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Monsters, Inc., sometimes shortened to Monsters or unabbreviated as Monsters, Incorporated, is a DisneyPixar franchise focusing on the adventures of best friends James P. "Sulley" Sullivan and Mike Wazowski, two monsters who live in Monstropolis working for the titular energy company, Monsters, Incorporated. The franchise started in 2001 with the release of Monsters, Inc. and has been going strong ever since.



TV series

Comic books

Video games

  • Monsters Inc (2001)
  • Monsters, Inc.: Scream Team (2001)
  • Monsters Inc Scream Arena (2002)
  • Disney Infinity (2013-2016) – 1.0 features a Play Set based on Monsters University with Sulley, Mike, and Randall as playable characters; the three can also be used in later editions, and 3.0 features a racetrack based on the climax of Monsters, Inc.
  • Disney Magic Kingdoms (2016) - Characters and attractions based on the movie are available in the base game. Some are recreations of existing Disney Theme Parks attractions.
  • Disney Heroes: Battle Mode (2018) – Sulley & Boo, Mike, and Randall all appear as playable characters.
  • Kingdom Hearts III (2019) – Monstropolis appears as a world, with Sulley and Mike as party members, Boo as a NPC and Randall as the world's main villain, closely allied with Vanitas and Organization XIII.
  • Disney Sorcerer's Arena (2020) - Sulley, Mike and Randall are playable characters.
  • Disney Mirrorverse (2022) - Mike and Sully are playable characters, both upgraded with Powered Armors to keep up with the other heroes and villains.
  • Disney Speedstorm (2023) – Sulley, Mike, Randall, and Celia appear as playable drivers, with several tracks based on the Scare Floor. The franchise had a season dedicated to it during early access called Unafraid.

Alternative Title(s): Monsters Inc