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Nickelodeon Clickamajigs are a series of simple flash games from the late 1990s and early 2000s hosted on the Nickelodeon website. There isn't really any gameplay to most of them: just click on the screen and watch the animations play. A few have simple click-and-drag gameplay but most simply, as the name implies, involve clicking and watching animations.

Several of the games were animated by Rodney Alan Greenblat (creator of Parappa The Rapper and Um Jammer Lammy).


These games contain examples of:

  • Acrofatic: A clickamajig called "DUTCH" has a very fat boy try to jump over a jump rope. If you press the space bar at the right time, the kid will do a series of acrobatic jumps and flips. If you miss, well, he'll fall over.
  • Agony of the Feet: "International Toe Stubber" revolves around a man hurting his toe and complaining in several languages.
  • Amazing Technicolor Wildlife: In "Candy Time", the rabbit the boy picks up is pink.
  • Amusing Injuries:
    • In "International Toe Stubber", the screen displays several flags on the bottom. Clicking a flag will cause a short animation to play of a man stubbing his toe and yelling, "Ow, my toe!" in that language.
    • In "Nutcracker vs. Sugarplum Fairies", the player controls a giant Nutcracker beating up the Sugar Plum Fairies. They eventually get him back—when the player clicks "quit", the curtains close, sounds of violent smashing are heard, and the curtains open to reveal a destroyed Nutcracker.
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    • In "Howie! Your Punching Pal", the titular character can be subject to several of these, including a Groin Attack.
  • Animals Lack Attributes: Averted in "When Dogs Meet". The dogs lack genitalia however they do have anuses, as the entire premise of the game is about how dogs sniff each other when meeting.
  • Ash Face: One clickamajig is about a comedian in a club slinging lame jokes to a booing crowd and the player can toss dynamite at him. He's fine save for this and a bad quip.
  • Bag of Holding: In "Candy Time", the boy pulls several things out of his trick-or-treat pail that shouldn't be able to fit in there.
  • Berserk Button: Whatever you do, DO NOT GIVE THE TRICK-OR-TREATERS BLACK LICORICE! Seriously, you'll be guaranteed to have nightmares for weeks if you do so.
  • Blah Blah Blah: In "Substitute Teacher", the substitute's only dialogue consists of endless repetitions of "Yap yap yap yap, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda."
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  • Bully Hunter: "Bully The Bully" has you solve a bullying problem by being a bigger bully.
  • Cannot Tell a Joke: One clickamajig called "Belt Billy!" is about a comedian in a club slinging very bad jokes to a booing crowd. The player slings things like tomatoes, eggs, pies, bricks, rubber chickens, bottles, watermelons, bowling balls, tires, brains, and even sticks of lit dynamite at him, to which he gives lame puns like "I'm an egghead", "Tastes like chicken", "This round's on me", "Spare me", "I'm getting tired of this", and "Dy-no-mite!"
  • Challenging the Bully: "Bully The Bully" involves challenging and beating up a stereotypical school bully.
  • Cordon Bleugh Chef: The lunch lady in "Chef's Mystery Special" serves some very disgusting food.
  • Creepy Child: In "Black Licorice", you're supposed to give the kids candy but whatever you do, you can't give them black licorice because it causes them to turn into horrible, grotesque demon-like monsters.
  • Does Not Like Spam: The children in the Clickamajig "Black Licorice" do not like, well, black licorice. Enough so to turn into demonic creatures upon being given some!
  • Eye Scream: In "Bully the Bully", you can poke the bully in the eye.
  • Fishing Minigame: "Gone Fishin'" is about a Tom Sawyer-like boy fishing in a lake and catching some very unusual things.
  • Foodfight!: "The First Food Fight" has you orchestrating a food fight (the first one in history, apparently) between the Native Americans and pilgrims during the Thanksgiving feast. Once you quit the game, the attendants will stand up to pray... before chucking their food directly at you.
  • Frothy Mugs of Water: Averted in "Gabe the Gefilte Fish". He sings a version of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" which mentions vodka.
  • Gag Haircut: "Bad Haircut" has a boy receiving various botched haircuts, including Princess Leia's haircut from Star Wars and outright being scalped.
  • Halloween Episode:
    • In "Black Licorice", you hand out candy to trick-or-treaters.
    • "Candy Time" is about a boy finding strange prizes in his trick-or-treat bucket.
  • Happy Dance: The kids who get off the school bus do this in "School's Out" to celebrate the last day of school, except for the kid at the end of the game, who seems to miss school very much.
  • I Got a Rock: In "Candy Time", a boy is going through his Halloween bucket looking for candy. He finds a rotting fish, baby, picture of President Nixon, Thanksgiving turkey, live crab, smelly cheese, live rabbit, package of bacon, apple, monster, and rat before finding a candy bar. A monster then attempts to steal it.
  • Jump Scare: "Black Licorice" is particularly infamous for this. Whatever you do, do not give the adorable trick-or-treaters black licorice, or else they'll morph into sharp-toothed demons and scream at you!
