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And that's just when it's moving forward!

Mastery is achieved when 'telling time' becomes 'telling time what to do.'

Some people can control reality. Others can control fire, some control ice, and some just get saddled with Heart. This guy? He scored the silver medal in the Superpower Lottery: he controls time itself. This is called many things, but whether through forbidden magic, Imported Alien Phlebotinum, or just being The Chosen One, he can move through the ages like walking to his kitchen. The powers of the Time Masters are multiple and varied; he may travel in time, cause the flow of time to slow down or speed up or stop altogether, move between Alternate Timelines...

He may be a member of the Time Police, a Conqueror from the Future, or the one winding up the Timey Wimey Balls, but as far as he's concerned, no-when is safe.

If he's an antagonist, killing him may be difficult, impossible, or force Fridge Logic upon the viewer. After all, if he can move through time, can't he go back to before you attack him and kill you?

Maybe, as a consequence of, or as a necessary condition for his power, he's a Time Abyss.

Note that Time Travel itself is not a necessary power, and there are many characters with time powers who explicitly cannot travel through time. Especially that one. The Badass Normal version would be the Clock King (who might be called a time master in-universe, but isn't).

Not to be confused with a Time Lord, or the movie Time Masters, or the tabletop RPG Timemaster. Compare with Space Master and Gravity Master. See also Clock King, who may not be able to control time, but is a master of planning around it.

