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CMC+ is a standalone compilation Game Mod pack for Super Smash Bros. Crusade, made by the CMC+ Team List  that brings the best of Crusade's mod characters and stages together into one game (hence its acronym: "Crusade Modding Community") in addition to other features exclusive to it such as assist characters and a Challenge Mode similar to official Super Smash Bros.'s Event Mode.

Its biggest claim to fame is its incredibly large amount of fighters, bigger than any other Platform Fighter: 269 characters as of version 7 released in July 2021 - that's 180 more than Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's final count of 89 at the end of its DLC development in October 2021! And this game being a mod itself, there's nothing stopping you from adding even more characters to your roster...

Download the game here (Note that it does not require the Crusade base game). There's also a site dedicated to hosting prior CMC+ versions (including the original CMC and April Fools builds) here.

See also PMEX Remix, a Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod that applies the same philosophy to Brawl's modding scene.

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    Playable Roster (as of V7) 

Official Smash Bros. veterans:

Crusade veterans:

CMC+ V7 is forked from Crusade 0.9.3 and is therefore missing the newcomers from 0.9.4 which was released afterwards.

Newcomers from series with playable characters in official Smash Bros.:

Newcomers from video game series without playable characters in official Smash Bros.:

Newcomers from non-video game series:

Original Character newcomers:

    Non-playable characters and other represented series (as of V7) 

Assist characters:

Unlike the assists of official Smash Bros. which are spawned by grabbing randomly-appearing Assist Trophy items, CMC+ has an assist system derived from that of Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes's or Fraymakers's, where the player can select from a roster of dedicated assist partners at the character select screen and call them to perform a supporting action when their cooldown timer is recharged.

AI-only fighters appearing in Arcade, Classic and Challenge Modes:

Challenge Mode bosses:

Series represented by stages only:

Carried over from base Crusade 0.9.3CMC+ V7 is forked from Crusade 0.9.3 and is therefore missing stages introduced in 0.9.4 which was released afterwards.

New to CMC+

Along with many tropes in Crusade and the official games, this modpack provides examples of:

