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For characters introduced in the 2013 prequel, see the Monsters University page.

For characters introduced in the 2021 series, see the Monsters at Work page.

Beware of spoilers. You Have Been Warned.

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Main Characters

    James P. "Sulley" Sullivan 

James P. "Sulley" Sullivan
Click here to see Sulley as he appears in Monsters University
"I'm not gonna scare you. I'm off-duty."
Voiced by: John Goodman (speaking voice; films, Monsters at Work, LEGO The Incredibles, and Disney Dreamlight Valley), Frank Welker (roaring voice), Brian Cummings (Monsters, Inc.: Scream Team), Joel McCrary (Disney Infinity), Christopher Swindle (Kingdom Hearts III, Disney Speedstorm) Other voice actors
One of the series' two protagonists. He is a large, bear-like monster with shaggy blue fur, purple polka dots, a colossal tail, and curvy beige horns.
  • Accessory-Wearing Cartoon Animal: Wears a plaid tie at the end of the first movie as the new CEO of Monsters, Inc..
  • The Ace: The top scarer in Monsters Inc.
  • Acrofatic: While not the leanest monster around, Sulley is surprisingly agile. He manages to outrun Waternoose while holding both Boo and a heavy door, does an acrobatic flip into a door at one point and several of his techniques incorporate rapid movements like falling to the ground and getting back up in seconds and rapidly roaring at different heights in quick succession.
  • Anti-Hero: In the prequel, he is introduced as a condescending and arrogant student whose laziness gets in the way of his potential. He gets better, but that doesn't stop him from cheating at the final round of the Scare Games out of a lack in faith in Mike's scaring skills.
  • Arbitrary Skepticism: In the Laugh Factory comics, he and Mike find the idea of toys coming to life ridiculous, though an interesting idea.
  • Badass Adorable: While he looks intimidating at first glance, Sulley's essentially an adorable teddy bear who loves being called "kitty" by Boo. However, he can be very ferocious when Boo is threatened, demonstrating Super-Strength and a Mighty Roar against those who dare to harm her.
  • Bad "Bad Acting": While he's perfectly fine scaring in front of an audience, Sulley is shown to not be very comfortable with performance acting. His one line in the company commercial ("We're working for a better tomorrow, today") is much more wooden and stilted than the other monsters, and in the Hilarious Outtakes, he visibly struggles to keep up with Mike during their performance of Put That Thing Back Where It Came From, Or So Help Me.
  • Bears Are Bad News: In the prequel, he is this to the police in the summer camp, who mistake him for a bear.
  • Beary Friendly: He partially looks like a bear, and is a humble fellow despite his monstrous looks.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: He is kindhearted, but he can be ferocious when he has to.
  • Big Damn Heroes: He rescues Boo from the Scream Extractor.
  • Big Guy, Little Guy: Sulley plays the large-but-gentle Big Guy to Mike's smaller, snarkier Little Guy.
  • Blue Is Heroic: One of the definitely heroic protagonists, and is covered in blue fur.
  • Brains and Brawn: The Brawn to Mike's Brains. Sulley has the physique and natural talent to bring out the scares.
  • Bruiser with a Soft Center: Sulley has Super-Strength and a Mighty Roar, but is really a sweet guy under it all.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: In college, where he had the physique to be a naturally talented Scarer, but he lacks the motivation to study the field and would prefer to rely on his roaring for all kinds of scaring. He gets better though.
    You don't have to study scaring! You just do it!
  • Celibate Hero: Neither in the prequel or the original movie does he show any pursuance of romance, the sole exception being a brief moment in Monsters University where he wordlessly flirts with two girls that he passes.
  • Character Development: Is initially arrogant in Monsters University because of his natural scare talent. After the films' events and the journey he and Mike go through together he becomes the polite Nice Guy we see him in Monsters Inc.
  • Delinquent Hair: While not really a delinquent, Sulley sports a fauxhawk in his college days, which compliments his initial Jerk Jock personality.
  • Deuteragonist: Of Monsters University, where Mike is the protagonist. He doesn't even appear for the first 15 minutes.
  • Dramatic Irony: When in college, he gets marked down on his scaring exam for several questions, one of which includes him answering wrong a question about human kids being toxic. Sulley marked it down as they weren't. While the monsters don't think so, he's absolutely right (although he nor anyone else knew it at the time).
  • Dub Name Change: In the European French dub, he is called "Jacques Sullivan" instead of "James P. Sullivan", though he still goes by "Sulli".
  • Dumb Jock: Played with. In college Sulley was naturally talented, and consequently unmotivated to work hard in school. He comes around, though.
  • Et Tu, Brute?: His very reaction to his mentor and best friend banishing him and Mike to the Himalayas is of utter shock.
  • The Exile: After Waternoose's duplicity is revealed, he's exiled to the Himalayas.
  • Experienced Protagonist: By the time of Monsters, Inc., Sulley's already been in the scaring game for years and is considered one of the company's top scarers.
  • Foil: To Randall. He and Sulley are the two best scarers of the company, got their scaring education at Monsters University and had the same Scaring 101 class. However, Sulley is a mammalian monster while Randall is reptilian. His color scheme is primarily blue with a bit of purple while it is the opposite for Randall. Sulley's strengths involve charging in at brute force while Randall has to sneak around, using his invisibility to be physically effective. Sulley is sociable in both his college and adult years, and was more of a jock in college. Randall was always isolated from most monsters and was a nerd in his academic days. Sulley was an arrogant jerk in college who got kicked out of Roar Omega Roar for his poor grades. He had an intense rivalry with Mike, but eventually softened up to him and weaker monsters. However, he ended up expelled from M.U. and humbled himself after becoming a scarer by climbing up the corporate ladder at Monsters, Inc. Randall was sweet and self-deprecating in college, and got kicked out of Roar Omega Roar for his poor performance in the final round of the Scare Games. While Randall still continued to study and became a scarer after graduation from MU, he grew to resent other monsters, especially Sulley and Mike, the latter being his closest friend prior to the Scare Games, and his mindset started to become fueled by his vices.
  • Formerly Fit: Downplayed. He's a bit round as an adult, but he's still in good, athletic shape. However, Monsters University shows that he used to be much leaner as a college student, and eventually put on weight after joining M.I.
  • Four-Fingered Hands: Like several other monsters, probably to make the animation process easier.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: A mixture of Phlegmatic and Melancholic. He's humble despite being the best at his job, but he keeps up his rivalry with Randall and at first does not handle Boo getting into their world at all.
  • Fratbro: His first semester at Monsters University is spent partying and playing with the Roar Omega Roar Fraternity as well as being popular with the ladies. All the while disregarding the Book Smart part of his studies. He initially succeeds by virtue of his natural talent (he looks scary) and family name (his father is a famous Scarer) but he quickly stagnates and is ultimately expelled from the Scaring Major. During his first final exam, he's more concerned about winning a silent scaring competition against his rival than reviewing. It's only after bonding with the Oozma Kappa Fraternity members (a bunch of uncool, nonscary losers) that he stops being biased jerk and starts trusting Mike's superior planning skills.
  • Friendship Song: If I Didn't Have You, a song from the movie's official soundtrack about how important he and Mike are to each other.
    You and me together, that's how it always should be
    One without the other don't mean nothing to me (Nothing to me!)
  • Gentle Giant: Despite his intimidating stature and his job involving scaring young kids for money, he is a very jovial and friendly guy off-duty.
  • Heel Realization:
    • One of the most powerful scenes in the movie is when Sulley, after inadvertently scaring Boo, realizes just what he's been doing to children all this time.
    • Likewise in the prequel as he bonds more with Mike and Oozma Kappa and realizes what a jerk he's been.
  • The Hero: Of Monsters, Inc., though he becomes The Lancer in Monsters University.
  • Heroic BSoD:
    • He goes through a brief one when he inadvertently scares Boo and gets exiled by Waternoose.
    • By the end of Monsters, Inc., he has another one when Waternoose blames him for destroying the company. He recovers once he finds out a way to keep up the factory by using children laughter.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With his best friend Mike, who he lives and works alongside.
  • Honest Corporate Executive: Sulley becomes one at the end of the film, shown in more detail in Monsters at Work.
  • Horrifying Hero: Scaring kids is part of his literal job description.
  • Humble Hero: Whenever he's praised for his skill as a scarer, Sulley typically waves the compliment off and simply says he's just doing his job. This is stark contrast to his college days, where he was a Jerk Jock.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: Regarding tampering with Mike's Scare Simulator so he'll be guaranteed to get a record scare, although he comes to regret this.
  • Inadequate Inheritor: He mentions to Mike that despite his arrogance, he is quite insecure due to the pressure the Sullivan family puts on him, as Sulley's father was a famous scarer (hence doing anything he can to get back into the Scaring Program).
  • Inferiority Superiority Complex: Supposed to be this in contrast to Mike in University. While Mike isn't scary, he's extremely skilled and ridiculously confident, whereas Sulley has the traditional scaring build as an ideal monster, but he's insecure, terrified and feeling pressed by fellow peers because of his famous surname. He gets better in the sequel.
    Sulley: I act scary Mike, but most of the time... I'm terrified.
  • Ink-Suit Actor: He's really just a hairy John Goodman, well, a hairier John Goodman.
  • I Was Quite a Looker: Not conventionally, but if you pay close attention, you'll notice that back in his college days he was a lot leaner, had brighter, shiner fur, and more of it on top of his head.
  • Jerk Jock: Hand in hand with his jerkish personality, he was even a member of the Roar Omega Roar fraternity until he got thrown out of the scare program.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Though he's introduced as an inattentive, apathetic, and outright rude jerk in the first half of Monsters University, he becomes a much better person by the end of the film.
  • The Klutz: These were better shown in the bloopers from the first film when Mike commented about this relating to the floor:
  • Last-Name Basis: He's usually referred to as Sulley or Sullivan.
  • The McCoy: To Mike's Spock and Randall's Kirk. His main goal becomes to get Boo back home safely, despite Randall's meddling and Mike's reluctance to get involved.
  • Meaningful Name: In French, "j'aime" can mean "like", "love," or "cherish"; the word "sulley" means "to soil or tarnish". A lot of the narrative concerning Sulley and Mike variously involves their relationship being troubled or causing trouble.
  • Mighty Roar: His loud, lion-like roar is one of the reasons Sulley's so good at scaring children. This comes to bite him in the rear when he accidentally scares Boo with it.
  • Mistaken for Gay: Played for Laughs. It's implied that Celia thought this when Sulley turned up at her date with Mike since her "earrings" start rattling like actual rattlesnake tails when he and Mike are hiding their faces behind a restaurant menu, making it look like a Kissing Discretion Shot when they're actually just whispering.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: In Monsters Inc., one of these prompts his Heel Realization as indicated in the above entry.
  • My Nayme Is: Although his nickname is an actual word ("sully"), it's officially spelled "Sulley".
  • Mysterious Middle Initial: It was never revealed what his middle initial "P." stood for until the season two finale of Monsters at Work revealed it to be "Patrick".
  • Nice Guy: He becomes this by the end of Monsters University, and he's consistently polite in Monsters, Inc.
  • Nice Mean And In Between: Of the three main male monsters, he's the Nice to Randall's Mean and Mike's In-Between. Sulley is a kind, caring Gentle Giant, Randall is a bitter, cruel Jerkass and Mike is selfish and sarcastic, but ultimately good-hearted.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: He's rarely referred to by his first name outside of Mr. Waternoose and everyone else calls him "Sulley".
  • Papa Wolf: He steadily becomes this to Boo, big time.
  • Parental Substitute: A lot of Sulley's interactions with Boo start to resemble that of a father and daughter relationship. This is even lampshaded by a babysitter.
  • Persona Non Grata: Monsters at Work reveals that Sulley, along with Mike, has been banned for life from Harryhausen's after they caused it be shut down and decontaminated by the CDA.
  • Purple Is Powerful: He's extremely strong, he's the best scarer at Monsters Inc, and he has purple patches of fur on his otherwise blue body.
  • Pursue the Dream Job: Foregone Conclusion in Monsters University, since we know that Sulley becomes MI's top scarer, but after getting kicked out of school he and Mikey are shown starting in the mail room, being janitors and cafeteria cooks, until finally a chance for a shot at the coveted scarer position becomes available.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: As CEO of Monsters, Inc., he's far more understanding than Waternoose would have ever been when Tylor Tuskmon accidentally trashes Laugh Floor F in an attempt to make a kid laugh. Recognizing that it's a tough time for everyone, he cuts him a break. Furthermore, he maintains himself true to his ideals following him discovering how horrible scaring children is and makes it clear his attempts at promoting laugh power are both to spare children from ever being scared again as it is to prevent monsters from going through the same horrifying realization up-close the way he did. Even when it seems like laugh energy will fail he doesn't resorts to extremes and merely tries as hard as he can to find a way to help develop laugh energy.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The stoic, but gentle Blue Oni to Mike's enthusiastic, snarky and comical Red Oni.
  • Retired Badass: After the first film, Sulley has officially put his days as the top scarer behind him. Seeing how frightened Boo was made it clear he just can't go back to being a scarer ever again.
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: The sensitive guy to his best friend Mike's manly man.
  • The Slacker: In college, a contrast to Mike's nerdy behavior.
  • Straight Man and Wise Guy: Sulley plays the sane, reasonable straight man to Mike's goofy comic relief. Later becomes discussed in Monsters at Work where Mike tries to explain this dynamic to his comedy class, though pins himself as the straight man and Sulley as "the goofball". He eventually realizes his mistake on how their personalities actually work, though not without making a fool of himself.
  • Super-Strength: Prominently displayed during his fit of Unstoppable Rage when he goes saving Boo. The secret door and the scream extractor are no match for him.
  • Team Power Walk: Leads the slow group walk in the first film, signifying he's the top scarer.
  • Technician Versus Performer: The Performer to Mike's Technician.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: In Monsters University, he starts out as snob, but he develops into the kindhearted beast he is in Monsters, Inc.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: In college, this is how Sulley, at first, impresses his teachers; he barely studies, but his natural abilities still make him a great scarer. However, when he's properly evaluated, he finds out a single great roar can't account for every kid.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: His rivalry with Mike eventually becomes this kind of relationship. By the time the events of Monsters, Inc. happen, they regularly interact with each other through friendly banter.
  • "Well Done, Son" Guy: His relationship with his father isn't even delved into but the expectations over his great family name is what drove his insecurities.
  • Wham Line: To Mike regarding his scaring skills after he found out Sulley cheated in University:
    Sulley: What, am I gonna let a whole team lose because you don't have it?!"
  • What You Are in the Dark: In the Laugh Factory comic, Sulley and Mike catch up to an escaped Waternoose, who's hacked into M.I.'s schedule and has been sneaking into kid's closets so he can scare them and "prove" scream power still works. When he learns that Waternoose has been using a special door that could automatically access any bedroom, he considers sparing it to help save the company millions in door construction. He ultimately destroys it when Waternoose praises him for doing what the ex-CEO himself did with Boo, recognizing he can't become like Waternoose ever did by cutting corners.
  • When All You Have Is a Hammer…: For the most part, Sulley's scaring techniques boil down to bursting into the child's bedroom and roaring really loudly, with most of his other techniques simply being variations on that. That said, he's big and scary enough that it's all he needs to be the top scarer for his floor.
  • Wouldn't Hurt a Child: Even though he is the number one scarer at the company, he would never intentionally wish any real harm to a child, in contrast to Waternoose and Randall Boggs, even having a Heroic BSoD moment when he sees the frightened look on Boo's face after reluctantly operating the Scare Simulator at Waternoose's insistence.
  • Wrong Line of Work: Upon his promotion to CEO, Sulley had spent 10 years as one of the many monsters on the front line, not running a power plant. The finale shows he eventually gets the hang of it, but Monsters at Work makes it clear he's struggling a little, seeing as he and Mike effectively were given the position by the company.
  • You Kill It, You Bought It: A non-fatal variation. After he exposes and ousts Waternoose for the latter's corruption, the company's board of directors decide to make Sulley the new CEO of Monsters, Inc..

