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"Monsters" is a trademark of Monsters Inc
So, I remember it bugging me when I realized Monsters University is basically like calling a school "People University." But what if the name is just a reference to it being a feeder school for Monsters Inc? The monsters don't actually call themselves monsters, except as an occupational title when they scare children. As for the name of Monstropolis, it grew up around the first Monsters Inc factory and took its name from the company.
  • That explains why the uni and the factory have the exact same logo.

Children really are toxic
To monsters anyway. They limited the amount of exposure necessary to harm them in the film.

Maybe true when they are sick or having an illness.

Maybe our diseases are fatal to monsters

The Black Death is the reason they fear children are toxic.
Taken from Cracked:

Monsters Inc. is set in a world inhabited entirely by monsters, who have figured out how to turn the screams of human children into a renewable, clean source of energy.

The only problem (besides the whole "traumatizing kids" thing) is that children are considered highly contagious in the monster world. When a little girl named Boo sneaks into this world, the monsters turn out to be more afraid of her than she is of them. The results are highly comical — the mere possibility of contact with humans causes the monsters asto fly into a frantic emergency disinfectant procedure. But why would they ever get the idea humans are toxic?

According to one fan theory by Reddit user Calabim, what terrifies the monsters is actually the Black Death. Here's why:

In the movie it's pretty clear that the monster world is a lot more advanced than ours: They have Jetsons-level technology, they can travel across dimensions, and they walk around naked, the mark of a perfect society. Therefore it stands to reason that the monsters have been traveling to our world and collecting our screams for a long time ... like, say, since the Middle Ages. You know, back when the bubonic plague was happily strolling around Europe killing everyone.

Now, the main way that the plague spread in Europe was through fleas. And, say, remember what the monsters' reaction was when a single human sock was found clinging to someone's fur? After removing the sock using a pair of extra-large tweezers and vaporizing it, they shave off the monster's fur, then give him a shower, and that's it. No medicine. No mass inoculations. No quarantine in a glass room. The only possible purpose of this, therefore, is to remove the monster's fur as soon as possible, an action which itself only makes complete sense if the disease they're afraid of spreads through tiny insects that cling to hair.

No fur, no fleas; no fleas, no re-emergence of plague; no re-emergence of plague, no bullet to the face for Sulley when Mike snaps and mercifully spares him a painful death. Everyone's a winner.

Humans are like peanuts
In real life, most people can touch and ingest peanuts without incident, but there are quite a few people who are severely allergic to them. What if the first monsters who discovered humans had a lethal allergy to the species, and it was thereafter presumed that all monsters are vulnerable to people?

Boo's real name is Emily.
And in ten years or so, when she gets too old for dolls, she will leave the Cowgirl Jessie doll she showed Sulley in a box for charity in the park, as seen in the flashbacks in Toy Story 2.
  • Genius.
  • Nope, but still same universe. Issue 3 of the Monsters Inc. comic features Sid as a villain, sneaking through active closet doors stealing toys after what happened to him, including Boo's Jessie doll.
  • Jossed. Her name is Mary Gibbs.

Boo's real name is Violet.
Specifically, Violet Parr. Her ability to get places she shouldn't be without Sulley noticing is due to her invisibility powers just beginning to manifest.
  • Word of God says that her name is Mary.
    • Boo might still be Violet even if her real name is Mary. After all, a girl as angsty as Violet certainly wouldn't want a plain name like Mary; she would change it, if only by refusing to answer to it.
    • She may have changed it at some point prior to the movie. If I remember correctly, it was implied that the Parr family has had to relocate quite a bit due to their cover being blown (usually by Bob Parr). At some point when Violet was young, they may have been referred to as the Gibbs, and Violet's given name was Mary. However, after having to uproot the family (again) and take another alias, Mary decided to become Violet.
    • Violet's invisibility doesn't affect her regular clothes, though; Her Suit Is Also Super.
    • I had always assumed that she got her sneakiness from Randall. It is explicitly stated that Randall is Boo's monster, and maybe his powers rubbed off on him.
    • I think it's less "powers rubbing off" and more "watching him and learning his tactics".

Boo's real name is Chell.
Her constant vanishing act throughout the film shows that she's clearly thinking with portals. Plus, she and Chell look similar.

