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Go To is a free Web Game First-Person Shooter, created by the swiss developer Yendis Entertainment. It acts as a Spiritual Successor to their earlier online shooters, and, and uses many of the same character classes. The key difference is that unlike a typical .io Game, it is fully 3D, though it uses voxel-based graphics reminiscent of Minecraft in order to reduce the browser workload and ensure the game is playable even on very old computers.

It entered open beta on May 20th, 2018, and hit version 1.0 on January 29th, 2019, though the development is on-going. It is currently a notable mix of gameplay styles and influences: the main default map, burg, is a a remake (or demake?) of the iconic De_Dust from Counter-Strike 1.6; the fast-paced movement approaches that of arena shooters like Quake and Unreal Tournament; the class system resembles early Team Fortress 2, while the Regenerating Health and ADS-focused weapon physics remind most people of Call of Duty.

The game supports a clan system, and there's already genuine rivalry, with dedicated clan Discords, a Clan Central used to set up Clan War matches, and the tournaments with a series of ranking matches. It is also easy to mod, and there are already hundreds of playable custom maps, with some of the most notable collected in the wiki's Map List. There is also a variety of game modes, though most are only available on the aforementioned custom maps:


  • Free for All (FFA) - the first default mode. Self-explanatory.
  • Team Deathmatch (TDM) - used to be the second default mode, was removed in favour of the third one.
  • Hardpoint - team-based mode, where victory depends entirely on which team has controlled a series of Hardpoints the longest.
  • Parkour - players can pick any class (though unarmed Runners are preferred), but are all considered on the same team. Points are awarded for jumping to the certain "scorezones" (typically very high or otherwise hard-to-reach places) instead.
  • Hide and Seek - everyone's unarmed. All the players who initially join the match are those hiding. After a few seconds, a player is selected as a Seeker, and is locked in place for another 20 seconds, while everyone else is picking places to hide. Anyone who joins the game afterwards is a Seeker, and so are those who were found. Seekers win if everyone's found before the match ends.
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  • Infected - Everyone starts with the normal classes on the same team; in 20 seconds two randomly selected players die and respawn as Infected. The latter are of Runner class, and so are unarmed, but move faster than anyone else, and will instantly kill any human player they run into, converting them to Infected once they respawn.
  • Boss Hunt - After 20 seconds, one player is selected as the boss and gets 5000 HP, while everyone else is a single team hunting them.
  • Competitive - like FFA, but first player to get 10 kills wins.
  • Race - like Parkour, but first person to get to the scorezone wins.

The game is undergoing regular changes, so some finer details on this page may become out of date.

This game provides examples of:

  • Absurdly High Level Cap: The maximum level a player can attain is 100. Only one player, X, has currently achieved that.
  • Allegedly Free Game: It is free to play, but update 0.9.99999 introduced the option to pay for internal currency KR in order to unlock cosmetic gun skins, hats and backpacks.
  • All-or-Nothing Reloads: The most notable thing about reloading in Krunker is how ridiculously fast it is. Even a rocket launcher can be reloaded and fired again in a mere three seconds, while other weapons are even faster. Moreover, the weapons are always reloaded to full, even when its weapons like a revolver or a double-barrel shotgun, which you would expect to be reloaded bullet-by-bullet.
  • A-Team Firing: Neary all of the classes have horrible accuracy when they fire their weapons without aiming them down sights. The LMG class, Spray N Pray, quite literally sends bullets anywhere within a dozen meters of the reticle if fired without aiming down sights. However, it is only a little less accurate then the other weapons if fired while aiming down sights (better not ask how that is even possible.)
    • The Agent class takes this even further, as he uses dual Uzis, and there's obviously no way for him to aim it down the sights.
  • Bizarrchitecture: Slender Burg utterly twists the old version of the well-worn default map into something barely recognizable. TREE-HOUSE map features a couple of utterly enormous trees, comparable in size to the World Tree from Avatar.
  • Bland-Name Product: For the longest time, none of the guns had names, instead simply going as a "Revolver", "Submachine Gun", "Rocket Launcher", "Assault Rifle" , etc. This streak was broken with the addition of Uzis, soon followed by the Deagle (short for Desert Eagle). There's a FAMAS semi-automatic rifle as well.
  • The Blank: Due to (intentional) graphical limitations and stylistic choice, all of the boxy characters have no faces.
