from his dead ancestors, particularly from Imelda herself.
  • During Ernesto's confession, there's a blink-and-you-miss moment in the crowd. Out of all the skeletons who react with disgust and shock, one skeleton holding a corn-cob just awkwardly looks left and right.
  • Let's sum it up: Ernesto's been caught on camera trying to murder a little boy, revealed to have stolen all his best friend's songs by killing him, and then gets thrown around by Pepita and crushed under a bell as he did in real-life. The hilarious part comes while the crowd is cheering and a man who went to the concession stand returns to his wife.
    Man: What did I miss?
    • The way Pepita shows up, growling menacingly at Ernesto for attempting to hurt Miguel and flies him all around the venue, swatting him like he were a ball of yarn, tossing him in the air, and then hitting him with her tail. It's not only satisfying, but also plenty humorous.
    • Also Ernesto nervously smiling as Pepita slowly stalks towards him and he quietly stutters, "Nice kitty." It doesn’t work.
  • One of Miguel's cousins (the one who shot the shoes up into the ceiling) is sleeping on a bench with his uncle, drooling in his sleep. When his uncle jolts up after recognizing Miguel, he falls backwards, and he only has one shoe on his foot.
  • In the ending montage, Dante returns to the land of the living as an ordinary dog. And Pepita's silhouette seems like a large jaguar...but she appears as a normal house cat, even smaller than Dante.
    • Also in the ending, we see a bust of Ernesto with the plaque "Remember Me," then pan up to see a sign hung around the bust that say "Forget You."
      • Doubly funny in light of that phrase being used as a radio-appropriate Lyric Swap (and Title Swap) for Cee Lo Green's song "Fuck You."
      • The irony of the statement itself—Ernesto will not be forgotten, he will be remembered for being the biggest liar to have ever lived.


  • The DVD's deleted scene "Celebrity Tour"
    • "You seem like a nice crowd, better than my last group. What a bunch of stiffs!" *Miguel shows no reaction* "A bunch of stiffs..."
    • After being interrupted of his dialogue, Hector repeats it saying "As long as our families back home remember us, we live on in this beautiful city" whilst the bus has moved on to the slums and a skeleton flashing the passing train.
    • Hector tries to list all the people of Mexico whose memory will live on forever. The funny part is, one of those names is Montizuml.
  • In the deleted scene "The Way of the Riveras", when "Coco" was a musical, the Riveras (who still hate music by the way) sang a musical number about being shoemakers.
  • Also, in "Bus Escape", there was a concept where the dead Riveras were cursed so whenever they open their mouths or talk, they are forced to sing.
  • Another deleted scene, "Alebrije Attack", features Hector screaming like a girl.
  • In the Coco As Told By Emoji video, the phone representing the Land of the Dead has 0% battery life. Because it's dead. Miguel also exposes Ernesto by reporting his video for a copyright claim.
    • Elena "breaks" Miguel's guitar simply by deleting it.
    • The talent show and final concert in the Land of the Dead are held as a, dead video stream.