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  • "Learn to bark like a real dog!"
    Dug: I can bark! (barks in front of Kevin) And here's howling. (howls until Kevin squawks at him to stop)
  • The scene at the very beginning when Carl meets Ellie, and she encourages him to get his balloon.
    • Especially the board suddenly cracking out from underneath Carl. Admit it — you laughed. And if not, the Ambulance Cut immediately after likely sealed the deal.
    • Also, when he hits himself in the face with his cast and his girlish scream when shocked at seeing Ellie come through his window.
    • Not to mention the scene where Carl is pretending to be Charles Muntz.
      He hurdles Pikes Peak! He hurdles the Grand Canyon! He hurdles Mt. Everest! *smack* He goes around Mt. Everest!
  • Carl's Daydream Surprise, figuring how he'll get rid of Russell.
    Carl: (back from the Imagine Spot) Well, that's not gonna work.
  • Alpha's "voice"...
    • And Russell's comment that he likes the old one better when Muntz fixes the collar.
  • ... and what really happens if two senior citizens get into a swordfight. Owww, my lumbago!
    • Special mention goes to the moment when Muntz has Carl pinned down and tauntingly asks if he has any last words. He urges Carl to "spit it out", and so Carl obliges— spitting out his dentures right in Muntz's face.
  • "I do not like the Cone of Shame."
  • Dogs. Playing poker. (Who are you calling an art history nerd?)
    • Pay close attention, one of them is cheating. He has an ace tucked in his collar. This is a Shout-Out to the original painting by Cassius Coolidge ("A Friend in Need") where one dog is passing an ace under the table.
  • "Hey, get off of my roof!" "Yeah, get off of his *RUFF*!"
  • "Who wants the ball?"
    • (Beat) "OH I DO I DO I DO!! OH ME ME ME!!"
    • "I hate squirrels!"
  • "I was hiding under your porch because I love you"
  • Russell: With my Explorer GPS, we'll never be lost! (accidentally tosses the GPS out the window while gesticulating)... Oops..
    • Made even funnier when Carl doesnt have a clue what a GPS is, being a standard technology blind elder. If you look closely, the house doesnt have anything more modern than the TV, and even that looks like it was made in the 70's at the latest. This gets a Call-Back in the credits where Russel is trying to teach Carl how to use a computer and Carl stares in befuddlement at the mouse.
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    • Another credits gag is a photo of Russel holding up a GPS tracker. Either he got a new one, or they found the original one!
  • "It is funny because the squirrel gets dead."
  • The "WTF?!" face of the frog after a sleep-drunk Carl hits it upon waking up, a la alarm clock.
  • A bit of an in-joke but Kevin's good-byes to Russell, Carl, and Dug. Russell gets a head-hug (which some parrots will do with people they really like), Carl gets his head patted (as she saw Russell doing earlier), and Dug gets an avian obscenity rasped at him—which he doesn't react to in the least.
    • Gains a Call-Back at the end when one of her babies does the same thing to Dug.
  • The Star Wars homages. The camera angles in that scene are just perfect.
    Grey leader, checking in!
  • Carl instructing Russell that they will "walk to the falls quickly and quietly with no rap music or flashdancing" as Russell trails behind, "Uhhuh...sand...I FOUND SAND!"
  • "I will bring it back for SCIENCE."
  • Russell has a typical little-kid-on-a-long trip moment:
    Russell: "I'm tired! And my knee hurts!"
    Carl: "Oh yeah? Which knee?"
    Russell: (Beat) "My elbow hurts!"
  • Carl decides the best thing to do about Dug is just keep walking. Russell points out, "But it's a talking dog!"
  • When Carl tries to shoo Kevin away.
  • Russell when he is digging a toilet hole:
    Russell: Mr. Fredricksen! Am I supposed to dig the hole before or after?
    Carl: It's none of my concern!
    Russel: Oh ... It's before!
    Carl (while covering his ears): Lalalalala!
  • Russell smooshed up against the glass of the Spirit of Adventure. Then being dragged against its side. Watch Muntz's face - his eye twitches.
  • When Carl tries to get Dug and Kevin to leave him alone and he points at them with his walker: *points to Dug* I don't want you here. *points to Kevin* And I don't want you here. (Kevin squawks at him in indignation) *points to Russell* And I'm stuck with you.
    • Dug isn't listening; he's transfixed on the tennis balls on Carl's walker.
  • When Carl speaks his mind to the building contractor in classic old guy fashion:
    Carl: You in the suit! Yes, you! Take a bath, hippy!
