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"You look gorgeous!"
  • The movie starts with "Put On Your Sunday Clothes" from Hello, Dolly! intercut with gorgeous images of space, which fits in just fine with the music. Then we descend into Earth's atmosphere, overly cheery music and all.
  • Basically everything that happens on Earth in the beginning of the movie is either heartwarming or hilarious.
  • WALL•E's trouble sorting the spork.
  • When WALL-E wakes up in the morning with low power, it's like he hasn't had his coffee yet. This weary, floppy stumbling is capped off when he comes to his hung-up treads and pathetically moves his wheels on them as if to put them on. Somehow, he gets it together enough to wheel out for a charge.
  • WALL-E exploring the trash and finding trinkets.
    • When he finds a ring box containing a diamond ring—he tosses the ring away but keeps the box, being fascinated by the clicking sound that the box makes when he opens and closes it.
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    • WALL-E finds a bra, and not knowing what it's for, places the cups over his eyes. He gives an mind-blown "whoa" that's hilarious especially because we have no idea what he has gotten from this.
    • WALL-E is so determined to get into a fridge that he has to laser the doors off.
  • WALL-E chasing the dot of red light, like he were a pet or a child chasing it.
  • When EVE's ship first lands and WALL-E tries to hide himself by simply putting a rock on his head and folding into a cube. Later, EVE tries another pathetically simple disguise by slamming a stack of towels on WALL-E's head and hoping he can blend into the shelves that way.
  • "At laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast, my love— " *explosion*
    • As well as WALL•E's reaction to it. You can't blame the guy, another inch and this would've been a much shorter movie.
  • During the "La Vie en Rose" montage, WALL-E bumps into some grocery carts at the top of an incline. They start to move towards him very quickly. He makes a run for it and tries in vain to open the door, but the grocery carts catch up to him and bury him. The door opens moments later.
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  • EVE's little tantrum during her hunt for plant life after getting stuck to a ship's magnet. Resulting in another mini-nuke explosion and a domino rally with beached ships.
    EVE: Directive?
    WALL-E: (after crushing dirt) TA-DA! (EVE expresses appreciation)
    WALL-E: Directive?
    EVE: (prerecorded, automated response) Classified.
  • WALL•E bringing EVE to his home and showing off his collection is an extended exercise in hilarity. Highlights include EVE solving the Rubik's cube and WALL•E's dance with the hubcap.
    • Not to mention Eve's experience with the eggbeater, where she goes from mild curiosity, to glee as she plays with it, to shock at breaking it, to innocently humming after hiding the evidence...all in the span of ten seconds.
    • Eve meets a Big Mouth Billy Bass. Eve is startled when the Billy Bass starts singing, and goes to blow it up. WALL•E stops her and begins to move her along...only for Eve to suddenly aim at the Billy Bass again as if she's still not sure it's not a threat.
    • EVE popping a piece of bubble wrap at machine gun speed.
  • WALL•E doing his little dance, as above, then EVE trying to imitate it, resulting in her bouncing up and down, SHAKING WALL•E's house.
    • WALL-E hastily stops her and applauds, as though wordlessly saying: "Yes! That's good! Please don't do it again."
  • WALL-E's "dates" with EVE, as she's completely unresponsive to him.
    • Specifically the bit where he pries her arm out from her body so he can hold her hand...only for her arm to snap back into place, trapping his fingers.
  • That voice that says "FOREIGN CONTAMINANT."
    • The best part of that is the realization that they all end up on a place made of "FOREIGN CONTAMINANT".
  • The bit when the typing robot waves at WALL•E.
    • The fact that a robot made for the sole purpose of typing uses hunt-and-peck.
      • The keyboard's also all 0s and 1s.
  • Apparently, if you're the Captain of the Axiom, you can turn back the hands of time. You have to see it to believe it.
  • The Captain looking at the manual and calling it "Manuel."
    • Or the fact he doesn't know what a book is.
  • This exchange between the Captain and the ship's computer: "Voice authorization required." "Uhhh..." "Accepted."
  • WALL•E getting impatient with M-O's incessant cleaning, so he deliberately spreads some muck from his treads on M-O's face, much to M-O's outrage.
    • Even funnier when you see it more like he "booped" M-O's face with his foot.
  • M-O jumping off his guide line, just so he can get to do his job. He prepares for it like he will blow up if he leaves the line, but all he gets is a little buzzer. It's his little evil-like laugh that sells this moment.
  • "I didn't know we had a pool!"
  • When EVE is on the bridge and about to present the plant to the captain, WALL-E approaches her and taps her on the shoulder. She shoos him away...and then realizes he is there. You can almost hear her saying "Not now, WALL-E. Wait a minute, what are you doing here?!"