    Mike Wazowski 

Michael "Mike" Wazowski
Click here to see Mike as he appears in Monsters University
"You've been jealous of my good looks since the fourth grade, pal."
Voiced by: Billy Crystal (films and Monsters at Work), Noah Johnston (as a child), Carlos Alazraqui (non-film media) Other voice actors
One of the series' two protagonists. He is a ball-shaped monster with light green skin, two small horns, and one gigantic eyeball.
  • The Ace: Not as a scarer, as the prequel made it clear he wasn't cut out for that line of work, but as a jokester. He's not only the first, second, and fourth-placed guy on the leaderboard, but he's also teaching comedy classes to the other monsters and is running the company as SCPOMICE-VDADOCREM. It's clearly wearing him out doing so, as he needs 36 and a half hour energy to keep going (and he burns all of it out in two hours), but he's clearly the best at it.
  • Adorable Abomination: University shows that children simply find him too cute and funny to be properly scared by him. Of course, this means that he's far better at making children laugh.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Celia addresses him as "Googly Bear".
  • Ambiguously Jewish: He is voiced by a Jewish actor, has an Ashkenazinote  surname ("Wazowski"), a slight Yiddish affectation to his voice and he certainly loves to kvetch.
  • Ascended Extra: Deuteragonist and Plucky Comic Relief in the original movie, and the smart protagonist in the prequel.
  • Arbitrary Skepticism: In the Laugh Factory comics, he and Sulley find the idea of toys coming to life ridiculous, though an interesting idea.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: His main talent as shown in Monsters University, which is what makes him an excellent scaring coach.
  • Badass Bookworm: Pulled off, in Sulley's words, "the biggest scare the school has ever seen" simply by reading about the theory behind it and then applying the knowledge.
  • Benevolent Boss: Like Sulley, he's friendly and personable with his employees in Monsters at Work, training the new jokesters himself and working in the Laugh Floor alongside them. When faced with budget cuts, his idea is to start spending more money in order to improve everyone's morale and productivity so no one has to be fired. And it works!
  • Berserk Button: He gets upset whenever Sulley doesn't listen to his plans. It gets to the point that Mike assaults him after they are banished to the Himalayas.
  • Big Brother Mentor: Terri considers him to be one, if his farewell message is any indication.
    Terri: Mike, you're like a big brother to me. I mean, a smaller brother who's also a big brother who's not my real brother. You know what I mean?
  • Big Guy, Little Guy: Mike plays the smaller, snarkier Little Guy to Sulley's large-but-gentle Big Guy.
  • Brains and Brawn: The Brains to Sulley's Brawn. Mike has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things scaring and uses that knowledge to coach Sulley.
  • Breakout Character: Went from Plucky Comic Relief Sidekick to being the protagonist of the prequel.
  • Break the Cutie: He was very optimistic and dorky in the prequel until he got kicked out from the scare program, and had to train a loser team into masters to be able to be in the program he wanted. It didn't work for him since he lacked the spark everyone else in the team had, thus he was never educated as a real scarer.
  • Butt-Monkey: Mike takes a lot of comedic abuse throughout the movie, which Boo finds hysterical. He gets bitten, suffers a Groin Attack, falls into a toilet, gets kidnapped by Randall and banished to the Himalayas, the list goes on.
  • Career Not Taken: Monsters University establishes that Mike Wazowski, an assistant to a scarer (someone who scares children at night for a living), initially wanted to be a scarer himself, but was just too nonthreatening. In a way he actually gets to live out his dreams when Sully takes Monsters, Inc. in a new direction (getting power from laughter instead of screams) and Mike becomes a comedian.
  • Cephalothorax: Mike's entire body is basically a round ball with arms and legs attached, with his face taking up the entire "ball".
  • Changed My Mind, Kid: He refuses to help Sulley save Boo any longer after both of them get exiled to the Himalayas, convinced that Sulley needlessly ruined his life and everything they've worked for without considering his needs in the situation. He comes back and ends up inadvertently saving Sulley from Randall, finding his friendship with the big guy is more important.
  • Character Development: He's initially desperate to be rid of Boo, but he slowly warms up to her, and eventually becomes just as determined to keep her safe as Sulley is.
  • The Charmer: Shows this around Celia.
  • Copiously Credited Creator: The DVD extras show a playbook for "Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me!", showing that Mike wrote, directed, created the costumes, etc. invoked
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Played for Laughs, but in episode five of Monsters at Work, he tries bribing an inspector who's come to investigate the factory over a temporary power outage, first with $50, then with tickets to a baseball game, then with a new car not unlike the one he had. Sulley naturally has to reign him in.
  • Cyclops: He consists of a giant eye, a mouth underneath, and limbs.
  • Cynicism Catalyst: His inability to become a scarer in University turned him from a cheerful Determinator to the cynical, selfish Jerk with a Heart of Gold we see in Monsters, Inc..
  • Deadpan Snarker: Has his moments, especially in Monsters, Inc.. He is voiced by Billy Crystal, after all.
  • Determinator:
    • MU shows this side of him. Nothing keeps him down.
    • While his spirit's been dampened since University, Monsters, Inc shows he can still be determined when necessary: whether it's risking freezing to death in the Himalayas just to reunite with Sulley or rebuilding Boo's shredded door and suffering numerous cuts to his fingers, Mike always comes through.
    • In Monsters at Work, Mike takes it upon himself to marathon in the Laugh Floor just to help with the power shortage, despite it not being enough, though it didn't stop him until he burns out.
  • Deuteragonist: Of Monsters, Inc., though he gets his day in Monsters University.
  • Dream-Crushing Handicap: Mike could study as many scaring tricks as he wanted and ace all his university classes to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a scarer, but it was all for naught since he was just too small and unimposing to be scary and no amount of learning or experience could change that.
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty: Sulley and his morning work-out routine.
  • Dub Name Change: In the European French dub, he is called "Robert Razowski" and goes by "Bob".
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: Suffers from this in the prequel. Everyone, even Oozma Kappa, consistently praises Sulley for looking like a scarer and will be the winning load of the team, when it's actually Mike carrying them all the way to the top. Sulley admits this at the end and praises Mike for it, though.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Sulley and Mike get kicked off the scare program at Monsters University, take 6 misfits and turn them scarer material just for the chance to get back on. They end up expelled. Undeterred they decide to work their way up together at the ranks at Monsters Inc., from the mail-room up, until they become scarers. They then become the greatest scaring team on record, only to uncover corruption at their workplace and inadvertently close down the business they worked so hard for. Fortunately they discovered a new means of power along the way. Fittingly, having lost his dream of being a scarer, it is Mike who now gets to take the lead and become one of the greats in his business.
  • Establishing Character Moment: It isn't that clear at first, but in M.U., when a young Mike is mistakenly left behind in the bus, he seems too naive to take offense and instead rejoices over finding a nickel on the bus.
  • The Exile: He's exiled to the Himalayas along with Sulley.
  • Fingore: A Running Gag with Mike is him repeatedly getting his fingers crushed. Roz closes her window shutters on Mike's fingers, a kid monster chomps on Mike's hand, and in Mike's New Car, Sulley closes the hood of the car on Mike's fingers.
  • Foil: To Randall. In college, Mike and Randall were both nerdy and physically weak monsters who majored in Scaring. Randall had no faith in his scaring abilities, while Mike believed in himself to the point of overconfidence. Although Mike did get the best score in the Scare Games, he was expelled from MU and climbed up the ladders to become a scare assistant. Randall got the worst score in the Scare Games, but completed his education and became a Scarer.
  • Foregone Conclusion: His character in the prequel. He really wants to become a scarer but we already know he's going to fail, since in the first film he is just Sulley's assistant.
  • Four-Fingered Hands: Like several other monsters, probably to make the animation process easier.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: Sanguine with a dash of Choleric. He is genuinely dedicated and takes great pride in his job and loves Celia deeply and dearly, but concerning the trouble Sulley and Boo get them all in, he is very unhappy and lets him lacking amusement known.
  • Friendship Song: If I Didn't Have You, a song from the movie's official soundtrack about how important he and Sulley are to each other.
  • Genre Savvy: Becomes incredulous when Sully names Mary Boo, stating that doing so means he's going to start growing attached to her. Sure enough, while it never gets to the point where he considers keeping her, Sully develops a very strong paternal instinct towards Boo's wellbeing over the course of the movie.
  • Growing Up Sucks: Sacrificed his life-long dream as an on-field Scarer. Even though he works his way into being treated like an equal to on-field Scarers, it doesn't make his past pains any less significant.
  • Handy Feet: Not in the main films themselves, but early concept material for the first movie had Mike be mostly the same as his final appearance, except he doesn't have arms. In an early concept animation, he is shown handling the prototype Sulley character Johnson's ties with his feet.
  • Hard Work Hardly Works:
    • Mike works very hard to prove himself capable of scaring in Monsters University, but his appearance and size do not help him in the field. And not only does his final effort of proving himself fail, it gets him expelled from M.U..
    • Also averted, as he and Sulley climb the ranks at Monsters Inc. until they become a full-fledged scare team. Mike's hard work ultimately brings him to the position as a scare coach rather than a scarer. Not only that but one of the top scarers in the company. Heck even before then, as Sulley and he were working their way up the company. They would in the top in a lot of simple fields such as Mail Clerk, Janitorial Work and Cafeteria Workers. Before ultimately landing a job as scarers, no doubt thanks to his coaching.
  • The Heart: According to Sulley, he's the heart and soul of the team (Oozma Kappa).
  • Height Angst: Mike tends to get picked on because of his size, despite there being other monsters around his stature.
  • Heroic BSoD: He goes through this when Sulley tells him that he doesn't have what it takes to be a real scarer.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Sulley, who he coaches. The two work together and even share an apartment.
  • Hidden Depths: What we learn about him in the original film never implies that he is the book smart hard-working guy we see in the prequel.
  • High Hopes, Zero Talent: In the prequel, Mike is constantly told he can never become a scarer because he simply isn't scary. It eventually turns out they're right.
  • Horrifying Hero: Subverted, Mike is extremely knowledgeable, but isn't very scary the same way Sulley can be. Even when he attempted to do so on his own in the second film, none of the kids were scared of him, and in fact found him kind of adorable.
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: If you take the prequel into account, and being the Sidekick in the original, he is this.
  • I Coulda Been a Contender!: University reveals Mike was once in training to become a scarer, but his inherent inability to look scary resulted in his dreams being crushed, forcing him to settle for being Sulley's scare assistant.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: In Monsters University. Unfortunately, his dream of becoming a scarer himself doesn't work out, but he does end up becoming a scare coach and lifelong friend to Sulley along the way. Though at the end of Monsters Inc he eventually finds himself uniquely suited to making kids laugh and helping end the energy crisis. It just took a long time for him to get there.
  • Incoming Ham: His very first scene has him imitating a radio announcer before hammily waking Sulley up with an air horn.
    Mike: Hey, good morning, Monstropolis. It's now five after the hour of six AM in the big monster city. Temperature's a balmy 65 degrees, which is good news for you reptiles and it looks like it's gonna be a perfect day to maybe, hey, just lie in bed, sleep in, or simply WORK OUT THAT FLAB THAT'S HANGING OVER THE BED! GET UP, SULLEY!
  • Ink-Suit Actor: Even as an adorably inhuman monster, Mike could not be more Billy Crystal.
  • Insufferable Genius: Due to his depths in the various fields of scaring, Mike acts very haughty about being the greatest scare student in the field (usually in front of Sulley), though a lot of it is implied to be because of him constantly getting put down for his stature. He grows out of it. He noticeably averts this when he becomes SCPOMICE-VDADOCREM of Monsters, Inc., as he hosts comedy classes for all the monsters so they can be properly trained on how to be funny, and doesn't act haughty about it.
  • It's All About Me:
    • Suffers from this briefly in the prequel. When he enters the Scare Games, his only condition during his bet to Hardscrabble is that he gets back into the scare program if he wins, is more concerned about proving himself better than Sulley than actually getting his team through the first event, and is dismissive of teammates, simply telling them to forget everything about themselves and follow his lead. Initially, Hardscrabble indirectly calls him out on it by expanding his offer to include the entire team, but it doesn't really take until his team manages to complete the second event without him.
    • Suffers from it again in Monsters, Inc., even more extreme than before. When they’re both banished to the Himalayas, Mike blames Sulley for getting him trapped there, and is only concerned about how his life and dreams have been ruined. He eventually gets over his resentment and follows Sulley back to Monstropolis to help him.
  • I Was Quite a Looker: Not quite to the level of Sulley, but Mike was much leaner and less stocky in college.
  • Jerkass Has a Point:
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Thoroughly self-centered with a large ego to match, but a loyal friend to Sulley and Oozma Kappa anyhow. In the original, he also learns to warm up to Boo after he had been trying to get rid of her for the whole movie.
  • The Lancer: How Mike views Sulley, even though he himself is the Lancer in Monsters, Inc. In Monsters University, it is more clear that Mike is The Smart Guy behind the duo.
  • Large Ham: His personality can be quite dramatic, especially when he makes children laugh at the end of Monsters, Inc.
  • Literal-Minded: In the scene where Randall and Fungus have him captive, Randall tells him to "say hello to the Scream Extractor", and he does just that.
  • Mistaken for Gay: Again, implied by Celia's reactions to Sulley and Mike's interactions on their date. Maybe using a restaurant menu to cover you and your best friend's faces while whispering wasn't the brightest idea especially right after this Freudian Slip:
    Mike: Just the other day, someone asked me who I thought the most beautiful monster was in all of Monstropolis, you'd know what I said?
    Celia: What did you say?
    Mike: I said... (Sulley shows up at the window) Sulley?
  • Motor Mouth: He talks a lot, and really fast. Specially if he's angry.
  • Nice Mean And In Between: Of the three main male monsters, he's the In-Between to Sulley's Nice and Randall's Mean. Sulley is a kind, caring Gentle Giant, Randall is a bitter, cruel Jerkass and Mike is selfish and sarcastic, but ultimately good-hearted.
  • Oculothorax: A giant eyeball, with a small mouth and spindly arms and legs.
  • Official Couple: He gets together with Celia.
  • Oh, Crap!: In Monsters University, after realizing that not only is the girl not scared of him, but he's stuck in a summer camp full of kids.
  • Papa Wolf: Much like how Sulley was with Boo, Mike becomes one to a human child in Monsters at Work whom he names Snore. When a monster insults Snore, Mike stand up to the monster and shows willingness to fight him despite not having the same size or power as Sulley or the monster he is facing.
  • Persona Non Grata: Mike reveals in Monsters at Work that he and Sulley have been permanently banned from Harryhausen's. Even though bringing Boo there ultimately led to things getting better for everyone, the restaurant still haven’t forgiven the duo for having them shut down and decontaminated by the CDA.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: His role in Monsters, Inc..
  • The Pollyanna: He was this to everyone's disapproval of him, until he got kicked out from the scaring program and could never be a scarer.
  • Rage Breaking Point: Mike spends the whole movie irritated that Sulley continuously ignores his suggestions after getting him roped into the situation with Boo. When Sulley still ignores him after getting them both banished, Mike explodes in anger and attacks Sulley.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: When he's made SCPOMICE-VDADOCREM of Monsters, Inc., he cuts Tylor Tuskmon a break for trashing the Laugh Floor on accident, noting that his determination to get across the safety line is something he understands more than anyone.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The enthusiastic, snarky, and comical Red Oni to Sulley's stoic, but gentle Blue Oni.
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: The manly man to his best friend Sulley's sensitive guy.
  • Shorter Means Smarter: In college, Mike was one of the university's shortest monsters, and also among the smartest, most studious ones.
  • Sickeningly Sweethearts: He and Celia frequently refer to each other by cheesy pet names. "Schmoopsie-Poo" for Celia and "Googly Bear" for Mike.
  • Sidekick: Interestingly enough, Mike sees Sulley as his sidekick. In Monsters University, this is explained by showing Sulley as being very dependent on Mike's intellect and knowledge.
  • Skewed Priorities: He and Sulley are trapped in the Himalayas, Waternoose and Randall are about to use their machine on Boo (plus a thousand other children, not to mention whatever number of children they might have used it on beforehand), and all Mike can think about is how Sulley got him trapped in “this frozen wasteland”, and that they were about to beat the Scare Record.
  • The Smart Guy: Coaches Oozma Kappa into making them competent scarers, and later serves as Sulley's coach at Monsters Inc., who is now the best scarer in town. He later serves as the comedy trainer for the entire company.
  • The Spock: To Sulley's McCoy and Randall's Kirk.
  • Stepford Smiler: On his school field trip. He is acting really chipper and occasionally snarks about, but both when he ends up without a field trip buddy and when a classmate tells him he does not belong on a scare floor, it is clear how disheartened he is. Shades of this character trait are also present when he is older, especially in his reactions to Randall's treatment of him.
  • Stock Audio Clip: Not as much as Boo, but his comical yelling has a tendency to be reused a few times.
  • Straight Man and Wise Guy: Sulley plays the sane, reasonable straight man to Mike's goofy comic relief. Later becomes discussed in Monsters at Work where Mike tries to explain this dynamic to his comedy class, though pins himself as the straight man and Sulley as "the goofball". He eventually realizes his mistake:
    Mike: The straight man is sensible, while the goofball is a real blabbermouth. He never knows when to shut up. He's always going on and on and on and on and on about this, about that, about that and this, about this and that-
    Sulley: Are we about finished?
    Mike: Quiet, Sulley! I'm on a roll. (turns back to class) The straight man often stands there in bewilderment while the goofball makes an utter fool out of himself, not sure why they call him a goofball unless he's ball-shaped. See? (gestures at himself)
    Mike: Then it would make more sense. If the goofball... (clears throat) Why didn't you stop me?
  • The Strategist: Thanks to being book smart, Mike formulates plans and tactics that help out greatly during the second film, such as whipping Oozma Kappa into a fairly competent scaring team, and later when he and Sulley get trapped in the human world, and he devises a plan to scare the rangers so that they can power the door from the human side. It also has the bonus of surprising Dean Hardscrabble, which had never been done before.
  • Technician Versus Performer: The Technician to Sulley's Performer.
  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl: Tiny Guy to Celia's Huge Girl.
  • Took a Level in Kindness:
    • An arc in M.U.. Mike joins Oozma Kappa for his own motives in order to revive his chances in the Scaring Program. After barely passing the first competition, he holds Oozma Kappa to a rather conforming (ineffective) method in the library challenge. But when he sees that the Oozmas have competence of their own, he becomes more appreciative of them and more accommodating to their special abilities.
    • Throughout the first movie, Mike is rather distant towards Boo and shows little concern for her well-being, but eventually warms up to her. It shows in his appearance in Kingdom Hearts III, where he's far more concerned about Boo's well-being.
  • Tragic Dream: Worked from a very young age to become a scarer. Nobody truly believed in him and in the end it didn't work out, though he did become Sulley's best friend and discovers a true greatness in serving as scare coach along the way. Subverted when he turns out to have quite the talent for making children laugh and so he does become a great in his field of expertise after all, albeit in a very different way than he'd thought.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: His rivalry with Sulley eventually becomes this kind of relationship. By the time the events of Monsters, Inc. happen, they regularly interact with each other through friendly banter.
  • Weak, but Skilled: In college. In fact, it is the plot point in University; he is incredibly ambitious, which leads him to being extremely good in his grades (getting straight A's), but since he doesn't have that certain "spark" which is required for a scarer he never lives up to his dream and becomes Sulley's assistant in the sequel.
  • What You Are in the Dark: Even when he's inches from death by Randall's scream machine, fearing for his own life, he never once decide to reveal where Boo was. At this point of the story, Mike was more than willing to take Randall's word about her door, even from Sulley's obvious notion of how it's a trap, he just sees Boo as a major problem that could ruin their lives. Despite all this, he refuses to tell him about Boo, now that he knows she will be in danger.
  • Wrong Line of Work: Mike enrolls in the Monsters University Scarer Program so that he can become the best scarer ever, and accumulates an enclopedic knowledge of scare tactics. However, after being failed out of the Scarer Program by Dean Hardscrabble, and after discovering that Sulley sabotaged his turn during the Scare Games so that Oozma Kappa could win, Mike faces the Awful Truth that he's not a frightening monster, and gives up on his dream of ever becoming a scarer. After working his way to the scare floor at Monsters Incorporated, he uses his vast knowledge of scaring to help Sulley become the best scarer in the company, and after discovering that laughter is more powerful than scream Mike eventually finds his life's calling, making children laugh as a comedian. He also uses his knowledge to train other monsters in his field, making the transition towards the end of the first film possible.

