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"One of my patients had a rather amusing Freudian slip: he was having dinner with his wife, and he meant to say 'pass the salt', but instead he said 'You've ruined my life, you blood-sucking shrew.'"

A Freudian Slip is, as one wag has put it, "when you say one thing and mean your mother". It is an involuntary word substitution that supposedly reveals something you're repressing, hiding, or simply trying not to talk about. As such, it's a perfect tool for the comedy writer.

This is a specific form of faux pas which usually leads to Verbal Backspace; it generally comes as a result of being Distracted by the Sexy, as Freudian psychology often involves the primal desire for sex, but it isn't a strict requirement. Taken to extremes, it becomes a Freudian Slippery Slope. Contrast and compare (respectively): Last-Second Word Swap, Ignore the Disability. Super-Trope of Wrong-Name Outburst. Compare also Thought-Aversion Failure.

What the Freudian slip hides is called Shadow Archetype. Often these turn out to be Innuendoes or other sexual references, both for Rule of Funny and to give the characters an opportunity to observe that Freud Was Right.

Compare That Came Out Wrong and Accidental Innuendo, which are usually completely innocent and not noticed until someone says "Heh Heh, You Said "X"" or "That's What She Said". Contrast Lampshaded Double Entendre, which is quite intentional. Compare and contrast with the Fauxdian Slip, in which a character wants to openly express what the character making the Freudian slip is holding back on. See also Boggles the Mind, which plays mostly the same role in a different context.

See also Does This Remind You of Anything?, which includes subtexts that are only visible to the audience. Compare Have a Gay Old Time, when this occurs when a word's meaning changes over time. Compare You Just Told Me.

Suspiciously Specific Denial is totally not related, because it's not also about revealing more than you meant to say, or anything like that.

This is where you put the vaginas. I mean example subpages:

This is where you put the penises. I mean other examples:

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    Analyzing– uh, Advertising 
  • The Nike Bear "Butte Running camp" commercial that rides on the Naked People Are Funny trope. The Nike salesgirl is a tiny bit distracted by the naturist runners while making her pitch.
    Salesgirl: So the Nike Free 5.0 is incredibly lightweight, as you can see, and very flexible; it's specifically designed to help your foot move more naked—NATURAL. Naturally. Mm hmm.

    Anus– oh, Anime and Kanga—uh, Manga 
  • Azumanga Daioh: In February 2002, the girls are studying for entrance exams; Yomi is stressed out because she's already failed two of hers. Tomo tries to warn her that one of her books is going to fall off the table, but accidentally says "Watch out! That's gonna fail—" before covering her mouth and turning away. In the original Japanese text, she nearly says ochiru, which means both "to fall" and "to fail an exam", before catching herself.
  • Bakuman。:
    • From Volume 5:
      Miura: Let's crash and burn! Let's do this!
      Takagi: I don't think "crash and burn" was the right phrase there...
      Miura: Oops, you're right, Freudian slip.
    • In Volume 7, Aoki calls Takagi to ask him whether he would like to see panty shots, after her editor suggests that she include three in each issue. Unfortunately, since she has a crush on him, she asks, "Would you like to see my panties, Takagi?", with Takagi pointing out how Aoki specified herself.
  • Change 123: After Motoko becomes willing to somehow return Kosukegawa's feelings for her, Kosukegawa starts to have fantasies of how their relationship will develop in the following couple of months. These musings culminate with his imaginations of having sex with her and then, immediately after that, when he wants to ask Motoko where should they go ("Doko e ikō ka na?"), he blurts: "Where should we do it?" ("Doko de shiyō ka na?")
  • Defense Devil. The protagonist's client, a high school girl named Nami, has just came out of a small pond she fell into and is berating herself for her inability to remember the circumstances of her death. He gives a rousing speech that unintentionally ends with the line "The next time you make that face, I'll spank that cute wet butt of yours".
    • He actually does this quite often, usually not realizing what he's said until after the fact.
  • Non-sexual example in Fate/Zero. Gilgamesh suggests that Kirei use the Holy Grail to grant himself pleasure, with Kirei angrily declaring he could never do anything that sinful. Gilgamesh gets rather interested in the idea that Kirei associates pleasure with sin and finds out why.
  • I Think Our Son Is Gay: Part and parcel of Hiroki's Transparent Closet. In the first chapter he lets slip wanting to have a boyfriend cook for him, only to immediately correct it to a girlfriend. In another chapter, he mentions finding an athlete attractive and then backpedals, saying he's only relaying what his female classmates think. None of these attempts at correction fool Tomoko.
  • Kanna from Koe de Oshigoto! has rather embarrassing slips on two occasions. First, she called someone she had a crush on "master" after spending a little too long in a maid cafe. The other time was while she was singing at a convention and forgot she was supposed to censor a line.
  • Mio from K-On! has one about Nodoka.
    Mugi: Nodoka-chan is so mature...
    Mio: She's really like... mommy...
    Mugi: Mommy?
    Mio: I mean mother!! A motherly figure!!
  • Lucky Star:
    • Kagami slips one of these in the OVA, where Kagami has a (seemingly-drug-induced-it's-so-weird) dream involving a Cinderella story with wrestling, and to return stuff to normal, she must yell an incantation and (waking up), doing so, says "Let's join our bodies". Tsukasa's reaction is priceless.
    • Hiyori Tamura is also prone to let things slip. She once referred to dodgeball positions as "seme" and "uke" (when the positions are known as "seme" and "mamori").
    • Seme and uke, in addition to their usage by the Yaoi and Yuri crowd, also are used by the martial arts crowd. But eh, funny is funny.
  • Molester Man: When explaining to Kansai what happened between him and Loli, Molester Man accidentally says "Look, the reason why I didn't do Loli is..." before realizing what he said.
  • In My Bride is a Mermaid, on separate occasions, Sun and Lunar's fathers catch them with Nagasumi and are enraged. Nagasumi, while trying to calm them down, accidentally calls them Dad, making them even angrier.
  • Hannyabal's dialogues in One Piece are filled with Freudian Slips, usually when he states that he wants to be the Chief instead of the current Chief Warden Magellan. And usually when Magellan is right in front of him.
    • It's revealed later that although Magellan wasn't about to give up his post at the time, he saw Hannyabal as the only one worthy to succeed him, which may explain why he more often than not does not react to his Freudian Slips.
  • In Oreimo, Kirino tells her brother Kyousuke to buy a 30,000 yen (about $380 or so) ring for her in episode 7 while shopping and doing research for her novel. He refuses, and asks why she even needs it. She mentions that her main character in the novel was out on a date before a disaster's supposed to hit. And that the ring has emotional value and should therefore come from the one you love. Then she immediately blushes, turns away, and says she's talking about the novel.
  • In Sword Art Online, Yuuki refers to Asuna as "Big Sis" twice. The first time's in the middle of a boss fight, so Asuna doesn't have time to ask about it, but the second time is as they're celebrating getting their names on the Monument of Swordsmen. When Asuna asks about it, Yuuki suddenly tears up and logs out with barely a word. Asuna reminded Yuuki of her later older twin sister, and was afraid that Asuna would end up Spotting the Thread and realizing that Yuuki has AIDS.
  • Tokyo Mew Mew: In the first episode of the Mew Mew Power dub, Zoe/Ichigo accidentally says she is "feline" fine when turning into a Cat Girl.
  • In Trigun, Meryl is not very good at hiding her attraction when Vash talks about his extensive scarring.
    Vash: It's not exactly something I like girls to see. I think many of them would run away.
    Meryl: I wouldn't run away... Er, I mean, they wouldn't run away.