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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Air Gear, there is an offshoot branch of the Flame Road that focuses exclusively on time based attacks and movements. Any rider of the Flame Road can in theory learn how to use time tricks, but it requires an in-depth knowledge of the Flame Road in order to master. Thus, only king-level riders have been shown using it: Spitfire, Aeon Clock (who specializes in this almost exclusively), and Kazu. Later, a fusion of the roads was made called the Apollon Road, in which time and flame tricks are combined and used at once.
  • This is the main magic of the Wizard King, Julius Novachrono, in Black Clover. With this magic he can accelerate, freeze, and slow the passage of time both around him and for other people. He also gains a bit of precognition with it allowing him to anticipate incoming attacks. The thing that takes more effort is reversing time, which he needs to build up and store before it can be used. If he has to use too much of it up all at once because he had to say protect every citizen in the kingdom from a magic style Storm of Blades then he's utterly defenseless afterwards. It later transpires that this Time Magic isn't actually Julius' own, but rather the magic of the devil he's hosting, that being Astaroth, the supreme devil of time and one of the former rulers of the Underworld.
  • Bleach:
    • Barragan Louisenbairn's abilities stem around manipulating the flow of time to slow down his enemies and make them age and crumble into dust. As it turns out, even he's not immune to this power and needs to use a special personal field to protect himself. The moment someone managed to get a piece of that power past said shield, it was over in a matter of seconds.
    • In a way Orihime's ability could be viewed as this. She is able to "reject" or retgone virtually anything, from damage/injuries to an object's existence.
  • Bungo Stray Dogs: Louisa May Alcott. Initially, the audience is led to believe that her ability is to predict and plan for any event, but it's actually to slow time in any given room to 1/8000th of its normal speed, provided she's the only one in that room.
  • Brynhildr in the Darkness: Saori has a secondary power to rewind time up to one minute, and can use this to reverse her own death. However, using this ability drains her energy so much that she is rendered helpless, so she only uses it as a last resort.
  • RyuZU in Clockwork Planet gains the ability to control time upon activating her Dual Time Mode. One of her techniques in this mode is called "The Relative Maneuver: Mute Scream", where she freezes time all over and uses it to her advantage to take out dangerous enemies. From a human observer, this would happen in a blink of an eye, while from RyuZU's relative perspective called Imaginary Time, lasts for hours and even days. The drawback however is that once activated, RyuZU cannot turn it off herself and has to wait it out until her spring is fully unwound, after which, she would have to be rewound manually by her master to wake up again.
  • Aoba from Code:Breaker has the ability to control the time of any object/person she touches. She can even "pause" death, but can't stop it.
  • Sumire in The Dark Queen and I Strike Back has Time Axis, which lets her shoot arrows that explode to create zones of altered time. She can stop, accelerate or rewind time within these zones.
  • Amber from Darker than Black can predict the future, freeze time, or even turn back time a little if she doesn't like the way things turned out on the first try. And she's the Big Bad, sort of. The "cost" she pays for this fantastic ability is that she actually grows younger when she uses her power, so she could basically live forever under the right circumstances. Instead, she pulls a Heroic Sacrifice, using her power until she de-ages right out of existence, in order to give the hero a chance to Take a Third Option, where the first two options were basically different kinds of genocide.
  • Kurumi Tokisaki from Date A Live. She has twelve different time-related powers (based on the twelve numbers of a clock) which include summoning temporal duplicates of herself, freezing time, speeding herself up, rewinding time to heal her injuries, etc. Each use is a Cast from Lifespan, but she can drain the lifespan of others.
  • Digimon:
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Guldo has the ability to stop time for as long as he can hold his breath.
    • Whis, Beerus' Angel attendant, is not only a Reality Warper, but he can rewind time by three minutes for the entire universe. It does have limits however, as he can't do it twice in a row.
    • Hit from Dragon Ball Super has a somewhat similar ability as Guldo, being able to skip time. He can only do it for 0.1 seconds, but since Hit has Super-Speed on top of this ability, he can mortally wound an opponent before they even have the chance to move. Also, unlike Guldo, he can repeatedly use his ability as many times as he wants since it seems to take no stamina...and then he reveals he can extend it even longer, boosting it up to 0.5 seconds while in the middle of the match with Goku.
  • Fairy Tail:
    • Ultear Milkovich has the ability to age or restore inanimate objects. She later reveals that she can travel the entire world back a minute back in time in exchange for making her age to near death and gains the ability to sense disturbances in the time flow caused by other time mages which also allows her to send an Astral Projection that can unfreeze the frozen time for certain objects or people, though not directly fight. She can also unlock a person's hidden magical potential with the Second Origin and give them access to all the power they will ever obtain with the Third Origin, though it leaves them magic-less for the rest of their lives.
    • This is the true power of Spriggan Twelve DiMaria Yesta. She can freeze time all around her for a seemingly unlimited period and it gives her all the openings she needs to finish her opponents. To them, she hasn't even moved as their clothes suddenly explode into shreds and it has one hell of a psychological edge. She even shares Dio Brando's arrogance in calling the frozen time "her world". The source of said powers is no joke either: she's literally the vessel of the God of Time, Chronos due to being descended from the tribe that worshipped him. She only loses because Ultear unfroze time around Wendy and Sherria to fight her, and Sherria used Ultear's Third Origin to enhance her God Slayer Magic to the point she actually could hurt her. Meanwhile, E.N.D. just flat-out burns his way through the frozen time to attack her.
    • Acnologia the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse gains the power of Time Magic after literally eating his way out of the Time Lapse. On top of the incredible boost to his already vast power (he was the strongest thing in existence even before this), it gives him the ability to draw those of his choosing into a "Time Rift" where he can imprison them at his leisure and, if they're tough enough to try and fight back, confront them with a projection of his very soul that possesses all of his magic power.
  • Moritani Misuzu, the main character of the yuri love story Fragtime, has the ability to freeze time for three minutes a day.
  • This is Subaru's Seishi power in Fushigi Yuugi. Which she uses on her husband Tokaki and herself, reverting them to their younger selves for a while. She also casts a similar spell on her friend nd fellow Byakko Senshi Tatara, allowing him to keep his youth and live indefinitely as long as he stays in a determined place — which suits him fine because he wants to live as long as possible to protect the Shinzaho.
