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John 'jmtb02' Cooney is a designer of online flash games, most famous for his simplistic yet devilishly difficult games, and for small blue elephants. He has been affiliated with Armor Games for some time, long enough to become their Head of Game Development.

He also presented a postmortem on flash games at GDC.

His more well-known games (listing all of them would be a nightmare) are:

  • Ball Revamped: His Star-Making Role; most of his early fans found him through this series of games, although it has not really changed much in the last few years.
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  • Coinbox Hero: A game where you spend time getting money out of coinboxes to eventually destroy it.
  • Hedgehog Launch: A small island nation uses a slingshot and low budget rockets to get a small mammal into space. In the sequel the Hedghog must launch through the center of the Earth to reach the Moon before the Russian Giraffe project.
  • Llama Adventure, an Interactive Fiction where you play as a llama being experimented.
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  • Soviet Rocket Giraffe Go Go Go!: It's a bit surreal, yeah.
  • Treadmillasaurus Rex: Controlling a tyrannosaurus rex who jumps over spikeballs and tries not to hit lasers while running on a treadmill.


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