Changing the power source to laughs will result in our world being drained of laughs and drowned in laughter.
Everyone will become a cold, soulless executive emo. Previously, humans could be happy because the monsters were purging our world of scariness.
  • Um, no. The monsters take the energy formed from the high pitch frequencies in children's voices and convert it into energy. Their soul isn't being sucked out, they aren't losing fear, and they aren't losing laughter.
  • Who says that they'd be atheists? Maybe they'll be a people so consumed by their religion that they are afraid to laugh or have any sort of fun again out of fear that their God will smite them... and hey, now that they're all terrified again, the monsters would be free to start using screams for power again! And so the cycle continues.
  • HA! Laughter and fear are obviously unending, renewable sources. Some things never stop being funny. And what about Nightmare Fuel? People are still scarred from that.
    • Even if some things never stop being funny, people may stop expressing their enjoyment aloud. It's like, just because some things are always erotic, doesn't mean people will start doing it in the road if some ad company puts it on a billboard.
  • They only go after kids, not adults, so comedians will have a harder time when the kids grow up. Not the monsters' problem. Or alternatively, the kids might learn to laugh; the only problem might be older kids exposing their siblings or friends to jokes, but some monsters just look funny and older kids can't emulate that.
  • Because of the huge spikes in energy demand from developing countries, people will be forced to work in sweatshops where they just watch funny YouTube videos all day. Laughing at home is strictly prohibited because it is wasteful.
  • So, that's the origin of the Anti-Spirals?
  • Conquering people to make them work in sweatshops: hard. Laughing gas and a cup of water: easy. Like the scream extractor but with laughs.
  • Alternatively, it could have the opposite effect of making people happier and generally less stressed. Think about it, someone doesn't stop laughing nearly as soon as they stop being afraid. Thus they could actually keep the process up a lot further. So elementary and possibly high school students might be far less stressed.
  • I don't know what atheism has to do with anything and I find it kind of offensive that you imply that it is a bad thing.

At the end there's both a laugh and scare floor
Comparing the main tower you see in the middle of the complex in the full shot of the factory with the overall shape of the scare/laugh floor, it looks like there's two different scare floors in the beginning. Also, some monsters are more thoroughly trained as scarers and it'd be easier to have half of your floor with already trained professionals while getting used to the new system of using laughs.

The entire film is a biting political satire about the California energy crisis of 2000/01, the underhanded tactics of Enron, and the need to replace nuclear fission with fusion.
  • Alternatively, it's a reference to the War of Currents between DC and AC electrical power.

The doors are alive.
The doors require every large piece to function properly, but at the end, Boo's door still clearly displays the cracks from being shredded. When Mike adds the final piece, he closes a relatively large, irregularly shaped gap. (All of this only occurred to me because I was reading Slaughterhouse-Five.) As per the cryptic parenthetical, the door can function with cracks (live with slit-shaped wounds) visible, but can't handle missing pieces (in the reference, triangular wounds, but more generally chunks of flesh ripped out—charming, eh?)

Boo is a Slayer.
...who just got activated really, really early. Explains the whole 'beating the holy hell out of the villain thing'.

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters takes place in the same verse'.
Why does Aaaah! Real Monsters take place in our world when the monsters in the film live in a different universe you ask! The School is located in our world so the students can get some first hand experience. While the monsters train at the Academy as students, they later find jobs at Monsters Incorporated.
  • But there are several key differences between the franchises that makes this theory unlikey. Real Monsters characters eat grabage, sugar makes them sick. Randall Boggs bakes cupcakes to impress friends. Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm are all slightly older than a 100 years old yet are treated as monster adolescents. Mike Wazowski went to college at age 18. Real Monsters characters know humans aren't toxic, and they don't scare them in order to collect scream energy either. They scare because in that universe if humans lose their fear of monsters, then monsters will disappear. Permanently. If they were part of a shared universe it would lead to Fridge Horror. Ickis and friends were attending school in the 1990's, they won't graduate for decades. Monsters Inc. switches to laugh energy in 2001 (based on a wall calender.) They start making children laugh instead of scream, children will start becoming less fearful of monsters in general. That attitude puts the Gromble's students lives at risk. Ickis was barely able to save everyone last time, he might not succeed at rallying the monsters again.