Click here to see her in her monster costume
Voiced by: Mary Gibbs Other voice actors
A human toddler who fears virtually nothing (except for Randall, that is). She accidentally enters the monster world when Sulley inspects her door at the Scare Floor, setting Mike and Sulley to find a way to send her back to her house.
  • Baby Talk: Baby, gibberish vocabulary.
  • Badass Adorable: She overcomes her fear of Randall at the very last second when she sees him about to give Sulley a Disney Villain Death, beating the crap out of him with her little fists, plus giving him an additional beating with the help of a baseball bat.
  • Berserker Tears: She actually cries just as much a child her age would, but in the monster world, any loud noise from her causes a large surge in electricity. Her laughing is even more powerful, enough to cause a blackout.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: As Randall discovers, she can get angry and dangerous when pushed too far. Said anger involves baseball bats.
  • Blowing a Raspberry: Boo blows a raspberry at Randall, whose door got destroyed by Sulley and Mike so he couldn't come back. She also does this earlier in the movie to Sulley in a playful way during the restaurant scene.
  • Break the Cutie:
    • She was reduced to tears and threw a huge temper tantrum when Little Mikey was taken from her, which almost gets them caught by the CDA.
    • A more serious one occurs when Sulley accidentally roars at her and she sees firsthand just how frightening her kitty can be. She's left terrified and crying.
  • Cheerful Child: A playful and happy Genki Girl.
  • The Cutie: Extends to her voice actor. Her 'audition' tape was her babbling on camera for a while…but since she's only 3 years old, only the top of her head was visible.
  • The Dreaded: To the monsters, due to her species being perceived as toxic.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: Sanguine. She's sweet as sugar and warms up to Sulley and Mike quickly, but once something scares or bothers her, she's reduced to tears. Makes sense as she's just a little girl.
  • Enfant Terrible: Subverted... though the monsters believe that she can kill them with a single touch, she actually isn't dangerous.
  • Fearless Infant: With the obvious exception of Randall and Sulley in one scene, Boo isn't afraid of any monster she sees when she is let loose in their world. She doesn't seem the least bit bothered by their "odorant" either. Likewise, during the door chase, whilst both Sully and Mike are visibly and audibly terrified, Boo is clearly having time of her life, screaming in excitement as if she were on a rollercoaster.
  • Genki Girl: Then again, she is only about three years old.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Brown hair in pigtails.
  • Heroic BSoD: When Sulley accidentally scares her.
  • Humans Are Cthulhu: She's just a two year old human girl, but the monsters consider her an Adorable Abomination Killer Rabbit because she's a two year old human girl.
  • Iconic Outfit: Both her pink shirt and her purple monster costume.
  • Killer Rabbit: How the monsters see her. Subverted in that she's anything but murderous. Double Subverted because as she shows Randall, she can fight him if she gets motivated enough.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: After seeing Randall is about to kill Sulley, she beats Randall up with a baseball bat.
  • Little Miss Badass: A Badass Adorable 2-year-old child.
  • Losing a Shoe in the Struggle: One of her socks is removed to be used as a distraction against the CDA, and she's sent back home without getting the sock back.
  • Not Afraid of You Anymore: She ends up overcoming her fear of Randall during the final confrontation due to seeing Sulley in danger, as she ends up beating him up. After grabbing hold of him Sulley tells Randall that "she's not afraid of you anymore".
  • Offscreen Teleportation: This little girl can get anywhere. Sulley even compliments her on it.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: She is never referred to by her real name, Mary (which is also the name of her voice actress. According to the book based on the first film, her family name too is the same as that of her voice actress), which can be seen briefly on the crayon drawing she did for Sulley.
  • Pink Means Feminine: She wears a pink shirt and pink hair elastics. Her door is white with pink flowers.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: To a lesser extent than Mike.
  • Put on a Bus: Sulley is forced to send Boo home, and Roz shreds her door to make sure she can't come back. Fortunately, Mike, in a touching gesture of friendship, fixes the door, allowing Sulley the possibility of seeing her again.
  • Stock Audio Clip: Lots of her voice clips get reused throughout the movie.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Boo goes from being terrified of Randall to beating him up with a baseball bat to protect Sulley.
  • The Unintelligible: She speaks mostly in childish gibberish, save for words like "Kitty".
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Boo is remarkably sanguine about finding herself in a world full of monsters, but she's absolutely terrified of Randall, her scarer. Her file indicates that she actually is afraid of snakes.

Monsters, Inc. Staff

    Randall Boggs
Click here to see Randall as he appears in Monsters University
"I'm in the zone today, Sullivan."
Voiced by: Steve Buscemi, JP Manoux (Monsters, Inc. PS2, Kingdom Hearts III), Peter Kelamis (Disney Infinity), Piotr Michael (Disney Speedstorm) Other voice actors
"I am about to revolutionize the Scaring industry. And when I do, even the great James P. Sullivan is gonna be working for me!"

Randall is a reptilian monster with both chameleon and snake-like features. He has purple scales, a blue tail, four arms, four legs, and three pink fronds on the top of his head. He also has the unique ability of becoming completely invisible.