    Comic Hooks– I mean, Books 
  • Hawkeye: In Hawkeye (2012), Clint often says "Back in a sex—sec."
  • Monica's Gang: Blu and some of his fellow dogs meet a dog who likes to make dog-based puns. They first suspect that the character making the jokes isn't a real dog when he starts a phrase with "You, dogs..." After being called out on that, he tries to restart the phrase with "We, dogs..." but it's too late. They remove his dog mask and find out he's a cat.
  • The Smurfs: Brainy Smurf in the story "Salad Smurfs" accidentally refers to Papa Smurf as Papa Pea right after he gets transformed into a pea.
  • Supergirl:
    • In a Supergirl (1982) story, Supergirl nearly outs herself as she fights villain Blackstarr.
      Supergirl: She can't be, Mrs. Berkowitz! We told you—
      Mrs. Berkowitz: You told...?!
      Supergirl: [thinking] Stupid! Stupid! Maybe I ought to just put on my wig and introduce myself next time!
    • In the Supergirl/Batgirl story Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl, the Joker is obsessed with Batgirl:
      The Joker: Phone home. "Lexcorp, honey, don't wait up. I'll be late. I've decided to stay in Gotham for a Bat — a bit — visit old friends."
  • Superman:
    • In Krypton No More, Superman is having a breakdown, and the Kandorians talk Linda Danvers (aka Supergirl) into making her cousin believe he was human and Krypton never existed into order to help him (Kryptonian shrinks are a weird bunch). He bought her lie for a while, but Linda kept calling him "cousin" and "Kal". That and Krypto's existence tipped Superman off.
    • At the end of Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man mentions that MJ is his girlfriend. Since Superman has previously met Peter and MJ, Spider-Man practically blurts out his Secret Identity. Either he trusts Superman with his secret, or he slips.
    • In "The Reign of the Supermen" part of The Death of Superman storyline in the early 1990s, Superboy meets Supergirl for the first time right in the middle of rescuing a car from almost driving off the bridge, and he gets distracted by her appearance.
      Supergirl: Was that high school stunt really necessary, Superman, or were you trying to impress me?
      Superboy: Aw, I was chest choking... ab, ah, I mean — I was just joking!

    Fill– uh, Films — Animated 
  • Used in a literal sense in Anastasia when Sugmund Freud, singing along with "Paris Holds the Key", slips on a banana.
  • In Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Milo has a line: "I know how to swim pretty girl—good! Pretty good, I swim pretty good."
  • Cinderella: As the Grand Duke is about to depart Chateau Tremaine after the unpleasant experience of trying to fit the glass slipper on the stepsisters (before discovering Cinderella), he turns and asks them "You are the only ladies in the household, I hope—uh, I presume?"
  • Coco: "That's for murdering the love of my life!" Coming from an infuriated Mama Imelda, it clues Héctor and the others in that she is still in love with him after all these years despite being angry. However, when questioned, she angrily responds, "I don't know, I'm still angry at you!"
    • Before giving their blessing to Miguel, Ernesto says they hope Miguel will "die really soon". While they actually meant they hoped to see Miguel again in the Land of the Dead and it came out wrong, this slip indicates that Ernesto is jealous of Miguel's talent and skill and does not want the boy to outshine them.
  • Frozen (2013): When the Duke of Weselton asks Anna if she has magical powers like her sister, Hans is quick to parrot her when she describes herself as "completely ordinary", only to back-pedal and assure her that he means it in the most inoffensive way possible. This is how Hans actually felt about Anna when he gloats about his Evil Plan to her during The Reveal.
  • Frozen Fever: At one point, Elsa accidentally refers to birthday thrills as "birthday chills" because she has a cold. Likely this is because "catching a chill" is slang for catching a cold, or because she was having chills as the result of her fever.
  • "The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney)": While Quasimodo and Frollo are reviewing the former's alphabet, Quasi (who's mind is on the Festival of Fools) accidentally says "Festival" for "f", causing Frollo to do a Spit Take.
  • Puss in Boots (2011): When Puss is trying to mention that Humpty is still a good person despite having his flaws, while inwardly wondering why Kitty lacks claws, he inadvertently states that Humpty "still has his claws".
  • Ratatouille: When a food critic named Ego is about to go to the restaurant, the chef Linguini is trying to warn his coworkers that he's coming and will have a big appetite, but accidentally gets the words around the wrong way and says that "Appetite is coming and he's gonna have a big ego".
  • In Robots, after Rodney Copperbottom meets Aunt Fanny, he tries to introduce himself.
    Rodney: I'm Rodney Bigbottom—No, I'm Rodney Copperbottom. Copperbottom.
  • In Shrek the Third, Shrek leaves on a journey to find Arthur so he can take his place as king of Far Far Away and before he leaves, Fiona announces that she's pregnant. On the way back, Artie crashes the ship and Shrek berates Artie all while worrying about his upcoming child.
    Shrek: We're heading back to Far Far Away one way or another, and you're gonna be a father!
    Artie: What?
    Donkey: (clears throat, whispering) You just said father!
    Shrek: You're—I said king! You're gonna be king!
  • In Toy Story 2:
    Buzz: In just a few hours, you'll be sitting around a campfire, with Andy making delicious hot schmoes!
    Woody: ...They're called s'mores, Buzz.
    Buzz: ...Right, right, of course. Has anybody found Woody's hat yet?
  • In Toy Story 4, Woody, having fallen out of Bonnie's family's RV while trying to retrieve Forky, tries to convince Forky that they need to get back to Bonnie, since toys should be there for their kids. While making his argument, he inadvertently says "Andy" instead, showing that he still misses his kid from the first three films.
  • This was Doctor Doppler's trademark in Treasure Planet, switching "deplorable" for "adorable", "felon" for "fellow" or this dialogue:
    Captain Amelia: Actually, doctor, your astronomical advice was most helpful.
    Doctor Doppler: Well, thank you. Thank you very much. Well, I have a lot to offer anatomically... amamomically! ...As... astronomically. [facepalm]
  • Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit: When Victor asks the vicar how to kill the Were-Rabbit (who he secretly knows is Wallace), he says, "Tell me how to kill him... I mean, it."

