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Pictured: Abel, the resident BFS wielder. Not pictured: the other 60+ characters
Wake up. Wake up.
My avidyā child.
Now I give you a mission.
My rage shall burn the world.

Unlight is a Facebook Card Battle Game by the Japan-based developer Glozcus. The Saint of Flame in the Roaring Mountain is seeking a chance for revenge. She organizes an army of dead warriors (and musicians, doctors, scientists...) who were killed in the Mundane World and are now wondering souls in the Underworld. The Saint proceeds with the army to undertake the world she hates.

You as a Saint's Child assists the cause by gathering those warriors strewn across the Steampunk Gothic Horror world and help them retrieve their lost memories. Hopefully, they will be able not only to understand the mistakes they and others made but also eventually reincarnate so they can change the world directly for the better as Agents of the Saint.

Notable gameplay elements include:

  • Character Cards: At the core of each deck are up to three characters with their own status and skills. Each character card has a level of up to 5 and can be upgraded to a higher level by collecting lower-level cards and, for Rare and Rebirth cards, fragments. Rare cards give out stories and Rebirth cards signify that the character has reincarnated.
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  • Combat: Combat starts with the drawing of cards from a shared deck (the content depends on the field of battle). The first phase is Move Phase, where players can move their characters using Move Cards to position their active character. Next comes the Attack and Defense Phase, where the active characters take turns attacking (using Sword Cards in close range or Gun Cards in medium and far ranges). The cards are generally double-sided; you can use up all the cards as attack cards, for example, but if they had defense on the other side, you won't have much to defense yourself with.
In each of these phases, characters can activate their skills if they have the proper range and cards.
  • It's "collectible": You assemble decks out of your personal collection of cards, categorized to characters, events, and equipments. You can earn these cards by buying them from the store, finishing quests and duels, or drawing cards using Rare Tickets. Be careful not to exceed the deck cost or you won't be able to duel with other players.

The official Unlight Facebook page can be found here. There are currently five active servers: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and International.

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