    • If you play this game in send-to-a-friend mode, you only give the children caramels, and no black licorice is on the plate. However, after you give the children some of the orange candies, the door will close, only for the mail slot to be bust open by the one of the trick-or-treaters, who will still morph into a sharp-toothed demon and scream at you.
    • "Chef's Mystery Special" has a jumpscare in the form of a creepy picture of the lunch lady that appears every time she serves you something gross.
  • Magic Potion: One clickamajig involves messing around with a witch's cauldron by adding a variety of ingredients into the mixture, such as eyes, bat wings, and werewolf fur. The combination of ingredients will then produce different results, such as creating a single puff of smoke, summoning a shark-hat wearing swimmer with sharp teeth, or creating flying skulls with bat wings.
  • Museum of Boredom: The clickamajig "Field Trip to the Museum" has a class going on a field trip to an art museum. All the children are bored because the rules say that they can't touch the paintings or sculptures. One girl, however, decides to break the rules and damage the paintings in any way she can.
  • Mystery Meat: "Chef's Mystery Special" is just that. The lunch lady serves gross slop that includes shoes, tin cans, rotten food, cigar butts, human body parts, and other inedible stuff. Be afraid, school children, be very afraid.
  • Nerds Love Tough Schoolwork: In "School's Out", all the kids are excited for summer vacation, except the last kid to leave the bus, a nerdy-looking boy who clutches his textbooks and sheds a Single Tear as the bus drives away.
  • Naked People Are Funny: One of the bad photos you take of the family in "Family Portrait" includes a blurry shot of the boy, who decided to take off his clothes and run off naked.
  • Potty Emergency: "Whizz Kid" is about a little boy who's in desperate need of a porta potty, but keeps getting cut in line. End the game, and he'll promptly wet his pants.
  • Recurring Extra: The boy that appears in "Candy Time", "Chemistry Set", and "Pumpkin Carving".
  • Simpleton Voice: In "Bully the Bully", the bully says things like "Duh, I'm gonna get you!" and "Now I'm mad!"
  • Stock "Yuck!": In one of the Halloween games, "Black Licorice", the player must give a group of Trick-or-Treaters candy. Give them black licorice and they turn ghoulish and scream at you.
  • Stuffed into a Locker: The intro screen for "Bully the Bully" features a locker rattling and someone inside it saying "Hello? Hello?"
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: In "Nutcracker vs. Sugarplum Fairies", the song "Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies" plays peacefully in the background as the Nutcracker is murdering the fairies.
  • Summer Campy: "40 Winks" is set in a summer camp counselor's cabin.
  • Teasing the Substitute Teacher: "Substitute Teacher" revolves around the class annoying, and ignoring, their math substitute teacher.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: In "Candy Time", a boy gets several random things in his candy bucket. He only gets a piece of candy when the player ends the game, only for a monster to appear and try to steal it from him.
  • Totally Radical: The poems you make using drag-and-drop words in "Busted Rhymes" are completely filled to the brim with beatnik poet lingo.
  • Vaudeville Hook: "Belt Billy" has a cane appear to drag the comedian away when the player clicks "Exit".
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: There's a lot of it in some of the Clickamajigs:
    • In "Crying, Screaming Baby" you can either give the baby things to soothe him or you can poke him to make him cry until his face turns pink. You can get him so riled up he starts screaming like a warning alarm.
    • One Clickamajig called "Glen John: Aging Astronaut" had the player harass an elderly astronaut with a bunch of old people items such as dentures or a can of prunes by letting them float around and bump into him. When the player leaves he would yell "Come baaaaaack!", as if his misery were preferable to solitude.
    • In "Nutcracker vs. Sugarplum Fairies", you control the Nutcracker and the purpose of the game is to beat up the Sugarplum Fairies. You can have him punch them, kick them or even eat them.
    • In "Substitute Teacher", you can make the students throw things like spit balls and erasers at the substitute teacher.
    • "One Fine Day on Main Street" has you placing banana peels on a sidewalk to make unknowing pedestrians slip up like Charlie Chaplin.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: The titular Mr. Whatever shapeshifts into a variety of different things when clicked.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: "Bad Haircut" is about giving a boy at a barbershop a bad haircut. There are two options presented as dialogue balloons: "Fix it" and "I wanna go home". "Fix it" gives him another bad haircut, while "I wanna go home" ends the game. The boy gets a seemingly normal haircut and says, "Gee, thanks!" As he leaves, he turns around, revealing that the words "Kick Me" have been shaved into the back of his head.


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