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Dug's Special Mission

  • All of it, as Dug repeatedly acts as The Millstone for the rest of the pack. "Alpha, the rock moved!"
    • Notable examples:
    Alpha: Now, your mission is to sit on that rock.
    Dug: Okay! (jumps to the other rock causing the rock Alpha, Beta, and Gamma are on to tilt. The three dogs begin running around trying to even the balance, but the rock falls and the dogs fall, screaming)
    Dug: (jumping from rock to rock) Find the bird, find the bird! (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma follow, screaming as the rocks fall and Alpha goes down with one)
    Alpha: Ow! I am hurting!
    Dug: (calling down) Are you okay, Alpha?
    Alpha: (calling up) We will be getting you, DUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGG!!!!!!
    • Earlier, they make Dug sit in "the bird's favorite hole":
    Dug: I will stay in the hole. I will stay in the hole. I will... stay in the... [The hole is full of sand and he quickly starts to sink down the tunnel]
    Dug: Now I'm going down the hole. It is dark in the hole.
    [Alpha, Beta, and Gamma are hunting Kevin, only a few yards away]
    Alpha: This is our day, my lieutenants. Master will have much rewa-
    [his ears perk up, Kevin runs away, and Dug falls on top of them in a heap of sand]
    Dug: [sitting on top of the three, who are half-buried in sand] Hey! My pack is in the hole, too!

George and AJ

Luxo Jr.

  • Really, the whole thing. It's barely two minutes long, but owing to it's a landmark achievement in CGI character animation, the two characters, neither of whom speak or even have faces, are able to communicate exactly what they're thinking with masterful timing and gestures.
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  • The end. After the smaller desk lamp accidentally deflates the ball he was jumping on, he runs off-screen, with the bigger lamp looking after him...only to recoil in surprise when the smaller lamp comes back with an even bigger ball. The other lamp looks at the camera and shakes its head like it's saying, "He'll never learn."
  • Luxo Jr.'s shocked reaction when the ball gets stopped by the cord.


  • The poor alien. Just his facial expressions.
  • The alien ship crashing onto the house unexpectedly. Subverted heartwarming ending, anyone?
  • A small one, but the little alien pushing his teacher out of the way, leaving a large handprint which starts slowly sucking back into shape like gelatin. If memory serves, Pixar built a new software simulation engine just for that gag.
  • Then there's the moment when the alien just completely gives up in frustration and starts hitting all the switches.

For The Birds

  • The tiny birds. Seriously, they all sound like squeaky toys.
  • When all the littler birds are mocking the big, goofy one when they first see him.
  • Then comes the appropriately karmic comeuppance. Nekkid birdies!

Knick Knack

  • One of the aforementioned knick knacks is a pyramid with sunglasses.
  • The payoff to the intro: we see all these various bouncing, happy knick knacks, hanging out and having a good time... and then we get the snowglobe, with a very disgruntled snowman.
  • The snowman's first attempt at breaking out? Smashing his (thin and plastic) igloo into the glass.
  • Because of the timing of the music, the snowman's attempt at using his nose as a chisel is accompanied by laughter.
  • The snowman then tries to use a jackhammer. All this accomplishes is violently shaking his face off.
  • Pretty soon, the rest of the knick knacks bare witness to the snowman's antics and become concerned... because his newest act is to try and blow up the snowglobe.
  • It's only as the snowglobe is falling off the the shelf that the snowman realizes the bottom of the snowglobe has a door.
  • And then, you get the punchline: the snowman lands in a fish bowl, and spots a mermaid knick knack... only to get trapped back in the snowglobe when it falls on top of him as he attempts running over to it.

Day and Night

  • At the end of "Day & Night", when Night has dawned upon Day, and immediately realizes... hot sunbathing girl!

La Luna

  • When the little boy is holding his papa and grandpa's brooms, and the broomheads both resemble their respective facial hair.

Mater and the Ghostlight

  • Mater's pranks on everyone.
  • In the ending scene before the credits, the Sheriff warns Mater, who was already scared out of his wits over the non-existent Ghostlight, about the Screaming Banshee. After the credits are done rolling, we're treated to a scene of a monstrous truck (who is most likely the Screaming Banshee himself) looming over Mater. His reaction upon turning around? Warn the truck about a "Banshee" and wish him goodnight before leaving.

