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Warbears is a Flash game devised by Gionatan Iasio in which the player controls the four titular Warbears, a squad of crime-fighting, walking, talking, clothes-wearing polar bears in three different missions plus one Adventure and a Puzzle Mission. The game has its own website, here, where you can set up your own player in Bedtime City and chat with others on the forum.

This series includes examples of:


  • Balloon Belly - Kla in An A.R. X-Mas. You have to look closely to see it.
  • Big Bad - The Groundhog Commander in Mission 1 who later returns in between Missions 2 and 3.
  • Kill It with Fire - Lucas' trademark, along with Stuff Blowing Up
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  • Kill It with Ice - This is how you get by a bunch of Groundhogs guarding the underground vault in Mission 1.
  • Kill Them All- The objective of the first game is to kill all the Groundhogs attacking Sleepytime Bank.


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