  • Always Second Best: No matter how much effort he puts into it, he'll never become a better scarer than Sulley, a fact Waternoose acknowledges to Randall even after the former exiles Sulley for the sake of their Evil Plan.
  • Arch-Enemy: To Sulley and Mike, both of whom he utterly despises. Mike disliked him from the start of Inc., and although Sulley tried to be friendly at first, he too develops a mutual dislike for Randall after he tried to kill them and Boo. It even extends to spinoffs and crossover appearances: wherever Sulley and Mike go, Randall isn't far behind, plotting his revenge.
  • Attention Whore: One of the many reasons why he wants to be top-scarer is because he wants attention.
  • Ax-Crazy: A bit milder than most examples of this trope but he's still The Sociopath and if the Scream Extractor's effects on Fungus are to be believed, the machine in question would be incredibly harmful to use on a child (and might even kill them), to which Randall shows no concern. He also threatened to put Fungus through the shredder if the latter didn't get him another door in five seconds, almost tortured Boo to death and tried to strangle Sulley.
  • Bad Boss: He's often seen bossing around Fungus and gets into heated disagreements with Mr. Waternoose.
  • Big Bad: Randall initially appears to be the film's main villain, as he plots to use a Scream Extractor machine on children to solve the energy crisis for the sake of becoming rich and famous. However, it turns out he's been employed by Mr. Waternoose, who takes over the role when Randall is beaten.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Despite being Mike's roommate in college, he was something of a popularity seeker who joins up with ROR and participated in the prank to discredit his old friend's team, and although peer pressure might have been a factor, he is quick to join in on R.O.R's bullying ways after a few weeks at most of being in their fraternity.
  • Blind Without 'Em: Well, not necessarily blind, but after he abandons his glasses due to Mike suggesting he do so in order to make the most out of his camouflage ability, he keeps his eyes constantly squinted in order to see.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: He apparently knew what he was doing was evil as he told Fungus not to fraternize with victims of his plan. Those were Fungus' words, not his own, so Fungus might have just been projecting his unease about the whole shady deal unto his view of Randall.
  • Catchphrase Insult: In "Powerless", the episode where he returns as an antagonist once more, he repeatedly calls his enemies "losers", which fits with his childish view of the world and everyone around him.
  • Cheshire Cat Grin: It fits considering he is like a reptilian version of the Cheshire Cat.
  • Clint Squint: His default look is already semiclosed eyes, but he frequently squints further. The Blind Without 'Em entry above gives an excuse for why.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Randall doesn't fight fair: he'll turn invisible, hit you with anything he can get his hands on, choke you to death, and catch you off guard in any way he can.
  • Corporate Samurai: In both Monsters, Inc. and Monsters at Work, he's been working secretly as a corporate fixer/saboteur under Waternoose and Worthington respectively.
  • Continuity Nod: After shedding his glasses away in the prequel, he begins squinting due to his poor eyesight, much like how he does in Monsters Inc.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Naturally given who plays him, Randall speaks almost entirely in snide, condescending insults that absolutely drip with disdain.
  • Demoted to Extra: In the prequel. While he frequently shows up in the beginning as Mike's studying partner, he doesn't do anything significant to the plot except joining Roar Omega Roar, forcing Mike to team up with Sulley.
  • Dirty Coward: Randall is only brave enough to fight when he knows he can’t be harmed, and he knows Sulley is bigger and stronger than him, so he relies on his invisibility to fight without fear of reprisal. In their final fight, once Sulley is able to manhandle him once he grabs him, Randall is completely helpless and can’t escape and is reduced to pitiful begging.
  • Disc-One Final Boss: By the time he's defeated by Sulley and Mike, there is still one more Big Bad to take down: Waternoose.
  • The Dragon:
    • Though Randall appears to be the film's Big Bad, it is later revealed that he's actually subordinate to Mr. Waternoose.
    • Later on, it's revealed in Season 2 of Monsters at Work that he's been working at Fear Co. as Johnny's saboteur.
  • Dub Name Change: In the European French version, he is known as "Léon le Caméléon" (Leon the Chameleon), though this is actually a nickname, he is only once referred to as Randall Boggs. In the prequel, he is called "Léon Bogue" with no mention of his real name being Randall.
  • Establishing Character Moment: In the prequel, he is introduced by happily shaking Mike's hand while saying that they'll be best friends, and then disappearing out of nowhere and apologising in embarrassment, showing his hopeful, but awkward personality. In Monsters, Inc., his first appearance consists of him confusing Mike by shutting his locker's door while being invisible, and then appearing out of nowhere to jump scare him. He then chuckles at Mike's fright and mockingly remarks that his tactic works on "little kids and little monsters".
  • Evil Counterpart: To Sulley. In college Randall was nice and Mike's best friend, while Sulley was a jerk and Mike's rival. This changes over the course of the movie, and by the end their roles were completely reversed. By Monsters Inc we see Sulley as the Gentle Giant best friend of Mike and Randall as the evil arch-rival who hates both of them.
  • Evil Former Friend: To Mike. He was his best friend and roommate in the prequel before his Face–Heel Turn.
  • Evil Genius: Invents the Scream Extractor.
  • Evil Is Petty: He's been holding on to a grudge towards Sulley for having bested him in their college years enough to turn downright murderous towards him in the present. He also extends this grudge towards his former friend, Mike, solely because Mike is associated with Sulley. In "Monsters Inc: Mike and Sulley to the Rescue!", due to the deletion of Waternoose and the Scream Extractor, his entire motivation is based solely around trying to stop Mike and Sulley from getting Boo home.
  • Expy: Of the chameleon carnotaurs from "Jurassic Park: The Lost World" novel. Ironically, the Indoraptor in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (which also features Carnotaurus but it can't/doesn't camouflage) is one of him to substantial degree.
  • Face–Heel Turn: He used to be a friend of Mike's in Monsters University, but decided to partner with Roar Omega Roar instead and swore revenge on Sullivan for accidentally ruining his scare simulation.
  • Foil: To Sulley and Mike.
    • In college, Mike and Randall were both nerdy and physically weak monsters who majored in Scaring. Randall didn't have any faith in his scaring abilities, while Mike is overconfident. Although Mike did get the best score in the Scare Games, it wouldn't have been possible with Sully's tampering. Mike was subsequently expelled from MU and climbed up the ladders to become a scare assistant. Randall got the worst score in the Scare Games, but completed his education and became a scarer anyways.
    • Sulley and Randall are the two best scarers of the company, yet are also polar opposites. Sulley is a mammalian monster while Randall is reptilian, and Sulley's color scheme is primarily blue with purple patches while Randall is primarily purple with a bit of blue. Sulley's strengths involve charging in at brute force while Randall has to sneak around using his invisibility to be physically effective. And while Sulley only scares children as part of the job and is deeply ashamed when he sees firsthand how harmful this is, Randall has no qualms about harming children and is even perfectly willing to kidnap them and forcefully take their screams.
    • Monsters University takes the parallel between Sulley and Randall further, with both wanting to get in with the cool monsters at ROR. Sulley is introduced as a popular Jerk Jock who is instantly accepted by ROR until his failing grades get him kicked out, while Randall is an unpopular nerd who abandons Mike to advance his own reputation. Sulley is humbled by his friendship with Mike and their later expulsion from MU, while Randall's desperation to be popular results in him being embarrassed in the final round of the Scare Games. Along with Mike, Sulley makes his own way to the top after being expelled and and comes out a kinder, humbler monster because of it, while Randall continues his studies and ultimately graduates even more bitter and selfish than he was before.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: Mainly Choleric, with some Melancholic elements here and there. He is very irritable and selfish and shows quite a lot of callousness towards whatever happens to Fungus, and also seems to have carried over some of his intelligent traits from Monsters University, while also being rather resentful about Sulley being a better scarer than him.
  • Fragile Speedster: Randall is agile, fast and sneaky. As such, he can appear anywhere and prevent any opponents from so much as moving, thanks to taking them by surprise and using his agility to restrain them. However, the moment his opponents fight back, he goes down easily. Even Boo, a little girl no older than two, curb-stomped him when his back was turned.
  • Freudian Excuse: While always a selfish, opportunistic Social Climber, it's heavily implied Randall became much more bitter after Sulley indirectly humiliated him during the Scare Games in M.U., in turn causing ROR to abandon him.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: As Monsters University shows, he used to be an awkward unpopular nerd, but resentment turned him into an overly competitive and abusive monster.
  • Geek Physiques: In his college years, Randall was still scrawny, but he also had huge glasses and some of his scales are colored in a way that implies that there are his equivalent to acne.
  • Glass Cannon: He's pretty strong, and his invisibility is a great help as shown in his fight with Sulley. Sulley couldn't even touch him until Mike revealed his location by hitting him with a snowball. But once that happened, all it took was one backhand to take him down.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: By season 2 of Monsters at Work, he sports a scar over his right eye, most likely thanks to the beating he received from the Cajuns.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Not only is he literally a monster with green eyes, but he is also extremely envious of Sulley's success. Randall might easily outrank all of the other Scarers in his floor, and perhaps the entire company, but he is never satisfied due to Sulley barely beating him every time. It's implied that his envy is what fuels his desire to go with his Scream Extractor plan.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Zig-zagged. Whenever he isn't being an Invisible Jerkass, he's shown to be quick to anger, especially if it involves Sulley.
  • Handicapped Badass: Randall apparently has eyesight so bad he needs to squint constantly to see properly, but that doesn't stop him from being the second-best scarer in the industry, nor does it stop him from almost killing Sulley in a fight.
  • The Heavy: Randall's efforts to surpass Sulley as Monsters, Inc.'s top scarer, as well as helping Waternoose kidnap children so they can extract their screams, drives much of the film's events.
  • Hollywood Chameleon: He can practically turn invisible. Justified as he's clearly not meant to be an actual chameleon.
  • I Am Not Weasel: After he is banished to a trailer home by Sulley, the Cajun boy and his mother who live there, encounter and attack him call him a "gator".
  • I Just Want to Be Special: In college he was a shy student who really wanted to befriend the cool guys.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: In college. Preferably if they're cool, which leads him to dumping Mike for ROR.
  • I Owe You My Life: after he's rescued from the Cajuns by Johnny, he says he owed him one and helps him with his scheme, despite admitting it felt like a thankless job.
  • Incoming Ham: De-cloaking while yelling "WAZOWSKI!" to startle Mike. Quite the intro.
  • Ink-Suit Actor: Hard to look at him while talking and not remember his voice actor, Steve Buscemi.
  • Invisibility: Given he can change himself to the colors of the environment.
  • Invisible Jerkass: His Establishing Character Moment has him using his invisibility to scare Mike in the locker rooms. He only gets worse from there.
  • It's All About Me: In Monsters University, Randall abandoned Mike, thinking that fitting in with the cooler monsters would help his own reputation, despite the genuine friendship he and Mike had developed. By the time Monsters, Inc. takes place, he's become a vile, opportunistic sociopath who doesn't care for anyone other than himself, not even his assistant Fungus. While Mr. Waternoose only resorts to kidnapping children to keep the company and the scaring industry alive, Randall's only doing it to become famous.
  • It's Personal with the Dragon: Waternoose is the Big Bad, but Randall has a closer personal connection to Mike and Sully, being jealous of Sully's sucess and a bully to Mike.
  • Jerkass: To an ungodly degree. Randall is an impatient and bitter jerk who doesn't show any respect for any other character, not even his boss Waternoose, who was only working with him due to circumstances. He frequently intimidates and threatens his assistant, Fungus, is progressively crueler and snider to Sulley as the story progresses out of mere envy, and displays sadistic enjoyment out of tormenting Mike, seeing Sulley and Mike getting banished and possibly torturing Boo to death.
  • Karma Houdini: Aside from the fact that he was rescued from the Cajuns by Johnny, the ending of season 2 of Monsters at Work reveals that he managed to escape imprisonment and is now a fugitive at large.
  • Kick the Dog:
    • He breaks Sullys framed drawing Boo made and steals it as one of the items used to frame Tylor.
    • When he sees Chet again, he taunts him about how he still wet his bed in college, and calls him by his Embarrassing Nickname "Chetwetter". He also hopes some of the kids he scares wet their bed.
  • The Kirk: To Sulley's McCoy and Mike's Spock in Monsters University. He firmly believes that Boo (and all human children) are disgusting creatures at worst and expendable sources of energy at best, but his main drive is to get back at Sulley for their rivalry.
  • Lack of Empathy: Randall has no regard or concern for anyone except himself. He casually abandoned his friend Mike the instant a more popular option came along in Monsters University, showed no concern when Fungus was almost killed by the scream extractor, was willing to use said extractor on Boo, and eventually stooped to trying to murder Mike and Sulley when they came to save her.
  • Large Ham: Can be quite dramatic at times. The jittering and mugging helps!
  • Laser-Guided Karma: He ultimately suffers this in both films.
    • In Monsters University, he throws away his friendship with Mike to get in with the cool kids at ROR, even helping to pull a cruel prank against Oozma Kappa that turns them into "adorable monsters". In the final round of the Scare Game, Sulley's earth-shaking roar causes Randall to fall onto a heart-patterned carpet and take on it's colors, embarrassing him in front of the cool monsters he'd been desperately trying to impress. The next time we see ROR, Randall is not with them, implying that he was kicked out of the fraternity.
    • In Monsters, Inc, Randall attempts to kidnap Boo and she's terrified of him for most of the film. When Randall is about to kill Sulley, Boo finally faces her fear and gives Randall a well-deserved beating. Then, after years of sadistically scaring human children, Randall's ultimate comeuppance is getting trapped in the human world, having to face the wrath of a very angry human mother armed with a shovel when her son spots him. Likewise, he helped in banishing Sulley and Mike purely so that they wouldn't get in the way of his and Waternoose's plans, at the end Mike and Sulley return the favor, ensuring he couldn't get back at them again.
  • Last-Name Basis: Refers to Sulley and Mike by their last names out of antagonism. Especially since he referred to Mike by his first name in Monsters University, but never referred to Sulley by his first name or nickname.
  • Laughably Evil: He's a cruel, conniving jerk, but he's just so over-the-top and hammy and Steve Buscemi's delivery of Randall's withering sarcasm is so fun to behold that several of his scenes are hilarious to watch.
  • Lean and Mean: Compared to Sulley or most of the other scarers who all seem big and muscular, he is much skinnier, which allows him to slink around easily.
  • Lethally Stupid: He trusts Johnny Worthington that mixing scream and laugh energy together is completely safe, even as their storage unit causes tremors. He fights MIFT from removing using the Scream Extractor to extract the screams, and would have unwittedly caused Monstropolis to burst in flames had he suceeded.
  • Lizard Folk: He resembles a lizard.
  • Loud Gulp: He gulps loudly the moment Sulley tells him he's out of a job.
  • Lovable Lizard: Zig-zagged. In the original movie, he, a lizardlike monster, was portrayed as pure evil. But Monsters University shows his Start of Darkness. As a teen, "Randy" was a shy, nerdy, and innocent guy who just wanted to make friends and even got along great with Mike. Unfortunately this desire turned darker after he joined the Jerk Jock fraternity ROR and happily participated in making Mike's life hell in the University, and only for them to cast him out when he loses the big game to Sulley and Mike, causing him to develop a grudge against Sulley that guides his actions in the original movie. This is an interesting example because even though we know he's going to turn bad, his younger self in MU is still quite cute and relatable (up until he joins up ROR and willingly joins in on bullying Mike), making him a great (if retroactive) example of straying away from Reptiles Are Abhorrent.
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: Implied by the Hilarious Outtakes, where he comments that he looks good in a suit after a coworker pulls a prank on him during filming.
  • Mix-and-Match Critter: Randall resembles many reptilian species, from a chameleon with his camouflage abilities and big eyes, gecko with his padded feet, and a snake with his long slithering body.
  • More Despicable Minion: He's in on Waternoose's Scream Extractor plan, but has far more selfish reasons than his boss, who's just trying to solve the energy crisis. He is still this in Monsters at Work, as despite his Took a Level in Kindness being just an act, Johnny Worthington III still cares about his family and his father's legacy, while Randall is only helping him for the chance to take revenge.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: Subverted. He has multiple arms, but they aren't the reason why he is so dangerous.
  • Narcissist: In one scene, we see him checking himself out in a mirror.
  • Nerd Glasses: Sadly, he drops them within a minute of his first appearance under Mike's advisement.
  • Nice Mean And In Between: Of the three main male monsters, he's the Mean to Sulley's Nice and Mike's In-Between. Sulley is a kind, caring Gentle Giant, Randall is a bitter, cruel Jerkass and Mike is selfish and sarcastic, but ultimately good-hearted.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: This is his fate at the end of the first film: he gets repeatedly whacked in the head with a shovel by a hillbilly.
  • Not Quite Dead: It is revealed in Monsters At Work that Randall survived his apparent death thanks to Johnny rescuing him from the Cajuns.
  • Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremist: He claims that he's going to revolutionize the scaring industry which most of the time would mean that he just wants to prevent Monstropolis from going down under due to scaring energy slowly faltering, but in fact he's only doing it for personal recognition and is more concerned with filling his pockets and getting to become the CEO of Monsters Inc than any legitimate saving as a stark contrast to Waternoose's genuine intentions of saving his company.
  • Obviously Evil: His sinister expression, creepy abilities and his unpleasant demeanour means it’s no surprise when he reveals his part in the conspiracy to the audience.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: In Monsters University he goes by "Randy". His scare card shown in the film’s credits indicates that he started using his full name sometime after this.
  • Original Position Fallacy: He's content with banishing Mike and Sulley to the Himalayas to prevent them from getting in the way of his plans with Waternoose, but when they return the favor by banishing him, he begs them not to.
  • Outgrowing the Childish Name: Now he only goes by Randall, but the prequel reveals that he used to be called Randy when he was a harmless college student. He probably abandoned his nickname shortly after his Start of Darkness when he joined ROR and fully adopted the personality of a nasty bully.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: Randall on his own right is a great scarer and perhaps the best in Monsters Inc... At least he would be were Sulley not around to overshadow him at it every single time. For Randall, however, second place is not good enough which leads to him resorting to nastier means to get one over Sulley through the Scream Extractor.
  • Psycho for Hire: Under orders from his boss, he builds a horrific machine that sucks the screams out of human children. While Waternoose at least has the motive of keeping his company afloat and providing energy to Montropolis, Randall has no real motive except to satisfy his own resentment over always being passed over in favor of Sulley, a college dropout who patiently worked his way to the top of the scaring game as well as to attain power and unlike Waternoose is all too happy to straight-up murder Sulley at the first chance he gets.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: Downplayed. At first, he seems to be, for the most part, cool-headed with a bit of a temper on him but as the movie progresses, it becomes clear that Randall is a selfish, heartless, spoiled toddler in an adult's body, getting angry over the littlest of things, and viciously berating and even physically abusing Fungus in a manner not unlike a child breaking his toys. This is only further emphasised by Monsters University, which reveals that Randall's long-held hatred of Sulley actually stems from the latter showing him up at a scaring competition in college, meaning most of his actions in the original are merely the result of a petty grudge.
  • Purple Is Powerful: Randall’s natural colour is purple when he's not using his chameleon ability to turn invisible or take on other colors. Though he looks it, he's no wimp; despite his scrawny little arms, Randall would have succeeded in suffocating the brawnier Sulley were it not for Mike's intervention. Randall also appears to have the most powerful skills out of the monsters seen in the film, as he is lithe, fast, silent, and possibly skilled in engineering if he was the one to build the Scream Extractor.
  • Reptiles Are Abhorrent: An interesting combination of traits. Chameleons typically don't fall victim to this trope, but he also resembles a snake which are more traditional "evil" reptiles.
  • The Rival: To Sulley since university. Overlaps with The Resenter, as his obsession with being better than Sullivan stems from being accidentally humiliated by him and being rejected by his ROR "friends" because of it (in his scare turn, the vibrations from Sulley's roar caused him to fall on a carpet and involuntarily blend in with its pink and heart pattern, ruining his scare score). If it wasn't for Randall being Always Second Best just barely to Sullivan he would almost be an Unknown Rival since Sulley himself doesn't shares much of the desire to one-up him like Randall does.
    "That's the last time I lose to you, Sullivan!"
  • Shapeshifter Swan Song: Parodied. When he is being beaten up by Boo, he keeps changing colors cartoonishly, including, at one point, white with red stars.
  • Slasher Smile: He makes this face whenever he schemes (including the two frames of him watching the Scream Extractor about to clamp over Mike's mouth and when he reveals himself to Sulley and Mike in front of the banishment door)
  • Smug Snake: Figuratively and literally. He has a very high opinion of himself with almost every scene showing him just oozing contempt for those around him while simultaneously constantly being in Sulley's shadow and looks like an actual snake. Though he is legitimately a great scarer and is only really overshadowed by Sulley being the quintessential cornerstone Ace of scaring.
  • Social Climber: In Monsters University he was one of these, ditching Mike at the first opportunity to hang with the cool teens of ROR and willingly joins everything they do to keep on their good graces.
  • The Sociopath: While he may have started out with some decency at the beginning of Monsters University (and even that is corroded as the prequel progresses), by present day he has zero issue with crossing both ethical and moral boundaries to get his way, even if it means sabotage and torturing children, and gleefully takes any chance to spite Mike and Sulley. He cares for nobody who isn't named Randall Boggs, with even his bosses being convenient ways to achieve fame and fortune.
  • Sore Loser: In Monsters University, his loss to Sulley in the final event of the Scare Games gets him mocked in front of the school (he got the lowest score of his teammates), lost him all his friends, and served as a catalyst for his resentment of him in Monsters Inc. in which he turned to murder out of sheer frustration at his loss.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: Though his ultimate fate is not shown at the end of the first film it did not look like a good future was in store for him since he is last seen getting the crap beaten out of him with a shovel by a boy's mother, the Boom! Studios comic, the Scream Arena video game, and Kingdom Hearts III show that he survived the movie and made it back to Monstropolis. Monsters at Work reveals that Johnny Worthington later saved him from the Cajuns to recruit him as a saboteur.
  • Start of Darkness: In Monsters University, he slowly turned from a nervous character who was close friends with Mike to a resentful foe who is Sulley and Mike's arch-nemesis; as a result of him allowing himself to take the most toxic traits of ROR and generally being a selfish social climber.
  • The Starscream: While never said outright, it's implied that Randall has plans to backstab Waternoose after his Evil Plan succeeds. Even before Waternoose's involvement is revealed, Randall excludes him from his Motive Rant and implies that he alone will be in charge, and he later gives an ominous glare to Waternoose when "reassuring" the latter that there won't be any witnesses to the Scream Extractor.
    Randall: I am about to revolutionize the Scaring industry, and when I do, even the great James P. Sullivan is gonna be working for me.
  • Team Power Walk: He participates in the group walk found in the first film. In the outtakes he trips, falls and gets crushed along with the other scarers.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: A villainous example. On two different occasions Randall has worked with other antagonists to carry out his schemes, but doesn't have a good relationship with either.
    • In the original film, Randall is revealed to be working on Waternoose's behalf to build the Scream Extractor and subject human children to it. In stark contrast to the more fatherly relationship he has with Sulley and Mike, Waternoose is shown to have nothing but contempt for Randall, even saying outright that he never should have trusted him with the plan due to all the chaos that Randall's mishandling has caused. The subtle implication that Randall is secretly plotting to betray Waternoose doesn't help matters.
    • In Season 2 of Monsters at Work, Randall is recruited by Johnny Worthington to sabotage Monsters, Inc. in order to boost Fear. Co's profits. While Randall claims he and Johnny were "best friends" in college and Johnny applies his usual superficial chumminess, it's evident that Johnny is only using Randall as a means to an end, and Randall is clearly frustrated with having to do all the hard work and heavy lifting while Johnny takes the credit. The fact that Johnny, who who tends to give affectionate nicknames to his friends and even most of his rivals, only ever addresses Randall as "Boggs", only further hammers home the disdain he truly feels for Randall.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: The moment Randall joined ROR any and all semblance of kindness went away, but it only got worse when he grew up into an MI Scarer. It says a lot about someone when they're willing to casually murder their former university friend and dorm mate for the sake of petty revenge.
  • Torture Technician: He presumably invents the Scream Extractor, a horrific machine that will literally suck out children's voices which is shown as a painful procedure, Randall has no issue with the machine's brutality.
  • Unknown Rival: Moreso with Sulley, as while Mike does think of Randall as a competitor, with the prequel also hinting that Mike still resents Randall for what happened between them in college, Sulley intially just thinks of Randall as a colleague and always tries to be civil with him. Randall, meanwhile, intensely hates them both, especially Sulley, and is even willing to kill them.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: Downplayed. He starts out being very polite, kind and supportive to Mike, and he seems to genuinely value their friendship, but he's led astray by his own desire for personal status. Eventually, he ends up joining the most high-up fraternity in a bid to become "cool", ending up as an adversary in the Games completely shedding the "sweet" part, especially after he joins his new fraternity's bullying ways with all due willingness. When he's (accidentally) publicly humiliated by Sulley in the last Game, he develops his bitter resentment towards the former and Mike.
  • Vertebrate with Extra Limbs: Randall resembles both a snake and a lizard. He also happens to have four arms and four legs.
  • Vile Villain, Laughable Lackey: Randall is the laughable one to Johnny Worthington's straight example of a Hate Sink in Monsters at Work. This is only in their conveyance of their evil, however, as Randall still remains the More Despicable Minion of the two of them.
  • Vile Villain, Saccharine Show: Monsters Inc is a light-hearted franchise overall. Randall, however, stands out for being a ruthless, callous, attention-seeking sociopath who will do anything for his own benefit, even if it means hurting others.
  • Villainous Breakdown: After Waternoose tells Randall he will never amount to Sulley, he growls at him. Then when Sulley destroys and throws the Scream Extractor at Randall, Waternoose, and Fungus and saves Boo, Randall loses it and tries to kill Sulley (and was prepared to do so, even before Waternoose told him to).
  • Villainous Friendship: As opposed to his vitriolic relationship with Waterhouse, Randall is visibly friendlier with Johnny and avoids snarking at him, being genuinely grateful that the latter rescued him from the human world. That being said, he does admit he's doing this to get back at his rivals too and he escapes prison in the end without even bothering to free him from his own cell.
  • Villains Want Mercy: When Sulley and Mike are about to exile him, he pleads them not to. It doesn't work.
  • Vocal Evolution: Buscemi's voice for Randall is a lot older and more nasal and gruff in Monsters at Work. Could be from the all the beatings he got from the Cajuns.
  • Wall Crawl: Goes hand in hand with being a gecko-salamander-chameleon-thing.
  • Weak, but Skilled: He's very cunning and skilled at using his powers in a fight but physically weak to the point that even a small child can easily defeat him in a straight fight.
  • We Used to Be Friends: Randall used to be Mike's roommate and friend in Monsters University before deciding to side against him.
  • Would Hurt a Child: His plan may not have been specifically aimed at killing children, but the Scream Extractor’s effects on Fungus indicate that it would be incredibly harmful if used on a child, most likely even being lethal, to which Randall shows no concern.