  • Achievement Mockery: Numemon is unlocked by simply choosing to not continue upon a Game Over in Arcade or Classic modes. His unlock notice then doubles down and mocks you for obtaining a Joke Character who flings poop at people.
  • April Fools' Day: In 2020 onward on April 1st, a separate CMC build download was released, featuring a roster of fighters that are mostly joke-y in nature and/or of Stylistic Suck blatantly. Fighters that are featured in that build (assuming they weren't added to the official main build) can be found detailed here.
  • Artificial Stupidity:
    • Certain fighters have moves, typically of the "press and hold" variety, that'll result in a case of self-inflicted A.I. Breaker; the AI getting locked into using them if they choose so, unable to do anything else at the mercy of other fighters (kinda in the case of other AI fighters; see below).
    • Whenever an AI fighter uses a specific move that resulting in them unable to do anything else but said move, other AI fighters will register the former as constantly attacking, leaving them constantly shielding or dodging until they interupt the stalemate, typically with projectiles or rushdown attacks if they have any.
    • If an AI fighter gets ahold of a Jet Bike item, they'll perpetually attempt to drive towards any opposing fighter, unable to use its Energy Weapon or register the actions of the opponent, until the item gets wasted. This can be easily exploited by the player jumping off the stage just far enough to have the AI drive off and fall into the blast-zone.
  • Art-Style Clash: There are two broadly defined sprites used in CMC+: fully original sprites (either from later versions of Crusade or fan-made recreations of the style), or straight rips from various games. With the latter especially in mind, this trope is inevitable depending on the fighters chosen.
  • Ascended Meme: Princess Peach gets a Bowsette and Booette alternate costume, albeit most of the details on the character art (Super Crown, horns, expressions, etc) are abscent in the fighter sprites sprites, though the latter does get a neat effect of being somewhat transparent.
  • Assist Character: Aside from some fighters featuring these characters directly tied to their moveset, there's a separate roster of characters that can be summoned mid battle, each with their own attacks or techniques.
  • Background Music Override: If Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yamagi face off against each-other in a match, in addition to the unique Battle Intro for the former, the music will be replaced with "New Order" from The King of Fighters XIV.
  • Bloodless Carnage: Official Smash games, including the fan-made Crusade, plays this trope straight with it's family-friendly depiction of violence, particularly with the respective veterans and related newcomers from their respective franchises. Though, certain characters in the CMC+ roster don't play by this trope on occasion — particularly with Nacidio, who's gimmick involves coating his enemies in blood.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall:
    • The beginning of the v7 Overview Trailer features Sans introducing himself to the audience, having just broke out of his own character slot out of boredom.
    • Unlocking Akyuu involves deleting a specific .txt file within the game files, the contents of which are an in-universe Schmuck Bait note written by Akyuu herself. Doing so will immediately throw you into the unlock battle against her the next time you boot the game.
  • Character Select Forcing: For certain specific fighter unlocks, you're required to play a specific character — whether playing their Arcade/Classic modes, or said character has the unique properties meant for the more obtuse unlocks. — to reach the requirements, with the following unlock battle also being a requirement for the chosen character. For specific examples:
    • Misogi Kumagawa requires beating "Hardcore Race to the Finish" with Mumen Rider. To illustrate: the latter is a Joke Character that is required to beat both a difficult level and defeat someone that is objectively stronger.
    • To unlock Barack Obama, collect the hidden token found out of reach in the "Pipe Maze" challenge and reach the exit; Lilina's Teleportation up special being able to go through walls is essential to meet the requirements.
    • Ronald McDonald's requirements are pretty obtuse and out of the way, so much so that only a select few of the roster can reach the requirements to unlock - and of course fight him. Chances are, you'll be playing SUGURI to get to him efficiently, with her rocket launcher forward smash being an effective way to cheese him.
    • Certain fighters have non-standard unlock requirements that prevent the player from preemtively selecting a character from the roster, leaving the game to script you playing as specific fighters for the fight.
      • Because Hieda No Akyuu's battle starts off immediately after deleting a specific text file and booting up the game, you're forced to play as Akiha Vermillion, who's normally a character excluded from the playable roster.
      • Alucard, who's unlocked by inputting the Konami Code on the title screen, is fought with Richter Belmont.