  • Nagato Yuki in Haruhi Suzumiya is a Sufficiently Advanced alien with Reality Warper powers similar in nature to the Agents of The Matrix. Though incapable of physical Time Travel (she instead "downloads" her future mind into her past body in one instance, effectively making her the same person), she is capable of manipulating time and space, and helps a couple of time traveling friends who lost their time machine get back to the future by having them lie down in her guest bedroom and freezing time within said room while the outside world continues to move.
  • In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, almost all of the Big Bads have some form of time-related power:
    • Stardust Crusaders: DIO's The World can stop time for several seconds. During this time, he's free to move and act as normal, and uses this to pull tricks like creating a Flechette Storm of throwing knives. Jotaro realizes that he has the same power during their fight, albeit on a weaker level, and uses it to defeat DIO.
    • Diamond is Unbreakable: Yoshikage Kira's Killer Queen evolves a third power dubbed Bites the Dust, which allows him to create time loops that operate on very specific rules.
    • Golden Wind: Diavolo has King Crimson, which can skip a section of time from anywhere between .5 to 10 seconds, as well as seeing 10 seconds into the future with Epitaph. During skipped time, he is the only one able to deviate from Epitaph's predictions, as well as remember what happened.
    • Stone Ocean: Pucci's evolved Stand, C-Moon has the uncontrolled power to accelerate time in a localized area, such as making a woman's fingernails grow. In its final evolution, Made in Heaven, it gains full control over this power, which gives Pucci the ability to "reset" the universe by accelerating it to the point where it ends and begins again.
    • Steel Ball Run: While not the Big Bad, Ringo Roadagain's Mandom has the ability to rewind time by six seconds while he retains full knowledge of what happened in the altered time. The Alternate Universe Diego "DIO" Brando has THE WORLD, which is almost identical to DIO's The World, both in appearance and abilities.
  • Lucoa from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid can rewind time, something she casually offers to do for Ilulu. The exact mechanics aren't specified since Ilulu turned down her offer.
  • From My Hero Academia, Kurono's Quirk, Chronostasis, allows a limited application of time manipulation. He has three arrow-shaped locks of hair (an hour hand, a minute hand, and a second hand) that he can shoot out like tentacles to attack people. This will slow down their movements, with the duration of the slowdown effect being determined by whichever hand he used to attack. However, Kurono cannot extend his hair unless he stays still.
  • Chao Lingshen from Negima! Magister Negi Magi, who possesses special bullets that can displace a target through time and has a fighting style that involves a lot of time travel abuse to evade attacks.
  • One Piece:
    • Foxy's Slow-Slow Beams allow him to slow anything they touch for thirty seconds. Besides the obvious use in enemies, he adds very different (and deadly) uses to them.
    • Kozuki Toki's Time-Time Fruit allow herself and people she's selected to travel through time, but only going forward, going back in time is impossible.
    • Jewelry Bonney's power provides a variation, in that she cannot control time per se, but she can change herself and other people into different future variations, by invoking Multiple-Choice Future.
  • Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica can pause time (which from an outsider's perspective looks like Teleportation) and perform Mental Time Travel, though seemingly only to one specific time.
  • In Rave Master, Captain Hardner has an interesting way of using time related powers. Namely, restoring old wounds to people, and retgone'ing his own injuries. Sieghart and Niebel, however, as Time Guardians, count as more straight examples. Sieg can make objects and living beings travel through time, while Niebel can manipulate his own time, giving him a massive power boost in exchange for aging in an incredible speed non-stop.
  • Ruri from Rising × Rydeen has an ability called "chain of lost memory". This lets her revert anything or anyone back to the it was five minutes ago. So as long as the item or person was injured within five minutes she can fix or heal them.
  • Misora Haruki from Sagrada Reset can reset time back to three days. This means that all events and any memory of the past three days that "could have" happened, never happened, even Misora herself loses memory of actually using her ability.
  • Sailor Pluto of Sailor Moon. She largely has only one real time-related power (her ties to time are mostly due to her guarding the time gate) in that she can stop time for everyone but those she chooses. Doing this costs her life, however.
  • Shinzo: Queen Rusephine, one of the last villains of the first season, has power over the spacetime continuum. She uses this to reveal several unpleasant truths from the past to the three main heroes, as well as summon a past version of the Big Bad to the present. The first was an effective way to rub salt in the wound, but the latter backfires when he just kills her and absorbs her powers.
  • Midori Okamoto from Star Driver has various powers relating to time, including the ability to turn back time on her own body to become a teenager and see a few seconds into the future (just enough for her to dodge enemy attacks).
  • Osamu Tezuka's "The Execution Ended at Three O'Clock" features a Nazi Villain Protagonist who is to be executed for war crimes, but unbeknownst to his captors he's uncovered a formula that slows down time when consumed, which he plans to use to escape with his life.... Unfortunately for him, it slows down everything, including his own actions, so he's left waiting for eternity for the bullets to finally reach him and kill him, as he can't move quickly enough to untie himself and escape
  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: This is part of the powerset of Chloe Aubert after she unlocks the full potential of her Ultimate Skill [Space-Time God Yog-Sothoth Hortz]. With it, she can stop time and move through it, reverse time for herself to "turn back" injuries and implicitly render herself chronologically immortal, Time Travel, and most sinisterly reverse and fast-forward other people's time, allowing her to, for example, devolve someone to a previous state of being.
  • Lux in Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle can do this using his Drag-Ride. He initially uses it to slow down his own time for five seconds, then speed it up to give himself five seconds of Super-Speed. To make this viable in combat, he needs to first analyse the enemy's attacks so he can dodge them while slowed-down. He later learns how to apply this to other people (slowing them down so he can attack them multiple times, then speeding them up so that they feel all the effects of the attacks at once) and to his surroundings (to slow down incoming projectiles so he can intercept them).
  • Basilisk in Unlimited Fafnir can shoot a beam from its eyes that ages anything it hits by two thousand years every second. It can shoot an even more powerful beam from a third eye on its back, which ages the target by hundreds of millions of years. It also has the ability to see into the future to some extent.