    Henry J. Waternoose III (spoilers)
"There is nothing more toxic or deadly than a human child."
Voiced by: James Coburn Other voice actors
Waternoose is an elderly, grey-skinned, overweight monster with five eyes, seven digits on both hands, and six crab-like legs. He is the CEO of the eponymous company, a retired scarer, Sulley's mentor, and the boss of every character who works for the company. His plans to rejuvenate the company hide his sinister ambitions...
  • Acrofatic: Despite his portly frame, Waternoose can run surprisingly quick thanks to his multiple legs. When pursuing Sulley near the end of the movie, he has no problem keeping pace with him despite being much wider.
  • Adapted Out: Doesn't appear in "Monsters Inc: Mike and Sulley to the Rescue!" outside of his portrait in a blink-in-you'll-miss-it moment when the vehicles enter the main factory.
  • Affably Evil: Waternoose is pleasant, reasonable, and has a good sense of humor. Too bad about the whole "kidnaps children and extracts their screams" scheme.
  • Atrocious Arthropods: Fitting with Randall, he's based on arthropods rather than mammals.
  • Bald of Evil: His cameo in the prequel shows that he used to have hair.
  • Benevolent Boss: Was initially this to Sulley and Mike at first, then tragically subverted as he is revealed to be involved in Randall's plan on kidnapping human children for the sake of the company and resolving the energy crisis.
  • Big Bad: While he's introduced as the film's Big Good, Waternoose is actually working with Randall to resolve the energy crisis by kidnapping children to harvest their screams.
  • Big Bad Friend: He's friendly enough that he genuinely did not want to banish Sulley and Mike to the point where he defends Sulley's reputation and snaps at Randall for insulting him. Unfortunately, this didn't stop him from going through with all of it.
  • Broken Pedestal:
    • Sulley is shown to have a high amount of respect for Waternoose at the beginning of the film, even trusting him enough to go to him about Boo. This is severely tainted when he learns Waternoose is actually the mastermind of Randall’s plan.
    • Monsters at Work indicates that he has become this to the Monster world as a whole following his arrest. The characters frequently mention him in a dismissive light, and Mr. Crummyham even pauses Tylor's now-outdated initiation video when it refers to Waternoose as the "esteemed CEO", pointing out that he is neither CEO or esteemed anymore. Even his own son pretty much disowned him and made a different name for himself in order to avoid association.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Waternoose initially appears to be an Honest Corporate Executive who just wants to keep his company from failing, but the ongoing power shortages eventually force him to team up with Randall and kidnap children to drain their screams.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Waternoose's relationship with Sulley is far more personal, such that Sulley is like a son to him. Even when his true colors were revealed, he still defends Sulley when Randall insults him. In fact, Waternoose wanted to keep Sulley out of this conspiracy for as long as he could, and he blamed Randall for leading Sulley to the lab, which led him to banish him. That said, once Sulley exposes his intentions to kidnap more children, the way he responds makes it clear he's disappointed in him for causing the factory to shut down.
  • Evil All Along: He's initially presented as a kindly and grandfatherly figure who wants what's best for his company and is a genuine mentor to Sulley, but he's revealed as the head of a massive conspiracy that will kidnap and kill thousands of innocent children.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: He's a Corrupt Corporate Executive with the voice of James Coburn. Though he is a Tragic Villain.
  • Evil Wears Black: Waternoose wears a black tux and he's a child-kidnapper.
  • Extra Digits: He has seven fingers on each hand.
  • Extra Eyes: Waternoose has five of them.
  • Fat Bastard: He is quite wide in proportion to his height and he is a child-kidnapping Knight Templar.
  • Frame-Up: After Mike and Sulley defeat Randall, Waternoose tries to blame the entirety of the mess he caused on the two. Unfortunately for him, the CDA is convinced otherwise when they catch him confessing his crimes to Sulley on live camera.
  • First-Name Basis: Aside from Squishy Squibbles in Monsters University, Waternoose is the only character in the franchise heard addressing Sulley by his first name, James.
  • Good Old Ways: His motivation in the Laugh Factory comic is to force Monstropolis to accept scream power again, convinced it's the only energy source the city needs.
  • Good Wears White: Waternoose subverts this; while he wears some white, he's also revealed to be Evil All Along.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: He is the overarching villain of Season 2 of Monsters at Work, being the father of Roger Rogers/Henry J. Waternoose IV and his Scream Extractor from the first film being used as a Chekhov's Gun to stop Johnny Worthington's scheme to activate a machine that is full of screams and laughs combined, which would cause a catastrophic explosion if it were activated.
  • The Guards Must Be Crazy: When Mike informs him about the obviously fictional "Bring an Obscure Relative to Work Day", he simply says, "Must've missed the memo."
  • Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: The end credits of Monsters University show he had an afro and mustache back when Mike and Sulley first started out.
  • Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal: Only wears a tuxedo jacket with no pants.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: A minor and somewhat humorous example early in the film: After the 2319 on the Scare Floor, it's shown that even he gets scared when Sulley practices the Waternoose Jump and Growl on him. This one is Played for Laughs—even he knows that Sulley is a good enough scarer to get him with a scaring technique that he himself had perfected, and he considers it an admirable quality.
  • Honest Corporate Executive: This is eventually subverted. He seems to be reasonable in making sure that his company doesn't go in the red, but in truth, he's a Corrupt Corporate Executive.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: He feels that with the energy crisis growing worse and worse with each day due to human children becoming harder to scare, he needs to do what's best for his company and Monstropolis even if it means crossing legal and moral boundaries by abducting countless human children and putting them through Randall's scream extractor to forcefully obtain their screams.
  • Innocently Insensitive: He congratulates Sulley for a good scare demonstration seemingly unaware how he's distraught from scaring Boo.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: Between him and Sulley. At least until he reveals his true colors.
  • Knight Templar: Waternoose wants to save his family business and Monstropolis from collapse due to a power shortage. His "solution" drives him into would-be child slaughterer.
  • Large and in Charge: He's a large, overweight monster who's the boss of Monsters, Inc. When using his legs to prop himself up, he dwarfs even Sulley.
  • Large Ham: Courtesy of his voice actor James Coburn, he has an affable and boisterous personality, especially when he is excited.
  • Last-Name Basis: No one in the movie, not even his best Scarer, calls him Henry.
  • Light Is Not Good: Downplayed; Waternoose sports some white and he's a villain.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Waternoose is terrifyingly fast thanks to his multiple legs, and he's strong enough to backhand Sulley across the room.
  • Mentor Archetype: He's implied to be such for Sulley, since he helped the latter become the company's top scarer. Waternoose is sincerely despondent when he has to get rid of him and in the climax while Sulley quite truly hopes he can convince him not to go through with the plan, sadly to no avail.
  • Mix-and-Match Critter: The most notable one in the movie, Waternoose has been described by several of the filmmakers as a cross between a crab and a spider.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: He feels regret upon betraying Sulley and Mike by banishing them to the Himalayas in order to cover his conspiracy plan with Randall; he even lampshades this by admitting that he never should've trusted Randall in the first place; implying that he holds himself responsible for destroying the friendship he had with Sulley and Mike.
  • The Mole: He and Randall are in charge of kidnapping children and play along with the "poisonous human" superstition for the sake of keeping the company up and running to power Monstropolis.
  • Not Me This Time: Upon Monsters Inc. being sabotaged; his son Roger ended up calling him and accused him of setting it up by sending a spy. He apparently denied it as his son brought up that suspicion was falling on him. Turns out it was Johnny Worthington who was the mastermind behind the plot.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: An implied example. While he still considers Sulley an old friend, his regret over banishing the latter is clearly aimed more at him being his company's top scarer.
  • Put on a Prison Bus: The CDA agents place him in their personal vehicle when they arrest him and drive away from the factory at the end of the film. While the Laugh Factory comic does have him break out, he's hauled back to jail at the end of the series. He still appears in Monsters at Work, but only through mentions, photographs, or outdated training videos—all of which occur after his arrest and fall from grace.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: He's always reasonable to listen to his employees, especially Sulley. Or so it originally seems...
  • Red and Black and Evil All Over: Waternoose's skin is grey (which is a lighter shade of black) and he wears a black tuxedo jacket with a red undercoat and he's the film's Big Bad.
  • Retired Badass: Judging from dialogue, he was once a top scarer.
  • Sarcastic Well Wishing: When his crimes are exposed and he is being arrested, he commends Sulley in this way for ruining the company and dooming Monstropolis to a permanent blackout.
  • Signature Move: While he was a scarer, he was famous for his "Jump and growl", which Sulley uses on him early in the film.
  • Spider People: His design seems to be based on a mix of "spider" and "crab".
  • Stout Strength: Waternoose is fat, but that insectoid biology seems to come with insectoid strength, as seen when he singlehandedly shoves both Sulley and Mike through their banishment door and during the climax; he breaks through a door that Sulley sealed off with a bent metal pipe, and then backhands the massive Sulley across a bed with little apparent effort. He's completely unafraid of chasing Sulley down alone, even though he is seen by this point the lengths Sulley will go to to protect Boo, and knows that Sulley must have beaten the invisible Randall by this point.
  • Tragic Villain: The company of his father and his father's father is in hard times, and there's an energy crisis throttling the city, and it's worsening with each day. With his company being the only thing that powers the city, he must act to save it and Monstropolis no matter how immoral his plan might happen to be. He even declares to Sulley as he's being arrested that because of Sulley's actions, Monsters Inc. will be destroyed, and the energy crisis will be even worse than it already was.
  • Treacherous Advisor: Waternoose is revealed to have been behind the conspiracy all along.
  • Utopia Justifies the Means: He just wants to save his city from an energy crisis. If this means kidnapping children and strapping them to a horrific machine to extract their screams, then so be it.
  • Villain Has a Point: At the end of the film, he tells Sulley that the energy crisis will only get worse since Sulley has exposed his crimes and almost made the factory shut down in the aftermath. Fortunately, Sulley's discovery of laughs being far more powerful than screams effectively resolves the issue, rendering Waternoose' only point moot.
  • Villainous Breakdown: After Sulley and Mike continue to interfere with his Evil Plan, Waternoose gradually loses all his Affably Evil demeanor he'd shown for most of the film, even pitching a fit when breaking through Sulley's barricade. He even implies during his passionate Motive Rant (which ultimately becomes his undoing) that he plans to kill both Sulley and Boo to stop them from exposing his intentions. And when he is exposed and subsequently arrested, what little sanity remaining in him is completely spent; as he is being taken away, he yells at Sulley that he has destroyed the company and thereby doomed all of Monstropolis to a permanent state of blackout.
  • Villain Respect: Even after banishing Mike and Sulley, Waternoose is more than willing to tell Randall to his face that Sulley was twice the scarer Randall could ever be, which visibly angers Randall.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: He just wanted to solve the energy crisis and save his family company... by kidnapping children and draining energy out of them through cruel ways instead of a short scare.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Waternoose and Randall's Evil Plan may not have been specifically aimed at killing or even intentionally hurting the children, but the results of the Scream Extractor seem anything but harmless, if Fungus' experience is any indication.
  • Your Approval Fills Me with Shame:
    • In the original film, Waternoose and the other observers sincerely applaud and congratulate Sulley for his successful scare demonstration. This happens just as Sulley realises that he accidentally scared Boo, and begins to seriously consider how harmful his work as a scarer has actually been all this time.
    • In the Laugh Factory comic, Waternoose, upon escaping from prison, praises Mike and Sulley for not destroying the experimental door, which he’s now using he to scare children all over the world in a bid to "prove" that scream is the more reliable power source. This finally convinces Sulley to destroy the experimental door, not wanting to cut corners like Waternoose.

