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An example of an typical fortress a player's built around themselves. is a multiplayer Web Game created in 2017 by an Australian programmer Sidney de Vries, a prolific .io Game developer who also developed games like, and

It is a top-down 2D spin on survival games, set in the prehistoric times where the players scavenge basic resources like food, wood and stone, which they use to build up weapons, tools and structures to defend themselves and/or fight bosses and other players.

It is also a more actionised take on the genre: you face no risk of actually starving or freezing to death, but there's a levelling-up system whereas you get to choose between mutually exclusive upgrades upon reaching a new "Age". There are Hats and Accessories that provide powerful bonuses, and which can be bought with Gold, in turn obtained through either killing other players or building up Windmills.

Has a wiki with plenty of information about the game here.

This game provides examples of the following tropes:

  • And Your Reward Is Clothes: Purchased Hats and Accessories are the only things that'll stay in your inventory even after you get killed and respawn. Many of them are purely cosmetic, but there are a lot of hats with game-changing effects.
  • Artificial Stupidity: The pathfinding AI of animals and other creatures is pretty poor, and can easily get stuck on obstacles like trees or stones while you are attacking them.
  • Automatic Crossbows: Repeater Crossbow, available at Age 9 if you have chosen to obtain a Crossbow at a previous Age. It can literally fire four arrows per second! Though, each shot will cost you 10 Wood, so better stack up on that first!
  • Batter Up!: The Bat is one of the Age 2 melee weapons, though it is no baseball bat, and is instead basically a club with metal spikes at the end. It does less damage than the other options (besides the Stick), but it gets a great bonus to Knockback, and can be swung at a good speed as well.
  • Blade on a Stick: The Polearm weapon. It does the most damage per hit out of the Age 2 starting melee weapons, and has the longest reach, but is also swung at the slowest rate, making resource gathering more difficult.
  • Bottomless Magazines: Averted. Firing an Arrow requires 4 Wood if it's a Bow, and 10 Wood for either of the Crossbows. A shot from the Musket costs 10 Stone. Wearing Musketeer Hat halves the resource cost of each shot, but it hardly makes them free.
    • Played straight with the Turrets, which will be able to fire indefinitely once placed down. Same goes for the Turret Gear,which is a Hat that acts like a Turret, and even deals the same damage.
  • Collision Damage: While Wolves have to bite the player to damage them, Bulls and Bullies deal contact damage to simulate them charging at the player.
  • Concealment Equals Cover: Literally any structure or object tall enough will block Musket's bullets, even if it's a bush or a cactus. Potentially justified by said Musket being obviously primitive, and only firing stone bullets.
  • Drop the Hammer: The default weapon is a Tool Hammer. It is obviously the worst thing one can wield (with the possible exception of resource-oriented stick) and so you should replace it for one of the Tier 2 options as soon as possible. (Though, some players have stuck with it and upgraded it to Gold and beyond, mostly for bragging rights.)
    • Then, you can choose to wield a Great Hammer as your secondary at Age 6. It is actually weaker against human or animal targets than the default Tool Hammer, dealing 10 damage rather than 25. However, it deals a whole 70 damage per hit to the structures, and so is a highly specialised tool, even if using it deprives you of the ability to shoot or block.
  • Dual Wielding: One of the level 2 weapon options is dual-wielding daggers. Their users move faster than anybody else without speed-boosting accessories, and they have the fastest speed out of melee weapons, and hence the fastest gathering speed. However, they have basically no reach, and so other good players can often just knock their wielders back, especially if they are using a Spear.
  • Friendly Fireproof: Members of the same in-game Tribe cannot harm each other. Spikes will not harm either the one who deployed them, or a member of their tribe.
    • However, it is still possible for them to destroy the structures their tribemates placed down. While this will result in a kick as soon almost as soon as this is noticed, crafty players can nevertheless wreak true havoc in that manner, before leaving the tribe themselves and attacking everyone.