Boo is Haruhi Suzumiya at a younger age
She used her reality bending powers to make monsters become real and happened to end up with Sulley and Mike.
  • And change her hair color, ethnicity, home country, and native tongue.

Boo is Russel's mother from Up at a younger age
And nothing more.
  • Russell's mother is Asian. Boo is Caucasian.
    • I don't believe Boo's race was ever stated.
    • I saw Boo as Asian or mixed. I thought she looked racially ambiguous.

The monsters speak a different language than humans do.
Boo walks, runs, is toilet-trained, and draws remarkably realistic pictures for a young child. I'd put her age somewhere between 3 and 4. Despite this, most of her dialog comes out as gibberish. My theory is that the movie translates the monster language for convenience. This would explain why all we can understand from Boo is "Kitty!" (which must be the same in both languages, for whatever reason) and "Mike Wazowski" (which she learned from Sulley). It is also a possible explanation for why the kid at the very end doesn't laugh at Mike's act until he swallows the microphone.

Boo in the sequel
The sequel will be set 10 years after the first film and Boo is a moody Goth teen in vast contrast to how she was as a toddler.
  • I thought that if Boo was going to be in the sequel she'd be a Perky Goth sort of like Lydia from Beetlejuice.
  • I thought she might grow up to be a Deadpan Snarker.
  • Jossed.
    • Not necessarily if for whatever reason they decide to make a typical sequel sometime in the future (which apparently they will).

The use of laughter for energy will destroy the monster world.
Imagine you have a large group of kids being scared by monsters. A decent percent of them will complain to their parents about this. Now imagine the same kids telling their parents those same monsters are trying to make them laugh. That would have dangerous consequences for the monsters, wouldn't it?
  • I'm not sure what you're getting at—plenty of children have benign imaginary friends. Many parents would probably assume that the kid has gotten over their fear of whatever caused them to imagine the monster in the first place, and traded the "scary, threatening monster" fantasy for a "friendly, funny monster" fantasy. Not to mention that most of them won't have the same monster in both roles, as it's implied that most of the scarers aren't really suited for laugh collection.
    • True dat, though I didn't see the implications for that last part, I saw George entering a door with a watermelon and a hammer. So what gives you that idea? (not the OP)
      • It is implied throughout the course of the movie that George wasn't exactly a competent scarer. On top of that, he has quite a few amusing accidents throughout the movie. It makes sense that there would be at least a few scarers that would be able to make the change.

The snow cones weren't lemon-flavoured
The Abominable Snowman leaves, supposedly to give Sulley and Mike privacy. You can clearly see he gets scared easily, so pants-peeing isn't implausible (this takes care of the source). As Sulley sleds his way to the town, he comes across the Snowman who now has a new batch of snow cones. If they were lemon-flavoured, then where did he get lemons from? Lemons don't grow in regions as frigid as the Himalayas! He couldn't have gotten them from the town either, as it was a "Three day hike away". Also, this might not have been improper of him, as Monster society probably had such flavours (remember,they have deodorant scents like "Wet dog").On a side note, the Snowman was probably banished from the world of monsters because of his tendency to get terrified, which was un-monsterlike behaviour.
  • It's possible he could have gone down to the village and gotten lemon snow-cone syrup.
  • Don't Explain the Joke.
  • Actually, when the Snowman was coming back up to the cave, the sno-cones were just plain snow.

Boo can teleport
There is no other explanation for how she can disappear without a sound and then be right behind or in front of you.
  • You and the other people whose theories solely explain Boo's teleporting act have clearly never had or watched small children. Boo's ability to suddenly be where she shouldn't is only very slightly exaggerated for a child her age. Unless, of course, you are implying that all young children can teleport, which is quite plausible.

Boo is a god of the monsters world
Think about it. When she cries, she almost caused a power outage, but when she laughs, the electrical power increases.
  • So... all children are gods in the monsters world?

At one point, Monsters Inc. had a run-in with Aperture Science.
It explains how the doors are able to act as passageways to rooms in the human world - the doors were created using the portal gun technology.
  • Is it just me or does Atlas from Portal 2 look like a robot version of Mike?