  • Cheat Code: There is a method to unlock all the Secret Characters — with the exception of the "three gods of CMC+", which must be done via the usual method — by way of a cheat code: Spam F8 (also hold Fn if you're on laptop) on the title screen until the "Enter password" menu appears, then type in "jioishandsome", after which go into Free-For-All to see your mostly completed roster.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: For Arcade Mode, each of the fighters have their own colored border to indicated the state of the fighter's Arcade route: bronze/brown is a placeholder route, with the original Super Smash Bros. 64 roster as opponents for each of the stages; silver/white is for characters that have a generic route shared by all characters from their seriesnote ; gold/yellow is for characters with a route unique to them (assuming it's not a copypaste from another character's route into their arcade route definition file, as is the case with Cless whose route file is a one-line file pointing the game to redirect him to the generic Touhou route).
  • Company Cross References:
    • One of Hyde's unlock methods is to complete Serio's arcade mode. Under Night In-Birth developers French Bread never had any involvement with the To Heart series, but they did get their feet into the video game industry by developing the To Heart fan game The Queen of Heart, from which Serio's sprites in CMC+ are pulled.
    • One associated screenshot on Dracobot's independent download page features him dancing alongside Olevadon on the Friday Night Funkin' stage, referencing Kreadian Funk, a mod featuring Dracobot and his associates that was made by his creator Dracobot/SnowyBraviary.
  • Cosmetic Award: Stickers from Brawl make an appearance here, being only character art with associated descriptions like official Smash trophies. These are earned by rolling a lottery with coins like in Melee. Playable characters' stickers can also be earned by completing Classic or Arcade modes with them, like other cosmetic awards in every official Smash game.
  • Crack Fic: With the various clashing medias, as well as the presence of some completely bonkers choices for a fighting game roster such as the Windows 10 logo, Barack Obama, Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders, it veers between being a loving tribute to the represented franchises in the vein of any other Platform Mascot Fighter and a personal M.U.G.E.N build-esque nonsensical meme-fest (it doesn't help that some of the said bonkers characters are ported FROM M.U.G.E.N). As an example of the game wearing the weirdness on its sleeves, there's Obama's Sticker description, describing him as the creator of the Chaos Emeralds and Sans's mortal rival, as well as one of the most powerful beings on par with Adam Sandler and the Purple Guy.
  • Demoted to Extra:
    • ARMS, Banjo-Kazooie, Bayonetta, Kid Icarus, Minecraft and Splatoon, all series with playable characters in Ultimate that are absent from the base Crusade game, have been reduced to stage-only representation here.
    • An example contained to CMC+ throughout its updates: certain characters that were available in prior versions, assuming they weren't cut completely, at most get relegated to AI-only status in Classic, Arcade and Challenge modes.
  • Dungeon Bypass: Lilina's Up Special can allow her to teleport through walls under certain conditions, or locked walls in the Luna Nights challenge. This ability is required to unlock Obama.
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You: Successfully unlocking Ronald has the following notice glitch out partway through before warning you not to look behind yourself. Said notice is accompanied by a more foreboding unlock jingle and red interface, in contrast to all other fighter unlocks.
  • Game-Breaking Bug:
    • One of the mountable motorbikes can randomly cause a glitch where the fighter that equipped it may suddenly vanish — not as a stock loss, just the fighter ceasing to exist; unable to affect the battlefield and fighter in one way or another. Even worse if you're playing an Arcade or Classic mode and experience this glitch in two scenarios: either you get the motorbike and cease to be afterward, rendering you unable to KO the opponent as they (worse case scenario) stay in the center of stage, or the AI gets the motor bike and waste their time moving over the player not doing anything, then vanish to become safe from your attacks. Either way, Unintentionally Unwinnable, and you're left with either running out the timer or quiting prematurely.
    • Playing Jotaro's Arcade mode starts off normal, with Sakuya (as DIO) and Kars as the opponents of the first two stages. But the third stage will fail to load; at most rendering the static fighters in the versus screen, before cutting to a black screen with the announcer counting down without the "Go!", leaving the only option being a forced game close.
  • Hitbox Dissonance: Moles in the Metal Man stage have very inconsistent hit-boxes. You could be a meter away from them in a diameter, but still get hit while traversing past many of them through their Challenge stage.
  • Limited Animation: As most of the fighters are sprite rips from certain games with different amount of animations, certain characters recycle a lot of the animations to fill out a move-set. Characters like Blizzard Man (who has several animation sets total) and Aru (literally a static sprite several "animations" changing said sprite; otherwise animating with stretch-and-squash passively) are particularly egregious with their sprites.
