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Indie Brawl is a multiplayer, 2-dimensional Fighting Game that pits some of the most famous characters from indie games against each other. Think of it as an indie version of Super Smash Brothers. Started by the guys at TIG Source, it's a project where everyone can contribute by making graphics, coding, or just by giving suggestions. It works surprisingly well, and the latest version includes 6 completed characters and 3 completed stages.


Features characters and stages from:

It was also supposed to contain a stage and characters from Cave Story and La-Mulana, but Nicalis (who made and published the various ports) didn't give their permission.


Indie Brawl provides examples of:

  • Composite Character: Trilby is wearing his suit from Trilby's Notes, but carries an umbrella with a grappling hook from 5 Days a Stranger and a taser from The Art of Theft.
  • Glass Cannon: Liero, who can't take much damage but uses very powerful weapons.


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