The monsters will eventually lose technology due to lack of laugh or scream power
Following the idea that all Pixar films take place in a shared universe, in hundreds of years, the monsters will lose the ability to make technology since all of the humans have left Earth on the various Buy n Large cruisers. This probably means that the monsters will either die out or revert to primal instinct in order to survive.
  • ... Or they could just find a different energy source. But I suppose your idea is more interesting.
  • Or they could just use the doors on the Axiom! They're already dimensional doors, and they don't have to "line up" with each other (the monster-world sides move around all the time). If there's a general distance limit, then they may need to build their own spaceships and leave along with the humans.

The prequel will explain why and how the Abominable Snowman was exiled.
John Ratzenberger has been confirmed to appear in the sequel.
  • Of course he has. He's in every Pixar film. Doesn't necessarily mean he'll reprise his role as the AbomSnow.
    • It implied but did not outright state that his reason for exile would be tampering with company mail.
    • Wouldn't it have been hilarious if tampering with mail WASN'T the reason the Yeti got banished?
    • Turns out he was banished for tampering with mail, specifically mail for Waternoose with info about the scream extractor.

The humans are going to find the monster world, one way or another.
The door-vault sequence, with the number of doors it opened and the number of people who probably saw monsters go through, probably revealed at least one door to the human world. And the very act of going through a door and making the kids laugh, which usually takes longer, is fraught with peril–-the monsters have to stay outside their world longer, which means that there's a greater danger of being caught on CCTV/satellite imaging/news video. Discovering a gateway to an another world through which Starfish Aliens come would be a huge landmark for humanity. Doors would probably be guarded and filmed, waiting for one to open so that scout/assault/research teams can enter. What the humans will do is uncertain, but it's likely that something monumental will happen.
  • Given the Monster's much higher technology level compared to our world this probably won't end well for humanity unless everyone acts peacefully to begin with. Especially since Monsters know that humans are not poisonous now.

Randall is also Andy's monster.
When Fungus pulls down a variety of backgrounds for Randall to "warm up" with, one of them is Andy's wallpaper from the first Toy Story.
  • This troper thinks there should have been a scene during the running-through-doors sequence where Sulley and Mike open a door that leads to Andy's bedroom, leading to a "this is weird" moment between the toys and the monsters.

The Backson from Winnie the Pooh (2011) is a Monsters Inc. Scarer that got stuck in the human world.
Was I the only one who thought he looked like a character from Monsters Inc.? Maybe he was a top scarer before, who through an accident got locked outside of a closet in England, and decided to roam the 100 Acre Woods to find a way home.
  • Maybe he was banished.

Sulley and Mike weren't the first to discover the power of laughter.
Back when power was invented monsters realized that laughter was more powerful, but either a Corrupt Corporate Executive already designed a scare system and hushed the competition, or it seemed cool in theory but too powerful/unstable and didn't implement well with the current technology.

The prequel will feature Boo in the opening
Where, after a conversation between Mike, Sulley and, a 16-year-old Boo, the conversation will turn to "How did you two meet?" and the story will actually start.

The prequel will feature a Framing Device involving Mikey and Sulley revisiting their College.
They would be back on Campus to deliver a speech on their success with Laugh-harvesting Monsters Inc. And the main story would start when either Mike or Sulley see something that brings them back to their college days.
  • Welp, didn't see that in MU, so Jossed.

Time passes much faster in the monsters' world.
  • This makes sense. At least one full day appears to pass in the monster's world, yet there's no sign at all that Boo's parents are upset, or indeed that any time at all has passed in her room. If she had been missing for a day, then her parents surely would have barged into her room the minute they heard a noise.
    • Sorry, this makes NO sense. Because when Mike and Sulley ends up in the Himalayas (in our world) they have to trek their way back to the nearest human village and find an available door to get back to their world, a process which takes between several hours to half a day - assuming time does pass faster in Monstropolis, Sulley and Mike would be too late to save Boo from Randall's scream extractor. Jossed.

Celia is simply a fake relationship for Mike.
It certainly feels like it, no self-respecting monster would be so Sickeningly Sweet with each other. (maybe) Perhaps she likes him for real and was hoping he'd eventually like her too, and why she becomes so upset at the sushi bar.

