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Ghost Tales is a casual game, released on Facebook and for iOS in 2015.

Anna is a normal girl living a relatively simple life. She used to be close to her grandfather who went missing years ago. One day, she gets a letter talking about him with a mysterious wand contained inside. She decides to follow up on the address inscribed in the letter, wanting to know what connection this has to her grandfather. Once she arrives to the town, she makes a startling discovery: the town is inhabited by ghosts! What's more is that her grandfather is one of the residents! What kind of life awaits in this mysterious town?

Unrelated to a stealth fantasy game about mice named Ghost of a Tale.


Ghost Tales contains examples of:

  • Ghost Town: The whole setting takes place in a town where literal ghosts reside.
  • Microtransactions: You can make online payments to get diamonds, which is a premium form of cash used to buy special items or to progress through quests.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: The main cast is comprised of ghosts of dead humans. However, the enemies you encounter are also different ghosts. It's never stated what kind of creatures the enemies are.
  • Sidequest: In addition to the main quest, you'll get some sidequests. Some of them will be available for a limited time while others are mandatory for the main story.
  • White Mask of Doom: Any ghost that you encounter for the first time will wear a white expressionless mask. It's only after you've helped the ghost that the ghost's face is revealed.


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