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Web games, also known as browser games, are games played over the web. Not to be confused with Freeware Games, which are distributed for free and act like regular computer programs. Web games are played directly through the web browser, often (but not always) with the help of a plugin.

Individual Web Games

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    4X Games 

    Action Games 

    Action Adventure 

    Adventure Games 

    Card Games 

    Detective Games 

    Endless Running Games 

    Escape the Room 

    Fighting Games 

    Beat Em Up 

    Hidden Object Game 

     Idle Games 

    Launcher Games 

    Multiplayer Online Battle Arena 

    Platforming Games 

    Puzzle Games 

    Quiz Games 

    Racing Games 


    Role Playing Games 
Action RPGs

Eastern RPGs

Tactical RPGs

Western RPGs

Massively Multiplayer Online RPGs

    Rhythm Games 

    Simulation Games 

    Shooting Games 

    Sports Games 

    Strategy Games 

    Time Management Games 

    Tower Defense 



Web Game Developers

Gaming Sites

  • Adventure Games Live
  • Armor Games
  • unblocked games
  • Run 3
  • Crazy Monkey Games
  • Spiderman Games
  • Fettspielen
  • Soccer Games
  • FunOrb - Defunct as of August 7th, 2018.
  • Homestar Runner - A site famous for its web toons but also contains a number of popular games.
  • Jay is Games - Critical web-game reviews on countless titles (with links included to try things out for yourself). Also a source of succinct walkthroughs and development contests where designers are challenged to create original works on a loose theme, and rewarded by voting. Gamers are rewarded by awesome original games that are free-to-play online.
  • Kongregate - Home to an active community of developers and the gamers who provide feedback (and occasionally donations) to their works. A large part of the site is the social networking aspect of flash gaming, increased by meta-game achievements the developers and site mods help create. Recently made part of the Gamestop network.
  • Miniclip
  • Neopets
  • Newgrounds - Known for its flash games, but also known for flash movies. Along with Kongregate, one of the leaders in web-gaming developer sites that include social review and meta-game rewards for players.
  • NotDoppler
  • Hacked Arcade Games
  • Scrabble Games

  • Puppet Nightmares
  • Puzzle Clubhouse - A series of crowd-designed "game episodes" that each combine an animated story and a short, quirky game.
  • Arcade Prehacks - Your favorite web games, with cheats.
  • MiniGames - Hand reviewed best online games. Every game is personally played and reviewed before it's allowed on the site.

Alternative Title(s): Browser Game, Web Game