Jeff Bridges will have a cameo role in the prequel.
And there will be a scene with his character at a bowling alley with Sulley and Randall.

Monsters Inc.'s emotion-based energy system is a modification of what is being used by Incubators.
This being a more optimistic universe, they can't use more complex yet more powerful emotions like the boundary between hope and despair, but rather simpler emotions like laughter and fear.
  • So does this mean Madoka recreated the universe multiple times? Oh, and what if Boo is a 2-year-old Homura? (Probably not, I just had to say it.)

Monsters speak at a decibel only children can hear.
It would explain why no parent ever seems to have seen a monster (since, if they had, they would no doubt try and defend their child from it in the future, or move immediately, etc), and it would also explain why Boo's parents, who have probably been worried sick about her, don't burst into the room at the sound of Sulley tucking her in.
  • Do you mean "pitch"? Monsters clears vary in volume, since a monster going " aaaaaa" is nowhere near as scary as "AAAAAAAAA!", and some monsters seem to rely on their screams and roars to be scary (since scare failures happen, and there are scream-based classes/tests/competitions in the prequel, kids are clearly not just scared by the monsters' sudden appearance and visual weirdness). If you mean pitch, probably not. A high-pitched whine would give most people who could hear it (and some who couldn't) a headache, not the sensation of being in front of something giving off a bellowing and/or guttural roar.

Some of the monsters were once human, but not all
Which would explain why some of them have human names (James P. Sullivan, Michael Wazowski) and why some (Bile, Phlegm) have monster-names.
  • Some of that mentality of humans being toxic to monsters is because it's the inverse - Monsters are toxic to humans. Staying within the monster realm for too long as a human will cause one to start mutating into a monster.
  • There's a little story found on Disc 2 of the MI DVD that explains that the monsters (first called "mons") were just ugly, hairy, smelly versions of the "mans". They swam to a strange island, ate weird foods, and became the way they are.
  • Except Phlegm is his nickname, not his real name, Bile is his surname (Bile/Biles is a real surname).

Monsters Inc is what would happen if Parallax won.
In case those were wondering, Parallax is an emotional entity which feeds off and personifies fear. In Zero Hour: Crisis in Time!, it possessed Hal Jordan and made him the Big Bad. Monsters Inc is a world which uses fear as a power source. In an alternate continuity, Parallax managed to recreate the universe to feed him with fear forever-however Hal Jordan's influence prevented Parallax from making Monster's Inc a true world of fear, resulting in a more family-friendly "scare for care" universe.

Theories for what might go into another sequel
This because I read somewhere on Tumblr that they're gonna make one (but I don't know how valid it is). Soooooo any ideas of what would go into such can be put here.
  • Theories (EDIT: Please sign your theories, for those of you who want to be acknowledged in case of confirmation.)
    • Someone abusing the emotions=energy system by creating a superweapon or the like powered by humans' sadness.~Ms Ami Classified (OP)
    • A monster getting stuck in the human world, preferably because whoever's behind the above wants to silence the witnesses.~Ami (OP)
    • Older Boo trying to prove that monsters exist.~Ami
    • (insert plot device explaining why Pixar has just amplified Randall's Draco in Leather Pants status here)~Ami
    • Things go well with adorable little Boo until her single mother catches Sulley and understandably has a Mama Bear sized freak out. Then well done contrived coincidences and plot devices lead to mutual understanding, unstated attraction and a weird but adorable family unit.
    • As Boo grows up, Sulley introduces her back into the Monster world, and in her teenage years she sneaks in to try and become part of the Monsters Inc. comedian team. She gets increasingly frustrated with Sulley ("Stop calling me BOO!!") and attempts to go home, only Randall, back from the swamp, destroys her door and strands her in the Monster world. ~KBABZ
    • Boo/Mary grows into a happy, perky teenager who hates the idea of growing up. Sulley has been acting as her father figure since her dad walked out on the family, and the two are basically inseparable. There could be this backstory about how Mary vanished without a trace and reappeared in the same manner, which practically tore the family apart. Her mother wants her to grow up, which leads to an argument between the two and Boo/Mary running away into the monster world. Then Randall/new villain manages to do something to the doors so Boo/Mary can't return home. Her mother will somehow make it into the monster world and realize that her daughter's imaginary world and friends are true. Oh, and Mary's nickname could be "MG". ~Tiggerific
  • Commentary on any of the above
    • I'm not sure about movie, but I can see the villain makes a weapon idea being great for a video game.
      • Well I don't think they'd just release a random MI game without a sequel to go with it. If they made it a video game, I'd probably be concerned with The Problem with Licensed Games over anything else...
      • You have me on The Problem with Licensed Games, but as for sequels and video games, I'd like to direct your attention to The Nightmare Before Christmas video game, which acts as the movie's sequel.
      • Yeah but Pixar has not been known to do that, so it seems unlikely in my head. Speaking of which, the way all my guesses as of this writing meld together a video game of such a plot would probably be half cutscenes.

