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Big Al Game is a defunct online video game based on The Ballad of Big Al from Walking with Dinosaurs. It was created with the help of Alex Freeman.

The objective of the game is to survive as an Allosaurus (called "Big Al") in Late Jurassic North America. There are four levels that Al has: hatchling, juvenile, subadult, and adult. The game takes place on a 17x10 square map and is a text-based game.

The player has three statistics: score, weight (progress), and fitness (health). Losing all energy or fitness kills you. The player needs to constantly eat as even moving on the game's map loses weight. The older Al becomes the more energy he uses and needs to replenish. Fitness is also lost from an animal attacking Al or from a counterattack against Al.


Big Al Game has since been taken down and replaced with the 'Planet Dinosaur' Game. An unofficial remake has since been created. Subsequently, a recreation of the actual game using the original assets and source code was released.

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