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Puzzle Platformer

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A Puzzle Platfomer is exactly what it sounds like: Platform Game meets Puzzle Game.

A common Puzzle Platfomer format is having a player attempt to overcome obstacles and get to the exit in a series of rooms, often by use of a unique gameplay mechanic. Usually, the first few levels exist to demonstrate to the player the various mechanics the game utilizes, followed by a few simple puzzles to show what the game is capable of. Then, once they've got a good idea as to how the game works, that's when it starts requiring the player to think outside the box, requiring more and more creative thinking to reach the goal. Locks and Keys may be in ready supply, as well as blocks. Then, of course, they get trickier and trickier. Frustration abounds as the player must twist their thought processes into more and more elaborate knots, despairing ever getting to the next room... but oh, does it feel good when they finally do.

Due to the simplicity of making such a game, a large number of them are indie games or freeware/flash games. The original Game Boy and Game Boy Color thrived on these as well, as Screen Crunch made making normal Platform Games difficult.