    Celia Mae
"Googly bear!"
Voiced by: Jennifer Tilly (first film, Monsters at Work season one, video games prior to 2023), Roxana Ortega (Disney Speedstorm, Monsters at Work season two) Other voice actors
A tall and slender, magenta-skinned, and fairly humanoid monster with Gorgon-like features. She has one eye, five purple rattlesnakes that act as her hair, five tentacles as legs, and wears a green, scaly skirt. She works as the receptionist for Monsters, Inc. and is Mike's girlfriend.
  • Ascended Extra:
    • In the Laugh Factory comics, she helps Sulley and Mike take care of Boo, and has to outrun Waternoose and Sid through the middle of a human neighborhood in order to get between doors to the Monster World.
    • In Monsters at Work, she gets promoted to Scare Floor Supervisor, working on Scare Floor F along with Mike.
  • Barefoot Cartoon Animal: In a variation, she has tentacles rather than feet.
  • The Cameo: She makes an appearance in Mike's locker at the end of the prequel. A photo of her appears with her phone number and a note telling Mike to call her.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl:
    • Subverted in the Monsters, Inc: Laugh Factory comics where she directly asks Mike if he cares about Sulley more than her after he cancels dinner plans with her in order to cheer up a saddened Sulley, though she cools down pretty quickly since she considers it sweet that he's taking time out of his day to help out his best friend.
    • Traces of it are arguably seen in Monsters at Work, where she doesn't take very kindly to Mike's joke about him and Sulley raising a "grubby wubby" of their own after she compliments them on how well they took care of Snore, a human baby. A bit Justified since the most she does is say "Mike!" in a light scolding tone, likely because the company has had more than enough share of humans for the month.note 
  • Cone of Shame: Oh yes, she's also subjected into wearing one after her date is ruined because of an 835 call. Even each of her snake hair are also subjected into this. No wonder she's angry at Mike. She does get it off after Waternoose's arrest.
  • Cool Big Sister: To Boo in the Laugh Factory comics.
  • Cute Monster Girl: A cute female monster with one eye and purple snakes as hair.
  • Cyclops: Although her "girls" have eyes of their own.
  • Damsel out of Distress: The fourth part of the Laugh Factory comics has her able to hold her own against Randall, Waternoose and Sid when left to her own devices. While Sid does capture her at one point in the comic, her snakes prevent him from doing anything further.
  • Demoted to Extra: In Monsters Inc: Mike and Sulley to the Rescue!, she's only seen at the start on her date with Mike and then at Harryhausen's yelling at Mike about the ruined date on her birthday.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: Choleric. Though she's very sweet to her boyfriend, she can be hotblooded and is quick to make assumptions. That said, she uses practical resources in the factory to prevent Randall from chasing Sulley and Mike for a little bit in her last appearance before the finale.
  • Girly Girl with a Tomboy Streak: Implied. She's very feminine, flirty and soft-spoken, but is implied to have an interest in monster trucks (if Mike's birthday date plans are any indication) and has no qualms about getting physical when she's angry with Mike.
  • Gorgeous Gorgon: A gorgon with very playful snakes as hair.
  • Hybrid Monster: A hybrid of three mythological monsters—a Gorgon, cyclops and a cecaelia.
  • Laugh of Love: She giggles upon learning that Mike was able to get a reservation at Harryhausen's for their evening date.
  • Meaningful Name: She's a cecaelia, after all.
  • Ms. Fanservice: She has quite the busty hourglass figure for a monster.
  • Official Couple: With Mike.
  • Pink Means Feminine: She is a very feminine monster with pink skin.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: In the Laugh Factory comics, at one point, Sulley and Mike come up with an idea that involves using Boo's door as bait to lure out Waternoose, but she has Boo stay safe at her workstation rather than put her in danger.
  • Satellite Love Interest: Aside from being Mike's love interest and the company secretary, Celia doesn't have much characterization. On her date with Mike they don't really talk about anything but their relationship and it is difficult to see why he likes her so much, aside from the obvious. Downplayed in Monsters at Work, where she gets more focus as part of the supervisor.
  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl: Huge Girl to Mike's Tiny Guy.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: The freespirted and flirty Girly Girl to Ms. Flint's serious and hard working Tomboy.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Monsters at Work sees her get promoted to the supervisor of Scare Floor F, and she quickly takes to her new job with plenty of competence and skill, running the place like clockwork in spite of the chaotic transition.
  • Tsundere: Celia is Type B, with a sweet "deredere" default.
  • Vertebrate with Extra Limbs: She has five legs.
  • We Need a Distraction: When she sees Sulley and Mike running by with Boo, being chased by Randall. Celia has no idea what's going on, but she buys them some time by making a fake announcement over the mic that Randall has become the top Scarer, getting him mobbed by a horde of monsters as they congratulate him.
  • Woman Scorned: She really starts to lose her cool when her date with Mike is ruined. At least up until they reconcile.

