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You're about to spring a bloody leak.

"Fireballs? Teleports? Fancy ninja shit? Naw son, we do pipes to the spine. All day."
frankzerofour on Cody's Ultra Combo

Subtrope of Improvised Weapon and related to both Carry a Big Stick and Simple Staff, segments of piping usually used to channel liquids or gases are also effective clubs. Use of them as a weapon is especially common in derelict or wartorn zones where the piping is not in use and in poor repair, allowing easy acquisition. When not in the hands of a criminal or simpleton, this is generally a weapon of last resort.

Even if the piping is still installed, pipes can still be used as weapons. Broken pipe ends can be used to impale a careless enemy, valves can release scalding liquids or gases, and they can make for a good surface to crack heads against.

While most piping is generally featureless, weaponized pipes tend to feature elbow joints and valves to emphasize the fact that they are, in fact, from a plumbing system.



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     Anime & Manga  

  • In the second episode of Digimon Frontier, Kouji proceeds to use this against a horde of Pagumon. And wins. At least until one of them digivolves into Raremon.
  • In the virtual world arc of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Kaiba uses one of these against Nezbit/Tristan.
  • Russia from Axis Powers Hetalia carries around a lead pipe as an Improvised Weapon. He makes a habit of pulling it out of nowhere, puts things like food in it to take out later, and calls it his "magical stick" when he uses it to go after Estonia after he wrongfully accuses him of hacking his blog. According to Word of God, he has it because of Russian soldiers during World War II taking lead pipes as trophies.
  • Erza uses a pipe in a fight with delinquentsnote  in the Fairy Tail High School A.U. story.
  • Otcho of 20th Century Boys was trained to use a bo, but since he's mostly in an urban environment his usual weapon is a pipe.
  • In Naruto, Tobi once used a jagged pipe as a spear instead of a club when fighting Konan.
  • In the Super Dimension Fortress Macross episode where Hikaru and his wingmen board the Zentradi flagship, Breetai beats down two Valkyries with a pipe. After walking along the surface of his ship to find an airlock after being thrown out of a gaping hole.
  • Used a couple of times in the film adaptation of AKIRA first when Yamagata uses one to fight Joker of the Clown gang, then when Tetsuo kills a Clown by bashing him over the head with one as he drives by on his motorcycle.
  • In One Piece, as a child, Luffy, Ace, and Sabo's primary weapons were steel pipes, which they used as staffs. And while his brothers grew to rely more on their Devil Fruit powers, Sabo still uses his pipe as an adult.
  • Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva: In his animated movie, Professor Layton picks up a pipe to defend himself from the villain Jean Descole's sword as they battle on top of his Humongous Mecha. Because the professor is incapable of doing anything in an unclassy way, he actually fences with a lead pipe and sucessfully disarms his opponent.
  • In the Sands of Destruction manga, Taupy attempts to train Kyrie using scraps of pipe. Naja interrupts them, and so Kyrie is forced to fight using nothing but his pipe.

     Board Games  

  • Clue: One of the possible murder weapons is a lead pipe.

     Comic Books  

  • The Goon uses one as one of his weapons as a kid.
  • It's well-known to the general population of V for Vendetta that the government's "retirement homes" are nothing more than gas chambers. Except it's not even that, it's just a couple of men with lead pipes.




  • In Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, Tommy beats Michael with a pipe until green slime starts bleeding out of his head.
  • Cloverfield features Marlena using a broken pipe as a weapon against the giant parasites.
  • Commando: Let off some steam, Benett!
  • A lead pipe is one of the possible murder weapons in Clue
  • In Pulp Fiction, Marcellus Wallace informs Zed that he is going to be dealt with by some associates Marcellus describes as "Pipe Hittin' ". He also tells him that said associates will go to work with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch, so pipes are probably going to be the least of the man's problems.
  • In The Return of the Living Dead, the character Burt uses a length of pipe to try and beat back the zombie horde trying to get into the mortuary.
  • In Blade Runner, Decker attacks Batty with a length of pipe during their final confrontation.
  • TheWarriors: When our eponymous heroes are preparing to face down the Rogues, Comanche wrenches a pipe from beneath the boardwalk to arm himself. He won't need it.
  • Jason from Terkel In Trouble always has an iron pipe on his person. He doesn't actually use it for something at first, and a Running Gag is that he constantly drops it, making others ask why he bothers carrying it around. His reply is: "You never know when you'll need an iron pipe". Of course, it ends up being useful when he has to use it in a fight against a psychotic teacher.
  • In Taken after managing to break the supports of the pipe he was handcuffed to the hero opens the valve and sprays a bad guy in the face with what turns out to be high-pressure steam.
  • In Miami Connection various characters weld pipes as weapons. Some of them seem to cut like swords.
    Mike Nelson: Why is your pipe so sharp?! Why?!

  • In After the Thin Man, the bad guy has fashioned pipe into a makeshift ladder and cosh. The detective Nick speculates this way they can then be thrown into a nearby urban trash bin and not be noticed.

     Live Action TV  


  • In The Protomen's Act II, Joe used one when attempting to fight the Sniper. It didn't help much.

     Tabletop RPG  

  • Iron Crown Enterprises' Cyberspace RPG had a "heavy alloy" pipe as an available weapon.

     Video Games  

     Web Comics  

     Western Animation  

  • The Clue weapon was also used for a gay-joke on Family Guy.
    Jasper (to Stewie): Sorry little guy, we were playing Clue and he got me in the bedroom with a lead pipe.
  • In the Robot Chicken sketch "Iron Man Cheney" the terrorists order the vice-president to build them weapons. He says he already has one and knocks one out with a pipe, calling it the "Cheney Special." The terrorists say they'll take a thousand.
  • The "Intensive Care Bear" from The Simpsons.
    Homer: Why does a bear need a crowbar?
    Bear: Eh, I don't like to get my hands dirty.
  • One episode of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon saw Shredder rip a drainpipe off of a wall to use as a weapon. Directly inspired one of Leonardo's few wisecracks: "Why, Shredder. You look very distinguished with a pipe."
  • Pops up from time to time in Sealab 2021. In the episode Green Fever, Sparks and Stormy get pipes from "pipe storage" (which apparently offers museum-style tours and an informational video about pipe history) to defend themselves against the infected.
  • In Frisky Dingo, Killface is impaled by a pipe after a rather nasty fall. After trying and failing to get medical aid for himself and his party in an emergency room, he finally snaps, tears the pipe from his chest, and kills a doctor with it. It's funnier than it sounds.

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