There is a "Cone of Silence" when the doors are activated
We keep on wondering why the parents aren’t catching on to things. Well, in MU, Hardscrabble specifically says that crying would get a monster caught as opposed to screaming. Why make that distinction when both would be equally audible? Well what if part of Door Tech acts like a green screen for sounds, and filters out the sounds related to the job, but all other sounds, like crying which has no place in monster power needs, get through just fine.
  • Care to explain how it works? 'Cause I can't picture it.
    • Well this is just a WMG, but from what little thought I have put into it... You know some technicians can isolate sounds on an audio file? Imagine that in real time.
  • Possibly Jossed in the first film, as a banished Sulley can hear kids from the winter village screaming all the way from the mountaintop.
    • (OP) Oohhhh yeah...I forgot about that

The scream shortage and the ability to switch to laughter are both caused by things like Sesame Street.
Basically the monster universe both makes an internal sense and is half made up of the belief of humans. Since humans thought of monsters as scary, the whole monster universe was essentially made of and powered by fear. As children get stories saying monsters are friendly, scream becomes a weaker power source since the universe is now made more of laughter, and kids become harder to scare as they think monsters are friendly. New monsters are also more likely to look like Muppets than the older generation, further sabotaging scream power.

It WAS "Bring an Obscure Relative to Work" day at M.I.
Waternoose missed the memo, but that doesn't mean some of the other monsters didn't. The monster kids Boo met are related to somebody somehow...
  • Lots of big companies have in-house daycare for the employees who have children that are too young to go to school.
  • Plus if it wasn't real, then there's no way the CEO of his own company, who is in charge, could fall for it. How can the monster in charge, miss a memo?

The auditions of the terrible new Scare recruits were caused by the power shortage
They were desperate for new Scarers to make some more power, hence why they were wasting their time giving pointers/guidance to the clumsy untalented monsters.

The main religion in the monster world is Pastafarianism

The two movies, when put together, become an allegory for the rise of 3D CGI theatrical animation.
When Sulley and Mike were young, scaring was a highly sought-after career, so much so that highly selective programs at prestigious universities popped up, and looking at the lack of Oozma Kappa or even Roar Omega Roar at Monsters, Inc., it's likely that getting a job in the business is still tough with a degree. After some time, the entire industry finds it increasingly difficult to support itself (that is, paralleling the diminishing box office returns for animated films through the 1990s) until it does a complete overhaul, having more or less accidentally found a new and highly effective sustainability source from the same demographic as before—small children. Unfortunately, this means that most of the workers caught in this shift, who had trained their entire lives and went through hell to get to where they were, were suddenly rendered obsolete and without any useful talents, save for the few who could quickly adapt to the new environment and the demands it requires, like Mike.

The Monsters, Inc. world is an alternate version of Gensokyo
Both worlds are separate from the human world, yet depend on it for their continued survival. Both are having issues dealing with the fact that humans are starting not to fear them anymore, and many of the "monsters" are actually quite friendly. This also explains how the door system came into being: Yukari did it. Additionally, this explains how the Abominable Snowman, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster could still be around despite stories of them having existed for longer than the human lifespan.

All monsters are banished to the same place Sulley and Mike were in the first movie

Monsters Inc kept the same door handy for everybody they had to banish.

So how did they end up in different places? Well, The Lockness Monster and Bigfoot were banished back when that "frozen wasteland" was a warmer area with a lake (where Nessie presumably swam away). Then the place got colder, so Bigfoot migrated. Then the Abominable Snowman got banished when the climate started getting colder.