    Filth– uh, Films — Live-Action 
  • 27 Dresses: When Jane introduces her sister and her boss it goes as follows:
    Jane: Right! George, this is my sister Tess. Tess, this is my George. I mean—not my George, he—Uh—
  • In 101 Dalmatians (1996), Roger tries to offer Anita a cup of tea to warm herself with when he first met her, but instead says, "Do you want a cup of marriage, uh, tea?"
  • In Analyze That, Billy Crystal's character is talking with a pair of plainclothes police detectives (one of whom is an attractive, short-skirted woman) and mentions his late father, whose funeral he's just returned from.
    Crystal: He was a great, great legs. Man.
  • Annie Hall:
    Annie: Well, she said that I should probably come five times a week. And you know something? I don't think I mind analysis at all. The only question is, is "Will it change my wife?"
    Alvy: Will it change your wife?
    Annie: Will it change my life?
    Alvy: Yeah, but you said, "Will it change my wife?"
    Annie: No I didn't. I said, "Will it change my life, Alvy?"
    Alvy: [to audience] She said, "Will it change my wife?" You heard that, because you were there. So I'm not crazy.
  • Austin Powers in Goldmember:
    • As Austin is interrogating Dr. Evil, the doctor notes everything Austin does is aimed at his father's approval. Austin denies it ("Nothing could be my father from the truth!"), but the word "dad" keeps slipping out ("No I dadn't!"). Eventually he breaks down.
    • The many encounters Austin has had with Fred Savage's huge mole on his face (other than the irony that he is "The Mole" to infiltrate Dr. Evil's Lair), after this goes on for a really, really, really, really, really, long time like when he says "Nice to mole you... meet you", and then inadvertently blurts out the word "mole" every chance he gets after. Later on, the joke looks like it's about to stop (my mole-stake), after Savage tells him to get it out of Austin's system, but not before he eventually breaks down:
      Austin: Mole! Bloody mole! We're not supposed to talk about the bloody mole, but there's the bloody mole winking me in the face. I'm gonna chop it off and cut it up and make some guacaMOLE!
    • The gag reel takes the joke to an even bigger extreme:
      Austin: Mole! Mole! Mole! Bloody mole! Bloody mole, you bloody moley bastard! Don't talk about the bloody mole, but the mole's so big it probably VOTES! Looks like a bloody bubble on a pizza, you bloody mole-faced mole bugger! Moley, moley, moley, the brothers MacMolen. You'd be in Spain you'd be a bull and you'd say 'MOLLAAAY!!!' Even the bloody mole's got a mole it's such a bloody big mole. It's the moley grail of moles! Your molier-than-thou attitude! Stick your bloody mole up your bum bum, you moley bastard! Moley MOLE!!!
  • George McFly from Back to the Future is often known for his tendency to confuse the word "density" with the word "destiny". In one conversation, his time-traveling son Marty casually refers to him as "dad", which after some nervous stammering he covers up with "Daddy-O".
  • In The Boondock Saints, there's a particularly jarring one when one of the detectives screws up trying to describe the details of a fat man's demise during the Copley Plaza massacre to Agent Smecker and calls him the "fag man" instead. This does not go unnoticed by Smecker, who has been established as gay. It's even lampshaded immediately after:
    Agent Smecker: Well. Freud was right. So you think they came for the fag man, eh?
  • Bruce Almighty:
    • Bruce sarcastically makes faux Freudian slips on Evan Baxter's name.
    • After Bruce uses his powers (supposedly) to enlarge Grace's breasts, she asks him if they look bigger to him. When he finishes his breakfast, he remarks "This has been the breast beck... breast... thank you."
  • Fletch Lives. Fletch even does it while serving as the Narrator.
    Now the lead-lined containers painted with innocent bluebirds added a crucial piece to the puzzle that had begun way back in Amanda Ross's pants...I mean, bedroom.
  • Ghostbusters (1984): Peter Venkman once accidentally mentions an intent to "check out Miss Barrett" instead of "check out Miss Barrett's apartment", because he has the hots for her.
  • In Hairspray (2007), Velma Von Tussle inadvertently comments that the kids need to be steered in the "white direction". She pretends she didn't say it when Corny calls her on it, but it's fairly obvious.
  • In Hamlet 2, Dana Marschz and the tight-ass principal of the school at which he teaches drama are having an argument about the appropriateness of staging a play which contains (minimal) nudity, sex and a controversial mangling of William Shakespeare's greatest play, organised religion, time travel and Dana Marschz's daddy issues when out of the blue Dana suddenly screeches "You never believed in me daddy I hate you!"
  • In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Sirius telling Harry "Nice one, James!", a stark change from the book where Sirius' mixing up of Harry and his father is something he's fighting and is not stated so directly nor does he show signs of it when he's not stuck under house arrest in the former abusive home he ran away from as a teenager.
  • In Komaa, Hassan invites Maryam to "his" house, and asks her if she wants cucumber or banana.
  • Parodied all to hell and back in the Jim Carrey film Liar Liar, due to the protagonist being under a curse that forces him to always tell the truth.
    Attractive girl in elevator: Everyone here's been real nice to me.
    Jim Carrey: Well, that's because you have big jugs. [alarmed expression] I mean... your boobs are huge! [even more alarmed] I mean... I wanna squeeze 'em! I mean... Mommy.
  • Lights Out (2016): In the deleted alternate ending that's available on the DVD, Martin slips and calls Becca "Mom" after she and Bret have officially gained custody of him.
  • Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang: Uncle Phil is under threat from two women who keep talking about taking his kidneys out, he once accidentally blurts out that he'll "lose the kidneys" when meaning to say, "sale".
  • Clark Griswold makes several of these at the lingerie counter at Macy's in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.
    Clark: Oh, I was just smelling—smiling. I was just blouse—browsing. I, uh, heh heh. Well, I guess it just wouldn't... Oh hee hee, it wouldn't be the Christmas shopping season if the stores were any less hooter than they—hotter than they are. Whew. It is warm in here, isn't it?
    Mary: You have your coat on.
    Clark: Yes, oh do I? Yeah, it is a bit nipply out. I mean nippy. What am I saying, nipple?
  • Night at the Museum: "Any questions not about this dress... tunic?"
  • Pillars of Society: A pretty obvious foreshadowing of The Reveal when Bernick says "I haven't raised my daughter" (to boss her around) and then says "uh, I haven't raised Dina as my daughter." Dina is commonly believed to be the illegitimate daughter of Bernick's brother-in-law Johann, but is later revealed to be Berwick's daughter.
  • Directly called out in The President's Analyst—Dr. Schaefer is captured by good-natured Russian spy Kropotkin. Schaefer works his way out of a forced defection by engaging Kropotkin in friendly conversation, learning Kropotkin's KGB father had arrested his mother in a Stalin-era purge.
    Schaefer: You really love your father, don't you?
    Kropotkin: Love? That's hardly the word. He's a giant, a colossus! He's Peter the Great! He's Ivan the Terrible! You have to see him to believe him! And, you probably will see him!
    Schaefer: Sort of a "super-dad", right?
    Kropotkin: Yeah, that's right!
    Schaefer: You hate him, don't you?
    Kropotkin: Yeah, I hate him... no, I love him!
    Schaefer: Freudian slip. You have said aloud, for probably the first time in your life, that you hate your father.
  • In Psycho, Norman Bates can't figure out how to say "fallacy" without accidentally saying "phallus" so he just makes up a different word.
    Norman: You know, I heard the phrase 'eats like a bird' is actually a fa— fal— f— uh, falsity.
  • In The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash, as a parody of John Lennon's "more popular than Jesus" statement, his Rutle Expy Ron Nasty claimed the Rutles were bigger than God, but he meant to say bigger than Rod... Rod Stewart.
  • In the first Sex and the City film, Samantha sees Dante taking an outdoor shower completely naked, when he notices her.
    Samantha:I'm sorry, I'm your next door neighbor and my dog ran up on your dick... deck!
  • In Short Circuit, when Stephanie Speck calls Nova Laboratories on the phone, saying that she would want to speak to "one of your head warmongers", the person receiving the phone call calls Dr. Martin "Dr. Warmonger" before correcting himself and handing Dr. Martin the phone.
  • In Sleepy Hollow (1999), Ichabod Crane has a moment where he keeps on repeating the word "Which" when talking to a woman he assumes is a "Witch".
  • Spaceballs: "I'll have the cleavage. Uh, the special." (Barf at the diner staring at the waitress)
  • In Superman: The Movie, Daily Planet editor-in-chief Perry White tells Jimmy Olsen to get him a coffee black with two sugars, and after Jimmy says, "Yes, Chief", Perry adds "And don't call me sugar" without even correcting himself. The whole thing is a joke about Perry's usual "Don't call me Chief" line to Jimmy.
  • In Titanic (1997), when Rose models for Jack, he directs her, "Lie over on the bed—" then quickly corrects himself, "the couch!" Hilariously, this was in fact a real-life slip on the part of Leonardo DiCaprio; James Cameron liked it so much that he decided to Throw It In!.
  • In Transformers (2007), Sam has a minor Freudian slip that would make any girl inch away, when offering to drive Michaela home:
    Sam: I was wondering if... if I could ride you home... I, I mean if I could give you a ride home.
  • Turkey Hollow: When Sheriff Grover knocks on Cly's door in the middle of the night and sees her in her nightgown, he says, "Sorry to disrobe you so late."
  • X-Men: Apocalypse: While talking to Hank, Charles' subconscious can't hide his lust for Moira when he's supposed to be concerned about an unusual energy surge in Cairo.
    Xavier: I want to go check her out—check out the situation. (awkwardly clears his throat)

