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Video Game / Final Girl

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Story Nexus game playable at

Tropes mentioned:

  • Black Guy Dies First - Possibly subverted if Dewayne is the stalker
  • Chainsaw Good - Subverted: the chainsaw runs out of gas immediately after being started.
  • Final Girl
  • Hell Is That Noise - Mentioned by name
  • Hilarious Outtakes - After getting the band
  • Improvised Weapon - A Tiffany lamp
  • My Car Hates Me
  • Schmuck Bait - A bubble bath is already drawn. The game remarks "Obviously this is a trap laid for you. But a strong urge to just give up, lay back in the warm water, and scrub all the muck from your skin and out of your hair is almost truly overwhelming." Usually, taking a bath kills you, but taking a bath with a knife equipped wins the game.
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  • Slasher Movie
  • Weapon of Choice - a staple gun

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