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Case at the 2019 Game Developers Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.
"I make shtuff for curious & playful folks."
— Case's introduction on their website

Nicky Case (born September 11, 1994), also known as Nutcase Nightmare, is a Singapore-born Canadian web game developer and writer. They are best known for developing video games such as Coming Out Simulator and Parable of the Polygons, both released in 2014 and Adventures with Anxiety, released in 2019. Case started out making flash games on Newgrounds. One of their games, :the game: (2008), went viral, partly due to Markiplier playing it on his channel. This got Case noticed by Electronic Arts and bagged them an internship there. However, difficulties getting games published there inspired Case to go independent.

Case is genderqueer and personally answers to the pronouns they/them or she/her. They are also bisexual.

Their website can be found here.

Things made:

  • :the game: (2008)
  • Nothing to Hide
  • I am become anime
  • joy.js
  • It's A(door)able
  • The Magnificent 2D Matrix
  • Emoji Simulator
  • Sight & Light
  • Neurotic Neurons
  • To Build a Better Ballot
  • Attractor Landscapes
  • Fireflies
  • How to Remember Anything Forever-ish
  • Loopy
  • The Wisdom And/Or Madness of Crowds
  • Coming Out Simulator
  • We Become What We Behold
  • Parable of the Polygons (collaboration with Vihart)
  • The Evolution of Trust
  • Adventures with Anxiety
  • Explorable Explanations
  • Nutshell (also called "Expandable Explanations")
  • The Singing Catgirl