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Video Game / Valthirian Arc 2

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The 2013 sequel to Valthirian Arc 1, and also made by the same game studio, Lucidrine, but after being merged with Agate Studio. It's far less panic-inducing than its predecessor, mainly because you can't get fired. In addition to the more leisurely pace, the school can now be explored by students, and expanded by adding more rooms. Multiple errands can be done at the same time, and many missions form a story arc.

The next game in the series is Valthirian Arc Hero School Story.

Valthirian Arc 2 contains examples of:

  • Guest-Star Party Member: A few of the quests involve bringing someone other than your students along. Jeanne, Laurent, Helen, Alphonse, Kayla, and Hector have all been known to tag along on quests.
  • A Quest Giver Is You: You're in charge of which students go on which errands and missions.
  • Purely Aesthetic Gender: Unlike the previous game, gender has no effect on what class each of the students can be.
  • Skill Gate Character: The default class, Apprentice, is fairly easy to use, but doesn't stand a chance against high-level enemies.
  • Stern Teacher: Jeanne, the assistant principal, is serious but reasonable.
  • Surprisingly Easy Mini-Quest: One series of missions involves the staff of the school trying to figure out a good curriculum for the paladins. When Eve the librarian tries to do it, she has them fight pyons.
  • The Paladin: Paladins are a top-tier class and masters of defense
  • Wizarding School: The game is set in a battlemage academy and the surrounding lands. Unlike most Wizarding School works, you're the principal, not a student.