    Asian Animation 
  • BoBoiBoy: Ying has the power to manipulate time, but it was initially mistaken for Super-Speed, as she was running normally while time slowed down around her. However, it takes a lot of energy, so she's limited to a specified interval of use before it deactivates. In the climax of BoBoiBoy: The Movie, she temporarily gains an upgrade to reverse time as well.
  • Kung Fu Wa: When Tee Yang brings Kung-Fu Sock Master to her school, time is not working properly, is eventually revealed that a Kwei possesed the star-shaped school clock and is capable of stopping time and rewind it by moving its clock hands.

    Audio Plays 
  • Big Finish Doctor Who:
    • The Eighth Doctor claims to have time senses, to the point that being in a timeless universe feels to him like he's lost a limb.
    • The Creevix from "The Time Machine", Insectoid Aliens from the next Universe along, are better examples of this, manipulating a time loop to give them entry to our Universe. They can also consume potential and almost destroy this Universe.

    Comic Books 
  • Done in Archie Comics, of all places, with Santa Claus. When one of his elves asks How Can Santa Deliver All Those Toys?, Santa says that he uses a "special time warp technique" to do it.
  • In the Astro City story "The Nearness of You," the Time-Keeper is a villain who uses stopwatches of his own design that can stop time. He ends up tearing a dimension in time and confronts Eterneon, the Lord and Watcher of the Timestream; their battle results in a Time Crash Crisis Crossover.
  • The DCU:
    • Legion of Super-Heroes:
      • The Time Trapper is able to age anyone he chooses (even to bones or ashes). He's capable of creating an "Iron Curtain of Time", a barrier which prevents time travel. He's also able to create a temporal force barrier which he uses to seal a time-traveling Superman off from the 20th century. On Earth-18, he keeps available technology and culture 'stuck' as they were in the Wild West era, forcing the inhabitants to work around it, emulating modern-day developments with late 19th-century tech. At one point he effective defeats Superman, who only survives due two deus ex machinas. First three admirers from the future The Time Trapper has trapped Superman in grant Superman funcitonal immortality as a reward for all of his services, and later a radom comet acts as a Reset Button.
      • The Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew! counterpart of the Time Trapper is a bear with a watch for a belt and an hourglass round his neck, called the Time Keeper. He can alter the ages of the heroes and send them back in time to fight Funny Animal historical characters.
      • Both the first and second Kid Quantums can freeze time in a limited area.
    • The Flash:
      • The second Reverse-Flash/Zoom (Hunter Zolomon) does not have Super-Speed. Rather, he uses his temporal powers to fake having Super-Speed to battle Wally West with.
      • Inertia, Impulse's evil clone, has the ability to alter time relative to himself.
    • The android Hourman, who was built with precognition and chronal manipulation powers on top of possessing a map of all space and time.
    • Classic Justice League of America villain Epoch, the Lord of Time.
    • Rip Hunter... Time Master. He uses his time machine to, in addition to fighting evil and learning martial arts, get the best soda of all time.
    • At one point, an entirely supervillain group consisting of characters of this type existed, the appropriately-named Time Stealers. Consisting of Black Beetle, Despero, Mr. Mind, Per Degaton and the Ultra-Humanite, the group positioned themselves as enemies to Rip Hunter above, as well as his allies Booster Gold and Blue Beetle III. Though defeated, the group was able to escape, and technically are still at large to this day, doing who-knows-what in the timestream.
    • The first incarnation of Superman villain Gog had this as a cornerstone of his powerset. He was empowered by the Quintessence (a now-defunct group that consisted of the strongest and most godlike beings in the DCU) to be able to jump up or down the timestream entirely at will. Unfortunately for the Quintessence, Gog was driven Ax-Crazy by the experience of beings empowered and fixated on Superman as The Antichrist. So he began jumping backwards through time in 24-hour increments, killing each Superman he encountered as he went. The second incarnation of Gog was also one of these, but inverted the way in which he used his powers, summoning an army of versions of himself from different points in time to do battle with Superman and Doomsday.
    • Wonder Woman:
      • Vol 1: Dr. Lana Kurree, Holliday College graduate and chemist, is normally rather levelheaded which is good since when she gets into a true panic the winds of time sweep her and those in close proximity to her into the past, generally by decades but sometimes thousands of years, and she has no control over it beyond controlling her emotions. This becomes a problem when her boyfriend frames her for murder.
      • Wonder Woman literallly had a villain named "Time Master" in the silver age, who tried to kill her by repeatedly sending Wonder Woman to different points in the timeline. She only defeats him by displaying the never before seen and rarely displayed after ability to pass through solid objects by vibrating her molecules, which shouldn't have worked due to her lacking a speed force connection like The Flash.
      • Vol 2: Trinity is the woman with three faces, Time, War, and Chaos. Each face has its own power: Time can slow the timesteam.
    • Zero Hour: Crisis in Time! villain Extant had loosely defined time control powers. He killed several members of the Justice Society by accelerating their aging to the point of death, and later he defeated Jay Garrick by regressing him back to an age before he acquired super-speed and became the Flash.
  • Parodied with the D-list supervillain Killing Time in Empowered: he doesn't have any time powers, but really, really wishes he had. So he uses clock-themed gadgets instead — clock hands thrown as darts, a bolo made by joining the chains of two pocket watches, etc. Emp responds with her "mighty power over plant life" — that is, she beats him with a branch until he stops moving. Same was the case for the DC villain Chronos until he made a deal with Neron and gained actual time powers.
  • Marvel Universe:
    • Immortus, the future (and later, alternate) self of the The Avengers's villain, Kang the Conqueror. He has an extensive knowledge of travel through and manipulation of time. He uses a wide variety of instrumentation for manipulation of and travel through time, most of which he designed. It is known that he was tutored by the Time-Keepers.
    • Any wielder of the Time Gem.
    • X-Men:
      • Suzanne Chan aka Sway from X-Men: Deadly Genesis. She can stop or slow down time in her immediate vicinity. She can also replay past events as ghostly images. This allowed her to track down the people who killed her parents and have them arrested by the police.
      • Velocidad was first thought to have Super-Speed. This was disproven when Doctor Nemesis had him run across water... and he fell in, unable to move fast enough to not break the surface tension. Turns out he controls time in a localized pocket, giving him the appearance of super-speed outside but still subjected to the normal laws of physics inside.
      • Kiden Nixon of NYX. Time appears to slow down for everyone around her, while still passing normally for her (at one point, she spends months in this accelerated state, while only a few days pass outside it). However, unlike Velocidad, the effect is more than simply Super-Speed: She just pokes someone who had been harassing her, and it snaps his arm like a twig. In at least one future, Kiden's powers were developed to the point that Stryfe was able to use her to create a field that jammed all time travel and teleportation across the entire planet. Whether Kiden would be capable of doing so naturally or not was unclear.
      • Eva Bell aka Tempus has similar powers to Kiden, being able to create temporal spheres where time slows to a crawl for everyone but her. She can also displace time within those same spheres for about a minute. Eva eventually developed the ability to travel through time altogether, including bringing Charles Xavier from the past to deal with a incredibly powerful mutant with out-of-control powers. Notably, her time travel abilities break one of the fundamental laws of time travel in the Marvel Universe, that one is unable to alter their own time stream.note  Tempus is shown being able to travel at will through her own universe's past and future, which she has done without consideration for the massive consequences even a small change might have.
      • Originally a low-level time traveler who was limited to jumping backwards through time, Trevor Fitzroy Took a Level in Badass in the 1999 mini-series Bishop: The Last X-Man, in which he appropriately redubbed himself the Chronomancer. Like Tempus above, he learned he was able to travel either backwards or forwards through time entirely at will, as well as creating temporal spheres in which he could affect conditions far beyond Tempus's abilities, aging or deaging others at will and even restoring the Energy Being Shard back to her flesh-and-blood state. His ultimate plan was to absorb enough energy with his Life Drinker powers to open a portal that would allow him to merge with time itself, and he came so close to it that Uatu The Watcher himself showed up to observe his endgame.
  • Vampirella: Hopper is a time traveler wearing a bunny mask who keeps track of all events so he can guide events along their proper path. For one thing, acting as The Mole against Quatermass' plot to conquer all of time.

