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Kings and Legends is a browser-based Collectible Card Game from Gamespree with some board game and RPG elements thrown in. Players start out with a handful of common creature cards, and eventually get to choose a class and add skill cards to their collection.

The game features a single-player story / campaign mode and an ascension tower / single-player challenge mode. Multiplayer is also present, in the form of cooperative boss raids and the tried-and-tested Player Versus Player.


This browser-based video-game provides examples of:

  • An Adventurer Is You - A player chooses from Warrior, Mage, Ranger, and Priest classes.
  • All in a Row - Playing the campaign is supposed to introduced the player to the creatures and abilities of the Human, Elf, Halfblood, and Undead factions in that order.
  • Anti-Air - Creatures with the Longbow ability deal double damage to flyers. Some walls prevent flying creatures from flying over them, and flying creatures cannot fly over other flying creatures.
  • Arbitrary Headcount Limit - Players may only have 3 copies of any card in their deck, regardless of rarity. Speaking of the deck, it can at most contain 30 cards. On the flip side, a player may keep a large number of decks, swapping between them before each fight.
  • Armor Is Useless - Averted. Armor negates physical damage up to its stated value, and can result in an armored creature receiving 0 damage from an attack. Notably, the Toxic Blade ability requires the target to be damaged, and most creatures with Toxic Blade deal physical damage. In short, even 1 point of armor can prevent a lot of damage.
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  • Armor-Piercing Attack - Creatures with the Sunder Armor ability bypass armor abilities.
  • An Axe to Grind - Found on female human mercenaries.
  • Back Stab - An actual ability in-game, usually found on Halfblood Tengu creatures. A creature with Back Stab deals double damage if it manages to get behind a creature before attacking. Combined with a Tengu's Flying ability, it ensures double damage to a creature that doesn't have anyone literally watching its back.
  • Bag of Sharing - Played with. Having only one copy of a card does not prevent it from appearing in multiple decks a player might design and save.
  • Blade on a Stick - Some creature models are shown carrying spears. Some of these creatures actually have the Spear ability, which doubles the creature's damage against creatures with the Cavalry and Pegasus traits.
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  • Bribing Your Way to Victory - Booster packs can be bought with in-game silver or gold. The better ones require VIP access, which requires real money. Also, some cards are only available when a player purchases gold using real money.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard - Certain campaign encounters and all raid bosses are not bound by the deck constraints that players are saddled with.
  • Dumb Muscle - Trolls with the Dumb ability have their starting movement and attack range at 1, as opposed to 2 for most infantry units. However, they make up for it with a lot of life points, defenses, or both.
  • Early Installment Weirdness - In the earlier versions of the game, Humans had no ranged attackers, while Elf infantry were either mages or archers only.
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning - Present in various mages' and Beasts' attacks. Fire does Damage Over Time, Ice can slow down and sometimes even hold an enemy in place, while Lightning can sometimes stun an enemy, preventing movement, attacks, and counterattacks.
  • Healing Hands - Priestesses, both Elven and Human, as well as Paladins can heal their allies or themselves. A player who chooses the Priest class can do this too, natch.
  • Herd-Hitting Attack - The Whirlwind ability attacks the 8 squares around the creature simultaneously. Cone of Fire hits all creatures in a 2 x 3 area. Some Hero skills also damage multiple squares.
  • Light 'em Up - Some Elf spellcasters deal Holy damage as beams of light from their fingertips. Human Priestesses call down a column of light on the target. Whatever the source, Holy damage cannot be reduced in any way, and as a bonus shuts down the Undead faction's Back From The Dead shenanigans.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits - The state of most players' decks if they choose to play with all their "best" cards, instead of specializing in a particular race.
  • Sword Drag - Done by sword-wielding skeleton soldiers.
  • Universal Poison - Creatures with the Toxic Blade ability cause creatures they damage to take Shadow damage over 10 rounds. This includes Undead creatures and defensive structures.


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