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Nicky Case, also known as Nutcase Nightmare, is a web game developer and writer. Their website can be found here.

Things made:

  • The Game
  • Nothing to Hide
  • I am become anime
  • joy.js
  • It's A(door)able
  • The Magnificent 2D Matrix
  • Emoji Simulator
  • Sight & Light
  • Neurotic Neurons
  • To Build a Better Ballot
  • Attractor Landscapes
  • Fireflies
  • How to Remember Anything Forever-ish
  • Loopy
  • The Wisdom And/Or Madness of Crowds
  • Coming Out Simulator
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  • We Become What We Behold
  • Parable of the Polygons
  • The Evolution of Trust
  • Adventures With Anxiety
  • Explorable Explanations

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