    Fan Works 
  • The Bridge: Sci-Twi's telekinesis and portal magic gets altered into warping space and time as a result of her particular training. Once Zephyrus takes full control of her body, he's able to freeze time for a short span and becomes almost impossible to actually hit in a fight. The only limit is the presence of Harmony's magic halts the time-freezes and they can only move 10 meters per stop.
  • Child of the Storm:
    • Doctor Strange a.k.a. Taliesin is, in-story, the unrivalled master of this, thanks to the Time Stone, which magnified pre-existing gifts for time magic and seeing the future. He primarily uses the knowledge and ability to alter events that this gives him to play the entire Gambit Pile Up and everyone in it like a fiddle. He's also got some more overt and very dangerous techniques to call on; freezing Bizarro a warped clone of Jor-El in mid-step with zero effort is one of the milder ones. On a grander scale, he repairs literally geography shaping damage around Hogwarts following the First Task of the Triwizard Tournament by performing the basic repair work, placing seeds for the regrowth of the partially damaged Forbidden Forest... and then accelerating time inside a defined dome so that a millennium will pass in twelve hours.
    • Harry picks up a trick or two from him later in the sequel, as his apprentice, using a spell that puts his opponent's legs and arms a split second out of sync with the rest of him. The inevitable happens. Thanks to said opponent's monstrously powerful Healing Factor, it's not a finishing move, but it does help weaken them.
  • Equestrylvania has Aeon and the Chronomage, who happen to be Arch Enemies.
  • Keepers of the Elements: Nasira, one of the Immortals is the resident Time Mistress.
  • Marionettes: Minuette has this power primarily based off Tracer from Overwatch. She's also able to create small bubbles of 'paused' time, which can freeze the imagine of a camera.
  • Pokémon Wack: The Time type is another new type that has been added. Celebi's type has changed from Grass/Psychic to Grass/Time, and moves such as Speed Swap and Trick Room have been assigned this type.
  • Pony POV Series:
  • Storm on the Horizon: Max Caulfield's "suicide" not only rendered her effectively immortal, but made her Time Travel powers far more potent in a manner that she compares to Slaughterhouse-Five, able to travel to any point in time just by picturing it in her head as opposed to needing a picture. What's more, she's gained the ability to teleport by picturing herself at not just a specific time, but also a place. She learns to weaponize both of these abilities.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Paradox: Anyone who wears a time medallion and/or a time ring gives its wearers to manipulate time. These powers vary based on the artifacts used:
    • Akiza's Obsidian Pendant allows her to stop time, and when augmented into the Paradox Gundam's Paradigm Shift System and in her SEED mode, she can stop time even in the fabric of space. This is how she singlehandedly beaten Rau Le Creuset, thus rendering his DRAGOONs obsolete before killing him.
    • Ian's Emerald Ring allows him to erase time in the same fashion as King Crimson and Kamen Rider Durendal's Jikokuken Kaiji, he even lampshades it in chapter 6.
    • The Ruby Magatama accelerates the user's time, giving the impression of Super-Speed. It originally belonged to the Sahaku family meant as a birthday present for Cagalli, Rio takes the Magatama for herself.
    • Kiryu's Topaz Ring allows him to enter a slow-motion bullet time effect that can be useful in certain situations but should be used sparingly. This allows him to land his shots in pinpoint accuracy without fail and maneuver a vehicle through tight corners.
    • The Sapphire Butterfly is a strange case. It only gives the user to see into the future, and also acts as a means of Combat Clairvoyance. Unlike the above four time medallions, it acts as an extension of Flay Allster's existence, it is created through a Stable Time Loop, by repeating the divergence that prevented her death at the start of the story.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Doctor Stephen Strange from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is able to master the Eye of Agamotto, the most powerful relic within the Masters of the Mystic Arts's possession that houses the Time Stone and allows the user to manipulate the fabric of time. Being the fast-learner that he is, Doctor Strange is not only able to learn the proper methods of activating it despite not being a fully-trained sorcerer at the time, but he is quickly able to use it to reverse the destruction of the Hong Kong Sanctum and essentially annoy Dormammu into forfeiting his war with Earth's universe by trapping him in a "Groundhog Day" Loop. In Thor: Ragnarok he is able to speed up the time he takes to find the right tracking spell to find Odin, and in Avengers: Infinity War he uses it to peer into over fourteen million possible futures within a minute's time to properly plan their fight with Thanos.
  • This turns out to be Chloe's dad Henry's power in Freaks (2018), although rather than controlling the universe's timestream, he creates a bubble around himself that he can manipulate the passage of time within. By speeding up his own personal time (and that of anyone else within the bubble's expanse), he can essentially freeze the outside world relative to his perspective, allowing him to attack or evade while his opponents are standing still, slow bullets and missiles, and to raise his daughter to age seven in only a few months.
  • In Space Jam: A New Legacy, Chronos (based on NBA superstar Damian Lillard) is capable of this, playing off the real-life Lillard's nickname of "Dame Time". His ability gets used against him by Granny, who subjects him to rapid aging.

