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Memory Days Sim Date is an Animesque Dating Sim (with heavy elements of Visual Novel) by Pacthesis on deviantArt. It is a remake of two previous games, Anime Sim Date 2.0 and Anime Sim Date 2.5.

Ai is your average girl, who lives in Reton with her constantly working parents. Her family owns a house in West Cigam, which they use for a summer home. During her stay there for one summer, she meets three boys who live in West Cigam: Haru Noru, Daichi Tomo, and Kai Utsugi. After her brief run-ins with them, she eventually has to return home.

A year later, her father gets a new job in West Cigam, and she and her family move into the summer home. She encounters Haru, Daichi, and Kai again, who remember her from last summer. Over the year, she has the opportunity to befriend and fall in love with one of them.

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Memory Days provides examples of:

  • Adaptation Expansion: The game's precursors, Anime Sim Date 2.0 and Anime Sim Date 2.5, have next to no plot and get right to the point when it comes to dating one of the available love interests. This is changed in Memory Days, where the story is expanded on a bit more.
    • Art Evolution: This game has much better art and coloring compared to its predecessor, and is also the first game to marks Pacthesis' official art style.
  • Alpha Bitch: Arisa, Daichi's ex-girlfriend, definitely has shades of this.
  • Animesque: The characters have Japanese names and are drawn in an anime-like style.
  • Arc Words: "Weird things happen in West Cigam."
  • Balanced Harem: Haru, Daichi, and Kai for Ai, who all have equal amounts of cutscenes, interaction, and chemistry with her.
  • Birds of a Feather: Ai and Haru, if you pair them up. They're both reserved and socially awkward, though Haru is much more so.
  • Bittersweet Ending: A few of the endings:
    • Ending 1: Haru and Ai are dating, but because Haru has moved away, they can only maintain a long-distance relationship over the phone.
    • Ending 5: Kai leaves for Reton to become a journalist, and he and Ai fall out of touch because it's too painful; instead agreeing just to meet up again in the future—whenever that may be.
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    • Ending 10: Ai ends the year without interacting with or getting together with any of her love interests, but hopes she'll be able to be more social next year and meet some new friends.
  • Continuity Overlap: Apparently, Memory Days and Festival Days are in the same universe. Daichi studies in the same class with Kaoru, Kai is Mako's older brother, Haru is Akito's younger half-brother.
    • Also with Idol Days, as Kai mentions helping out the Sistehcap band in a competition once. (See here.)
    • Sakka, the character who appears in a secret ending and used to be a Secret Character in Anime Sim Date 2.5, is the father of Rose (the protagonist) in Kingdom Days.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Ai has blonde hair with golden eyes to match.
  • Dating Sim
  • Demoted to Extra: Sakka. He's an unlockable character in Anime Sim Date 2.5 and is rather prominent, but only shows up in one of the ten Multiple Endings in Memory Days (and his full face isn't even seen).
  • Diary: Haru keeps one, which is part of his Establishing Character Moment in the game's prologue.
  • Did Not Get The Guy: In the tenth ending, if Ai doesn't interact with any of her love interests at all throughout the year, she's left alone and hoping she might be able to be more social next year.
  • First Boy Wins: Can be played straight or subverted. The first of her three potential love interests Ai meets in the prologue is Haru, but the trope is only played straight if she gets together with him in the end. It can be subverted in that she can also end up with Daichi, Kai, or even Sakka.
  • Foil: If Ai dates Daichi, she and Arisa could be seen as foils to each other (considering that you only meet Arisa if you're dating Daichi). Both are blondes, have names that start with the letter A, and are/were romantically involved with Daichi. However, while Ai is more or less a Nice Girl, Arisa is a Jerkass.
  • Fourth Option Love Interest: Sakka.
  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: While the protagonist's official name is Ai, the player has the option to choose her name.
  • Heroes Want Redheads: Can be played straight or subverted. One of the three possible love interests is Daichi, the only one with red hair, but it's only played straight if you get together with him. It can be subverted if you instead go with Haru, who's brown-haired, or Kai, who's black-haired.