    Tokes– uh, Jokes 
  • This one:
    How many psychoanalysts does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    Two: One to screw it in, and the other to hold my penis. I mean, my mother! I mean, the ladder!
  • A Freudian slip is when you say one thing and mean your mother.
  • A well known German joke goes about the anxious announcer on the radio who will present the "Nussknacker Suite". Collegues have made her nervous not to forget the second n note  and she mumbles to herself: Nussknacker. Nussknacker. Nussknacker. The great moment is there. "Now you hear the Nussknacker Suite..." (phew) " Peter Scheißkowsky." note 
  • Averted by Scottish comedian Danny Bhoy:
    Danny: You can't run on a beach in Scotland, you'd break your bloody legs. All those big, slippery, black rocks... Boy, am I glad I said that right.
  • Parodied by comedian Jonathan Katz:
    Katz: I was having dinner with my father one night when I had a classic Freudian Slip. I meant to say "please pass the salt" and it came out "you prick, you ruined my childhood!"
  • Brazilian comedian Felipe Xavier has a character, O Incrível Rosca (The Incredible Bagel), a seemingly heterosexual man which Hulks Out Of The Closet by mistaking what other people say for gay questioning/innuendo.
  • One Russian political joke involved Marshal Georgy Zhukov muttering "murderous mustache" under his breath after a meeting with Joseph Stalin, but a secretary overhears this. Zhukov is then ordered back and state that he meant to call Adolf Hitler "murderous mustache." After Zhukov leaves, Stalin berates the secretary for claiming that he was the one with the "murderous mustache".