  • The shieldwatch in Aeon Legion: Labyrinth grants a number of time based abilities to its user in addition to Time Travel. It can freeze projectiles in stasis, roll back time to when its user was not injured, easily create copies of most objects by moving areas around in time, speed up the user's reflexes until they can dodge bullets, slow down falling objects or the user's fall, or even restore the user's youth. It does have limited range and power though.
  • In the Animorphs series, the Time Matrix is a device that can warp time and reality and is controlled by the user's mind, turning a wielder who really knows what it can do into basically a god. In the hands of those who didn't understand its full abilities, it has been used to simply travel through time, a power dangerous enough on its own. Its origin is unclear by way of Retcon. (It was known to be created by the godlike Ellimists at a time in the story when they were described as being a species or group. Then, years later, we get a book telling the tale of the Ellimist we know, and he's revealed as having once been a normal member of the very non-godlike Ketran race until the plot happened to him, and "Ellimist" was his originally screen-name as a gamer. The idea of him deciding to create something like the Time Matrix and then leave it for others to stumble onto and screw up space-time with never comes up, and is something that would be very out of character.)
  • Yog-Sothoth, from the Cthulhu Mythos, isn't just a master of time — it IS space-time.
  • Downplayed with Clockpunk of Clockpunk and the Vitalizer. Her powers work in increments of seven seconds, meaning she can slow time for seven seconds and see seven seconds into the future.
  • Cradle Series: This is the Signature Move of Suriel the Phoenix. While she is perfectly capable of resurrecting the dead and healing wounds outright, she prefers to simply rewind time and then remove the criminal that caused the damage, as this is easier and has much less chance of going wrong. Normally everyone forgets what she reversed and it's like it never happened at all, but she allows Lindon to remember so that he has a chance (no matter how small) to save his home from a coming catastrophe.
  • Several characters in Creatures of Light and Darkness by Roger Zelazny practice the martial art of "Temporal Fugue", which lets them jump a short distance back in time. It's almost impossible for anyone without this technique to beat someone who has it. When two people who have it fight ... things get interesting.
  • The Old Ones in The Dark is Rising series seem to be able to do this, to some degree.
  • Discworld:
    • Wen the Eternally Surprised and the History Monks he founded.
    • Time, Goddess of Time.
    • Lobsang Ludd, Time and Wen's son and heir.
    • Susan sto Helit, granddaughter of Death, can move through time and stop other people's time.
  • The Dresden Files:
    • Kringle, aka Santa Claus, is a able to detect when he and his party are hit with a temporal wave which pushes them into the future faster, so as to avoid a deadline when something bad is about to happen. He then uses his own temporal powers to push the rest of the group out of the trap. It is also how he delivers all the goods in one night.
    • The original Merlin, founder of the White Council, used time magic and other geometic magic so advanced a spirit of knowledge compares what Harry knows and understands like the internal combustion engine to simple wheels on axles. Merlin worked at five different points in time at the same time to create a prison to bind together beings who could exist outside of linear time as humans perceive it.
  • The Empirium Trilogy: Marques have the unique power of creating portals that can transport someone into the past or future. This, as well as their mastery over distance, is one of the reasons they were hunted down by both angels and humans.
  • In the Fighting Fantasy Sorcery! gamebook series, each of the Seven Serpents has power over one aspect of the universe. Their leader is the one with power over time.
  • The Shrike from the Hyperion Cantos can slow down time and travel freely in time and space.
  • Incarnations of Immortality: Norton becomes Chronos, the incarnation of time in Bearing an Hourglass.
  • In Neogicia, one of the types of magic is time and Kavan Obérion uses it to accelerate his movement speed when he fights.
  • While technically any of the Travelers in The Pendragon Adventure can travel through time using the flumes, Saint Dane and Nevva Winter can control their exact destination in time with them.
  • In Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the Big Bad Kronos is the Lord of Time. Even without his full power, as he is through the series, he can distort time to slow down his enemies. The companion books make clear that his powers stop at slowing down or speeding up time for others (he used to entertain himself by speeding up time for hapless plants, animals or humans and watching them wither and die back when he was king), and fortunately do not, in fact, include Time Travel.
  • Mother in The Salvagers series uses a unique time manipulation magic powered by the stolen magic of the Winnowing Fleet. To anyone outside the spell it only seems to last an instant, but within the spell she can adjust how fast or slow anything experiences time. This allows her to freeze her targets at a slow rate of time passing so they can't resist when she kills them or cross large distances in the literal blink of an eye.
  • The ChronoGuard and Colonel Next (a renegade former member of that organisation) in the Thursday Next books. Being raised by a time traveller has proven to be an odd experience for Thursday, a sort of cross between a familial Time-Travel Romance and a mundane absentee father.
  • The Time Master Trilogy:
    • Main character Tarod, a powerful sorceror and acolyte of the Gods of Order, is literally the Chaos God of Time, incarnated as a human. He is not real happy when he finds this out. His fellow Acolytes are even less happy.
  • In Wax and Wayne, Sliders are mistings who can create a bubble of accelerated time around them while Pulsers can do the same but with slowed time. Wayne is the former, and Marasi is the latter. Marasi thinks her power is useless compared to Wayne's (who uses his ability to force people into one-on-one duel that seem to finish in a heartbeat to outside observers), but Marasi's ability proves very useful in the climax of the first book. They take out all of the villain's henchmen and get him in a pulser bubble for a few minutes (since he's impossible to kill), while outside the cops spend a few hours getting all their ducks in a row and come in force to arrest him.
  • Worm:
    • A somewhat limited example, Clockblocker can put objects or people in temporal stasis with a single touch. They are completely frozen and unaware during this time, but they're also invincible.
    • Dispatch can make a bubble of sped-up time around himself and a few other people. He uses it for combat, as a battlefield medic and as a force-multiplier for heroes whose powers need a ramp-up period.
    • Epoch can rewind time, travel forward in time or stop time, operating by a ten-second rule. He moves things to where they were ten seconds ago, moves things to where they're slated to be ten seconds from now, or pauses for up to ten seconds, releasing at a whim.
    • Cody aka Perdition aka Yangban No. Thirty-Six can for all intents and purposes 'rewind' an object or person back a few seconds in time.
    • Phir Sē can create portals that deliver their contents forwards or backwards in time which he exploits to create an infinite loop, allowing for an attack with effectively unlimited energy.
    • The fourth Endbringer, Khonsu, can create inescapable bubbles of sped up time that cause anyone trapped within to starve to death or die of old age.
    • Gray Boy can trap people in seemingly infinite time loops, as well as revert himself automatically to a previous state to prevent injuries.
  • A Piece in the Game of Gods: Mentioned in Part 41:
    “If you could provide us with more time to plan and prepare, that would be great,” Matt commented.

    The Cleaner chuckled. “Sorry, but temporal manipulation is beyond my abilities.”

