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Video Game / Stickville Murder Mysteries

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A series of browser-based murder mystery games casting the player as a detective in the town of Stickville, charged with investigating a suspicious death. Although the website that originally hosted them has been offline since circa 2015, they can still be freely played via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine here.

The Stickville Murder Mysteries series provides examples of:

  • Absurdly Spacious Sewer: Present in "Manslaughter in Stickville".
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  • Anti-Villain: The killer in "Cadaver at Stickville Dump", who acted in self-defence after the victim started acting aggressively towards her. Her father, who conspired to cover up the death, is another matter.
  • Make It Look Like an Accident: The killer of "Drowning in Stickville River" kills the victim, then attempts this trope by pouring a bottle of brandy into the corpse's mouth with a funnel, putting the body in the victim's car and pushing it into Stickville River. The killer of "Arson in Stickville" also attempts this, but much less successfully.
  • Old Save Bonus: The donut shop is just a filler area not related to the mystery at all in the first two games. However, diligent players of those games might remember that the shop's owner is called Pauly when someone of that name is mentioned as a friend of the victim in the third game.
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  • Sequence Breaking: In some of the games the creator appears to have assumed the most likely sequence of events the player would take; for example, in the fifth game, "Manslaughter in Stickville", they seem to assume the player would go to the morgue to look at the body before investigating the crime scene, creating some slight continuity problems if you do events in a different order.
  • The Summation: Each game ends with this when you go back to Da Chief.

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