    Liberace– oh, wait, Literature 
  • The Berenstain Bears Big Chapter Books: In The Berenstain Bears and the Love Match, when Brother and the other cubs see Milton for the first time, the first thing they notice is his size, and are told to be friendly without mentioning it. Unfortunately, words like "fat" and "large" slip into their introductions, to their embarrassment. Brother later apologizes for it when they have time to talk alone, which Milton accepts after being able to tell that Brother truly means it.
  • In the Curious George parody Bi-Curious George:
    George and the man with the sassy purple beret walked down the gangbang—
    "GangPLANK," corrected the man—
  • In Spider Robinson's Callahan's Secret, Jake introduces himself to Mary at their first meeting (both of them are naked, on the roof of the bar, in the rain) with the unforgettable opening line "It certainly is a very nice tits." He later reverses himself when attempting to compliment her assets with "you certainly have a very nice evening".
  • Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator: When Grandpa George and Grandma Josephine are turned into babies due to taking too many youth pills, Wonka asks Mr. Bucket (Josephine's son) if she looks cuter as a baby, and he accidentally says yes.
    Mr. Bucket: "Oh, yes... I mean no! What am I saying?! She's a howling baby!"
    Mrs. Bucket: "A lovely baby."
  • Charlotte's Web: When Fern is preoccupied with her new pet pig Wilbur, she accidentally says his name when her teacher asks her the capital of Pennsylvania.
  • Genghis Khan commits a rather heartwarming slip in Lords of the Bow; talking about the expansion of the Mongol nation, he pointedly tells Jochi that it could all be taken away from him by an annoying son who doesn't know when to shut up. Jochi notes that this is the first time Genghis has acknowledged him as his son.
  • Dirty Bertie: In "Loo!", Bertie is trying to count the cars on the bus to distract himself from his Potty Emergency. However, when he gets to 32, he accidentally says, "Thirty-loo".
  • The Dresden Files:
    • In Book 6, Harry sends his air spirit adviser, Bob, to find out where an enemy is hiding. Bob instead spends the time visiting strip clubs. When Harry is (to put it mildly) upset about it, Bob tries to calm him down with:
      Bob: I was just doing the breast job I co— best, best! The best job I could!
    • And then Murphy gets into the act when she goes on vacation with Kincaid in Hawaii and leaves Dresden a message on his answering service.
      Murphy: Thanks for taking care of my pants. Er, plants, plants!
  • In the afterword of Fate/Zero, Gen Urobuchi notes that he made a typo, accidentally writing "courage" as "lingering ghosts." He hypothesizes that this is the result of using HATRED...Whoops, he meant IME.
  • Freaky Friday: Played With. When the school psychologist asks "Mrs. Andrews" about her relationship with her husband, Annabel says that "it's none of your business about my relationship with my father!" The reader knows why she said it, but the psychologist takes it as a "revealing" slip.
  • The Hunger Games: After Rue is fatally injured by the District 1 Career, in a panic, Katniss refers to her as "Prim" in her narration, though it's not really a secret that Rue has been a surrogate Prim in Katniss' eyes before that. And reversed in a later book Katniss sees Prim after Rue's death and calls Prim "Rue" in the narration.
  • Jaine Austen Mysteries:
    • Conrad Devane does this by saying he saw Dickie Potter making out with Veronica Hubbard in Patti's gazebo in Killing Bridezilla. The problem is that it's Patti's "secret gazebo" which is only visible from the balcony. Thus, the only time he could have seen this happen is if he was on the balcony, sabotaging the railing.
    • One of these really screws over the killer in "The Dangers of Gingerbread Cookies". When Dr. Preston McCay asks Clyde "Doc" Wilkins if he's the famous cardiologist Clyde Wilkins, he says yes... except he actually isn't. He would have been more careful, but he had just been hit in the eye with a ping-pong ball and wasn't thinking straight.
    • A non-suspect variant appears in Death by Tiara, after Heather Van Sant has she slugged another contestant's mom in the face, thus getting her daughter Taylor kicked out of the pageant:
      Meanwhile, Taylor was whining, "Mom, can't we please go home?"
      "Are you kidding? We're not going anywhere without my tiara-I mean, your tiara."
  • Journey to Chaos: Nolien is casting a status buff on his teammate/not-girlfriend during the events of Looming Shadow and makes a minor modification to the incantation...
    "As I am Chaos, you are Order divine. As the sun to the moon, you shall shine. Take my power and me mine...I mean like a ley line! MANA TRANSFER!”
  • Nina Tanleven: In The Ghost in the Third Row, when Nine and Chris are in the library’s reference room, Nine gets an immediate crush on Sam, the new librarian, and when Chris starts to say “We’d like to look at your files of local newspapers”, Nine accidentally cuts her off with “At your eyes” instead. Sam either didn’t hear her or pretends not to.
  • Ratburger: The students call their short teacher Ms. Midge, "Ms. Midget". Zoe once accidentally calls her that to her face.
  • Lord Vetinari of all people makes one in Snuff when he refers to the good ship Wonderful Fanny as...well...the Enormous Fanny.
  • Star Wars: Kenobi: Annileen is trying to deny to her friend Leelee that she's missing Ben when he stops coming to her store, only for Leelee to point out that she just addressed a package to the "Kenobi system."
  • Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Smiley relates how he once interrogated KGB spymaster Karla, to convince him to defect. Karla remains silent throughout the interrogation while Smiley ends up Saying Too Much. By harping on about how much Karla's wife must miss him, and being willing to give away his lighter, Smiley reveals his own marriage problems, which Karla chooses to exploit years later.
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea has a non-sexual slip-up. Arronax is rather perturbed when he finds out he is to go shark-hunting, and later accidentally replaces the word "pearls" with "sharks".
  • Coral in Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle is a girl pretending to be a boy, and often makes slips that reveal this to the reader. An example is when Lux pushes her down (to avoid being seen by the person they're tracking). Coral protests that it's too early for this, then desperately tries to cover it up by claiming that they're both male.
  • Wilder Girls: When Byatt is taken to the infirmary and placed under lock and key, Headmistress tells Hetty that her friend is lucky to have Hetty "looking for her." When Hetty repeats the latter three words back to her ("Looking for her?"), Headmistress corrects herself with a strained smile: "Looking out for her." This is one of the first hints Hetty gets that something is wrong.
  • In one volume of Piers Anthony's pun-filled Xanth series, The Color of Her Panties, the well-endowed Mera wears a Freudian slip. It keeps, well, slipping and showing a bit more than she intended.
    Harry immediately lampshades that it was a "big old Freudian slip."

    Muses– uh, wait, Music! 
  • Eric Bogle's song "Nobody's Moggie Now" contains the lyric "Decapitating tweety birds, and masticating mice". On one live recording, Eric sings "masturbating" instead of "masticating". It takes more than a minute before the band and the audience are ready for the song to continue.
  • The chorus of Homer And Jethro's "The Battle of Kookamonga" has this line: "We learn to make sparks by rubbing sticks together." In a live performance, they flubbed the last occurrence of the chorus line as:
    We learn to make sparks by rubbing girls... uh, sticks... rubbing sticks together.
  • MF DOOM lets one fly in "Accordion".
    That's why he brings his own needles
    And get more cheese than Doritos, Cheetos or Fritos
    Slip like Freudian
    Your first and last step to playing yourself like accordion
  • The Ray Stevens song "Freudian Slip" is about a man who tries to impress a woman with his Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness but instead says something embarrassing. The second time he meets the woman, she's holding his job interview, and Hilarity Ensues once again.
  • They Might Be Giants fit an interesting twofer into "They'll Need A Crane":
    Don't call me at work again
    No, no, the boss still hates me
    I'm just tired, and I don't love you anymore
    And there's a restaurant we should check out
    Where the other nightmare people
    Like to go, I mean nice people
    Baby wait, I didn't mean to say "nightmare"

    Professional Hustling– wait, Wrestling! 

