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A Pictionary-like game from Jackbox Games for your mobile phone, tablet, iPad or what have you, released as part of the first Jackbox Party Pack. At the start of each game, players are given a (rarely straightforward) prompt to draw a picture for. After the drawing is done, players guess the prompt for each drawing; after all guesses have been submitted, all of them are then shown alongside the correct prompt. Guessing correctly earns both the guesser and the artist points, but choosing somebody else's guess scores them points instead. A sizable part of the fun comes from the limited color palettes and the lack of an erase function, making drawing pictures for certain prompts an exercise in hilarity.


A sequel, Drawful 2, was released as a separate game. In this version, you can make your own episode for strangers to play (you make the prompts) and strangers who know your room code are freely permitted to join the audience.

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