  • Gold-Colored Superiority: Gathering 3000 units of the game's resources (wood, stone and food) while wielding a weapon will upgrade it to a gold version. This raises the weapon's damage by 10%, with no drawbacks (i.e. slower movement speed/swing speed due to carrying something made out of one of the heaviest metals in existence.)
    • Afterwards, the weapons can be levelled to Diamond by gathering 7000 total with them, which boosts the combined damage by 18%. Boosting it to Ruby takes you collecting 1200 resources; the damage boost is still 18%, but the weapon will also inflict bleeding damage (or poisoning, if you somehow levelled up McGrabby in this manner).
  • Hyperactive Metabolism: Eating a mere apple heals 20 HP out of a 100. Eating a cookie, available at Age 3, heals 45. Eating Cheese, potentially available at Age 7, will immediately heal 30 HP, and 10 more for five additional seconds.
  • Invisibility Cloak: Assassin Gear makes the player invisible as long as they stand completely still. However, you cannot heal by eating while wearing it.
  • Jack of All Stats: Out of all level 2 weapons, swords are average in terms of all stats, be it speed, reach or damage.
  • Joke Weapon: The Stick. Its description says that it's "weak, but great for gathering resources." You do get 7 points of a Resource every time you swing it at something, be it a tree, a fruit bush, or a stone, while the normal weapons only provide 1, and the Hand Axe provides 2. However, you literally deal 1 damage with the stick (even when it's golden or ruby), when every other weapon does 20+, and you'll literally need a 100 hits to kill another player, while they'll need 2-4. Even the players concerned with obtaining resources are better off choosing an Axe, or even Daggers, since they swing quickly and thus will also gather resources at a faster rate than Swords or Spears.
    • The one type of player for whom the Stick is viable are the ranged weapon enthusiasts. Picking a Stick will let them quickly rush to Age 6, and then pick a Bow. Due to the Stick's gathering bonus, they should never be short of wood to fire arrows, even if they also place down a lot of walls and spikes. Having lots of resources also allows you to place Windmills quickly to generate gold, and thus soon get the
      • However, this strategy is still highly risky, as you are still left defenceless if your enemy reaches melee range: either because they managed to dodge all your shots, or because they carried a Wooden Shield as a secondary, and were thus literally immune to them.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Katana is a straight-up upgrade to a short sword, dealing 5 more damage and having slightly longer reach, though its wielder will also move slightly slower.
  • Knockback: An important part of the game. Each successful hit knocks back its target, and allows the player to potentially never get hit. This is crucial when fighting aggressive animals like bulls and wolves.
    • Carrying a Wooden Shield blocks projectile damage, but still doesn't save you from getting knocked back.
    • Barbarian Armor automatically knocks back anyone attacking its wearer in melee.
  • Life Drain: Dark Knight armor heals you back with 40% of the damage you infict, and Blood Wings will do so for 20%, and the two can be stacked together for 60%. Bloodthirster will heal back for 25%, along with actually raising said damage by 20%.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: At Age 6, Wooden Shield can be equipped in place of a secondary weapon like a Bow or a Great Hammer. When out, it blocks all damage from the projectiles from any direction, but the player will still get knocked back. It also blocks 80% of damage from the melee attacks, but only if the player was facing the attacker at the time. This shield is the best counter to Stick + Ranged Weapon players.
  • No Fair Cheating: The use of the auto-healing script results in the user automatically getting "Shame!" hat, which looks like jester's garb, and even lengthens the character's nose. Its description says "hacks are for losers!" and the hat will instantly disable all healing.
    • However, the item only takes the overall rate of healing into account, so it's possible for a legitimate user to trigger this as well if they do nothing but keep clicking on food items for several seconds, which may happen if they get backed into a corner, especially by a boss. In that case, the hat will go away after 90 seconds, so try to run, if you can!
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: The two bosses, MOOFIE and MOOSTAFA, both have red eyes.
