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Fraymakers is a customizable Mascot Platform Fighter created by McLeodGaming of Super Smash Flash 2 fame. Much like Indie Pogo before it, Fraymakers stars a robust Indie Game roster with an impressive degree of polish both visually and mechanically. Each fighter possesses a fully fleshed-out move-set of fluid, painstaking animations and deep, high-octane options, chief among them being the ability to summon your choice from a wide array of Assists upon filling your meter.

Certainly makes someone wish they could make something similar, right? Well, in reverence of their own Humble Beginnings, the dev team is also unveiling FrayTools, the game's very own custom-built and optimized development tool, integrated with Fraymakers free of charge. This tool promises uncapped potential to aspiring content creators new and seasoned through a versatile, easy-to-use, and highly streamlined workshop to create their own custom fighters, assists, stages, and much more, and also share them with the greater Fraymakers community. Better yet, FrayTools' potential isn't limited to Fraymakers thanks to a special plugin system, making it compatible with other game engines and platforms.

Fraymakers released on January 18th, 2023 in Early Access. The Kickstarter campaign is one of a special few to have reached its goal on its launch day. As one of the stretch goals, Newgrounds is also hosting an art contest to tie into the campaign.

Playable characters:

Assist characters:

Kickstarter trailer, Kickstarter campaign page (with updates and spotlights with further info)

Fraymakers contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Game Mod: One of Fraymakers' most advertised features, shown in the trailer and heavily talked about in the Kickstarter page and this content update, is FrayTools, a very robust content creation system that lets players design their own game content, ranging from Palette Swaps to stages to entire new characters.
  • Massively Multiplayer Crossover: The Kickstarter trailer showcases six playable characters as well as several assist characters, all from different indie games. And as you can see from the above list, there are PLENTY of different games represented.
  • Stance System: Like in her home game, The Watcher can switch between three stances. As is explained in her content spotlight, she can switch between Calm and Wrath stances using her down special, and has a third, special stance, Divinity.
    • Calm increases her jump height. In this stance, her neutral special move is "Like Water", which has healing properties.
    • Wrath increases her speed and damage, but also lowers her defense. Her special move becomes "Reach Heaven", a highly-damaging attack.
    • Divinity is a special stance which is temporarily triggered after landing five hits in the two other stances. It grants the benefits of both stances at once, lets her perform an Animation Cancel, and replaces her neutral special with "Conclude", which has great knockback.