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The wall is solid because you can see it.

Closure is a 2009 Flash game by Tyler Glaiel. You can play it here, and you definitely should. The idea behind the game is simple enough: a platformer where only illuminated areas are solid. Of course, a simple concept doesn't necessarily mean simple puzzles, and it shows. Featuring moving lamps, teleporting light orbs and lights that dim when approached; it should be no surprise that completing this game is harder than it seems at first.

But the thirty levels offer more than just interesting gameplay; the game is excellent proof that browser games can be seen as an art form. Dynamic music and a distinct graphical style help in creating an oppressive, dark mood. The story is told completely without dialogue: your only hints are the background drawings and writing on the walls – and even then, you're left completely in the dark until the very last level of the game.


A full version of the game was also released on Playstation 3 in 2012. Unlike a human-like figure, this version has a strange 4-legged and 2-armed creature as a protagonist who changes shape depending on the chapter. First chapter includes man with a weird helmet in a mine/factory, the second features a woman in a forest and a hospital and the third one features a child in a carnival. The storyline is only hinted by the drawings as well but this time there are no writings on the wall.

Now available on Steam!


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