  • Important Haircut: Kai gets one after talking with Ai for the first time.
  • Invisible Parents: No parent is ever seen in-game, not even Ai's. The most that's given about her parents is that her mother is a lawyer and her father is an architect, both of whom aren't around much.
  • Jerkass: Arisa, from what's seen of her in Daichi's route. Sure, she had the right to break up with Daichi if she wanted to, but the things she says about him are unnecessarily harsh.
  • Keet: Daichi.
  • Last Boy Wins: Can be played straight if you pick Kai, since he's the final one of the three love interests to be introduced in the game's prologue. And there's also ''Last'' Last Boy Wins to take into account: if Ai doesn't hook up with any of her main love interests by the end of the year, this unlocks the seventh of all ten possible endings, where she meets and presumably gets together with Sakka, a prince from another world.
  • Luminescent Blush: Haru does this often.
  • Meaningful Name: Ai's name translates to "love" in Japanese. Fitting, considering that she's the protagonist of a Dating Sim.
  • Megane: Haru, who is the only one of the three possible love interests to wear glasses.
  • Muggle-and-Magical Love Triangle: A variant. While Haru, Daichi, and Kai are all more or less ordinary guys, Sakka (an unlockable Fourth Option Love Interest who debuts in Anime Sim Date 2.5 and appears in one of the Multiple Endings for Memory Days) is a prince from an entirely different world.
  • Multiple Endings: There are ten possible endings the player can get, two for each of the three love interests and four for miscellaneous endings:
    • Ending 1 (Your Next Call): At the end of the year, Haru has to move away. He and Ai have a long-distance relationship and keep in touch over cell phones.
    • Ending 2 (Happily Ever After): Haru learns he has to move away, but convinces his dad to let him live with his brother in North Cigam and is able to stay with Ai.
    • Ending 3 (All the Time in the World): Daichi asks Ai if she wants to take things seriously, but they decide to take it slowly and continue to date.
    • Ending 4 (It's a Promise): Ai and Daichi make a promise to get married when they're older.
    • Ending 5 (Until Our Paths Cross Again): Kai tells Ai he wants to go to Reton to become a journalist and look for Xolga, and she encourages him to do so. He leaves for Reton and they initially keep in touch over the phone, but it eventually becomes too painful and they agree to stop calling and instead just meet up again in the future.
    • Ending 6 (Always by My Side): Instead of leaving for Reton, Kai decides to stay in West Cigam with Ai.
    • Ending 7 (The Fallen Prince): Ai finds a key in a tree and, later on at the end, uses it to unlock the gate of a mysterious garden. There, she meets Sakka, a prince from another world, and presumably gets together with him.
    • Ending 8 (Three Evil Exes): After breaking up with Haru, Daichi, and Kai (using the reason of "it isn't working" for each of them), they make trouble for every guy who tries to make a move on Ai.
    • Ending 9 (Queen of the Friendzone): Ai still breaks up with Haru, Daichi, and Kai, but instead uses the reason of "I just want to be friends". People at school therefore nickname her the "Queen of the Friendzone".
    • Ending 10 (Forever Alone): Ai never socializes with any of her three potential love interests and finishes the year without getting together with one of them.
  • New Transfer Student: Ai is this to the high school at West Cigam at the beginning of the game.
  • Nice Girl: Ai's personality more or less boils down to this.
  • Only One Name: Ai's surname is never given in the game, but mentioned in the wiki.
  • Pink Means Feminine: In-game, Ai is seen in only one shirt, which is bright pink.
  • The Prankster: Daichi.
  • Second Love: If the player pairs up Ai and Daichi, Ai is this to Daichi after his first girlfriend, Arisa.
  • Shout-Out: Ending 8's title and picture is a pretty blatant reference to Scott Pilgrim.
  • Shrinking Violet: Haru.
  • Slice of Life
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Haru and his brother, Akito, look incredibly similar.
  • Wham Line: In Ending 2:
    Haru: Ai...I'm moving.
  • Younger Than They Look: Despite being in the same high school with Ai, Haru and Daichi, Kai looks like a young adult compared to them. Yes, he is 2 years older than them, but still.