    • EVE tries to say something to Wall-E (most likely telling him why he shouldn't be here). But he's so enamoured by her that all he hears is a vague "Blah Blah Blah."
  • Look closely at the scene when the Captain learns for the first time that his ship has a jogging track; AUTO appears to shrug as if to say "This is news to me, too."
  • WALL•E kicking and wiggling his feet and hands as he's being carried to a pen in the defective robots ward.
  • The Fashion Robots. The one in the defective ward, which is filled with dangerously faulty robots, only suffers from extremely gaudy taste.
  • The Steward bots saying "HALT!" to the defective robots 2-3 seconds after they all stopped.
  • The way the Steward robot says the word "wrong."
  • During a brief elevator ride to the escape pods, Wall-E eagerly points out a warning on the screen cautioning all on board about himself and EVE. The latter promptly shoots the screen. Wall-E quietly backs up, scrunching up.
  • WALL•E, in the escape pod, patting the seat next to him as an invitation to EVE.
    • And then his exploits trying to get the pod to stop. The thing looks absolutely ridiculous as a result of all the buttons he pushed.
  • Although there's a tinge of sadness and heartwarming in this scene, Wall-E tries to come up with ways to apologize to EVE, then eventually remarks sadly to himself "pathetic." It's rather funny that someone as sweet and innocent as Wall-E is savvy enough to know the word "pathetic."
  • Though the scene isn't too happy, when EVE wakes up in the trash, we see that the pests are computer mice. And their model name is REM-E!
  • In a deleted arc, EVE was the one to get initially shocked by AUTO, and WALL•E saves her from being sucked out of the ship. We also get interaction between WALL•E and the two WALL•As that's genuinely hilarious. After getting their attention, WALL•E uses his trash compacting ability in an attempt to get them to let go of EVE. One of them picks up the resultant cube, and their headlights suddenly take on a "D'awwwww" expression. Then one of them gently pats WALL•E's head as though to say, "Sure thing, kiddo; you'll get to our level someday."
  • The bit where M-O and WALL•E first meet, including their odd handshake. WALL•E extends his hands and M-O cleans it very quickly while saying his name. The best part is that after he cleans the hand, he still shakes it.
  • The Captain trying to send a message specifically to WALL-E and EVE. While he succeeds, he also manages to unintentionally send a message to everyone watching their screens. One passenger has this uneasy look on his face like he's wondering "Why is this guy telling me all this?"
  • HAN-S going absolutely medieval on the Stewards, who all say "Halt!" before he smashes into them. Then, after he's done...
    Steward: (HAN-S is panting, standing on a pile of destroyed Stewards) Halt! (HAN-S promptly smashes it)
  • The Captain tricking AUTO into thinking he has the plant: "You want it? Come and get it, blinky!" (also counts as Moment of Awesome)
  • Even AUTO has his moments of funny. Whenever he says "NOT POSSIBLE" or "NO" is just hilarious.
    • When WALL•E tries to hold up the scanning module, AUTO hits the "Retract" button. Then he hits it again. Then he hammers it so many times the button breaks.
  • GO-4 getting kicked through the window during the Captain's fight with AUTO—and landing just short of the pool. (Not that that would have helped.)
    • Before this, GO-4 takes the plant from The Captain, then gets him to back off by hissing at him. The fact that he’s also raised his claw things while he does it makes him seem an awful lot like a cat.
  • As all of the passengers are sliding out of their chairs due to AUTO rolling the ship, one of them tries to help stop another by giving them something to grab onto. The only problem? That something is the straw of a cup. It works about as well as it sounds.
  • "John! Get ready to have some kids!"
  • At the end when WALL-E "wakes up," he notices that he's holding hands with EVE. He looks back and forth between EVE and their hands in confusion, having no idea how to process this.
  • MO bursting out with a joyful cry of "WALL•E!", seeing them holding hands, and then hurriedly shooing the other robots behind a rock saying "go, go, go!"


  • BURN-E getting locked out of the ship and banging pathetically on the door.
    • Pretty much all of BURN-E, but especially the times he sheepishly has to go back to his 'boss' to get a new light fixture after they keep getting destroyed.
      • Which culminates in BURN-E finally giving up and collapsing, and his 'boss' mechanically patting him on the head to comfort him.
      "THERE. THERE."
  • In the trailer: "Seven hundred years into the future, mankind will leave our planet, leaving Earth's cleanup in the hands of one incredible machine." Cut to WALL•E smacking himself in the face with a paddle ball.

  • A series of small shorts were made for the movie, which consisted of WALL-E playing with random objects. Of note is the headphones one, where he clamps them on his body, opens his front so the music comes out of there, and then starts dancing.


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