    Roz (spoilers)
"Wazowski, you didn't file in your paperwork last night."
Voiced by: Bob Peterson Other voice actors
An elderly, bespectacled, slug-like monster with yellow skin, grey hair who wears a red shirt. She arranges the paperwork for the Scare Assistants, most notably those that work on Scare Floor F. It turns out that she is Agent number 1 of the CDA, who started working undercover at Monsters, Inc. two and a half years ago prior to the film's events to uncover a rumored conspiracy regarding the company. Also has something to say here.
  • Always Identical Twins: Has a near-lookalike sister named Roze, who's got the same haircut and dry sense of wit as her. Mike believes that they're one and the same, but it's kept ambiguous his theory is correct or it's this.
  • Big Good: Number 1 agent of CDA who was trying to capture the guy who they suspected committed crimes at MI, aka Waternoose.
  • The Cameo: Shows up as head of the CDA after Sulley and Mike's trip to the human world in Monsters University, telling them that she's always watching.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Appears at the end to reveal herself as The Mole.
  • Clerk:
    From DVD bonus material: "The pink copy [of your carbonless copy paper scare receipt] goes to accounts receivable. The fuchsia copy goes to purchasing. Ivory goes to your immediate supervisor. And I! Get! The goldenrod! Goldenrod!"
  • Cool Old Lady:
    • Who knew that behind a boring and sarcastic clerk, was actually a reasonable leader of this universe's equivalent of The Men in Black?
    • She counts in the Hilarious Outtakes too due to her constantly messing with the filming for laughs.
  • Deadpan Snarker: "Your stunned silence is very reassuring."
  • Fauxshadowing: When Mike first encounters her, Randall's Leitmotif plays. When Mike bumps into her again, she refuses to give Mike the key to Boo's door because he didn't file his paperwork last night. One might be forgiven for mistaking her as in on Randall's conspiracy, but it turns out to be Waternoose instead. She's actually the head of the CDA, the group working to uncover said conspiracy.
  • Foreshadowing: She stoically closes her window when the CDA makes their first appearance unlike every other character who is panicking or frightened.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: Leukine. She is generally a neutral presence for the majority of the movie, neither a threat nor an aid for Sulley and Mike, but she ends up being one of the good guys by the end.
  • The Gadfly: The outtakes in the credits portray her as this on-set.
  • Gonk: Aside from her unsavory hairstyle, she has a rather photorealistic appearance that clashes with the more cartoonish look of the other monsters.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: She's not wrong about Mike continually blowing off his responsibility to file his paperwork.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: She is quite outwardly sour and holds a grudge against Mike for most of the film because of his failure to file his paperwork. She also proves to be a good Reasonable Authority Figure to Sulley when she learns about Boo and allows him five minutes to properly say goodbye to the child before they have to shred her door so she wouldn't reenter the monster world, and takes the time to have a bit of fun during the outtakes. In Monsters at Work, she signals to Sulley and Mike that she is on to something during their interrogation in the season two finale, hinting that they should take their sweet time getting all of their necessary paperwork done.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: Watching Monsters University before Monsters, Inc. will spoil the fact that Roz is a CDA agent.
  • The Mole: It turns out that she is the Agent #001 of the CDA, and has been hiding at the company for two and a half years to uncover Randall's conspiracy.
  • Non-Mammalian Hair: A large slug-like monster with a tuft of hair on her head.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: Most of the monsters seen throughout the movie look fairly cartoonish and simple. Roz, on the other hand, has a far more photorealistic and detailed appearance that clashes with the other monsters.
  • Only One Name: One of the few named monsters without a confirmed full name.
  • Perpetual Frowner: Every time she shows up in the film, she is frowning dourly. That doesn't stop her from joking around in the outtakes, though.
  • Pet the Dog: She shows some semblance of sympathy for Sulley not being able to see Boo again after sending her home and allows him five minutes to say his goodbyes.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure:
    • In spite of being the head of an organization that is ridiculously paranoid in dealing with humans and hearing the many false horror stories about them, Roz's first inclination upon meeting Boo is to send her safely back to the human world. She also gives Sulley five minutes to say goodbye to Boo before the CDA has to shred her door.
      Sulley: I just...want to send her home.
      Roz: ...Very good.
    • She refuses to give Mike the keycard to the door Randall was working on since he failed to file his paperwork again, but nonetheless, in the very next scene Randall can be heard being interrogated by CDA agents. Seems like she took what he said seriously after all.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: To Mike, although it's mostly one-sided on his part; really, all that really bothered her about him was his refusal to file his paperwork on time.
  • Spanner in the Works: Though bringing down Mr. Waternoose's conspiracy was her goal all along, she didn't quite achieve it the way she intended — The whole plot started to be unraveled when she reminded Mike to file his paperwork, causing Sulley to head back to the scare floor to retrieve it and catch Randall using Boo's door after-hours.

    Jeff Fungus
"I'm sorry, Wazowski, but Randall said I'm not allowed to fraternize with victims of his evil plot."
Voiced by: Frank Oz (Monsters, Inc.), Christopher Swindle (Monsters at Work) Other voice actors
A pill-shaped, bespectacled, three-eyed monster with chicken-like legs, red skin, and an orange fin on his back. He works as Randall's assistant.
  • Affably Evil: He's genuinely more friendly and well-mannered than his cruel and cantankerous boss. He also genuinely cares for Mike and Sulley.
  • Anti-Villain: He is only an antagonist by proxy since he has to comply with Randall.
  • Apologetic Attacker: He apologizes to Mike for not being allowed to "fraternize" with him while he's captured, and in general seems to just go along with the evil plan because Randall is commanding him to.
  • Butt-Monkey: From Randall - every appearance of his involves him getting threatened, beat on, or otherwise dumped upon by Randall in some way.
  • Cephalothorax: Like Mike and many other small monsters, his head and his body are pretty much the same thing.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Although almost every prominent character in the first film (aside from Mike, Sulley, and Randall) simply appears as a cameo in Monsters University, Fungus is unfortunately one of the rare exceptions. He doesn't appear in the prequel in any way, but he does come back for the TV series.
  • Extra Eyes: He has three of them.
  • Extreme Doormat: Always does what Randall wants him to do out of fear. He never stands up to his boss, and Fungus isn't involved in Randall's defeat whatsoever. When his coworker gets banished, Fungus' proper reaction is never seen.
  • Four-Fingered Hands: Like several other monsters.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: Melancholic. He has no backbone when it comes to being an assistant to Randall, and often bumbles around awkardly.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: In Monsters at Work, Mike only sees Fungus as a work colleague, and it’s implied he’s difficult to have a relationship with outside of work. In “The Damaged Room”, Mike had to take care of a human baby, and recommended Sulley not give his ticket to Fungus because he knows nothing about baseball. Of course, Fungus had a part in Randall's plot extract scream energy forcefully, so it's hard to blame him for being a bit salty at him even if Fungus was far from the fiend Randall or Waternoose were. Otherwise, Fungus is just that embarrassing for Mike to have around, especially if they have next to nothing in common.
  • The Igor: He does as Randall commands, such as running the extractor machine.
  • Heel–Face Turn: After both Randall and Waternoose got defeated and the MI company's power changed from screams to laughs, Fungus stopped being involved in criminal activity (such as kidnapping and torture) and happily became a comedian. He even became Mike's assistant in Monsters at Work.
  • Last-Name Basis: Calls Mike by his last name. This also applies to Fungus himself, who is never called by his apparent given name of Jeff.
  • Minion with an F in Evil: Randall's cowardly, not so evil henchman. When Boo is strapped for the Scream Extractor, Fungus is visibly uncomfortable as he watches, likely because he knows from firsthand experience how horrific the process is. It speaks volumes that when the TV series starts, he's allowed to keep his job as a scare assistant.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: It's hinted at several points that he only works for Randall because he's genuinely afraid of him. Given his treatment at Randall's hands, it's easy to see why..
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: When the factory goes from scares to laughs, Fungus really enjoys the change.

    George Sanderson
"Keep the doors coming Charlie, I'm on a roll today."
Voiced by: Sam Black (Monsters, Inc.), Stephen Stanton (Monsters at Work) Other voice actors
A large monster with orange fur, yellow stripes, and a singular horn on his forehead. He works as a Scarer for Scare Floor F, and is the victim of a series of accidents regarding human accessories.
  • Butt-Monkey: Victim of two 2319 calls, the first one leaving him shorn and sporting a Cone of Shame for the rest of the movie. After the second time he's visibly shaking on his feet and needs a crutch to help him walk. He's also the one who's tested for cheating with anti-poison gel in the prequel, earning him a puffed-up leg. Further, according to the comics, his body makes a "defense mechanism" by producing a smell that smells like daffodils. This is seen as gross, since what humans perceive as smelling bad is what is considered by monsters to smell good.
  • The Cameo: George appears in the Monsters University as a member of the fraternity Jaws Theta Chi. Funnily enough, when JOX get disqualified for using protective gel, he’s the one who gets used as an example, proving that he still can't avoid being the butt of a joke. He also appears at the end of movie when Sulley and Mike start their first day as a scare team.
  • The Chew Toy: Most of his appearances in both the first and prequel films are being subject to unpleasant experiences, in particular two cases of being shaved and "sanitized" after contact with human objects.
  • Cone of Shame: Infamously wears one after getting his fur shaved and decontaminated by the CDA.
  • The Dog Bites Back: Near the end, he's had enough and just pushes his co-worker into the door before he can be "sanitized" again.
  • Dumb Jock: In M.U., he was part the not very bright Jaws Theta Chi material.
  • Four-Fingered Hands: Like several other monsters.
  • Horned Humanoid: As human-like as a monster can get, and has a horn.
  • Iconic Item: You will very rarely find a piece of merchandise with George Sanderson on it that doesn't feature the infamous white sock on his back. Even in his official artwork, once the model rotates, has the sock stuck on his back.
  • Jerk Jock: Subverted. He was part of the Jaws Theta Chi, but during the scene of Oozma Kappa's humiliation at the ROR house, he is the only member of his frat who looks distraught at what's going on. Word of God says, "he's a good kid in the wrong frat."
  • Naked People Are Funny: Gets shaved by the CDA early in the film after being subjected to the first 2319 call, and remains hairless for the entirety of the film. Which is all Played for Laughs.
  • Phrase Catcher: "2319! We have a 2319!"
  • Running Gag: Him coming into contact with human items and his assistant Charlie panicking about it.

    Ms. Flint
Voiced by: Bonnie Hunt Other voice actors
A pinkish-orange snakelike monster with fins attached to back of her eyes (which are on stalks), who works as a supervisor of the Scare Simulator, where potential Scarers try out their skills.
  • Ascended Extra: Gains more prominence in Monsters at Work, where she helps Mike teach other monsters comedy. The eighth episode also reveals she has a daughter.
  • Being Personal Isn't Professional: The reason she refuses to call Bile by his nickname. However, this might be more because she's just too lazy to apply the correction. When she doesn't get Tylor's last name correct in Monsters at Work, she doesn't bother getting it right when Tylor corrects her the first time.
  • The Cameo: She makes a cameo during the ending montage of Monsters University.
  • Career Versus Man: Implied. Her name indicates she’s unmarried, but has a successful career and a daughter.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Has a dry sense of humor to help her deal with training new recruits.
  • Establishing Character Moment: The very first view we have of her is with her head in her hands after Bile’s terrible performance.
  • Sassy Secretary: Not quite a secretary, but definitely sassy.
  • Snake People: She resembles a humanoid snake, reminiscent of a Naga.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: She expresses frustration towards Bile for his poor performance, as well as her pupils for failing to explain what Bile did wrong.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: Comes off as cold at first, but enthusiastically claps for Sulley when he gives his demonstration.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: The serious, hard-working Tomboy to Celia's flirty Girly Girl.

    Smitty and Needleman
Voiced by: Dan Gerson (Monsters, Inc.), Stephen Stanton (Monsters at Work) Other voice actors for Smitty Other voice actors for Needleman
A pair of teenage, geeky monsters with gawky voices that frequently crack. They work as maintenance workers at Monsters, Inc. and admire the Scarers, especially Sulley. Smitty is the short and stout, slug-like one with brown fin-like hair, braces, khaki green skin, and four arms. Needleman is the taller and slim one, with a brown and beige body, a large, round brown nose, and a general lanky physique.
  • Ascended Extra:
    • On a meta level. Despite being minor characters in the film that have little relevance to the plot, they are amongst the most frequently seen Monsters, Inc. representatives in the Disney Parks. Needleman was even part of the Monsters, Inc. section of the Pixar Play Parade before it was revamped to accommodate the release of Monsters University.
    • They appear more frequently in Monsters at Work, appearing several times in the first seven episodes.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Alongside Boo and Fungus, they are two of the few characters to be prominent in the first film in some way that don't appear in any form in the prequel. However, they are teenagers, so when Mike, Sulley, Randall, and George were in college, they were only young children at most. Monsters at Work brings them back as recurring characters.
  • Fat and Skinny: Smitty is the Fat to Needleman's Skinny.
  • Four-Fingered Hands: Both of them have those.
  • Geek Physiques: Representing both the "short and fat" (Smitty) and "tall and lean" (Needleman) sides.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Considering how they never interact with anyone else on their own but each other, they clearly have a really close relationship.
  • Manchild: Both of them act childish, but it's understandable because they're not adults yet. Needleman is a special case, since according to a conversation they have, his mom still punishes him by sending him to his room.
  • Only One Name: They are one of the few named characters that are only known by one name, and it is unconfirmed if they go by their surnames, given names, or nicknames.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: All of their scenes are meant to provide humour, even in more tense ones like Sulley mistaking the fake eye stalk in the trash compactor for Boo.
  • Tempting Fate: In their cameo in "Monsters Inc: Mike and Sulley to the Rescue!", they complain about how much they hate working nights as nothing exciting happens...completely unaware that Mike and Sulley are there trying to get Boo home as Randall tries to stop them.
  • Those Two Guys: They're never seen apart, they have similar voices, and they never interact individually with characters that are not each other.
  • Vertebrate with Extra Limbs: Smitty has four arms.