    Live-Action TV 
  • Illyria from Angel can slow down time, effectively giving her Super-Speed. She doesn't appear to be capable of time travel, until her powers start to malfunction and she starts jumping through time uncontrollably.
  • Dr. Tom, the psychiatrist in Being Erica, seems to have this ability. He not only sends the protagonist Erica back through time but then appears in her history, be it as a hot dog vendor, repairman, street performer, etc. so she can continue to consult with him.
  • Charmed (1998):
    • This was how Piper's power was originally described, the ability to stop time. In practice (and later explicitly), it was more "the ability to stop things in place."
    • As of the season three finale, the demon Tempus, who could create Groundhog Day Loops and rewind time, was described as "the only one on either side" with control over time.
    • Later the Avatars and The Cleaners also had time manipulating powers.
  • Charmed (2018) has this as Mel's (Piper's equivalent) power. In her case, it is explicitly control over time. In addition to stopping time, she eventually learns how to accelerate the flow of time in limited areas (e.g. causing a plant to bloom), and she gets a bracelet that allows her to speed herself up in time.
  • Doctor Who: The Time Lords, despite the name, are usually a subversion. Most of them cannot do this without their technology, with the following exceptions:
    • In "Invasion of the Dinosaurs" and "The Time Monster", the Doctor's Time Lord nature provides immunity from Time Stands Still effects. Also, in "City of Death", both the Doctor and Romana notice a time loop that hits Paris while all the humans around them are oblivious to it. The Doctor also displays an immunity to the effects of a localized time loop in "The Lodger", carrying about his business as if it wasn't even there.
    • In "Planet of the Spiders" the ascetic Time Lord K'anpo Rimpoche has greatly developed his Psychic Powers to the point where he can travel through time and space without a TARDIS.
    • The Time Lord who turns up to warn the Doctor about the Master in "Terror of the Autons" appears, disappears, and hovers in mid-air without visible technology; it's possible he's doing something similar to K'anpo.
    • In "The End of the World", the Doctor shows that he has a perfect sense of timing, and that he can slow down his perception of time to the point he can walk safely through a spinning fan.
    • The Doctor has implied on several occasions in the new series that he is constantly aware of his position in time and space on a fundamental level, though this doesn't manifest as a practical ability beyond some sense of spatial anomalies. He also repeatedly demonstrates Ripple-Effect-Proof Memory, and is aware of whether or not history can be changed. In "Heaven Sent" he reveals he can feel time travel.
    • In the Doctor Who Expanded Universe, trained Time Lords can do this on a small scale, reaching a few seconds across time, usually for combat purposes, and the Celestial Intelligence Agency has operatives who can stop time, or jump a billion years, by willpower alone. But of course, when the Time Lords have their technology with them, they will prove exactly why they are called the Time Lords.
  • Einstein in Farscape. Quite apart from having power over wormholes which can allow passage through both time and space, he can handily stop time whenever his guests start getting disagreeable.
  • Kazu of the Heaven Time Star, the KirinRanger from Gosei Sentai Dairanger has time-rewind powers.
  • Heroes:
    • Hiro Nakamura has the power of travelling through time (though in some cases he can't control it). By extension, Peter Petrelli gets the same power after he copies it from Hiro, and in turn Arthur Petrelli stole it from Peter. Besides being Time masters, all three can also teleport as a result of controlling the space-time continuum.
    • Daphne's super speed enabled her to time travel when combined with Ando's supercharging, allowing her to travel faster than the speed of light.
  • Kamen Rider:
    • Kamen Rider Ryuki has Kamen Rider Odin, who has a "Time Vent" ability that allows him to control time, changing events that are dangerous for The Long Game that he's part of.
    • Kamen Rider Ex-Aid has Kamen Rider Cronus, who can freeze time and attack at will, becoming a Game-Breaker who only doesn't kill the entire cast in their first encounter because he feels they're of use to his Deadly Game. Worse, there are a few ways of bringing back a deleted character, but Cronus can "trap you in the moment of death," meaning you can't be revived.
    • Kamen Rider Zi-O, being a show about time travel, has a number of cast members to whom this trope applies. The most powerful of these is the titular main character himself, whose powers steadily escalate over the course of the show to where he can rewind time with a thought or create entire new future timelines out of his dreams. His Evil Overlord future self is more powerful still, able to freeze armies in place or age them to death so rapidly that it looks like he disintegrates them with a wave of his hand. Under great stress, he could demonstrate those same extreme levels of power as a child. Upon receiving Geiz Revive, Geiz obtains the ability to compress and expand time to boost his abilities beyond his limits. The Time Jackers, their primary antagonists, display similar powers to stop or rewind time at will, though with a stamina limit.
    • Kamen Rider Saber has the Sword of Time wielded by Kamen Rider Durendal, who can use it to erase time in the same fashion as King Crimson, becoming temporarily invincible and able to move anywhere he wants while everyone else carries out their actions as if he hadn't moved. Durendal isn't nearly as clever as King Crimson's wielder, though, and almost exclusively uses it to attack his opponent from behind.
  • Legends of Tomorrow features the Pilgrim, who possesses temporal micro-manipulation, allowing her to reverse or freeze time at will.
  • Lucifer (2016): In the first season, Lucifer's brother Amenadiel, the Angel of Time, has the power to stop or drastically slow time for mortals, although other angels are not affected. His rather un-angelic plots to get his brother to return to Hell cause him to fall from grace and lose the power in Season 2.
  • Sapphire and Steel: Sapphire can wind back time. Apart from that, Sapphire and Steel's enemies (which includes, arguably, Time itself), commonly can distort and manipulate time.
  • Supernatural:
    • Fate can stop time. She uses this power to cause overly elaborate, almost cartoonish deaths.
    • Angels possess time travel abilities, although it doesn't work as well if they're cut off from Heaven (Castiel tries it, and ends up badly bloodied as a result).
    • Chronos had the Blessed with Suck version. He can travel through time, but since he has no control over it, he's just constantly teleporting from one period after another.
  • Several Ultra Series kaiju.
    • Daidarahoshi from Ultraman Ace is a Time-Traveling Choju created by Yapool to destroy a sacred statue.
    • Goldras from Ultraman Tiga is able to create "time storms", enormous clouds of electrical and magnetic energy that warp whatever their lightning bolts strike through time and space. It's also implied Goldras' time storms are behind every mysterious disappearance in history, such as the ships and planes of the Bermuda Triangle.
    • Aeroviper from Ultraman Gaia could open wormholes through time in mid-flight to evade foes. These time warps take whoever enters them into any possible timeline, including the past and alternate futures.
    • Arados from Ultraman Cosmos is a Gentle Giant unlike the previous three, using its powers to migrate through time in search of food. However, when threatened, it can freeze time to make an escape or even send enemies through time to deal with them permanently.
    • Yunijin from Ultraman Max is an interesting case as it's time abilities are actually an unintentional side effect. Because the monster perpetually orbits the solar system, it is never allowed to stop for more than a few seconds because if it does, it will release spores that erases existence. Luckily, the erasure lasts only temporarily if the monster is freed in time.
    • Chronorm from Ultraman Mebius is a very strange example. It consumes memories by warping targets to the time the memory it has targeted occurred, and then follows the victim into the past and kills their past selves.

  • The Watchmaker character from Avantasia's song "Master Of The Pendulum" controls time and thus forces events to occur with precision.
    Tick away time, I allot and I divide,
    Master of the hands that guide you.

    Myths & Religion 
  • In Arrernte mythology Altjira is a sky god whose name means "eternity". This is essentially the origin of the Dreaming or Dreamtime concept in Aboriginal spirituality as far as pop culture is concerned; since the Spirit World is the sky and Altjira is the sky god and his name means "eternity", New Agers and neo-pagans think that this means the spirit realm exists outside time and space. On the plus side, many modern depictions of Altjira show him with time powers because of this.
  • Classical Mythology has Chronosnote , a primordial being who is time itself. He is not to be mistaken with Kronosnote , the King of the Titans and originally an agricultural deity. However, as early as Cicero, ancient authors sometimes drew connections or even conflated them, hence why Father Time sometimes carries a scythe.
  • The archetypical figure of Father Time is an amalgamation of several different time deities. He frequently appears as an older man, though may take other appearances depending on who depicts him, and he is always an Anthropomorphic Personification of Time.