    Laid, yo– I mean, Radio 
  • Parodied in one episode of The Infinite Monkey Cage, in which psychologist Richard Wiseman says Freud's theories are completely untestical.
  • Peter Sagal, the host of Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, fell into a real and hilarious example in the March 8, 2014 episode, creating one of the show's greatest unscripted moments:
    Peter: Faith, scientists at the University of Indiana have pinpointed the best way to crush a man's pride, next time you want to do that. What is that way?
    Faith Salie: I mean, it's beyond the obvious, like rejection or saying is that all?
    Peter: Yes.
    Mike Birbiglia: I don't see this answer topping is that all.
    Mike: I mean, she wasn't even saying it to me, and I feel terrible about myself.
    Peter: I know. She said it, and I actually—people can't see me right now, I'm curled up behind my podium weeping. It's terrible.
    Faith: Can I have a hint?
    Peter: Here's your excuse. I mean... "here's your excuse," I don't know where that came from.
    (laughter, applause)
    Mike: Oh, that was excellent. That was so much better than anything anyone could ever write.
    Faith: Peter, I don't need any excuses. Just hold me.
    Peter: Obviously, I'm having a combat flashback here.

    Bedroom, er, uh, Tabletop Games 
  • A variation appears in the "Auspicious Beginnings" module for the wuxia RPG Weapons of the Gods: The beautiful courtesan Red Lotus challenges one player to write the character for "beauty" on a 10-foot scroll in one stroke. If they fail their Calligraphy roll... well, all the module will say outright is that they "accidentally spell out what they were thinking, instead", but the implication is fairly clear.

    Cheater– um, Teater– darn, Theatre 
  • In The Bible: The Complete Word of God (abridged), during the Noah's Ark Audience Participation sequence, the players may suddenly realize that the two ducks selected from the audience are both women. They tell each other not to worry about Noah having two female ducks: "this is a perfectly good pair of dykes and—DUCKS!!! Ducks!! Oh, I'm really sorry..."
  • In Bye Bye Birdie, teenage girls scream their hearts out when they hear their idol Conrad Birdie sing "Honestly Sincere". The lyrics have perhaps less of a Freudian slip than a case of walking blindly into a Double Entendre:
    When I sing about a tree,
    I really feel that tree.
    When I sing about a girl,
    I really feel that girl—
    I mean, I really feel sincere!
  • In the all-female Chalmersspex of 2012, Cristal asks George to put away the picnic. George grumbles about how he has to do everything around here—Thomas, his object of mutual uncertain affection, blurts this out:
    Thomas: I'll help you, gorgeous—Georgeous—George!
  • Played for drama in Dear Evan Hansen, after Heidi learns that Evan (her son) has been spending every night with the Murphys, who think he was friends with their son Connor before he killed himself.
    Heidi: They think you're their son! These...these people!
    Connor: They're not "these people", they're my f...(realizes that he's about to say "family" and cuts himself off)
    Heidi: (understandably angry and clearly aware of what he was about to say) WHAT!? WHAT ARE THEY, EVAN!?
    Evan: I DON'T KNOW, OKAY!?
  • In On the Town, Madame Dilly, finding her bottle empty, excuses herself from the room, telling Ivy, "I'll be back before you can say Jack Daniels—Jack Robinson."
  • In "Putting It Together" from Sunday in the Park with George, the modern-day George is busily propping up cardboard cutouts of himself while singing:
    If you want to your work to reach fruition,
    What you need's a link with your tradition,
    And of course a prominent commission,
    Plus a little formal recognition,
    So that you can go on exhibit—
    So that your work can go on exhibition!
  • More complex than a simple word swap, in Twelfth Night, when Orsino's Berserk Button is pushed (he finds out that Olivia loves Cesario), he threatens to murder Cesario, comparing himself to an Egyptian thief who murdered his own lover to keep her from being tortured. He's inadvertently revealing that Cesario is the one he's in love with.
  • From Waitress, after Jenna realizes she has an unwanted pregnancy:
    Cal: Jenna! What's the special pie today?
    Jenna: Uh, deep shit blueberry bacon.
    Cal: Deep shit?
    Jenna: Yeah- uh, dish! Deep dish!

