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You have crashed.

The Film

  • While racing Lightning on a beach, Cruz accidentally gets stuck in the sand.
    Cruz: [up to her eyes in sand] The beach ate me.
    • While on Fireball Beach Lightning says "Life's a beach and then you drive" after Cruz worries that he'll fall over. Luigi and Guido need a moment before laughing.
    • "And allll the little crabbies have gone night night."

  • Lightning having a screen time conversation with Mater.
    Mater: You know what I would do?
    Lightning: What?
    Mater: ...I dunno. I got nothing.
  • While it makes Storm look like no less of a Jerkass, this first exchange between him and Lightning would give Chick Hicks a run for his money.
    Jackson: You have no idea what a pleasure it is for me to finally beat you.
    Lightning: (chuckles) Thanks. Wait...hang on, did you say "meet" or "beat"?
    Jackson: (while leaving, in a passive aggressive tone) I think you heard me. .
  • There's also a bit in the exclusive cut showing Lightning racing on a simulator, supervised by Cruz. He doesn't seem to adjust to the virtual environment too well, and as if wrecking on the virtual track wasn't bad enough, he goes ''launching into the projector screen'', full with a shot of his bumper sticking out of the newly created hole in the wall. This crash causes a power outage through out the whole training facility.
    Lightning: TURN IT OFF! TURN IT OFF! GET THESE THINGS OFF OF ME! [back wheel locks disconnect] NOOOO! [slams into the screen]
    Simulator Voice: You have crashed! (repeats in the background)
    Cruz: Are you alright?
    Lightning: I've crashed...
    ** Speed: ERROR mph
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  • Cruz whole conversation with McQueen about how he can use anything negative to motivate him to push towards the positive. She does this by egging McQueen on about his age and implying he was an imposter when first seeing him. And to top it all off; Cruz calls him her senior project with McQueen's response being a flabbergasted "did I just get insulted?" expression on his face.
  • The Running Gag of Mater showing up to watch the races with a HUGE novelty item on his head (or roof?), looking absolutely ridiculous! In the credits we see a picture of him wearing a huge one that acts as a Monument of Humiliation and Defeat to Storm. There's even a pouting mini-Storm angry at mini-Cruz's victory.
  • Cruz visualizing the other cars as tractors during the final race.
  • The pranks Lightning, Bobby Swift and Cal play on each other. Lighting gets sprayed with foam when he wins, and vows to get Cal back. When Cal wins, Guido over inflates his tires and ties Lightning character balloons to his back end.
    Bobby Swift: [laughing] Congratulations cupcake! (while driving away with his pit crew)
    Lightning: [spits out foam] Oh, they are gonna pay.
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  • Smokey tests Lighting's reflexes by having Guido throw bales of hay at him. Later they upgrade to heavier objects, like a motor and an anchor.
  • Smokey and the racing legends telling McQueen that he is old and slow despite being well over 50 years older then him. It gets bad enough that Smokey asks Cruz to repeat that Lightning's old because he thinks he's losing his hearing. She shouts in his ear(?) with McQueen's response being a flat "I heard him.".
  • Cruz's motivational trash talk once she gets the modifications to be Lightning's sparing partner. Lightning and the racing legends reaction is priceless.
    Cruz: Oh you're going down McQueen. Get that arthritis-riddled keister on to the track so I can put you into the old folks home against your will!... How's that?
    Lightning: That'll work.
    Louise: Worked for me.
    River: I.. I'm good.
    Junior: Yep, that'll do.
    River: Did you hear what she said? (in a half whisper)
  • Cruz's warm-up training at the Rust-eze Racing Center with Lightning who basically becomes a Butt-Monkey. Her methods are particularly unorthodox for a sport that involves going fast. It is clear McQueen's training routine is NOT like the training the younger racers have. In fact the training is more like something for older cars.
    • On the first day, Cruz does a Zumba like aerobics routine complete with her own made up lyrics. Being the Only Sane Man, Lightning starts to ask if the dancing is necessary but is mostly ignored and told it's meant to slowly work him up to using the simulator.
    • The next day, Cruz puts Lightning on a rotary lift and is tilted downwards to help with oil flow (which might be a car's equivalent to inversion therapy). He doesn't take to it well and appears uncomfortable. And to add insult to injury, she slides a drip pan underneath him just in case he well... leaks.
    Lightning: Is that a... drip pan?
    Cruz: Just in case.
    Lightning: How old do you think I am?!
    Cruz: Visualize yourself driving fast on a steep hill. I'll be back in a few.
    Lightning: Visuali... (to Cruz as she drives off) Wait, WAIT CRUZ, A FEW WHAT!? (to himself) I just wanna go on the simulator.
    Orange Next Gen: How's it hangin', Drip Pan?
    • Lightning later finds himself on a treadmill that's only going 5 miles per hour while the next gens next to him are going there full speed. The reason for this is because Cruz wants him to take a nap afterwards. This no doubt made the next gens start laughing while leaving McQueen annoyed and embarrassed.
    Lightning: I'm NOT taking a NAP! [Cue the Gilligan Cut]
    • After Lightning wakes up from his nap, Cruz has his tires removed so he could get to know them and name them. McQueen doesn't feel like doing it and get's impatient with her. This exchange follows.
