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"Platform Fighters are an experience I don't get from any other Video Game. It combines strategy, mind games, mixups from a fighting game with the freedom, creativity, and style of a platform game into an experience unlike anything else."

Platform Fighter is an emerging Sub Genre of Fighting Game best exemplified by the Super Smash Bros. series. Unlike traditional fighting games, platformer fighters provide great maneuverability options and feature mechanically dynamic stages. Since they were designed for home consoles instead of arcade consoles from the beginning, platformer fighters generally have the distinction of controls that are designed for typical stock home console controllers, rather than the fight sticks used to reproduce the arcade-style experience.

The genre's name was coined by Smash players to properly describe the mechanically Smash Bros.-style genre (oddly first known on this wiki as the Mascot Fighter), which is infamous among gamers for the controversy of whether it qualifies as a "true" type of fighting game.note 


Though several of these games are known to have party elements such as randomly-spawning items, Smash's Tournament Play note  and the emergence of games such as Rivals of Aether led to an effort to define the sub genre with more hardcore, competitively-viable elements.

Note: While the term Mascot Fighter refers to crossover fighting games that have non-traditional mechanics, a platform fighter doesn't necessarily have to feature mascots, and specifically exhibits Platform Game elements.

Subtrope of Free Floor Fighting. In single-player mode, these games can resemble an Elimination Platformer.


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