  • Boom, Headshot!: Like in most other such games, a headshot deals bonus damage. Moreover, the perfectly square heads of all characters make it substantially easier to score headshots than in a typical FPS. However, it is only an instant kill for the high-caliber weapons like sniper rifles and revolvers, and even then the high-health classes are able to survive a headshot.
  • Boss in Mook Clothing: A player picked as the boss in the "Boss Hunt" mode simply gets their HP buffed to 5000 (which will also regenerate in time). The actual effectiveness of the boss then depends on which class the player picked at the start of the game. Spray N Pray generally makes for the most powerful boss, since he can unload all of his 60 bullets on anyone trying to attack him, without worrying about getting killed midway through like a normal Spray N Pray would.
  • Bottomless Magazines: Played with. Each weapon does have a limited clip size, and exhausted clips have to be replaced. However, those "spare" clips (or even whole missiles, in case of Rocketeer's primary weapon) are essentially infinite, allowing any player to fire and reload indefinitely.
  • Bottomless Pits: Present in the custom maps geared for Parkour instead of fighting. Heavenbound is the most notable example. Also in Kanji, joked for having lots and lots of fall related deaths.
  • Bragging Rights Reward: The Alien Blaster is a very powerful secondary weapon that is only awarded to the level 50 players. Due to the way the levelling system works, very few players have reached that state, so they can already dominate everyone else without it anyway. Tournaments are often the only place where such high-level players are challenged, but they ban the Blaster in first place.
  • Charged Attack: Exactly what the Knife and Crossbow are as of now.
  • Cherry Tapping: The regular pistol is essentially this. It's mainly used to finish off heavily wounded players to get the 25-point bonus for using it, since using it to kill anyone at full health and using a primary weapon is quite difficult, though by no means impossible.
  • Concealment Equals Cover: Averted. Wooden doors (or indeed, any other wooden objects) may withstand as many rockets as you can throw at them, but normal bullets will easily pass through them, wounding or killing the player behind them. This can be quite a surprise to new players, who assume that such a silly-looking web game couldn't possibly replicate this feature of original Counter-Strike.
    • On the custom maps, nearly every object can be made "penetrable", thus allowing for the bullets to pass through them.
    • The February 2019 Burg update placed shipping containers on it. Many of those are completely empty and can be entered by the players. However, they also provide no protection from bullets.
  • Conspicuous Consumption: The game tells you which skin the player who just shot you was using, and vice versa. There's also a chat message going off whenever someone unboxes Rare or Legendary skin.
  • Cosmetic Award: The various skins and hats that can be randomly unlocked through paying for "spins" at the store with the KR earned during matches.
  • Crate Expectations: Crates are not only present on all the default maps, but most custom maps tend to have them too.
  • Crouch and Prone: Unlike most such games, it not done with C, but with Ctrl. Since there's not much waist-high cover around, its main use is to increase accuracy, which also works mid-jump.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: The Dark_Burg custom edit of the default Burg turns every object into the darkest shade of black, with only a little presence of milky ambient light. Even the players only appear as black silhouettes, though the guns of many classes begin glowing turquoise instead, due to the way their base model was originally coded. This makes it a good map for the Infected mode, especially if the nametags (which highlight players' healthbars by default) are turned off.
  • Do Not Run with a Gun: Averted. Walking, running or even jumping has limited effect on the accuracy, and standing still is far more likely to just get you killed immediately. Crouching does help accuracy, so a common tactic is to crouch mid-jump.
  • Emergency Weapon: The Pistol acts as one for Triggerman, Hunter, Vince, Marksman and Rocketeer, and no class uses it for their main weapon. Due to its weakness, killing someone with it is rewarded with additional 25 points.
  • Elaborate Equals Effective: Averted with the Marksman's Semi Auto, which has a unique black-and-gold design by default and is easily the best-looking gun in the game. Even so, it is often easier to get kills as a Hunter, who has a much plainer rifle.
  • Energy Weapon: The Alien Blaster fires light blue shots that work like this.
  • Everything Breaks: This became possible on the custom maps as the game neared 1.0, and literally every object on the map could get health values assigned to it, breaking and vanishing if it ran out.
  • Everything Fades: The dead players instantly disappear from existence. (slated to be fixed in the dev notes). Bullet holes in the environment take a few seconds to go away. Destructible objects also just disappear.
