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Go To is an online multiplayer 2D Top-Down View shooter game released in 2016.

The player plays as a combatant pitted against other players or teams of other players in a variety of maps. There are currently four game-modes available with different objectives: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Zombie Deathmatch (comes in Solo and Team flavors).

Players start out with a laser gun, but can collect up to 10 different weapons that are scattered across the map. Plus, before joining a match, a player can modify their ability distributions, and purchase new skills. It's a rather simple game, and is heavily focused on pick-up-and-play sessions.


This game can be played for free here.

Slay.One provides examples of:

  • And Your Reward Is Clothes: Leveling up grants access to new skins and more coins. These coins can be used to purchase new skins or abilities.
  • Blinded by the Light: The Flashbang used to temporarily blind players close enough to the detonation area. It was later replaced with the Smoke Grenade.
  • Frickin' Laser Beams: The basic laser gun, the reflecting laser gun, and the laser grenade. All of them involve laser projectiles.
  • Friendly Fireproof: Players on the same team are immune to taking damage from weaponry or abilities from each other (with the exception of the original player). However, allies can still be pushed by attacks, which means they can end up in more dangerous straits.
  • Gatling Good: The Minigun. This weapon has the fastest firing rate in the game, the largest magazine size (50), a relatively fast projectile speed, and can easily tear through a few unarmored players. The only issue is its slow reload time.
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  • Grenade Launcher: Two of them in fact. The first one has only one grenade per magazine, but a larger explosion radius. The other can have multiple loaded at once, but the explosion radius is much smaller. Both can be fired over walls.
  • Healing Factor: The Heal Aura ability heals all players (ally or not) within its radius.
  • Hollywood Acid: The Acid Grenade. This ability allows a player to lob a grenade which will release a caustic cloud of acid upon detonation. This will damage both players and their structures. On team modes however, the acid will not damage friendly players (excluding the original player).
  • Homing Projectile: The Yellow Rocket Launcher. This weapon can lock onto players and fire a guided rocket which will continuously follow them until either it impacts them, another player, or an obstacle. With careful movement, it's possible to lure them into other players or walls.
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  • Invisibility: The Invisibility ability allows a player to become invisible as long as they have enough energy to offset the costs, and don't fire their weapons. This can be passively counteracted using the Scan ability.
  • Kill It with Fire: The Flamethrower. It has the smallest range out of any weapon in the game, but makes up for it via the continuous damage it can spew out, plus how easy it is to hit enemies thanks to the projectile size. It also makes for a good detector for invisible players.
  • More Dakka: The Minigun. See entry for Gatling Good.
  • Life Drain: If a player has at least one point allocated into lifesteal, they will regain some health upon dealing damage to enemies. Allocating more points will increase the regain amount.
  • No Plot? No Problem!: No back-story is given on the website or community forums.
  • Player-Guided Missile: The Red Rocket Launcher. This wire-guided launcher will fire a projectile that will follow the mouse's position, and circle around it if the cursor stays in place.
  • Reflecting Laser: A weapon and an ability fill this mold.
    • The reflecting laser gun fires laser beams that deal the same amount of damage as the normal laser gun, but the projectiles can reflect off of any obstacles or walls. It can even reflect off of invisible stage boundaries.
    • The laser grenade during detonation releases several bouncing lasers similar to the reflecting laser gun. This can be especially deadly in tight corridors.
  • Regenerating Health: If a player has at least one point allocated into regeneration, they will slowly regain health over time. Allocating more points will increase the regen rate.
  • Sentry Gun: There are three automatic turrets in this game. They will fire on any enemy in range, and have infinite ammo.
    • The Auto Turret will fire at enemies with a Minigun.
    • The Grenade Turret will lob a grenade at enemies.
    • The Missile Turret will fire a dumb missile straight at the first player that comes in range.
  • Short-Range Shotgun: The Shotgun, which can two-shot an unarmored enemy in two close-range shots (four for fully armor and healthy), but quickly drops off in effectiveness further way due to its large spread.
  • Smoke Out: The Smoke Grenade. When detonated, this will release a thick cloud of smoke that obscures visibility in the nearby area. This was replaced with the Acid Grenade in a later update.
  • Sniper Rifle: The Sniper Rifle, which has the longest sight range in the game as well as instantaneous projectile travel time. It can two-shot an unarmored player (four-shot for a fully healthy and armored player). The main downside is that you must go prone in order to fire this, and the time between chambering each round is slow.
  • Spread Shot: The Shotgun. See entry for Short-Range Shotgun.
  • The Turret Master: Players can become one by equipping one of three automatic turrets.


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