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Just For Fun / Trope Overdosed Franchises

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Have you perused Trope Overdosed and wondered what the page would look like if all works within a franchise were combined? Then you've come to the right place.

As on the main Trope Overdosed page, being Trope Overdosed indicates how popular a franchise is among The Contributors. However, how long a franchise has been around also has an effect; it's not hard to use a lot of tropes when you're a Long Runner.

See also Trope Kilowicked Franchises, for those franchises with 1000 to 1999 wicks.

The wick counts for anything comprising multiple works are the total number of wicks for that page, as seen in the "Related" tab, and each of its sub-works, all added together. The main page for a franchise (often in the "Franchise" namespace) will usually list all of the relevant works, so just add them all up.

Sub-works that are Trope Overdosed in their own right are listed in bullets a level lower than the primary works.

Listings here are alphabetical.

The ranking categories, summarized:

  • Omnitroped — 64000+ wicks
  • Trope Supersaturated — 32000-63999 wicks
  • Trope Saturated — 16000-31999 wicks
  • Trope Smothered — 8000-15999 wicks
  • Trope Overloaded — 4000-7999 wicks
  • Trope Overdosed — 2000-3999 wicks
  • Trope Kilowicked — 1000-1999 wicks

Not to Be Confused with Cliché Storm or Troperiffic.

The list:

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    Omnitroped — 64000+ wicks 

    Trope Supersaturated — 32000- 63999 wicks 

    Trope Saturated — 16000- 31999 wicks 

    Trope Smothered — 8000- 15999 wicks 

    Trope Overloaded — 4000- 7999 wicks 

    Trope Overdosed — 2000- 3999 wicks