Toy Story Toons: Hawaiian Vacation

  • The return of Spanish Buzz, and his lightstick fire dancing.
    Buzz (Spanish Mode): We removed the poop from the kitty litter.
    Mrs. Potato Head: Ohh, Spanish is so beautiful!
  • Chuckles the Clown leading the luau, reading his lines completely deadpan.
  • What about the part with Ken and Barbie pretending that they were deep-sea diving? Not only do the Pizza Planet aliens blow bubbles in the empty fish tank to simulate ocean water, but then Hamm switches the TV that they were swimming in front of from a tranquil underwater scene with fish to a shark submerging out of the water, making Ken and Barbie freak out.
    Hamm: (to Buttercup) Shark Week.
    Buttercup: Nice!
  • There's also the part with Mr. Pricklepants having the three Pizza Planet aliens audition for his latest production. Initially, he thought that the first two aliens' performances were mediocre or dreadful, but he liked the third one's great emotion. The cincher? All three aliens were uttering their trademark "Ooh" in the exact same tone.
  • And let's not forget at the end of the short where Ken and Barbie stepped outside in the snow in their winter clothes to share their first kiss before walking off the front step of the porch and into the deep spot of the snow. The scene after the credits even showed Woody and the others using a blow dryer to defrost Ken and Barbie from the ice block that they were frozen solid in.
    • The other toys' comments during this scene:
      Slinky Dog: What're they doing out there?
      Buttercup: It's gotta be... a bazillion degrees below!
      Hamm: Good thing they're wearing the 1982 winter weekend collection.
    • Then just at the moment where Ken and Barbie are about to fall in the snow:
      Mrs. Potato Head: How romantic.
      Mr. Potato Head: Yeah, 'til they fall off the deck.
      (cue the couple falling into the snow)
      Hamm: ...I'll get the shovel.
  • Horseback riding.
    Woody: Ride like the wind, Bullseye!"
    Ken: Ride like the wind, Buttercup!
    Buttercup: Okay, get off me.
  • The Bonnielikeoke motel.
    Ken: I thought we were staying at a resort?
    (Jessie puts up sticky note with the word "resort" on it over the word "motel")
    Potato Head: Welcome to the Bonnielikeoke resort!
  • As soon as Bonnie leaves, Woody's first order of business is to play checkers with Slinky Dog. He asks Slinky if he's ready to lose at checkers and Slinky replies, "When pigs fly!"
    Hamm: (to Buttercup) Actually, I had an uncle who was a pilot.
    Buttercup: Really?
    Hamm: No, not really.

Cars Toons

  • In "Tokyo Mater": "I'M STOCK!!!"
  • The Incredibly Lame Pun in "Unidentified Flying Mater" after Mater asks if he should take the UFO to his leader.
    Mater: (gesturing toward several liters of oil) Well, here's all my liters!
    UFO: Yum!
  • In "Air Mater", Mater's attempt to land after his initial flight:
    Mater: (landing properly) Got it! (rolls upside-down) Lost it! (rolls right-side-up) Got it! (rolls over and over until he stops, upside-down) Lost it.
  • Whenever McQueen tries to interject that Mater's stories didn't happen, he turns it around and says "You were there too!" And lo and behold, Lightning McQueen is suddenly a part of Mater's crazy tale.
    • And at the very end of each short, when McQueen continues to try to interject against Mater, something happens right then associated with Mater's tale in question to ensure that what happened was Real After All.