  • "I believe I made my position to your boss clear."
    Worker: You, uh, poured prune juice into his gas tank.
    Carl: (Chuckling) Yeah, that was a good one...
  • Kevin choking up Carl's cane, followed by HER BABIES choking up the feet/balls of his cane. At this point Carl cheerfully gives up the cane for lost, and lets Kevin keep it. Sure enough, he no longer uses a cane after this.
    • Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment. She'd adopted the whole swallow-and-regurgitate-the-cane routine as a friendship ritual to Carl, and then taught the same thing to her chicks!
  • When all those dogs went over the cliff like lemmings. Don't worry they got better.
  • When Carl goes through his morning routine and goes outside and we see all the construction around that one little patch of home.
  • The car-counting game at the end.
    Russell: Red one!
    Carl: Blue one!
    Dug (who is of course a dog): Grey one!
  • Carl's attempt to get rid of Kevin and Dug.
    Dug: "Hi master!"
    (Dug spits it out the ball onto Carl's hand, still covered in drool)
  • Russell: Sit! *Dug sits* Hey, he's trained! Shake. *Dug shakes* Speak!
    Dug: Hi there.
  • "Will you be my prisoner?"
    • What really sells it is when Dug is holding onto Kevin's leg like a beggar and Kevin continues dragging Dug along. And Dug has a huge smile on his face the whole time. "OH PLS PLS PLS BE MY PRISONER!"
  • Carl sending Russell out on a Snipe Hunt and when he actually finds a snipe.
  • Every time the leafblower is used.
  • Carl: Let's play a game. It's called See-Who-Can-Be-Quiet-The-Longest.
    Russell: Cool! My mom loves that game!
  • What the dogs were saying when Muntz invited them into his airship.
    Dog: I like you temporarily!
  • Dug's first appearance:
    "I can smell you!"
    "...What? You can...smell us..?"
    "...I can smell you!"
    • And before that, when they realize that what they thought was a person was actually a rock Russell says 'Heh, you were talking to a rock, Mr. Fredricksen.' You can just see him thinking 'But the rock was answering!'
  • Dug tries to stop the dogs chasing Carl, Russell, and Kevin.
    Dug: Stop you dogs!
    *Dogs ignore him and run past*
  • There are only two lines in the movie spoken by a dog that aren't a Funny Moment, and both of them are spoken by Alpha. Everything else is hilarious, even the Tear Jerkers and Heartwarming Moments. Especially those.
    Dog: Your mailman friends can't hear you now!
  • Russell's reaction to finding out Kevin is not a Kevin at all...
    Russell: (almost casually) Kevin's a girl?
  • Point!!!!
  • "South America! It's like America...but south!"
  • Ellie to Carl: "Y'know, you don't talk much... I like you!"
  • After Carl has sent his house into the air, he sits back and prepares for a rest when the door knocks. Startled, he opens the door and finds Russell on the front Porch:
    Russel: Hi, Mr. Fredrickson!
    Carl: What're you doing out here, kid?!
    Russell: I followed the snipe under your porch, but it had a long tail and it looked more like a large mouse... Please let me in.
    Carl: [beat] ...No. [Slams door]
  • Carl and Ellie's wedding. We first see the bride's half of the room going absolutely bugnuts, clapping and hollering and jumping around and even firing off shotguns. Then we see the groom's half, which is stone cold silent and expressionless (except for stoic clapping).
    • Even funnier is that Ellie's family are dressed in bright clothes, while Carl's family are damn near dressed for a funeral.
  • After Carl turns his hearing aid off, watch that scene with captions or subtitles on. Either that, or listen close enough:
    "There's a storm coming. It's starting to get scary. We're gonna get blown to bits! We're in big trouble!"
  • The way Russell says "I thought you were dead!"
  • One of the tracks on the CD is called "Giving Muntz the Bird."
  • Alpha goes after Dug, and manages to get his head stuck in a megaphone. The dogs refuse to follow him anymore because he's wearing the Cone of Shame. Then the dogs declare Dug their new Alpha, and it takes a moment for it to sink in. It's the way his ears perk up once it dawns on him that sells it.
    Dug: I am not the Alpha. He is-Oh!
  • This exchange;
    Russell: Can I tell you a secret?
    Carl: No.
    Russell: Okay, here it goes.
  • Carl tricking Muntz's dogs by throwing one of the balls on his walker. They all look so happy at first that they get to play... until they realize that they've been tricked and Gamma drops the ball in shock.

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