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Trivia / Monsters, Inc.

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Trivia for the Monsters, Inc. franchise:

The Game

  • Christmas Rushed: The game was rushed out the door to coincide with the release of the movie, resulting in at least 18 levels being cut and the game's plot randomly jumping from event to event with little cohesion.
  • Fan Remake: Project 2319, a remake of the original game that plans to restore all the cut content and add in new features.
  • Troubled Production: The game's development was very hectic, not helping the fact that the developers went defunct at the end of 2001, forcing some of the staff members to finish the game up from home. This resulted in a plethora of content that was cut from the game.
  • What Could Have Been: According to a dataminer, the game has a ton of cut content:
    • At least 31 levels (including bonus levels) were planned, but the game's Troubled Production resulted in the finished game only having 13 levels.
    • The tutorial level was originally going to revolve around Sulley and Mike going around a human campground, being taught how to perform moves by Flint (who actually has a completed but unused model in the game's files).
    • Sulley has unused animations for carrying Boo, implying she would have had a much larger role in the game.
    • Mike was originally intended to be a playable character instead of an NPC.
    • There's a lot of unused dialogue for conversations that don't happen in-game. Several conversations use placeholder dialogue from the movie, implying the original developers may have intended on getting John Goodman and Billy Crystal to reprise their roles as Sulley and Mike at some point.
    • Cutscenes of Sulley being shaved and frozen in carbonite are present in the game files and were intended to play if Sulley got caught by the CDA (in the game itself, Sulley merely dies and respawns).