    Lightning: May I have my tires back so I can go on the simulator please?
    Cruz: Name them!
    Lightning: Uhh. Lefty, Righty, Backy, Backy Jr, Okay?
    Cruz: Does this make you mad?
    Lightning: YES IT DOES!note 
    Cruz: [in a sing song voice] Use that!
  • Lightning McQueen's hilariously energetic apology to Cruz after their falling out. Basically, he adds his own lyrics to the workout song Cruz annoyed Lightning with, full with even more ridiculous dancing. All while Cruz is begging him to stop.
    Lightning: First I going to loosen up these ancient joints... I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry that I yelled. It wasn't your fault that I almost got killed. But now, you're leaving, and you won't get on the ramp! You won't get on the ramp! (Continues until they get to Thomasville)
  • Miss Fritter sounds like the name of your bus driver, which makes her reign of terror in demolition derby as a school bus hilarious. Also she's apparently a big fan of Lightning's. Keep in mind that Miss Fritter almost ram raided him for keeping her from sawing off Cruz's license plate and caused her to lose the demolition derby. Too bad that McQueen's possibly scared to death of her because of this. Though, in Miss Fritter's defense, she wasn't aware the car she was trying to ram was Lightning, due to him being covered in mud.
    • Older fans may think the name "Miss Fritter" sounds familiar and oddly appropriate for a school bus. They may be thinking of Miss Frizzle.
    • Alot of the trash talk in the demolition derby also is hilarious, especially when combined with a boatload of Funny Background Events.
    00:Nice day for a drive, eh!
    Taxi Racer:Hey! Buddy! Get the *HONK!* out of my way!
  • Cruz commenting on Lightning's pre-race meditation prior to their beach race with a You Have GOT To Be Kidding Me look on McQueen's face.
  • When Lightning is calling Mater via Videochat, he sticks his buck teeth at the camera and then leans so close that his eye fills the screen. Lightning lampshades this:
  • It also works as a subtle tearjerker, but while Lightning is waiting outside Sterling's office following the simulator scene, he looks at a worker washing the floor. After looking away briefly, he hallucinates her right in front of him, imagining that she's telling him to retire.
    Cleaner: You're all washed up, McQueen.
    Lightning: I'm sorry, what?
    Cleaner: Said, floor's all washed up! We're clean!
    Lightning: Oh, right... [chuckles weakly]
  • Mater screaming and honking at the other racers telling them to be quiet so Lightning can focus at the beginning of the movie.
  • Whenever Sally accidentally refers to Lightning as "Stinky" rather than "Stickers", before she quickly corrects herself.
  • In the credits, there's a picture of Mater wearing one of his novelty hats and its a series of small vignettes of a happy Lightning and Cruz with an angry looking Storm. It's a monument of Monument of Humiliation and Defeat in hat form.
  • In the Brazilian dub, Optimus watching the reel of Doc's crash is narrated by ESPN Brasil's resident Large Ham, with all his Catch Phrases ("he's gonna doctrinate, like an alpha male!" "Not here, my dear!" "The CHAOOOOSSS!"). Subsequently, it's much funnier than in the original.
  • Whenever Lightning loses Cruz during the Fireball Beach race, Hamilton reminds him:
  • Chick Hicks keep bragging about his one Piston Cup victory over Lightning even though he won that because after he purposefully wrecked "The King", Lightning choose to stop, let him win, and then go back to push "The King" Weathers to the finish line to make a point. Even his own cameraman is unimpressed.
  • How Jackson Storm is introduced:
    Lightning: Okay, let's see what you've got!
    (Immediately after he says this, Jackson ironically appears out of nowhere, overtakes the other racers and wins.)
  • Some scenes from the closing credits are sure to crack the audience up:
    • Cruz receiving the "inflatable tires" prank from two of the next-gens, while Lightning laughs at this.
    • Mater playing checkers with the dummy he made earlier.
    • Mater trying on the electronic suit, which doesn't suit him well, as Lightning gives a half-sarcastic laugh in the background.
  • QuickerthanquickfasterthanfastIamspeed!note 
  • After the announcement of Lightning and Cruz sharing the win and Sterling's true nature is revealed:
    Mater: THAT WAS THE DE-EAL! YOU ARE NOT A NICE GUY! Well seriously, I gotta say, you do make a quality mudflap on an affordable price...
  • And before this when Tex wants to hire Cruz:
    Tex: Miss Cruz, I would be tickled pink to have you race for Team Dinoco. As you know, we have a long history of great racers...'cept for Cal.
    Cal: [peeks out from nowhere] Uh...guys? I'm still right here!
  • Cruz using Hamilton to mess with Storm after Lightning helps her regain hope.
  • The Stinger. Mater is once again in his junkyard, singing to himself when he hears his laptop beep signaling a call from Lightning. When he gets startled, he accidental destroys the reception antenna, losing the call, much to his dismay.
  • During The Big Race, after Lightning swaps out with Cruz and she's trying to get into the mindset of the race, Smokey tries to get her to pay attention but fails. Then Lightning tells him what to say to her to get through to her. The nature of the lines is clearly so strange to Smokey that after just a few lines like this, he finally gives up and tells Lightning he's not saying it. It marks the moment Lightning becomes the crew chief, but it's still hilarious seeing the old truck looking so utterly puzzled.



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