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You must run away from enemy cars who are determinate to kill you. Find the escape path paying attention to fuel level and car health!

FFX Runner is a Nintendo Hard 3D Shockwave game by Officine Pixel. The concept is simple: you are driving a yellow car and must escape from other cars.

The original came out in 2004 and a remake called FFX Runner HD came out in 2016. A sequel of sorts called FFX Runner Undead Rods had a demo released in 2020. A full description is available on its site.

Somewhat confusingly, FFX Runner is also known as On The Run and Alias Runner. On The Run is a branded version of the game that was published on the web game site Miniclip, while Alias Runner is a leaked beta with minor alterations (namely, a different skybox and the car being red instead of yellow). As a Miniclip property, On The Run received multiple sequels developed by game studios other than Officine Pixel.

Not to be confused with FFX.

Tropes used:

  • All There in the Manual: While the games themselves have little to no plot, the game descriptions on Miniclip hinted that your pursuers are part of some shady organization trying to get their hands on stolen classified documents in your trunk.
  • Fake Difficulty: You have limited fuel, and you have to repair your car. Your enemies have infinite fuel and infinite health.
  • Nintendo Hard: When you die, you have to start all over. Other cars try to ram into you all the time.
  • Train Escape: FFX Runner ends with you cutting your pursuers off at a railway crossing. You'll actually receive a Non Standard Game Over if you don't make it past the descending barriers in time.
  • Van in Black: In the original game, you are hunted by a black van and silver SUVs with tinted windows.
  • Video Game Remake: FFX Runner HD is available as a download rather than a web game. It has improved graphics and new features like car customisation.