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Breach is an Asymmetric Multiplayer Action RPG in which four players take on the role of heroes defeating mythological creatures while a fifth takes control of a Veil Demon that's hellbent on stopping them. The game's premise is similar to BioWare Austin's cancelled game Shadow Realms... which makes sense, because it's developed by QC Games , a studio made up largely of ex-BioWare Austin employees that worked on that game.

70,000 years ago, humanity coexisted with creatures that have since become myth. These creatures terrorized humanity and drove it to near-extinction, but to prevent humans from being wiped out, a group of Immortals decided to create the Veil, which split the Earth into two realities; one became modern-day Earth as we know it, while the other Earth is where all of the mythological creatures ended up. But one particular Immortal doesn't like how humanity's progressed in the past few centuries. He believes that humans are ruining things on Earth and creating the Veil to protect them was a mistake, so he sets out to shatter it. As a result of his actions, the two Earths have begun to merge back together, which not only alters the landscape drastically, but allows myths to become real once more and wreak havoc. Heroes imbued with the Spark, an essence that grants them magical abilities, are sent to cities across the world to stop history from repeating itself. But where there are heroes, there must also be a villain: the malevolent spirit known as the Veil Demon, who's there to defeat the heroes and ensure that the destruction of humanity continues uninterrupted.

The heroes can become 18 different classes, while the Veil Demon gets 6; classes can be switched between at any time, and each class is highly customizable. The heroes' goal is to move through rooms to reach the boss at the end of the dungeon and defeat it. Meanwhile, the Veil Demon must wipe the heroes out by any means necessary, including planting traps around the environment, summoning elite creatures, and even taking control of enemies, including bosses.

Breach was released as a Steam Early Access title on January 17th, 2019, and is planned to transfer to a free-to-play model by the summer of the same year. However, with the closing of QC Games in April of 2019, the game's servers were shut down and further development was cancelled.

It has nothing to do with the film of the same name.

Breach contains examples of:

  • All Myths Are True: Mythological creatures of all kinds were transferred to an alternate-reality Earth for the last 70,000 years to protect humans from utter destruction. That changes when the Veil gets shattered and modern-day humanity learns these myths were anything but— the hard way.
  • An Adventurer Is You: Each class in the game falls into one of four roles: Warrior, Tank, Support, and Specialist.
  • Asymmetric Multiplayer: Four players team up to clear an area of monsters, while a fifth attempts to destroy the others through use of traps and possession of those monsters. It is entirely possible to play the game Solo or in Co-op, with AI taking the place of the remaining player(s).
  • Demonic Possession: As a spirit, the Veil Demon can enter the body of one of the heroes' enemies at will (bosses included), allowing them to take direct control and use that enemy's abilities for themselves.
  • The Gunslinger: The eponymous class is capable of wielding guns like nobody's business, with a little bit of the Spark added to the mix.
  • Job System: Each class in the game levels up independently of each other and can be freely switched between. At a high-enough level, a class can share its abilities with other classes, but only if those classes are in the same magic school. You can choose a single class at the beginning of the game and gain more over time.
  • Mythology: The game's roster of foes is taken from a slew of mythologies.
  • Necromancer: One of the game's classes. Naturally, they can summon the dead.
  • Spiritual Successor: To the cancelled Shadow Realms, as some of the same developers created Breach, and the two games share a premise.
  • Time Master: Chronomancers, as one would expect, are able to manipulate the forces of time to their will. An as-of-yet unnamed Veil Demon class also has the ability to create chrono fields that slow down heroes.