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I...have only one eye.

"I (Dramatic Pause) am Samurai Gun."

Samurai Gun is a manga series by Kazuhiro Kumagai, that was serialized in the Weekly Young Jump magazine. It has been adapted into a 13-episode anime directed by Hideki Sonoda.

The Samurai Gun are highly-trained and conditioned, pistol-packing rebel samurai (though their modus operandi is more that of ninjas) who seek to avenge the misdeeds of the ruling Shogunate. They take their orders from a mysterious 'Council' whose actions and motives are questionable at best. The protagonist Ichimatsu suspects the Council was involved in the brutal death of his family when he was a child, and hopes to discover the truth through his activities as a Samurai Gun.

No relation to the video game Samurai Gunn.


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