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"Basically, though, I'm just lucky to love what I do for a living."

John Stephen Goodman (born June 20, 1952 in Affton, Missouri) is an American film and television actor. In his early career, he was best known for playing Dan Conner on the ABC series Roseanne, a role which earned him a Golden Globe Award and seven Emmy Award nominations for Best Actor during his run.

He's known for his large frame (though he has recently lost a considerable amount of weight due to health concerns) and deep, familiar baritone which makes him instantly recognizable. He's a frequent collaborator with The Coen Brothers, and is otherwise incredibly prolific to the point of being iconic.

In addition to his many accolades for his acting, a recent article on FiveThirtyEight suggested, with considerable supporting analysis, that he is the greatest supporting actor of modern times.

Oh, and only Alec Baldwin (17) and Steve Martin (15) have hosted Saturday Night Live more times than he has (13).


Film Roles

Television Roles

Tropes associated with his works:

  • Badass Baritone: He has a deep, sonorous, and immediately recognizable voice.
  • The Big Guy: One of the most famous actors of this type. Even after losing a considerable amount of weight in The New '10s for health reasons, the man still stands at an impressive 6'1.
  • Deadpan Snarker: When his characters aren't raging or over the top, they're often this.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: An expert at playing characters like this. This can be hilarious as with Walter in The Big Lebowski or utterly terrifying as seen in 10 Cloverfield Lane.
  • Large Ham: Magnificently so, though he can pull off subtlety with just as much expertise.
  • What Could Have Been: Goodman actually auditioned to be a Saturday Night Live cast member when the show was looking for new cast members during its sixth season. Because he was inexperienced with TV acting at the time, he wasn't picked, which is just as well, given how terrible the season was. Though the many times he's hosted and cameoed on SNL (during Lorne Michaels' second run starting in 1985 and continuing to this day) do show what it would be like if Goodman were a cast member and it was under someone who was competent in showrunning a late-night sketch show.


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