  • Regenerating Health: Regeneration of 3 HP/second is provided by the Medic Gear hat and the Angel Wings accessory. They can also be combined for a total of 6 HP/second. Of course, they also cost 5000 and 15,000 gold, respectively. A cheaper option is the Apple Basket accessory, but it only heals for 1 HP/second.
  • Savage Wolves: Downplayed. Wolves are always hostile, and move faster than the players. However, they also have much lower health than the also-hostile Bulls (350 HP vs. 1800), let alone the "elite" Bullies with 2800, and deal less damage per hit as well. Players whose weapons have good reach, in particular the spear wielders, will be able to keep knocking them back until they die.
  • Spikes of Doom: While they deal only 20 damage per contact (thus killing a player in 5 hits), they are still an important defensive element, as can be seen above. Many players will try to hem each other in by rapidly dropping spikes left and right. While they can still be broken with weapons, this definitely slows one down, and if the spikes are sufficiently close to each other, than doing so is impossible without getting hit by its neighbour.
    • Moreover, they can be upgraded to Greater Spikes, which are more durable and deal 35 damage, and then to either Poison Spikes with their damage over time, or Spinning Spikes, which deal a whole 45 damage and will push the target back, potentially into another Spinning Spike.
  • The Spiny: Players can turn into this by equipping Spike Gear Hat, which will deal 45% of melee damage back to the attacker. Sawblade Accessory reflects 15% damage, but it costs the same as Spike Gear, so most players ignore it.
    • Corrupt X Wings is the accessory most players choose to pursue over Sawblade. They have twice the cost of Spike Gear Hat, but reflect 25% melee damage at the attacker, for a combined 70% reflection.
  • Sprint Shoes: Booster Hat will raise speed by 16%, and it is a rare hat that has no negative side effects. Shadow Wings accessory raises speed by 10%, again with no side effects. Monkey Tail accessory raises speed by 35%, but does so at the expense of slashing melee damage by 80%, so it is only useful for those fleeing, or for the ranged weapon pros.
  • Super Drowning Skills: Averted. Players will not drown if they get into the river...but they have a high chance of being overpowered by its current and carried downwards, potentially all the way to the end. This is not dangerous on its own, but advanced players like to place down saplings on either side, which will grow into unbreakable trees, and trap players at the end of the river between their foliage. Add a turret or two nearby, and there's a nearly infinite potential for farming (especially since animals and even bosses can get trapped in the same manner as well.) Wearing a Flipper Hat is the only thing that'll allow you to travel against a current.
  • Teleporters and Transporters: Teleporter is a structure you can potentially unlock at Age 7. However, it'll teleport you to a random place on a map, and so is only useful as a way of immediately escaping traps or unstoppable attacks. Sometimes, it may even teleport you straight into a spike.
  • Tuckerization: Both the developer and his brother (who also took active part in development) were at one point present in the game as SID and VINCE bosses.
    • There are also several wearable items named after the YouTubers who were heavily involved with the game, known within the community as Mootubers. Some are purely cosmetic, like the Enigma Hat, Blitz Hat, and Bob XIII Hat. However, Corrupt X Wings are both tied for being the most expensive item in the game, and have a powerful effect (25% damage reflection), due to Corrupt X's outsized role in the community.
  • Video Game Stealing: Possible with the McGrabby secondary weapon, which is literally a hand atop a stick. It does no damage (unless tediously levelled up to Ruby, at which point it begins poisoning its targets), but will instantly steal up to 250 Gold instead.
    • Thief Gear Hat also provides players with half the gold of the player they just killed, instead of it disappearing.
  • Weak Turret Gun: Played with. Turrets are Age 7 structures and they totally not weak in terms of their durability, as they have 8 times as much health as any player, and are totally immune to arrows. However, their damage is "only" 25: same as an arrow and still enough to kill a player in four hits (unless they are wearing Emp Helmet, which somehow outright blocks them from ever firing at the wearer) but a little weird, given that it's an actual cannon that fires literal cannonballs.