  • Expy: Burg is a pretty clear remake of Counter-Strike's De_Dust, although it was altered a little since then.
    • Many custom maps are also styled after famous levels from other games, as seen in this list on the Krunker wiki. Highlights include Lumbridge Castle from RuneScape, Suijin from Team Fortress 2, or a direct remake of the Clash Royale playing area. There are multiple maps based on those in the Call of Duty games, like Nuketown, Killhouse, Crash, Shipment, Terminal or Ambush. There are also several maps styled after Fortnite, with players dropping from a floating point above to the battlegrounds below.
    • Some maps also try to recreate famous historical Battlefields, like D-Day.
  • Fackler Scale of FPS Realism: is firmly on the Classic end of the scale. While the weapons used are all clearly real-world, pretty much nothing else is.
  • Fictional Currency: KR, called "Krunkies" by some players. They are awarded at the end of the match, with the system going through a variety of changes. In the current version, you get 1 KR for every 100 points earned in a default match, with the limit capping at 25 (i.e. scoring above 2500 points in a match won't yield any further KR.) This currency is then used to pay for spins at the store, which then provide the player with a random skin. Of course, some players can just buy some with real money.
  • First-Person Ghost: You can't see your own feet in the first-person mode. However, you get to see your entire character in the third-person mode.
  • Friendly Fireproof: In the various team modes, players on a team are immune to each other's shots. This even applies to explosions from Rocketeers' missiles - even though they can still wound and kill themselves with wrongly fired shots.
  • Gameplay Grading: The matches are won by whichever player/team gets the highest score, not by whoever gets the most kills. A "normal" kill gives 50 points by default, while assisting another player with a kill provides 25. However, 25 bonus points are given for a kill with either yourself or your target in mid air, 50 points are awarded for a headshot and 100 points for double kill (getting two kills at once or one right after the other), with triple and tetra kills giving further bonuses. Most classes can also get 25 bonus points for getting a kill with a pistol. Short-ranged weapons like revolvers, shotguns and submachine guns can get 25 points for long-distance "longshot" kills. Sniper rifles and semi-auto sniper rifles have the highest potential to get bonus points, though, with a 100 points awarded for a No Scope kill, and 75 for a Quick Scope one. Every class also gets a massive point boost if they can pull off a "360" spin kill.
  • Glass Cannon: The Hunter has a mere 60 HP, in contrast to the 100 HP of most other classes, let alone 130 and 170 HP enjoyed by Rocketeer and Spray N Pray. However his damage output is so high he can kill a full-health "normal" player with a single body, and any class but Spray N Pray with a headshot.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs: This can happen if you just throw away your knife.
  • Guns Akimbo: Agents dual-wield Uzis. They pump out a lot of bullets but are enormously inaccurate, to the point crouching in place is often the only way they can hit mid-range targets.
  • Hand Cannon: The Detective's Revolver, which is loud, slow-firing, and easily kills in one or two hits.
    • Deagle, added as an level 15 unlockable secondary weapon for all the classes that use secondaries, is also this. It is weaker than a revolver, but is still able to kill most classes in 2 shots, even if the overall DPS is actually slightly lower than that of a pistol. Unlike a pistol, it is also far more reliable at medium and long ranges, thus making Vince and Rocketeer classes far more versatile. On the flip side, it also doesn't award the point bonus.
  • Have a Nice Death: On some maps, it's possible to accidentally die by falling into the deep water, Bottomless Pits or the like. In this case, the game humorously describes it in chat as "player X committed neck rope", "player X committed uninstall life", "player X committed sudoku" etc.
  • Heart Symbol: One of the available sprays.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Rocketeers are not immune to the exposions from their own missiles.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: The default Triggerman class. Has perfectly average health and movement speed, andhis main weapon is an assault rifle with a balanced damage, range, accuracy and rate of fire.
  • Jump Physics: Pretty arcadey. Double Jump is not present, but bunny-hopping is possible (and even slide-hopping when you crouch upon landing after a jump and chaining that together). Rocket Jump is currently missing, but will eventually be added, according to dev notes.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Chaining slides and jumps together makes you go faster. What makes that go even faster? A lower jump height. What class has the lowest jump height? Spray N Pray.
  • Macro Zone: By far the most popular custom map is AIM_Room, which is a remake of Andy's room in Toy Story, where all the players are toy-sized. The Krunker wiki has a list of the other macro maps like it.