Alternatively, the door had to be moved to a new location after some time.

Boo is Kitty Pryde as a toddler
The reason she kept saying "Kitty" was not because she thought that Sulley looked like a cat, but because her name was "Kitty", not "Boo" like everyone else insisted on calling her.

Years later, when she joined the X Men, she bonded with Logan because his gruff personality reminded her of Sulley. She was initially scared of Kurt Wagner (before his naturally gregarious nature won her over) because his fangs, glowing eyes and ability to disappear into shadows reminded her too much of Randall.

Slender Man once lived in Monstropolis, and used to be a scarer at MI
Think about it. Monster? Check. Scares children? Check. He could be vanished from Monstropolis for touching/killing childrens during his scaring duty. And MI could've banished him into the woods. This also applies for other Creepypasta creatures.

The old Waternoose Jump-and-Growl was invented by the founder of Monsters, Inc.
It's never been stated in the movie who invented it. It might have been any Waternoose who ever ran Monsters, Inc. or some other relative.

The scare record is held by Mr. Burns.
Somehow, Mr. Burns discovered Monster World and got so delighted to learn there's a way to generate electricity by scaring children. Burns might have gotten a job at Monsters, Inc. to find out how the monsters turn children's screams into energy. Waternoose was impressed enough to start a friendship not unlike the one between him and Sulley until he found out Burns was a corporate spy. No matter how much Sulley and Boggs tried none of them would beat his record.

Based on the above guess, Randall Boggs will sell a scream extractor to Burns.
Burns will say "That invention is the most vile, despicable, treacherous and cruel thing I ever saw" and then his frown will turn into a smile and he'll say "Excellent".

Candace Flynn is Monsters, Inc.'s favorite scare target among Danville residents.

Fear Corporation and Scream Industries will keep their original names even after switching to laughter.
There's nothing wrong with a company keeping its original name even after a change of activities makes it lose sense.

Someone in Monstropolis is researching ways to generate energy with no need of human screams or laughter.
The belief that human children are toxic is likely to have encouraged this and, given how much Monster World and ours have in common, it's just a matter of time before a monster discovers the power of things like hydroelectricity.
  • Will they ever harness the power of SOULs?

The Abominable Snowman, The Loch Ness Monster, and Bigfoot found out about Waternoose's conspiracy.
Nothing much is said about The Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot, but we see that The Abominable Snowman is certainly a good guy considering that he offers Sulley and Mike shelter, and in Monsters University, he was shown explaining how tampering with mail was punishable by banishment. Knowing that he is a good guy, the reason that he and the others were banished could have been from finding out about Waternoose's evil plans.
  • Amazingly enough, confirmed in the case of Abominable. Monsters at Work revealed he was banished by Waternoose because he opened a letter containing information about the scream extractor.

The story is inspired by Tiny Toon Adventures segment "What Makes Toons Tick".
One of the segment's episodes portrays closet monsters as creatures that are hired to scare children.

Monstropolis was built after they escaped from the war between the humans.
And after the city grew, with technology levels influenced from the humans, they needed a very reliable power source, since coal or oil was not presence. So they developed a portal device that resemble closet doors, and they stealthily creep through children's bedrooms to collect their screams from them.
  • If this came after a Near-Genocide Route, that would explain why the monsters are so scared of human children...

Worthington will acquire a copy of the Scream Extractor's designs.
Once laughter is shown to generate more energy than screams do, Worthington will become desperate enough to obtain one of those extractors and convert it into a Laughter Extractor.

Time runs faster in the human world than the monster world.
It explains how Sulley and Mike were able to get back to the monster world in time to save Boo. Think about it: At least an hour passes between when Waternoose pushes Sulley and Mike through the Banishment Door and when Sulley gets back to the factory to save Boo. Even taking into account the size of the factory and the need to transport Boo secretly to avoid the CDA, that's a long time to go before Randall and Waternoose are shown ready to use the scream extractor on Boo. They had the machine up and ready to run when they captured Mike instead of Boo, so what were they doing? Having a victory cognac and cigar? This also helps make sense of why Mike was only a couple of minutes behind Sulley. Even though it took him longer to get to the village than Sulley, the time Sulley spent running through the factory was expanded through time dilation on the human side, so Mike got back just a couple of minutes later in monster time. It also explains how they can send scarers anywhere on earth without having a night shift. If human time and monster time were in sync, then there would be, during the roughly twelve hours a day when no one is scaring, a significant portion of human children sleeping who never get scared. But because of the faster time movement in the human world, a single scare shift might encompass a whole day, even two, depending on the degree of time flow difference.

