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Always wanted to own your own restaurant? Wanted to own one without the financial responsibility? Well, Now you can! Brought to you by Zynga Inc. (Also known for Mafia Wars and, infamously, FarmVille) you can own one and be your own boss!

Cafe World is a Flash-based game on Facebook. This game is like FarmVille, but more "condensed." The dishes don't take as long to make as seeds do, but don't last as long either. Also, the number of stoves (land plots) is reduced for obvious reasons. The primary currency is coins, but there is a super currency known as Cafe Cash.


This game promotes social relationships between friends/players, despite the number of your friends who actually play. There are three paths a player can take in Cafe World. First is the rich guy by making some serious coin. Second is the experienced super-chef and make dishes based on leveling up. The third is the collector, by buying...stuff. Although, many buildable items are only obtainable in a timely manner via asking for parts to something, same goes for catering.

Needless to say there are many decoration themes which allow you to individualize your cafe. These include a fancy restaurant, to atlantis, to space, to haunted castle.

Also, don't ever confuse this with Restaurant City, it won't be pretty.


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