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Trisphere is an online browser-based WesternRPG with multiplayer elements made by Lee Miller.

In this game, you begin as a peasant in the town of Rinau, who aspires to become an adventurer. However, you start out with little to no combat skills or experience, and no items or equipment (save for a Wooden Stick) for that matter. However, from the get go, you can choose a primary and secondary combat vocation from three different options available (Fighter, Wizard, and Thief) on what path your journey will take. Each combination is unique as it will allow you to obtain certain skills (all skills from primary, and some from secondary) that others won't get. From then out, you are ready to visit Korinth and begin your adventure.

As you slay monsters, complete quests, gather items, mine treasures, enchant equipment, and craft a vast assortment of items, you will be able to follow one of many paths to success. On your journey, you will make allies and enemies, defeat monsters, and take non-combat orientated professions to become the most powerful or richest being in the land. The question is, will you be able to attain this dream?


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Tropes present in Trisphere:

  • 20 Bear Asses: A rather less infuriating example compared to most. Most of the time, the number of items needed are less than 10.
  • An Adventurer Is You: Every single player counts as one, and can choose from three different combat vocations.
  • Anti Poop-Socking: Every time you explore an area, it costs a certain amount of energy. Once you run out of energy, you must wait until your energy replenishes back up to a suitable level to continue exploration. This same system is also applied to the non-combat professions with the fatigue system.
  • Dem Bones: All skeletal enemies. Korinth explains that they are created and animated by the powers of the Orb of Change.
  • Elemental Powers: There are six available: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, and Darkness.
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  • Fighter, Mage, Thief: Played straight, as demonstrated by the three main combat specializations available in this game. However, thanks to the dual class system, every player can choose a secondary class which allows them to mix and match elements of the alternate classes. Basically, this allows the player to obtain all skills in their primary chosen class, and some of the skills in their secondary chosen class.
  • Forced Level-Grinding: To get to new locations, obtain certain quests, use better equipment, gather and craft better items, or even survive against some of the bosses, you must grind - a lot. Thankfully, the amount of grind can be mitigated with higher-tier equipment, items, and proper skill allocation. Though, good luck finding or making these items...
  • Global Currency: Gold and Shards.
  • Item Crafting: A rather robust system. Basically, you get resources from the gathering skills, and then use those resources into crafting or forging new items. During the crafting process, you may socket in some extra items to increase or add new effects to the final product, at the cost of a lowered chance of success. However, what you can gather and craft is limited by the profession's experience levels, which can be upgraded by just utilizing the appropriate professions. Higher levels, mean a higher chance of crafting a unique variant, a greater chance of success, and more options on what to craft. Furthermore, several rarer items need recipes before they can be crafted. Certain items and equipment can even be enchanted (or disenchanted) to increase the potency or add even more effects.
  • Noob Cave: Rinau Fields, where Korinth first sends you out if you seek him.
  • Point Build System: For every level, you obtain 6 Stat Points (on the beginning; later that number increases) and 1 Skill Point. The Stat Points can be distributed to four of your main stats: Strength (increases physical damage), Defense (decreases all incoming damage and increases max HP), Agility (increases chances of hitting and getting critical hits), or Wisdom (increases magical damage and increases max MP). The Skill Point can be spent to obtain or improve skills.
  • Random Encounters: Averted. Here, you must go explore a location before you can encounter a monster. The monster (excluding bosses) you will face there will be chosen at random (depending on the location and difficulty).
  • Socketed Equipment: Combined with the Item Crafting system. See the Item Crafting entry for more details.
  • Skill Point Reset: Can be done as long as you have enough Gold.
  • Status Buff: There are many items, equipment, and skills that can provide this.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: The boss (and the commander of the undead forces) of Rinau Fields, the Skeletal Horse.
  • With This Herring: Every character starts out with nothing equipped at all, only has a Wooden Stick in his or her inventory, 200 Gold, and a maximum amount of energy and fatigue.


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