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Go To is a 2017 2D multiplayer Web Game created by Sidney de Vries and his brother, Vince de Vries, and done in the PUBG-inspired Battle Royale Game style.

Unlike the other .io Game battle royales with a Top-Down View, like or Zombs, Foes is geared towards a smaller number of players, with its lobbies capping at 30. This means a smaller map, and also shorter, more brutal engagements, with player characters who are anything but Made of Iron. It is also currently the first .io battle royale that includes usable vehicles. features the following tropes:

  • Advancing Wall of Doom: The classic battle royale red zone. Here, it's significantly more lethal than a classic variant, as it does 200 damage per second, meaning that spending 5 seconds in it is enough to kill a full-health player with 1000 HP.
  • And Your Reward Is Clothes: Players with accounts win tokens that can be spent on cosmetic headgear and clothing items, assuming they fare well enough at the end of the round. At least, that was the theory. In practice, Sidney moved on to his other games, and made all the cosmetics available from the get-go, with tokens doing nothing and being there purely for bragging rights.
  • Arbitrary Gun Power: While it is far preferable to possess a gun of any kind than to fight with a melee weapon, the exact damage values may raise eyebrows. It's one thing that a slash from a sword or an axe is exactly twice as strong as a shot from a pistol or an assault rifle - it's something a little different when a single bullet from a machine gun actually does slightly less damage than a punch, to compensate for it being able to fire so many of them.
  • Archaic Weapon for an Advanced Age: For a forest surrounding a small military base, there's an odd amount of two-handed hammers and even swords laying around. (One can at least justify axes easily, and baseball bats might have been used by soldiers to actually play baseball.)
  • Batter Up!: One of the melee weapons is a baseball bat. It is also a pretty good melee weapon, possessing good reach, dealing 480 damage a hit, and fast enough to be swung 2 times a second. Only the steel sword is usually a better choice, due to somewhat longer reach and greater damage.
  • Car Fu: There are always 3-4 cars and a couple of motorcycles present on the map. Driving people over with the car is very much an option out in the open, though unless you trapped them against an object or managed to reach a good speed, you might have to do it several times. Players with guns or even swords or baseball bats can also kill you pretty quickly if you get into a confined area and have to slowly turn around. And because the map is pretty small, driving into a Red Zone is still an issue.
    • Bikes do substantially less damage than the cars. However, it is much harder to hit someone riding one, and unlike cars, they easily fit into the houses' entrances, so a good driver can practically dance from house to house in the town, trying to drive over everyone.
  • Crate Expectations: There are some crates laying around, but they cannot be interacted with. Their only importance is that a car or a motorcycle might be slowed down by one of those.
  • Critical Existence Failure: As long as you have even one point of HP out of the 1000 you start with, you can still run and fight back. Doesn't matter that in the world of a game, even one punch deals 160 damage, so having HP in the dozens should represent someone extremely frail to say the least.
  • Everything Fades: Like in other Sidney's games, dead players disappear immediately, and the blood stains (left behind whenever someone gets wounded or killed) or bullet holes only linger for a few moments longer.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs: Your only option when you haven't picked anything else up. Or when you only had ranged weapons, and they all ran out of ammo. (In this case, do not forget to drop them by pressing C, rather than pressing attack uselessly!)
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: While it's doubtful if any player character is remotely a hero, the Steel Sword is nevertheless often considered the best melee weapon, due to its long reach, 600 damage, reasonable swing time/stamina loss, and not slowing down the player like the more powerful Steel Hammer.
  • Hollywood Silencer: Played with. Here, the Silenced Pistol has only a somewhat reduced sound, and it is still quite audible. The "Hollywood" part comes from how it actually deals 100 more damage than a regular pistol, and is more accurate to boot, when silencers work in part by reducing the kinetic energy of the bullet, which by all rights should result in less damage. The only potential explanation is that the Silenced Pistol is a different model with a larger caliber.
  • Lethal Joke Weapon: Fists are obviously the weakest way to attack with, so you wouldn't expect a "Knuckles" weapon to be significantly stronger. In fact, it actually does 350 damage - 50 more than a bullet from a pistol or an assault rifle, and 150 more than a submachine gun bullet. Moreover, it has 0.3 "reload" time, meaning that it attacks 3 times a second, which is already lethal damage, since everyone's health peaks at 1000. Obviously, the only problem is actually getting right up in someone's face to attack with them in the first place. Even if they have another melee weapon like the bat, they'll still usually have enough reach to keep you away.