  • Limit Break: Like in canon Smash and Crusade, many fighters bring their own Final Smashes. But because of the Game Mod compilation nature of this expansion, quite a few fighters find themselves without a Final Smash. Particularly odd with Ike, who had an iconic Final Smash in canon, but doesn't have it here.
  • LOL, 69:
    • While its unclear if it's intentional, which might be given the joke-y nature of half this mod, the playable roster totals to 269 fighters.
    • Certain Challenges give you an Overly Generous Time Limit of 69 minutes. The associated levels are either appropriately ridiculous, or unexpectedly challenging.
  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover: This compilation of Game Mods takes this up to eleven in comparison to even its Brawl analogue PMEX Remix. And not just for the many IPs featured, as many of the included characters' sprites and gameplay originate from fan-made content for M.U.G.E.N and Rivals of Aether. Whereas Crusade boasts over 70 fighters and counting and PMEX Remix has over 100 character as of 2022, this compilation adds up to over 200 as of 2021.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • The challenge that unlocks Sans as a fighter is a near-perfect recreation of the Undertale Genocide Final Boss in a Smash Bros. setting. Sans is a One-Hit-Point Wonder in a Stamina battle who barrages you relentlessly with bone attacks and Gaster Blasters that deal one damage for every milli-second the attack overlaps, while avoiding his opponent's attacks effortlessly up to twenty-five times. The final portion of the battle being the aftermath of the scenario: Sans slamming the foe against the sides of the battle box with his telekinesis and finally trying to keep his foe locked into a stalemate, only finally falling in battle letting his guard down via exaustion-induced sleep.
    • Two references to Touhou Luna Nights:
      • The first challenge, named Luna Nights, is a straight-up recreation of the first stage, including a boss battle against Meiling at the end.
      • Sakuya's Arcade mode, minor deviations here and there, is a Whole-Plot Reference to the events of the game, with Sakuya finding herself in a recreation of Gensokyo courtesy of Remilia, and faces against most opponents excluding the randomly generated fighters, Meiling and the True Final Boss.
    • Iceman's Arcade mode is a Whole-Plot Reference to Marvel vs. Capcom 2's Excuse Plot, where he's contacted by Ruby Heart to help take down Abyss and then goes punching other MvC2 veterans in the face for no stated reason before entering a three-stage final battle against Abyss (who, in the spirit of Ultimate's Classic modes, has his three forms represented by other playable characters).
    • 2B's unlock method involve's getting 90% or more in the Mini-Game Credits at the end of the Classic or Arcade Modes, which parallels the credits in NieR: Automata and it actually being part of the Golden Ending sequence.
    • One to a fellow Smash fan game - Hyde and Heart both have a Marvel vs. Capcom-style Magic Series combo system and a Limit Break system allowing them to perform an upgraded version of any of their four special moves by spending a Super Meter stock with an A+B input. On top of simulating the respective gameplays of Under Night In-Birth and Arcana Heart within a Smash framework, these are the exact same two gameplay mechanics given to Project M's Lucario to make him a Mechanically Unusual Fighter.
  • Nerf: For every character either pulled from M.U.G.E.N/Rivals Of Aether workshop, or originating from standalone Crusade fighter mods, each character find themselves tweaked upon their inclusion.
  • No Fair Cheating: The game is coded to prevent the player from unlocking Ronald by meeting his unlock requirement with Lilina because her Up-B can sequence break the route leading to him by allowing her to go through walls. You'll have to use any character but her to get him.
  • Out-of-Character Moment: As a consequence of the generic post-fight dialogue some fighters get for the default 64 battlesnote , they often say generic stuff like "I won" or "Victory is mine". But that's not the most blatant case of this trope, what is is the dialogue that follows after beating Fox on Final Destination in such routes: "NO ITEMS, FOX ONLY, FINAL DESTINATION"invoked. The numerous characters that can say that out of the blue is about a quarter of the roster.
  • Overly Generous Time Limit: For certain Challenges (Cucco Hell and The Ladies Of WALUIGI), they have a ridiculously high 69 minutes as the time limit, with no reason for it existing other than the obvious gag. Chances are, you're more likely to game over from losing your stock(s) first before the timer gets anywhere close to done.
  • Reference Overdosed: While there are plenty of references to the various source materials featured in CMC+, the various Palette Swaps a good portion of the fighters have go a step further into this. From Smol Nozomi having multiple references to characters associated with or resembling her, to even Michael Jackson (pre-race change) being depicted by Koishi Komeiji.
  • Same Character, But Different: In addition to the cases inherited from vanilla Crusade...
    • Sora was added to the game prior to his official induction into Ultimate, and thus draws his gameplay from his Super Smash Flash 2 self instead, specifically the Sora depiction before the 1.2 update.
    • Cloud's main form is based on Card Saga Wars, with a moveset divergent from his official self's. For one, no Limit Break meter.