  • More Dakka: Spray and Pray's LMG has a whole 60 bullets in its clip. It's entirely possible for them to start firing before they even turn a corner and still have enough bullets left for an entire engagement. However, their accuracy is horrible to compensate for that.
    • Run and Gun's Submachine Gun has "only" 34 bullets, but is far more accurate to compensate for that. Its main downside is the reduced bullet damage in comparison to virtually any other weapon.
    • Agent's twin Uzis have 12 bullets in each clip, and they empty all 24 within about 2 seconds. The accuracy is horrific, of course, which is why the class is usually used for hit-and-run attacks. Common tactics include dropping onto another player with guns blazing, or running up close and then crouching at the last second, for the sake of an accuracy boost.
  • Missing Backblast: Rockeeters suffer no ill effects from firing off their rocket launchers with a wall or another object to their back.
  • No Fair Cheating: The game includes a built-in anticheat, which automatically kicks out any player with active hacks. It'll let them play normally if they disable hacks, but their account will be labelled a "hacker" and they'll lose all the items and KR they earned up to that point, with no ability to earn further KR.
  • Non-Fatal Explosions: The killing power of Rocketeers' explosions is quite unpredictable. Full-health players will often have at least a few hitpoints left if a missile didn't hit them head-on but landed at least a meter away. (Unless they were in a corner or next to crates and other obstacles, which cause the explosions to reflect back to the epicentre.) On the flipside, being in the mid-air when rocket hits close to somewhere you were just standing will often allow you to escape all but cursory damage.
  • No Plot? No Problem!: Players used to joke that the only reason a plot might be needed is to explain where the name "krunker" comes from. February 2019 update did add shipping containers with both that name, and a logo.
  • No Scope: For Hunters and Marksmen, such a kill is not only possible, it is encouraged by the game, which awards it with a 100 bonus points.
  • One-Hit Kill: Hunter does this to every class besides Rocketeer and Spray N Pray with a body shot (limb shots deal reduced damage), and every class besides Spray N Pray with a headshot. Rocketeer does this to every class besides Spray N Pray and itself with a direct hit from his rocket.
    • There is also the knife that can be thrown after charging up and the Crossbow (which for a long period of time used to be this but with a projectile) before it got the Knife Treatment of a charge up.
  • One-Hit Polykill: It's possible to kill two players at once with a single shot from a sniper rifle.
  • Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs: Pretty much a modified version of Good Old Fisticuffs, since you can expand the fire rate of any weapon. Yes, that even means the melee weapons.
  • Revolvers Are Just Better: Played straight, as it is the sole weapon of the Detective class, and has to be correspondingly good. Thus, it might have 6 shots per reload instead of pistol's 10, but it does 2nd largest per-shot damage after Hunter's Sniper Rifle, and has no spread, always landing at the reticle.
  • Retraux: The square shapes and single-shaded textures reminiscent of Minecraft are pretty retro. However, the unlockable skins are far more detailed.
  • Rule of Fun: As the pretty much the rest of this page shows, the developer doesn't care about following realistic rules of weapon use and engagement, and neither do the people playing the game.
  • Short-Range Shotgun: Less egregious than the usual examples, since it is almost as effective at 10 meters or so as it is at 2-5 meters. Moreover, its spread gives a much larger chance to score headshots at shorter ranges than virtually any other weapon.
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: At short and even medium ranges, shotguns deal enormous damage, can easily score headshots, and unlike Hunters, they are able to fire two shots one after the other, before needing to reload. As of Version 0.9, shotgun-wielding Vince is second most popular class for competitive clan players, after the perennial favorite Hunter.
  • Skeleton Motif: The kill counter is placed on the right side of the screen, next to a skull icon.
  • Skill Gate Character: The Rocketeer is commonly chosen by inexperienced players, due to its obvious power and the reduced need for aiming. More experienced players tend to avoid it, especially in FFA, because the winner is determined by the score, and it's hard to get more than the minimum amount of points for a rocket kill.
    • Vince is an even more notorious class, because his shotgun can deal lethal damage without needing to aim directly at the target, and it can fire twice in short succession. also downplays Short-Range Shotgun, so it is quite effective at the medium ranges as well. Higher-level players generally go for either Hunter because of his potential for long-range instant kills, or Detective to dominate middle ranges, with some opting for Run N Gun's mobility. However, the Deagle update made Vince more attractive by giving him a reliable source of longer-range damage.
