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Mini Attack: Urban Combat is a 3D Third-Person Shooter developed and released by

The main goals of this game are very simple: shoot and kill all the enemies and bosses that you come across, collect powerups, use your unique skills, and complete objectives and missions. Between each mission, you may buy and upgrade your arsenal with new weapons, armor, and stats. Will you be able to defeat the so-called terrorist threat?


This game can be played at here or here.

Mini Attack: Urban Combat provides examples of:

  • Bullet Time: Once the blue bar fills up, you can activate a temporary bullet time which not only has the usual effects but also increases your reload rate and the amount of damage your weapons deal.
  • Endless Game: Both Survival Modes. The waves get gradually more difficult and longer until you perish.
  • Excuse Plot: Terrorists have been discovered in a town area! Go there and eliminate the threat.
  • Exploding Barrels: Can found in every level and useful for taking out most clusters of enemies.
  • InfinityPlusOneGun: The Deatomizer, which has a very high amount of damage and a high fire rate. It costs over $30,000 to purchase though, which means you will not be able to obtain it (and its upgrades) during a normal playthrough of the game. Unless of course, you replay the levels and/or go through the survival modes.
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  • One-Man Army: The protagonist, seeing as he mows down through hundreds of enemy troops over the course of game without any help.
  • Pretty Little Headshots: You even get money and score bonuses for each of these committed at the end of each mission.


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