As an implication of this, Boo will be significantly older by the time Sulley comes through the rebuilt door to her room, possibly three or four years older, and has convinced herself that the happenings of the film were simply a dream or a flight of fancy. She says "Kitty," in recognition of Sulley, while still being half-asleep, and momentarily will be shocked that it wasn't all a dream.

Roz is a Vogon.
Think about it: a large, sluglike, grayish-green, bureaucrat creature with an almost fetishistic interest in paperwork.

At some point after the end of Monsters University but before the original movie, Waternoose encountered Sulley and Mike at the mail room and, sensing potential in the duo, sent them both to Scare Island as a means of testing some new scaring techniques. Randall also got accepted on for one reason or another, and tried to get the two kicked off by beating them in the pursuit races. After the duo managed to pass all the tests with flying colours, Waternoose realised just how well they worked, and the rest is history.

There exists companies that harvest adult screams.
Even though it's not mentioned in the movie that they harvest anything other than children screams (at least until the end, when they started switching to laughter), that isn't the say that there aren't other companies that try out different methods of obtaining power. It's revealed in Monsters University that adult screams are more powerful than children screams, and the fact that Sulley and Mike, while they were stuck in the human world, knew that scaring the park rangers would power up the door, this implies that the monster world has knowledge that adult screams are a great source of energy, so it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for adult screams to be used as a power source as well. Also, the risk of exposing the monster world wouldn't really be a problem either, since of course most adults who suffer something frightening at night would simply just brush it off as hallucinations or sleep paralysis. The reason why children screams are a more popular and widespread power source is because children are much easier to scare than adults, so obtaining children screams are more efficient.

Jack-Jack's been in the monster world.
"Well, the kid flew right over me and blasted a car with its laser vision.".

The kid that Sulley met at the end of the movie was not Boo, but rather one of her kids
Who's to say the passage of time in the monster verse is the same as our own world? In all the time Mike spent putting the door back together, Boo grew up, got married and raised a family. Once Sulley peeked through that door and the kid called him "kitty", he knew that kid had some connection to Boo - Strong Family Resemblance, or he saw an adult Boo on a family photo hanging on the wall.

The Men in Black know about Monstropolis and have met with both Ceos of Monsters Inc. (Waternoose and Sulley)
Based on a WMG on the Dragon Tales WMG page involving all Sony TV animted shows taking place in the same universe. Like with Dragon Land, they don't usually do anything concerning Monstropolis as they aren't sure if it's on another planet or in another dimension. They do, however, take in monsters that were "vanished" from Monstropolis (Including Randall, but they're still trying to locate the Abominable Snowman) and also regularly confiscate any media format or device containing videos of said monsters.

Discounting the comic book sequel (is that even canon?), the last time audiences sees Randall was being banished to a cabin in some unidentified marshland, and how the movie implies that every monster and cryptid in our world used to be an inhabitant of Monstropolis…
  • See, there are even witnesses describing the monster as a "purple-skinned tailed humanoid", in this news report!
The reason why laughter is more powerful than screams
Laughter proudces a lot more serotonin and it keeps going because eventually you're going become less likely to scream if you keep getting scared but you can go back laughing at something from a while ago.
Hannah Phillips was the girl Claws failed to scare
You can see one of the posters from Sid's room in the room Claws exited. It's possible Hannah's room was being renovated, and so she and Sid were sharing a room or that Hannah's room was attached to Sid's room. Claws was attempting to scare Hannah but she wasn't scared of him anymore, because his assistant wasn't keeping up to date on her record file, or Sid had desensitized her. Claws being Hannah's monster also adds up when you consider how terrified she was when she saw Sid replace her doll's head with that of a blue pterodactyl.