    • Spray N Pray is the toughest class, and the only one that cannot be killed in one hit by anything in the game. His 60 bullet ammo capacity lets him fire for 12 seconds straight. However, he's also very slow, and thus unable to chase after other classes, having to wait for them to come to him. He also cannot jump on top of crates and other simple obstacles, thus limiting his movement options and letting the others flank him easily.
  • Sniper Pistol: Averted with the regular pistol. Even at a medium range, it has a very notable spread, which can be easily ascertained if you take the time out to shoot it at a wall for a while. Played perfectly straight with the Detective's revolver, and straighter with the level 15 unlockable Deagle.
  • Sniper Rifle: Two varieties. There's the plain black Sniper Rifle used by the Hunter, which has a 3-shot clip, is slow-firing but does more damage than anything else in the game, often capable of killing players at full health with a single body shot. Then, there's the black-and-gold Semi Auto wielded by the Marksman, which does less damage, but has double the clip size and the rate of fire.
  • Sound-Coded for Your Convenience: The explosion of Rocketeers' rockets makes a different sound depending on whether or not it hit an enemy player. Thus, they can check for enemies around the corners or coming through the doorways in this manner, alerting both themselves and their allies.
  • Standard FPS Guns: Each class (besides the custom-only Runner) uses one or two of these:
    • Triggerman: The default class. Wears a typical "businessman" suit. Uses a balanced Assault Rifle and a pistol sidearm.
    • Hunter: An archetypal sniper in brown clothing. Uses a Sniper Rifle with a 3-bullet clip and a slow rate of fire, but which can easily kill other players with a single shot, but carries a pistol as well. Has the lowest health in the game, with 60 HP.
    • Run and Gun: A man in blue clothing, who fights with a submachine gun, and nothing else, and possesses the fastest movement speed. His weapon is more accurate than Spray and Pray's LMG, and has the fastest rate of fire, but also has a quarter of its clip size (34 vs. 60), and does the lowest damage per shot.
    • Spray and Pray: A Light Machine Gun user in green clothing, who lacks a sidearm. Has the largest health (150 HP), and the slowest movement speed. His gun has a 60 bullet belt and can be fired for a long time, but also has horrific accuracy.
    • Vince: Black man wearing a purple overall. Uses a double-barelled shotgun and a pistol sidearm.
    • Detective: Wears brownish overcoat. Uses nothing but a revolver, which carries six shots and has the second-highest damage per-shot after Hunter's Sniper Rifle.
    • Marksman: Wears green clothing, main weapon is a Semi Auto rifle that's an archetypal Marksman gun, with lower damage than a Hunter's Sniper Rifle, but also a faster fire rate and a doubled mag size (6 bullets vs. 3 for Hunter.) Has a pistol as well. 2019 patch increased fire rate and raised mag size to 8, but also lowered his damage.
    • Rocketeer: Wears green clothing, and uses a rocket launcher and a pistol sidearm. Has the second-highest health and the second-lowest/lowest movement speed in the game.
    • Agent: Wears suit much like the Triggerman, but dual-wields Uzis. The shortest-ranged class in the game, as his guns spray really wildly unless he crouches still in place.
  • Take That!: There used to be spray that was simply a faked Discord screenshot with four posts of "everyone" complaining about how overpowered Hunter, Vince, Marksman and Rocketeer are, in order.
    • The fff_kanji map has a billboard that apes "Be like Bill" meme which states that he did not do "Hacks" or "Roblocks".
  • Time Stands Still: Used for some of the custom maps. The most notable example is TREE-HOUSE, which is an utterly enormous map that features several extremely large trees and no less than three cargo planes all stuck in mid-air, allowing the players to climb them. Another one is Eruption, which is a parkour map that also has a helicopter frozen in mid-air, and lets the players get to jumping onto solidified cubes of its exhaust.
  • Tuckerization:
    • There's an option to leave a "Spray" by pressing F, though each player can only have one active at a time. One example is the logo of MMOK, the Map Makers of Krunker who are responsible for some of the best custom maps.
  • Zombie Apocalypse: The Infected mode, currently only available on the custom maps. Most players begin normally, but convert to zombie players once they get killed for the first time. Zombies lack a weapon, but move really quickly, and only need to touch a human once to convert them to another zombie.


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