    • One towards Crusade itself — the Tails in CMC+ is not his vanilla Crusade self but rather a mod with a different moveset.
    • A sandwiched case between official and Crusade with Pac-Man, who has three of his vanilla Crusade special moves replaced with his official Smash ones - only the Fire Hydrant did not make the cut.
  • Secret Character: There are multiple hidden objectives to unlocking characters by fulfilling specific requirements. Some straightforward, others a little obtuse and out of the way. In particular, three of the locked fightersThose being...  are immune to the built-in 'unlock everyone' cheat and must be obtained in this manner.
  • Serial Escalation: The original CMC build had a more modest number of newcomers (twenty five) in contrast to Crusade's total roster as of 0.9.2 (roughly fifty seven when not counting fighters grouped with another as a "mode"). V5 would take the roster size past the hundred mark and total roughly one hundred and sixty fighters, with subsequent versions adding more fighters past that.
  • Sidelined Protagonist Crossover: All over the place with a roster of its size, as a good number of the series represented in the base roster have secondary characters as playable or assists while the main protagonists are completely absent or Demoted to Extra:
  • Shout-Out:
    • The way the announcer addresses Sans is a recreation of Etika's reaction to Sans in Deltarune.
      Announcer: SANS?!
    • The Bamboo Forest of the Lost Challenge features a hidden Creeper face somewhere in the stage geometry, of which hides a secret key to unlock another fighter.
    • The April Fools' Day build consisting of Memetic Mutation naturally features plenty of references on its own. One of the Stages, called Katabami's Tribute, is the "DO IT FOR HER" meme template originating from The Simpsons episode And Maggie Makes Three, with the chosen girl represented being Katabami/Wood Sorrel, the sibling of Lady's Sorrel.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Crossover: You see that lengthy list of playable Touhou Project characters in the roster up above? Twenty eight playable fighters from Touhou canon, plus several AI-exclusive and five fan-made? That's the most characters of any franchise. It also doesn't stop there: there's also twenty-five stages, and a music track for each stage and character.
  • Stylistic Suck:
    • Zig-zagged across the board. While many fighters have their fair share of quality to them, there's still some straight-forward examples: from the more blatant sprite rips with a lack of variety to their attacks, to the deliberately unbalanced fighters in one aspect or another. To say nothing of some of the text in the unlock notices and sticker descriptions, which range from decently detailed with some unintentional errors at worse, to all lowercase letters type of stuff.
    • Played Straight with the April Fools build, which features various fighters that mostly lack in quality, ranging from blatantly unfinished characters (such as [Redacted], a Yoshi that's just Mach Rider by default) or deliberately limited movesets, to static images for sprites like Spoiler and Goten. As of 2023, it got a proper announcer... who uses a low-quality mic that results in a lot of reverb and not enough coherence.
  • Take That!: In the characters section of the Music Room, Pig God (who's a Gonk, morbidly obese man) has his name listed as "Discord Mod."
  • Traced Artwork: For certain characters, assuming it isn't a straightforward rip of their character art from the series, they have pixelated art which replicates art from their sources, such as with Sakuya and Sanae, who's art is based on their fighting game appearances.
  • Unexpected Gameplay Change: Downplayed. For the Challenge Stage featuring toehoe, the gameplay is tweaked to allow the Player Character to fly upon using up special, allowing to freely move across the expansive stage and fight against a Bullet Hell boss.
  • Vulgar Humor: Not the most blatant in terms of overly explicit characters, but certain one-off gags in terms of secrets and text boxes do get rather crass.
    • The unlock method for Rock Lobster is finding an out of the way secret in the form of the "Sex Box" structure hidden in the "Race to the Finish 2" challenge, with the following unlock notice being more explicit:
      rock lobster cums on the competition
    • Unlocking Super Sonic has the unlock notice congratulates you for being greeted by his enormous cock.
    • The Baldi's Basics stage in the April Fools build features "You're Mine" by DAGames as its BGM, a vulgar song that leans into Baldi's portrayal as a Memetic Molester.invoked
  • Weird Crossover: By proxy of being a large collection of fighter addon mods, there are naturally many oddball characters added. This includes plenty of non-game characters from various anime (such as Dragon Ball), software (Windows 10), even parodic portrayals of Barack Obama and Colonel Sanders.
  • You Have Researched Breathing: One of the requirements of beating the "Luna Nights" Challenge involve finding Shinmyoumaru Sukuna in the underground portion, who'll grant the fighter the ability to crawl under low spaces. Even if certain fighters have the passive ability to crawl, they still need to find Shinmyoumaru to progress, or else their crawl won't let them pass.

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