    • The Stun Gun is similar. Its 100 damage is even less than that of a punch, and it comes with only 2 shots. However, the stunned player cannot attack and barely moves at all for 3 seconds, so those with remotely decent melee weapons (let alone the powerful, but usually impractical Steel Hammer, or Knuckles), can easily close in for the kill. It can also be paired with powerful but cumbersome ranged weapons like the LMG or Bolt-Action Sniper in the same manner.
  • Limited Loadout: Every player can only carry two items by default, and finding a backpack expands this to three. Doesn't matter if the item in question is as small as a revolver or a syringe, or as large as a hunting rifle or an LMG.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Wooden Shield has basically no reach as a weapon, and it takes 4 hits to kill someone with it. However, it will absorb 90% of all damage hitting it. Great for frustrating snipers whose weapons suddenly become weaker than punches, but you probably shouldn't rely on it against automatic weapons or even in melee, since the other melee user will likely have much greater reach, and could easily slip behind you for a killing blow.
  • More Dakka: The LMG, which pumps out 11 bullets per second (even if each individual one deals 140, or slightly less than a punch, which deals 160). It doesn't actually come with that much dakka, sadly, and will blow through its 40 starting bullets in a couple of seconds flat (though ammo packs will give it 16 more). Of course, it would be literally unbeatable if it had even more ammo.
    • SMG comes with 30 bullets and is almost as fast-firing. The main problem with it is the very large spread it has. (Unlike LMG, which has practically no spread, but is also heavy enough substantially slow you down, implying that your character only uses it with a mount.)
  • No Plot? No Problem!: Whereas eventually included audio recordings detailing the conflict between the corporations and the Russians over the island, here you are just left to guess how 30 or so people ended up on an abandoned military base in the woods, and why they think killing each other will save them from the "red zone".
  • One-Hit Kill: Pump-action Shotgun is the only weapon that can do that to full-health characters, if you fire it sufficiently close to hit them with all four pellets at once. The extremely rare Bolt-Action Sniper is "almost" capable of that, dealing 990 damage and thus leaving full health players with an irrelevant 10 HP.
  • Revolvers Are Just Better: Revolver is considered a Legendary weapon. It does a whole 600 damage (next to Pistol's 300 and Silenced Pistol's 400), is very accurate, and can fire twice a second, but obviously only has 6 bullets in it, when a Pistol comes with 20 and Silenced Pistol with 15.
  • Short-Range Shotgun: Averted. Both shotguns have a range of 1000, which is equivalent to pistols and is actually greater than the SMG's range. It is also only a little shorter than the Hunting Rifle (1300) and even the Bolt-Action Sniper (1500). Moreover, all of those distances are far beyond players' actual sight ranges anyway.
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: The shotguns get a large advantage due to their spread, making them difficult to dodge, especially as they avert Short-Range Shotgun. Even getting hit by one pellet still takes off a quarter of one's full health. However, their 0.7 delay between shots still provides a good opportunity to those with automatic weapons to wreak havoc.
  • Sniper Rifle: Two varieties. The Hunting Rifle does 800 damage (out of 1000 HP maximum), and takes 0.7 seconds to reload for the next shot. Bolt-Action Sniper does 990, but takes a whole 1,2 seconds to reload.
    • If you have scored a hit with either of them, and you have a faster-firing ranged weapon for back-up, then the reload time doesn't matter. Even if your target is still alive with 10 HP (200 at most after Hunting Rifle shot), literally any other gun or a melee attack would finish them off, unless they find the time to heal with a syringe (which still takes longer to apply than your reload time). If you miss, and your target has an SMG or an Assault Rifle, then you are in a stickier situation. God help you if you miss a shot on an LMG in spite of their slow speed.
  • Sound-Coded for Your Convenience: A gong sound rings out every time someone is killed.
  • Spread Shot: The way shotguns attack. Regular one fires a spread of three pellets, the pump-action one fires four.
  • Sprint Meter: There's a stamina bar limiting how often you can run, or attack with your melee weapons. It recharges very quickly if left unused, though.
  • The Straight and Arrow Path: One of the weapons you can potentially find is a crossbow. Its bolts move slower than bullets, and it has very limited ammunition, but it deals the second greatest damage after the Bolt-Action Sniper. Any player who survives a 960 damage hit can be finished off by literally anything else, unless they somehow manage to win/escape and inject a healing syringe in time. (Which will still only restore 700 HP at most.)
  • Universal Ammunition: The ammo packs will resupply whatever ranged weapon you hold in your hand. Doesn't matter if it's a revolver, a shotgun, an LMG or even a crossbow. They even provide a fixed amount of ammo that depends on the weapon you possess.
    • Moreover, they cannot even be picked up if you do not have a ranged weapon yet. Once you have a gun though, you can keep picking them up and adding on ammo indefinitely. (Assuming that the match has already started, that is.)