"2319! We have a 2319!"
Voiced by: Phil Proctor Other voice actors
A turquoise monster with snail-like eyes and seven tentacle limbs (five of them being legs) that works as George's scare assistant.

    Thaddeus "Phlegm" Bile
Voiced by: Jeff Pidgeon (Monsters, Inc.), Christopher Swindle (Monsters at Work) Other voice actors
The very first monster seen in the movie. He has a bloated physique, a greyish-blue colour scheme, an Ankylosaurus tail, several pink spikes on his body, and four pink tentacle-like arms. He is a trainee Scarer who is very clumsy in his attempts at scaring children.
  • Brick Joke: One that takes the entire movie to pay off, no less! At the start, his Epic Fail of a scaring attempt involves him slipping on a soccer ball and landing square on a bunch of jumping jacks. At the end, after the switch to laugh power, he's seen coming out of a door with...what else but a soccer ball, and jumping jacks stuck in him?
  • Character Development: Gets braver and able to tank more pain as the film progresses.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: He doesn't appear in the prequel, nor is he mentioned. Given he's a trainee scarer in Inc., it's likely that he was simply a child during the events of University.
  • Epic Fail: Not only does he keep the door open when he enters the robot child's room, but he trips on a soccer ball, a skateboard, and lands on a bunch of jacks, making him scream in pain. Still, he at least managed to get a scream out of the animatronic. His second attempt, while lacking the slapstick failure of the first, goes even worse, with his "snake/ninja approach with a little hissing" putting the animatronic to sleep. Suffice to say Waternoose was not amused.
    Waternoose: No, no, no, no, no, what was that? You're trying to scare the kid, not lull it to sleep!
  • Establishing Character Moment: In his first scene, he almost successfully scares the robot child, but its screams scare him too, making him trip over several toys in the room.
  • The Klutz: He's quite clumsy once scared and trips all over toys in the simulation room where he's training at. He eventually adapts said clumsiness into his act as a Jokester.
  • Meaningful Name: His nickname is Phlegm, and it's revealed in Monsters at Work that his snot is highly corrosive.
  • Screams Like a Little Girl: When startled by a child animatronic and when he gets some jacks stuck in his bottom.
  • Super Spit: His phlegm is highly corrosive when he sneezes.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: He gets an actual job at Monsters, Inc. once the company switches from screams to laughter.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Starts out as being afraid of even animatronic children and a wimp who Screams Like a Little Girl when jacks get stuck in his bottom. Then when we see him in the middle of the film, he's no longer afraid of the child animatronic, though his attempts at actually scaring it are still poorly. Then by the end, he has incorporated getting jacks stuck into his backside simply to make children laugh.
  • Vertebrate with Extra Limbs: He has four arms.

    Jerry Slugworth
"We're on in seven, six, five, four, three, two..."
Voiced by: Steve Susskind Other voice actors
A humanoid monster with red skin, blue stripes around his body, vertical spikes that resemble hair, and seven digits on both hands. He works as the supervisor for Scare Floor F, and announces when scaring starts and when it ends.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: He doesn't appear in the prequel, not even in one of the photos in the montage at the end. He's also absent from Monsters at Work when Celia gets his old job.
  • Extra Digits: He has seven fingers on his hands.
  • Horned Humanoid: One of the most blatant human-like monsters, who also has a bunch of horns that serve as "hair."
  • Nice Guy: He is very amicable, especially towards Sulley.
  • No Name Given: For some reason, the credits call him "Floor Supervisor" despite Waternoose explicitly calling him Jerry.

    Other Scarers
Voiced by: Joe Ranft (Claws), unknown (Lanky & Ricky)
Background characters with little to no actual purpose to the story. All of the other Scarers seen in the film work on Scare Floor F alongside Sulley, Mike, Randall, Fungus, George, and Charlie.
  • The Cameo: All of them appear during the credits of Monsters University, in their own Scare Cards, with the exception of Harley Gerson (the armless, orange one with a large jaw).
  • Cowardly Lion: All of them panic upon seeing Boo at the restaurant. Harley is the worst case. Bonus features on the DVD claim that Harley is scared of dogs, cats, and squeeze toys.
  • Extra Eyes: Ted Pauley, the purple monster with gigantic, apelike fists, has sixteen removable eyes. His cousin, Joe "JJ" Ranft has three.
  • Four-Fingered Hands: All of them with fingers have those.
  • Funny Octopus: Rivera, the tall and slender monster with orange skin and eyes on stalks, whose limbs are tentacles, and Harry "Bud" Luckey, whose appearance consists of a head/body covered in purple fur and dark turquoise tentacles.
  • Game-Breaking Injury: Harley was laid up for a year thanks to a bedwetter.
  • Meaningful Name: Pete "Claws" Ward, a blue, crocodile-like monster with a retractable set of claws, Nicholas "Lanky" Schmidt, a pink monster with very long limbs, Bob "Dentures" Peterson, a light blue dinosaur-like monster with a removable set of sharp teeth, and Augustus “Spike” Jones, a red, slug-like monster with a set of retractable spikes on his back.
  • Reptiles Are Abhorrent: Bob Peterson and "Claws" Ward obviously try to project this to kids that they scare, this changes after the switch to laugh power.
  • Shout-Out: With the exception of Ricky Plesuski, all of these monsters are named after Pixar employees.
  • Vertebrate with Extra Limbs: Rivera has six arms and four legs, Ricky (the green one with eyes on stalks and a large mouth for a body) has eight, crab-like legs, and Bud Luckey simply has six limbs.
  • The Voiceless: With the exception of Claws, Ricky, and Lanky, none of them say a word throughout the movie—although the rest of them (except JJ Ranft) make brief, but clear noises throughout the film. However, Pauley averts the trope in Monsters at Work, where he has a speaking role in the first episode.

    Scare Assistants
Voiced by: unknown (Chuck, Frank, and Betty)
Background characters who work as scare assistants on Scare Floor F.
  • Cyclops: Frank, a green, four-armed monster with a ruff of brown fur, has one singular eyeball on a stalk. Harley's assistant, whose body consists of a turquoise eye on a stalk and teal, crab-like legs, also counts.
  • Cephalothorax: Betty, a blue pill-shaped monster, and Ricky's unnamed assistant, a green, Picasso-faced monster.
  • Extra Eyes: Two slug-like monsters, one yellow and one red, have five eyes. Ricky's assistant has three eyes. Waxford, Spike's assistant, is a green monster with small tentacle limbs and five eyes on stalks.
  • Four-Fingered Hands: Frank, Chuck, Betty, and Ricky's assistant have those.
  • Get A Hold Of Yourself Man: Chuck tells Claws to "keep it together" whenever the latter has an emotional breakdown.
  • The Scapegoat: Mike briefly makes Waxford one when Randall is questioning him and Sully about the rumors of a human child in the factory. Mike points out how Waxford always has shifty looking eyes.
  • Two Girls to a Team: Betty and Marge, a pink starfish-like monster, are the only female employees in the movie to work on a scare floor.
  • Vertebrate with Extra Limbs: Frank, with his four arms, and Chuck, a pinkish-beige toad-like monster with four arms.
  • The Voiceless: With the exception of Frank, Betty, Marge, and Chuck, none of them say a word throughout the movie.


    Adorable Snowman
Voiced by: John Ratzenberger Other voice actors
The famous white-furred monster of Himalayan folklore, whose presence in the human world is apparently due to the monster world exiling him. He now spends his life living in a cave in the middle of a cold, snowy mountain, while making snow cones to pass the time.
  • Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and Yeti: His name is what he is. He also mentions "yeti years" in Monsters at Work, telling us that there are at least more like him.
  • The Cameo: He used to work in the mail room at Monsters Inc. along with Sulley and Mike, and at the end of Monsters University, he appears to warn them that tampering with mail is a crime punishable by banishment.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Is offhandedly mentioned by Mike as one of the many monsters who got banished, but later shows up when Sulley and Mike get banished to the Himalayas.
  • Continuity Snarl: Despite the prequel showing that they once worked together in the mail room, the first film seems to indicate that he never met Mike and Sulley before, as they show no signs of recognizing him, and he states that he just assumed they were friends because he saw them "hugging each other in the snow", when the prequel clearly shows that he interacted them at a time when they were on good terms with each other. Monsters at Work rectifies this where, after Tylor accidentally winds up in his cave, Adorable finally remembers the two of them, implying that years of isolation has affected his memory.
  • The Dreaded: Played for Laughs, but Monsters at Work shows the rest of the monster community fears him, committing a wide variety of Wild Mass Guessing In-Universe to figure out what horrific thing he did to get him banished. They back off once they learn Waternoose exiled him for knowing too much about the scream extractor.
  • The Exile: He lives in exile in the Himalayas and meets Sulley and Mike when Waternoose exiles them.
  • Four-Fingered Hands: Like several other monsters.
  • Gentle Giant: He's even bigger than Sulley, but is nothing but helpful to him and Mike when they get trapped in the Himalayas.
  • He Knows Too Much: Monsters at Work reveals that his banishment was the result of him accidentally reading Waternoose's letter containing details of scream extractor.
  • Ink-Suit Actor: His facial expressions give him a striking resemblance to Ratzenberger.
  • Ironic Name: He lampshades it. He's called the Abominable Snowman, but he's probably the biggest Nice Guy in the movie. In more than one sense. Which is why in Monsters at Work, Sulley now refers to him as Adorable as he nullfies his unjust banishment sentence.
  • Large Ham: He is very expressive when he talks, especially when he tells stories about Bigfoot, or when he praises the Himalayas after Mike calls them a "frozen wasteland".
  • Nice Guy: He may look intimidating, but he's a kind monster who stops Sulley and Mike from freezing to death in the Himalayas and gives them advice on how to get home.
  • Noodle Incident: Whatever got him banished to the Himalayas. It's implied he tampered with the Monsters Inc. mail. But how and why is never seen. Not even the employees of Monsters, Inc. know, with many gossiping his possible crime, ranging from eating another monster to stealing several cars. It's later revealed that it was mail tampering... in that he read a letter from Waternoose detailing the scream extractor that the corrupt CEO planned to use on kidnapped children.
  • Resolved Noodle Incident: Monsters at Work reveals the real reason why he was banished to the Himalayas and why nobody knew about it. It turns out that the Snowman accidentally read a letter from Waternoose which detailed his plans for the scream extractor, and Waternoose banished him for life for it. Because of this, and the fact that Mike and Sulley are now in charge of Monsters, Inc., the Snowman's banishment is nullified and he is allowed back into the company as a snow cone seller.
  • Unishment: He see his banishment as nice change of scenery, and he does not even attempt to go back through a closet in the village despite Mike and Sulley proving it is rather easy to do so.
    Adorable: "Wasteland? I think you mean wonderland! I mean, how about all this fabulous snow, huh? Oh, and wait 'till you see the local village. Cutest thing in the world. I haven't even mentioned all the free yak's milk."
  • Year Outside, Hour Inside: He thinks this is the case in Monsters at Work due to his years of banishment, as his reunion with Mike and Sulley came only after a few weeks after he saw them in the movie, while he believes it's been years since he's seen them last.
  • Yellow Snow: Some of his snow cones interesting color. He reassures Mike that they're lemon after he reacts to them in disgust. Seeing how he starts selling them in M.I. after his banishment is ended, it's clear he was being genuine.

    The CDA
"We can neither confirm nor deny the presence of a human child here tonight."

Short for "Child Detection Agency", this group of yellow Hazmat suit-wearing monsters has the responsibility of eliminating all traces of human objects present in the monster world. Their methods of decontamination are often painful, and they will take extreme measures to prevent the spreading of human toxicity.

  • Black Helicopter: The CDA operates them as part of their response to human contamination emergencies, where agents are seen Fast-Roping out of them, and shining their searchlights looking for any monster harbouring a human child.
  • Cyclops: Some models imply that several CDA agents are among the many one-eyed inhabitants of Monstropolis.
  • Decontamination Chamber: They use portable ones to decontaminate subjects that set off a 2319.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Bringing objects from the human world into their world, even by accident, is a serious crime. Kidnapping children and planning on doing them harm? A bigger crime that they're willing to overlook the other one over.
  • Extra Eyes: The visors on some models imply that some of them have three eyes, and perhaps more.
  • The Faceless: All of them wear yellow bio-hazard suits, although because they're monsters, their body shapes vary quite a bit.
  • Failed a Spot Check: Despite their entire purpose being to prevent humans and their objects from contaminating the monster world and being paranoid enough to attack anyone even remotely suspcious, they repeatedly fail to realise Sulley and Mike are the ones harbouring the human child.
  • Fast-Roping: Several CDA members enter the Scare Floor like this. During the Hilarious Outtakes one CDA agent accidentally splats against the window instead of opening it.
  • Hazmat Suit: They all wear banana yellow ones.
  • The Men in Black: Well, yellow, but they still act as this to the Monster world.
  • Multiple Head Case: One model represents the only two-headed monsters to be physically present in the movie.
  • Not So Above It All: At one point, Sulley is cornered by two agents...who want his autograph.
  • Number Two: One of the CDA agents is numbered as 00002, which implies heavily that this agent is the 2nd in charge. 00002 is usually the one seen leading and giving the orders to the rest of the CDA.
  • Overreacting Airport Security: The way they react to a 2319 or an 835 alert is pretty over the top.
  • SWAT Team: When they aren't the the Monsters in Yellow, they are the Monster World's equivalent to one, given their fast response times to a 23-19 and an 835, and how they fast rope from helicopters and roll up to the scene in armored black vans.
  • Vertebrate with Extra Limbs: Several of them have four arms. One specific model has six arms.

Alternative Title(s): Monsters Inc 1