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You must run away from enemy cars who are determinate to kill you. Find the escape path paying attention to fuel level and car health!

FFX Runner is a Nintendo Hard 3D game with no plot explanation. You are driving a yellow car and must escape from other cars.

The original came out in 2004 and a remake called FFX Runner came out in 2016. A sequel of sorts called FFX Runner Undead Rods had a demo released in 2020. A full description is available on its site.

Not to be confused with FFX.

Tropes used:

  • Fake Difficulty: You have limited fuel, and you have to repair your car. Your enemies have infinite fuel and infinite health.
  • Nintendo Hard: When you die, you have to start all over. Other cars try to ram into you all the time.
  • Video Game Remake: FFX Runner HD is available as a download rather than a web game. It has improved graphics and new features like car customisation.


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