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This trope is when a character (usually female) develops a tendency to giggle or even laugh when around their love interest, particularly when the love interest in question is joking around, or when they do something particularly romantic, such as holding hands. This may be accompanied by a Crush Blush. The Smitten Teenage Girl is particularly prone to this, as are the Sickeningly Sweethearts.

Giggling is also a sign of the character imagining themself doing things with their lover. For... less than stable characters, it shows their obsession with their love, and can overlap with Giggling Villain in extreme cases.


This trope tends to be common in romantic comedies.

This is Truth in Television (obviously).

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     Anime and Manga 
  • In Naruto, there are at least two instances where Hinata Hyuga giggled after her crush and, eventually, her lover Naruto said something foolish. The first time was at the end of the first part of the Chuunin Exams. The second time was in The Last: Naruto the Movie, while the two of them were investigating an abandoned shinobi village.
  • Pokémon:
    • In "Under the Pledging Tree", when Ash asks Serena what gifts she's planning to get while she's thinking that the two of them are on a date, she quickly replies "I'm not sure yet!", while chuckling nervously.
    • In "Party Dancecapades", Serena mentally chuckles nervously while thinking of dancing with Ash.
  • In Princess Mononoke, a lot of the women of Iron Town giggle and blush when they're around Ashitaka.

     Fan Works 


     Live-Action TV 
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • In "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered", when Xander is walking down the school hallway after his love spell has inadvertently affected practically every female character in Sunnydale, the girls there are staring, sighing and giggling at him, while the guys are watching him enviously.
    • In "Him", Dawn and RJ are laughing while dirty-dancing together at a party. Buffy also giggles when she first falls under the love spell.
  • In Castle, Beckett tends to smile and laugh a lot when around her current boyfriend-of-the-week, and eventually with Castle himself.
  • Daredevil (2015): Matt and Karen. It becomes especially prevalent during the first part of season 2, where they usually are giggling and flirting whenever Foggy is not in the room, allowing them to have a moment. Their first kiss in the rain is preceded by them giggling before Matt leads into the kiss, and Karen lets out an amused giggle before Matt begins making out with her during their first date.

  • Ariana Grande is frequently giggling and laughing around her love interest in the video for "Into You".
  • This happens in some Becky G songs:
    • In "Break a Sweat", a giggle is audible at the point indicated in the link. For context, this is a song about sex.
    • The video for "Lovin' So Hard" features Becky spending time with her then-boyfriend Austin Mahone, and both are frequently laughing together.
  • Captain & Tennille recorded their cover of "Muskrat Love", which concerns a romance between two muskrats, which elicits giggling from the female. "Now he's tickling her fancy, rubbing her toes / Muzzle to muzzle, now anything goes / As they wriggle / Sue starts to giggle."
  • An inversion occurs in Jojo's "Too Little, Too Late", where she's laughing and cheering in the rain following a bad break-up.
  • Katy Perry is also frequently laughing around her love interest in the video for "Teenage Dream".
  • In the video for Kelly Clarkson's "Heartbeat Song", the featured couples tend to laugh as they find love with each other again.
  • In the video for the appropriately-titled Lana Del Rey song "Love", the featured couples tend to laugh when they're together.
  • In the Mariah Carey and Miguel duet "#Beautiful", the chorus is peppered with the occasional lovestruck giggle from Mariah.
  • Taylor Swift laughs happily at the beginning of "London Boy."

     Video Games 
  • Dragon Age:
    • In Dragon Age: Origins, Leliana and Morrigan (unusually for the latter) will giggle on occasion if romanced by the Warden, and with a high approval rating.
    • In Dragon Age II, Merrill will sometimes giggle if romanced by a male Hawke.
  • This is used as a gameplay mechanic in Yandere Simulator: If you do this, you start losing reputation because people see it as weird. Do it too much, and you lose.
  • In Pokémon Black and White 2, Yancy/Curtis will often let out a happy "Ahaha!" when they talk to the player via Xtransceiver. Given the Blush Stickers they show in later calls, it's pretty easy to tell they've developed a crush on Nate/Rosa.

     Web Original 

     Real Life 
  • It has been noted that when a person is in love with someone else, even their lame jokes will become hilarious to the person in question, and they tend to laugh more when they are around that person. As a result, this is a reliable means of identifying if someone is in love with you.


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