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Millsberry was a child-geared online game created by General Mills cereal in July 2004. It was an example of an "advergame", a video game meant to advertise a product or place.

In Millsberry, you could create an avatar and live your life in Millsberry. You could decorate your own house, shop for item, play games at the arcade, engage in special events, and read the weekly newspaper called the "Millsberry Gazette", which told you the happenings in Millsberry.

The game ended on December 31st, 2010. It cannot be played anymore, officially or unofficially.

Not to be confused with the webcomic Mulberry.



  • Advertisement Game: The game is an advergame for General Mills products. The game markets a lot of General Mills products.
  • All Animals Are Domesticated: Some of the pets you can buy are exotic, such as toucans.
  • Animesque: The art-style has a slight animesque feel to it.
  • Barbie Doll Anatomy: According to artwork, shirtless boys have no nipples in Millsberry.
  • Fishing Minigame: The game contains a fishing minigame in Peabody Park.
  • Product Placement: As it was made as a marketing tool, the game contains much of it. For example, arcades games include "Bumper Boats" for Fruity Cheerios and "Lucky Charms Charmed Life" for Lucky Charms.
  • There Are No Adults: The city of Millsberry seems to be populated by almost nothing but children. Adults exist but are rare and regulated to minor roles. Teenagers are even rarer than adults.

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