    Video Gays– um, Games 
  • The Riddler gets one in Batman: Arkham Knight
    Riddler: DIE, FATHER!! I mean, Batman.
  • Banjo-Tooie:
    Kazooie: Errr, I don't suppose you have any substitutes?
    Speccy: Why would we need a substitute? My dad is the greatest on the team.
    Banjo: I'm sure he was... er, is!
  • In Beyond Good & Evil, a soldier tells Jade:
    Soldier: If you want to know the truth, buy the IRIS paper. Uh... I mean the Hillyan Word. No... anything but the Hillyan Word.
  • Kari of Dead In Vinland potentially expresses her confused feelings toward Angelico by exclaiming that she wants to "kiss him in the nuts," much to the hilarity of her parents and aunt. (Moira's reaction? "Quick aunt advice: start with his mouth first, even if he asks you to take care of his nuts.")
  • Dragon Age: Origins:
    • Shale has this in an exchange with Sten:
      Shale: I could watch you fight all day long. The skill you display, the form... how the light plays on its muscles... I mean, yes. Well done. With the fighting.
    • In Denerim, one Chantry sister who keeps saying names for food instead of the correct words, does so because it is getting close to meal time and she's hungry.
  • Duke Nukem does this in Duke Nukem 3D when you interact with a microphone.
    Duke: This is KTIT —K-Tit! Bringing you the breast, uh, the best tunes in town!
  • Fear & Hunger: Termina: Invoked by Pav the first time you meet him.
    Pav: Be killing you- I mean, be seeing you later!
  • Life Is Strange: Before the Storm: When Chloe and Rachel are sitting in the train in "Awake", one option to make small talk is "Nice weather." If Chloe threw Rachel's belt to her while the latter was changing, selecting this option results in Chloe simply talking about the actual weather. If Chloe carried the belt over to her, however...
    It's nice Rachel we're having.
  • Love & Pies: When Joe mentions the places he traveled to learn how to cook, Amelia gets smitten by him and says that she'd love to travel with him, but quickly backtracks and corrects herself that she'd love to travel in general.
  • In Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix remarks about April May, a rather suspicious witness with a large bust, "I'll get to that woman's bottom! Wait... I mean... you know what I mean."
  • Pokémon Black and White: When encountered in Castelia City, Ghetsis has a minor one when he accidentally discusses his plans for Unova, only to immediately correct himself and say Team Plasma instantly. Blink and you'll miss it, but this slip Foreshadows his true nature. He does this again in the sequels in the reverse order, fitting his true nature as the cat has already been let out of the bag.
  • After the Sauria mission in Star Fox: Assault, Tricky offers Fox and Krystal a little ride, and makes a comment about watching things here so that Fox and Krystal can come back in their honeymoon. Fox gets flustered and tries to deny anything between them, but lets slip a "We're not yet-", prompting Tricky to keep ribbing him over it. Krystal for her part is amused by Fox's embarrassment, and the look she gives him makes it clear she wouldn't mind it in the least.
  • In Sunrider, Icari blurts out this gem while loudly questioning what the other female members of the crew see in their captain, Kayto Shields (while Shields is right there, no less):
    Icari: Ah, the most unreliable space captain in the history of space captains! I can't believe I like a guy like him! U-uck... I-I-I-I-I MEAN... I-i-i-i-it... IT'S NOT LIKE I LIKE YOU OR ANYTHING!!!
  • The Telephone Club minigame in Yakuza 0 is all about avoiding this. During the minigame, you are chatting with a pretty girl over the phone, and she will ask you questions. One correct answer and several very inappropriate answers will then bounce around the screen, and you'll have to shoot the right one with your "phone beam". Shoot a bad answer, and your character will blurt out something inappropriate ("You make me feel raunchy" instead of "relaxed") or nonsensical ("I like kangaroos" instead of "karaoke"). Between sets of questions, you also need to stop a roulette wheel on the right answer to ask the girl to describe herself or ask to meet her. Once again, time it wrong and you'll instead say something inappropriate like "Are you a guy?" or "I want a one-night stand!"
  • Abia from HuniePop 2 is an extreme example of this, constantly lashing out Freudian slip after Freudian slip due to arguably having the highest libido in the entire series. Though, the frequence of her slips, combined with her extremely high libido, makes her slide down the Freudian Slippery Slope more than anything.

    Wet– uh, Web Original 
  • Bayonetta made Yahtzee lapse into tits... er, this. Not the only time, either.
    Yahtzee: ...but it's just not as much fun as tonguing another man's balls. [beat] I mean, as it used to be. I'm not gay.
  • The Classic Doctor Who Twitter Blog has a tendency to do this whenever the Master turns up. "Seaman-Master!". All instances of Ainley!Master's Tissue Compression Eliminator being called a dildo are, on the other hand, completely intentional.
  • From Death Note: The Abridged Series (kpts4tv):
    • First instance:
      Aizawa: So you're cool with me invading Misa and interrogating your house? Interesting.
      Light: Oh, wait. You mean the other way around.
      Aizawa: I don't know we'll burn that bridge before we cross it. C'mon Mogi, we have rights to violate.
      Light: Wait, now I believe you meant what you said. Get back here!
      Matsuda: That's not fair!
    • There's also when Ryuk makes the following proposition:
      Ryuk: Tell you what—I need a place to stay. If you let me bunk with you maybe we can experiment together. W-with the Death Note. Not each other. You're a sick little girl, you know that?!
      Light: But I'm a boy!
      Ryuk: Riiight.
  • During Closed Alpha play of Deep Rock Galactic uploaded by GaLmHD after a Glyphid Praetorian appears (a giant armoured spider monster) Chilled Chaos can be heard exclaiming "It's a Patriarchy!"
  • DSBT InsaniT: Alex frequently lets it slip that he liked being evil and doing bad things. For example:
    Alex: My two bodyguards were female back in the good ol' day- I MEAN bad! Bad days! The days when I was evil!
  • EditZP (who is slightly memetic for making large quantities of workbenches then abandoning them), accidentally slipped up during his Minecraft Golden Hearts Let's Play
    EditZP: Alright, I need to make a wankbench... a wankbench. [laughs]
In the same episode, "Swastika."
  • Makoto in 50% OFF makes a lot of these:
    • "Let me help you out of that swimsuit- POOL!"
    • And later on, during the race between Haru and Rin:
      Makoto: Come on Haru, you can do me! IT! It. You can do it.
      Nagisa: I heard that one.
      Makoto: Shut up! You're high as balls!
      Nagisa: Heh, yeah, I am!
  • FTL: Kestrel Adventures: In episode 24, Cremity has one. Lampshaded by Manon.
    Pavalo: Are you sure? Are you hoping to find what's left of your group's research, or are you out for revenge?
    Cremity: Finding the revenge would be great. And I'd like to continue.
    Pavalo: Hold on. Did you just say'find the revenge'?
    Cremity: No. I said 'research'.
    Manon: Freudian slips are common among those experiencing moments of extreme emotional-
    Cremity: Can we just go?
  • FreedomToons: In the Dr. Mac short "Gentrification" Dr. Mac, despite always claiming to be against racism, refers to the inner city as a "minority infested neighborhood", which guest speaker Timmy is quick to pick up on.
  • Helluva Boss: In "Spring Broken", Loona almost calls her adoptive father Blitzo "dad" when she's feeling embarrassed by him, for the first and so far only time in the series, but she catches herself and switches to just using his name when she sees him giving her googly-eyes at the prospect of being called that word by her.
  • Strong Bad. More than once he has let slip that he is not The Casanova, but a mere Casanova Wannabe. One episode has him confusing the words "missionaries" and "mercenaries" during a presentation about his mercenary career. Wasn't exactly Freudian per se, but still an embarrassing Slip.
  • In If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device, the Emperor lets it slip that he was trying to access the Webway because Eldar hookers are much less shoddy, then backtracks and says that Eldar transport is much less shoddy. Given that it took Custodes' Big "WHAT?!" for him to correct himself, this might've been him trolling Kitten. Then Kitten does the same in the very next episode while discussing the Tau, mentioning that the Tau males lust for "Greater Goods", then backtracking to mention their superior technology and firepower.
  • In Jimquisition, when Jim played the demo of Owlboy and commented on Asio's verbal abuse of Otus in the beginning dream sequence, he at one point blurted this out:
    Jim: Stop being so critical, Dad — I mean,
  • In a tweet by thejoeydavis, a person tries to backtrack after accidentally ordering an iced latte "with breast milk". Unfortunately for the poor guy, they just keep saying it. Parodies of the post play it straighter by making the barista they're talking to have a noticeably large chest.
  • In the Mappy web series, there's this exchange between Mappy and Goro:
    Mappy: Okay, Goro. Whatever you say.
    Goro: That's right, Mappy. Whatever I say goes, because I'm the boss, now get back to work, I love you.
    Mappy: Did you just say—
    Goro: Nope!
  • The Nostalgia Chick is also guilty of this, albeit unlike most examples, she didn't realize it. During her video concerning Divergent and other YA movies, while listing the YA movies of 2013, she mispronounces "City of Bones" as "City of Boners".
  • The very first line of The Nostalgia Chick's review of Labyrinth: "I think everyone remembers their first bone—Bowie!"
    • And then The Nostalgia Critic does it too in his review of Barb Wire. "Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic, I remember it so you don't boobies! I mean, er... boobies, with the booby boobies...boobyboobyboobies!"
    • From the A Kid in King Arthur's Court review:
      Nostalgia Critic: Hey, they're actresses first and sisters second, and that's good enough in my porno—book.
    • When about to review Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, the Critic accidentally messes up the title this way:
      Critic: Let's take a look at Fantastic Four: Rise of the Middle Finger— I mean, Silver Surfer.
  • Happens to Tex of all people in Red vs. Blue, while discussing the naked alien.
    Tex: I was just admiring... his alien... muscle structure.
    Tucker: Yeah, one particular part of his muscle structure.
    Tex: Well, that's just a matter of penis. I mean opinion! Opinion! That's—that's it.
    Church: Smooth.
  • In Shadowrun Storytime, Geppetto and Tank undress a mook in preparation to torture him only to get distracted by his stupidly large Gag Penis.
    Geppetto: Who are you working penis? OH GODDAMN IT!
  • Stop Skeletons From Fighting: In calculating the score for The Sum of All Fears, Derek blurts out "NEGATIVE FIFTY" before correcting himself, explaining that the review score starts at +50 and works downward. This does not speak well for the forthcoming tally. (The final score was just shy of zero.)

