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"Go Lions, Brisbane Lions, we'll kick the winning score!
You will hear our mighty roar!"
Brisbane Lions (to the tune of La Marseillaise)

It's quite simple: Big monsters have big lungs, that let them make big noises. Sometimes little monsters make big noises, too, but that's neither here nor there. When a T. rex, lion, tiger, dragon or some other scary monster appears in a work that contains sound, it will make a mighty, terrifying, awe-inspiring ROOOOAAAAAARRR!!!!

If the creature roars before attacking someone, it's Roar Before Beating. If the roar is unique to that certain creature and hard to confuse with anything else, it is Signature Roar. However, if it's an animal that shouldn't be roaring at all, see Noisy Nature.



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     Fan Works  

  • The Bridge naturally has a lot of kaiju having a distinct bellow, shriek, or roar. The adult Godzilla Junior's features prominently in the text and videos, often compared to a constant thunder crash.
  • Child of the Storm has, in the sequel, the Elder Wyrm unleash several of these, capable of deafening those nearby, flattening sections of forest, and cracking windows.

     Films — Animated  


     Films — Live-Action  

  • Godzilla has a unique roar that all his fans recognize. And oh how mighty it is. Sounds like a freakin' jet engine.
  • As mentioned with the T. rex reference in the description, dinosaurs have a tendency to do this. Jurassic Park comes to mind as a specific example. In that case, it's most definitely a Signature Roar, and what an epic one it is!
    • This particular roar has been used and parodied in other mediums, especially by Rex in Toy Story 3 during their kid's imaginative adventures.
    • Taken Up to Eleven in Jurassic Park III with the T. rex and the Spinosaurus roaring at each other during their fight.
    • At the end of Jurassic World, the T. rex is shown on the heliport of the research building and making one last roar while looking over Isla Nublar.
    • At the end of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Rexy and a male lion compete to see who has the mightier roar.
  • King Kong isn't the quietest gorilla in the jungle, either, for that matter.
  • The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film studio has a roaring lion at the start of each of its movies.
  • Little baby Clover from Cloverfield may have the most impressive set of lungs out of all the monsters. In fact one of the OST songs is explicitly called "Roar".
  • The shark from Jaws: The Revenge actually roars like a lion in one of the most egregious cases of Artistic Licence Biology.
  • Otherwise loveable Ben Grimm aka The Thing confronted a bear on the verge of attack in the second Fantastic Four movie; he freaked out the grizzly with a loud, animalistic roar which sent the brute in retreat!
  • In the movie Primeval, Very Loosely Based on a True Story of a 20-ton giant man-eating crocodile in Africa, the giant reptile lets out a lion-like roar after devouring the Big Bad.
  • Invoked by the designers of ED-209 from the Robocop films, who gave their giant security-robot the ability to project animal roars and snarls for intimidation purposes.
  • King Louie from The Jungle Book (2016) makes a really loud roar upon his emergence from his temple. This startles Bagheera, Baloo, and the monkeys from their battle before they could continue.


  • The Chronicles of Narnia: Lion Jesus Aslan has one of these.
  • Temeraire combines this with Make Me Wanna Shout.
  • Tarzan has his signature roar, described in the book as the victory cry of a bull ape. Unique example in that the character is a human, though he was raised as an animal.
  • A staple in Dinoverse. Inevitably someone's put into the body of a big Tyrannosaurus-like dinosaur and at some point roars horrifyingly loudly.
  • Mouse in The Dresden Files has the ability to generate a magical bark. When he was a puppy small enough to fit in a pocket, his bark could be heard throughout a large building loudly enough to wake sleepers and trigger car alarms in the street outside. Mouse, fully grown, stands in excess of three feet at the shoulder and weighs over twohundred pounds, and his bark is loud enough to transcend the borders between dimensions.

     Live Action TV  

     Video Games  

  • In Star Fox Adventures, the King Redeye puts his head into the room to roar before fully entering. On an earlier note, the Galdon does some roaring, as well.
  • Pokémon has the move Roar, which makes the opponent Pokemon switch or flee the battle. Of course, it's learned by a lot of big Pokemon, but is specially notable on the legendary beasts of the second generation, which use it to escape from you if you ever find them and block their exit.
  • Ōkami:
    • Their very own Orochi has one, and it's the key to defeating him. When he roars, your pour Sake into his mouth to lower his barrier.
    • Gekigami has one of these. Fitting, as he's a tiger god of thunderstorms.
  • From Sengoku Basara, the White Tiger's most powerful attack in an awesome howl that knocks you back several feet and makes the ground tremble.
  • In Spore, the special ability in the creature stage that is rewarded upon completing cell stage as a carnivore is Raging Roar, which makes all nearby creatures run away in fear.
  • While Asura in Asura's Wrath usually does a lot of screaming, his transformation into Berserker asura destroys tons of ships just from its shockwave. When they are above the earth's Orbit. It's his default scream in Berserker form as well.
  • Chimeras in Dragon's Dogma are able to roar with their lion head, which will cause any character nearby to fly away. However, characters clinging to its body are exempt, and heavier characters don't fly as far as lighter ones. The roar doesn't do any damage itself, but the time it takes to get up could be enough for the chimera to make another attack.
  • Subverted by the Tyranto Rex dream eater in Kingdom Hearts 3D. Big and scary it is, but it sounds like an angry house cat. On the other hand, it can still "roar" loudly enough to stun its foes for one of its attacks.
  • In Starbound lore the Apex, a technologically advanced humanoid race of monkey people, can indeed roar.
  • In Evolve the monsters roar after evolving, a sound loud enough to be heard anywhere on the map. As to why they do it, it's a mixture of pain from the evolution process and a warning to anything within earshot that they're more dangerous now.


     Web Original  

     Western Animation  

     Real Life  

  • The lion has the loudest roar of all the big cats which can be heard up to 5 miles away. The other big cats aren't so bad either.
    • Ironically, the tiger's roar is generally considered fiercer even if it doesn't travel as far, which is why The Lion King and many others use tiger roars for their lions instead.
  • Bull crocodilians pump up the volume on their usual rumbling vocalizations when contending for mates or territory.
  • Male orangutans have a massive, low-pitched call they use to mark their territory.
  • Howler monkeys- small animal but big sound. Their cries are considered to be the loudest of any land animal, clearly audible for more than three miles (it doesn't have quite as much range as a lion's roar because it's higher in pitch and the rain forests the howler monkeys live in muffle the sound more quickly than the savannas that lions inhabit).
  • During their mating season, European Red Deer stags announce their presence (to attract mates and scare away rivals) by loud, deep roars. Their close relative, the American Elk shows similar behavior, but its roars (often called "bugle") are more high-pitched.
  • Ironically despite films and media often having predators roaring, a majority of animals who can roar and roar the loudest are herbivores. Bison and elephant roars are loud enough for people to feel the air rattling around them when they hear it.


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