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It's lasagna time.

Garfield is a multi-media franchise created by the American cartoonist Jim Davis starring a lazy orange tabby named Garfield, his oddball owner Jon, Jon's dopey dog Odie, and their various peers.

Since its conception, Garfield has become one of the most well-known and profitable comics out there.


Newspaper Comics

  • Jon: (1976-1978): The prototypical version of the strip.
  • Garfield (1978-): The original comic strip.

Prose Books

Video Games

Western Animation


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Garfield Mails Himself

To teach Garfield a lesson about mailing Nermal to Abu Dabi, Jon tricks him by saying they can't eat dinner without Nermal, with Garfield unable to recover the package he thought Nermal was in in time. Unfortunately, Jon underestimated the lengths Garfield would go to for food.

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