    Webcomics! Yes! Got it slight– uh, right! 
  • In Bittersweet Candy Bowl, Lucy is understandably annoyed at being mounted by Yashy (No, not like that). Mike then proceeds to accidentally call Sonic Riders "Sonic Ride You".
  • In Consolers, Konami ends up making some unfortunate autocorrect errors:
    "Also, I have no idea about this forever pachinko." "shit I meant *farewell pachinko" "***PARTY dammit farewell party!"
    "Haha, goddamn auto corrupt am I right?" "AUTOCORRECT god donut"
  • Cyanide and Happiness presents: Freudian slip, Visual Pun edition.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Justin laments the fact that Elliot is forced into Gender Bending regularly due to Power Incontinence.
    Justin: It's like the universe is plotting against me. Elliot! Plotting against Elliot.
  • Once upon Homestuck, during an apology, Karkat says this...
    • Earlier, the narrator says (in Jade's perspective) "You have chalked it up to your family's longstanding propensity for eclectic fursuits wait you mean pursuits."
    • That wouldn't be the last time Karkat had an erotic slip of the tongue...
    • And uu delivered this little gem.
    • Here, Jane comments on how Roxy accidentally said the Unabridged Sassacre's would be "set fire" to instead of "sent fine":
      GG: That wasn't even a Freudian slip.
      GG: Doctor Freud just tripped over an errant phallus, tumbled down a flight of stairs, and broke his neck.
      GG: And then his cigar exploded comically in his face.
    • Dave accidentally calls Brain Washed And Crazy Jane "John's hot mom", twice.
    • He also accidentally refers to Roxy as having a hot ass, while simultaneously calling her "mom" repeatedly.
      ROSE: Dave, even I'm having less trouble referring to Roxy by her name consistently, and I was the one who grew up knowing her as my literal mother.
      ROSE: What is going on with you?
      DAVE: nothing
      DAVE: its just like semi accidentally replacing a word with another word in a majority of instances
      DAVE: why do you need to read things into everything
    • And yet pointing this out to Dave does not prevent Rose from doing the same shortly after, also with John's hot mom.
  • NEXT!!! Sound of the Future: In chapter 7, Hakase calls her clients her "projects" before quickly correcting herself to "patients", revealing her true feelings about the people she treats.
  • Used in small text in The Order of the Stick with a drunk Haley.
    Haley: Baby, I'm gonna sit on this spin until the room stops chairing.
  • Set up and used further down the page in this Penny Arcade strip.
  • Lampshaded in the form of a "lightbulb" joke in this PvP.
    "Ladder! I meant ladder!"
  • In Skin Horse, this is Unity the zombie's reaction to hearing that a virtual reality accident might turn one of her compatriot's brains into (metaphorical) pudding.
    Unity: That sounds delicious. I mean delicious. I mean tragic.
  • Sluggy Freelance: Dex: "I... I think you're very nice and boring, Zoë. I just said 'beautiful', right? 'Nice and beautiful'?"
  • Happens on this page of Think Before You Think.
  • YU+ME: dream : "I'll just be a sex. I mean... sec."

    Web Video! Two in a hoe– oh, row! 
  • The Call of Warr: When Ashes sees Durkin is upset, she asks:
    What's wrong? Don't you like me? I mean... don't you like beans?
  • Gameboys - Cairo, frequently, to Gavreel's amusement.
    Cairo: (while watching Gav work out shirtless)... Four... Five... SexSIX. Six...
  • Lizzie's "what if we missed our chance?" from Episode 91 of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. She's supposed to be talking about Jane and Bing, but the "we" implies that she's thinking about Darcy.
  • In Mathew Buck's Projector review of Search Party, when he comments on Thomas Middleditch spending most of the film naked:
    This is a mainstream comedy [...] that features loads and loads of Thomas Middledick... sorry, that was a Freudian slip.
  • In True Facts About the Armadillo, we get this:
    Narrator: Here are true facts about the arma-dildo—hmm, that's a typo. Here are true facts about the arma-dildo—oops. I said it again, two times.


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