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Cactus McCoy is a 2D Flash Platforming/Beat-em-up made by Flipline Studios.

The story is that on a routine treasure hunt, due to missing warning symbols, McCoy takes the cursed Thorned Emerald and thus, is transformed into a walking cactus by the ancient Curse of Thorns. His mission is simple - to return the emerald to its true home by following the map pieces. If he fails this quest, the curse will eventually turn him into a lifeless stone cactus - just like the last foolish person. Complicating his quest are the army of Enemigos employed by the four-armed Hex Hatfield, who wishes to have the emerald for his own greedy purposes.


Brawl, gun, and platform your way through the swarms of Enemigos and the terrain's natural traps. All across journey, you will find and master a multitude of weaponry ranging from machetes to bombs to even squirt guns. As you complete levels, you will gain the missing map pieces that will guide you to the emerald's true resting place (and the rest of the levels). As you beat Enemigos, you gain money and/or their weapons (temporarily). Of course, the money you can gain can be increased drastically by juggling enemies repeatedly. You can then use that money to upgrade all the different stats available - such as punching strength, sword strength, etc. Master all these techniques, gain the five hidden treasures in each level, and complete all the achievements to make a path towards victory and dispelling the curse!


This game can be played here.

This game provide examples of:

  • Badass Longcoat: The titular character's coat.
  • Breakable Weapons: Every weapon has a certain durability or number of uses left. Though, the number depends on the weapon and weapon type. Of course, depending on the weapon type, using it may or may not deplete the number of uses.
    • Melee weapons degrade when they hit something. Projectiles, guns, and (in the sequel) thrusting weapons, like the chainsaw, degrade when fired/thrown.
  • Cursed with Awesome
  • 100% Completion: Good luck with that. There are multiple upgrades, 60 hidden treasures, 60 challenges to complete, and 80 badges to earn in total.
    • In the sequel, there are only 60 badges, but that's mainly because the weapon mastery badges have been lumped together by type. There are now 75 weapons.
  • Infinity +1 Sword: After getting 100% completion in Cactus McCoy 2, the Serpent Blade is added to your arsenal. It kills normal enemies in one hit, and can take out the first boss in about six. It's also incredibly durable. In Cactus McCoy 1, it is Hatfield's pistol.
  • Lethal Joke Weapon: The Squirt Gun has a crazy fast fire rate, is just as strong as the other pistols, and has tons of ammo. Of course, it's only available at the very end of one normal level and hidden in a maze that requires a good bit of platform puzzling to even enter.
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  • Cool Train: The train is the theme of many of the levels. Check Rustler Railroad, Midnight Express, Deadridge Railway and Southwind Express in the sequel.


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