Your Friend the Rat

  • The intro to the Black Plague part. "It doesn't go from rats and darkness to rats and death skulls!" Including a cameo from P.T. Flea.
    Director: My script says "rats and death skulls."
  • The song. All of it.
  • The exaggerated depiction of the war against rats, with clips of Victory Through Air Power thrown in.
    Remy: We rats see ourselves as equal to man, but you humans don't seem to see it that way. SO IT'S BEEN WAR! A WAR WITHOUT END!
  • The very end, which involves a cautionary message allegedly from the clip's producers that scrolls by to remind the audience that rats are vicious, unsanitary, pestilent vermin, and anyone who interacts with them do so at their own risk, all against Remy and Emile's vigorous protesting in the background. At one point, they physically try to block the message from scrolling, but to no avail.
    The views expressed are not necessarily the views of Pixar Animation Studios or the Walt Disney Company. Interaction between rats and humans should be deemed an ultra-hazardous activity involving risks including, but not limited to, exposure to various diseases, serious bodily injury, permanent disability, paralysis, mutilation, constipation and death. Rat bites can lead to disease transmission including, but not limited to, rat-bite fever, rat-borne typhus, trichinosis, leptospirosis, hantavirus and of course, the Bubonic Plague. Although the authors maintain fleas were the primary transmitter of the black plague, all right-thinking people know it was the rat, which is a dirty and disgusting creature to be avoided in perpetuity ad infinitum. Should you choose to interact with rats, you hereby assume any and all risk of injury and disease and hereby release and discharge Pixar Animation Studios and the Walt Disney Company and their employees, agents, officers, aunts, uncles, children and pets from any and all liabilities, claims, demands, losses or damages caused to you or alleged to be caused, in whole or in part, by your silly insistence on rat interaction.
Toy Story Shorts: Small Fry
  • The completely deadpan way that Woody asks where the real Buzz is once Mini-Buzz shows up. He clearly does not have time for this crap.
  • The entire performance of Jane Lynch as a support group moderator, and pretty much every toy in the group.
  • "My name is Recycle Ben, and I got recycled!"
  • Lizard Wizard's squeak of delight when Buzz picks him up is too hilarious for words. Same goes for his jittery excited anticipation when Buzz is supposed to rejoin the group. Also Buzz's deadpan expression while grudgingly pretending to play with Lizard Wizard is priceless.
  • "Kids don't like PizzaBot. PizzaBot sad."
  • After getting kicked in the rump by Mini-Buzz, Hamm asks someone to tackle him. Woody barrels Mini-Buzz seconds later at the end of his song.
    "Thank you."
  • The mere fact that one of the toys in the support group is based off of one of the more obscure Disney adventure movies- the protagonist of 1981's Condorman.
  • While being tied up as the group thinks of a way to save Buzz, Mini-Buzz takes the opportunity to try flirting with Jessie. It doesn't work.

Partly Cloudy

  • EVERYTHING. God, that poor, poor stork....
  • The reveal of the stork's head being completely covered in porcupine quills. But what really sells it is the nervous little laugh that accompanies it.

Toy Story Shorts: Partysaurus Rex

  • Seeing the fuzzy toilet seat cover resembles Sully's fur. This YouTube comment says it best...
    "R.I.P. Sully, 2001-2012. May he forever warm our butts."
  • "Aw man, the floaters have all the fun!" "WHAT UP FISHES?!"
  • Desperate to end the bathtub party quickly before it overflows, Rex pulls on a stopper and turns off the water. Then it's revealed he accidentally turned on the shower.
  • A little police toy car drives by, seemingly to control the situation. Then the police car dives into the water for the fun.

Geri's Game

  • Just everything. It's all one big Mind Screw: Is there actually two of the same man? Does he have a split personality?
  • The way that Geri with glasses beams at Geri without glasses after winning the chess game.
    • How he won deserves mention: after being left with only his king, and being one move away from losing, he fakes a heart attack and, when Normal!Geri looks down to check on him, he flips the board around. And, shockingly, Normal!Geri doesn't notice.
      • There's also the fact that Normal!Geri was confused that this happened, even going so far as to check his own heart/pulse. That's right, Geri got so wrapped up in his game that he thought he actually had a heart attack.
    • And what is the point of getting so into the game? A set of false teeth.
  • What makes this even more Hilarious in Hindsight is that this may very well be the same old man who repairs Woody in Toy Story 2, and who even keeps his chess pieces in one of the drawers of his tool chest!


  • A small Running Gag where Piper keeps sitting by the nest with an open mouth, expecting her mother to feed her.
  • After she gets splashed with a wave on her first day hunting for her own food, we cut to Piper sitting in her nest the next day, soggy and clearly traumatized by yesterday.

Sanjay's Super Team

  • In the beginning, Sanjay and his father having a small battle between which sound will drown out the other: Sanjay's super hero tv show, or his father's meditation chant. It escalates with Sanjay turning up the TV's volume louder and louder! ... until Sanjay's father turns off the TV with the remote control.
  • Once meditation commences, Sanjay makes no effort to hide how little he wants to meditate.
  • In an attempt to retrieve his action figure, he accidentally sets fire to its cape by getting it too close to a candle.


  • Something on-the-nose about the dumpling son acting progressively like a rebellious teenager is so comical.
  • Although it's supposed to be a Tear Jerker, there's something strangely sudden about how during an argument to keep her dumpling son from leaving the nest, the mother eats said-dumpling son.
  • Both the mother and her son are impressed by how the daughter-in-law makes more dumplings without any help.
  • The mother's shocked expressions are rather funny, mainly because they start coming after the viewer has gotten accustomed to the normal squinty eyes, making the sudden appearance of her eyeballs all the more unexpected.

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