  • Jacob has a form of time power in Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues. He can cause objects to replay their actions, essentially trapping them in a miniaturized time loop where they can't be affected by outside forces (though outside forces can be affected by them, as Jacob found out when he rewound a screwdriver right into Barbra and killed her).

    Tabletop Games 
  • Arcane Exxet, the magic and supernatural sourcebook for Anima: Beyond Fantasy, features Time magic as an available subschool.
  • Spanners in Continuum can travel through both time and space. Traveling in time uses up a spanner's span capacity, while traveling in space does not. Span Ones can travel up to 1 year total in time between 24-hour rest periods, and up to one mile per jump. Span Twos extend their range to 10 years between rests and 10 miles per jump. Span Threes, 100 years and 100 miles. Span Fours get 1000 miles and years, while Span Fives get 10,000. Beyond that, further information is not available here.
  • Dungeons & Dragons features classes, NPCs, and monsters with this sort of ability:
    • The Time Lord NPC class in Dragon magazine #65.
    • The Time Elemental in the 1st Edition Monster Manual II.
    • AD&D 2nd edition had a sourcebook called "Chronomancer" that introduced a variant wizard who specialized in magic that manipulated time, including the ability to move back and forth through time by traveling to the Demiplane of Time.
    • The maximum-level Time Stop spell offers a limited ability to do this in 2nd Edition, causing Time Stands Still by actually affecting time. In the 3rd Edition, the spell has the same practical effect, but it's explained as Super-Speed instead of controlling time.
    • Istus, goddess of Fate in the World of Greyhawk.
    • Phanes, described in the Epic Level Handbook supplement, are unwanted children of deities of time/destiny who look like black clouds of various shapes. They can travel back in time, summon a copy of themselves from the future, summon loyal-to-phane copies of their opponents from an alternate timeline, and freeze themselves or others in time and devour their future (which basically makes their victims grow old at an accelerated rate.)
    • Time dragons, introduced in Dragon magazine's final issue, manage to one-up phanes as masters of time. Even their wyrmlings can cast time stop every few rounds, as they age they're surrounded by an aura of slow time that affects creatures around them, while the dragons eventually fall under a permanent haste effect. Their Breath Weapon inflicts Rapid Aging upon victims and objects that causes them to rapidly decay, and the oldest time dragons can time travel at will — they typically make their lairs not in remote locations, but remote points on the timeline, such as before or after the era of humanoid civilizations. And speaking of age, due to their connection with time, their age categories are weird, so a young time dragon larger than a building might have hatched just hours ago, while a wyrmling may have been born two millennia ago. Time dragons also may be the most powerful creatures in D&D history, as their great wyrms have a Challenge Rating of 90 in a system where "epic"-level gameplay starts at level 21 (the aforementioned phanes, in contrast, clock in at CR 25).
    • The 5th Edition sourcebook Explorer's Guide to Wildemount introduces Dunamancy, a subsect of magic which alters space and time. Character subclass options that use time magic are Chronurgy, a subclass for Wizard which makes use of the titular subset of Dunamancy, and Echo Knight, a subclass of Fighter which pulls alternate reality versions of themselves into their timeline in the form of an "echo" to fight alongside with.
  • Fabula Ultima: The Entropist's spell list contains two spells that manipulate time. One lets an ally take an extra action on their turn, while the other reduces the number of actions an enemy can take on its next turn. They also have a skill, Stolen Time, which lets them manipulate time to produce effects like curing/inflicting the slow status or letting another player take their next turn right now.
  • Games Workshop games:
    • Warhammer gives any wizard who can use the Lore of Light the ability to manipulate time with the spell Birona's Timewarp, which frees a target unit "from the passage of time" and allows them to fight at unnatural speeds. Casting this on the right unit, such as the slow but hard-hitting Saurus, can transform the target into a legion of game-breakers for one turn.
    • Warhammer 40,000:
      • The game introduces the Crypteks of the Chronomancy school in the 5e Necron codex, who use incredibly advanced hyperscience to manipulate time as they see fit. Their aeonstaves can trap victims in bubbles of slow-time, their chronometrons can shift them out of phase with the normal time flow, and their timesplinter cloaks are comprised of protective casings of crystalised time, rendering inert any blow that does not land in the right fraction of a second.
      • The most adept of all Cryptek Chronomancers is Orikan the Diviner, a Necron Cryptek whose hyper-advanced technology allows him to manipulate the time-stream in very far-reaching ways. He is fully capable of time travel and altering events in the past to suit his plans, and he's one of if not the only individual in the galaxy who is. With such incredible potential at his command, one might imagine Orikan to be a major player in the galaxy's wars, but in fact he is all but harmless. The thing about Orikan is that he, like all Necrons, is a million-year-old robot whose programming has degraded severely. In life he wasn't a technologist at all, but an astrologer and court fortune-teller. Thus the only thing Orikan really cares about now is making sure that his reputation for accurate fortune-telling is maintained, and this he does by going back in time and making sure his petty predictions and prognostications come true. Not the other way round - he doesn't visit the future to see what will happen, or come up with plans first and predict their success later, he just makes whatever he's predicted using traditional astrology happen. That's pretty much the total extent of the use he puts his fantastically awesome powers to.
      • Some Chaos Sorcerers have been granted the ability to manipulate time in their immediate vicinity. In-game this is represented by the 'Warptime' Psychic Power that, in the 8th Edition version of the rules, allows the Sorcerer or a nearby unit to move twice in a turn as the time surrounding them is altered.
  • Both Mage: The Ascension and Mage: The Awakening feature the Sphere/Arcanum of Time, which allows perception of the past/future as well as manipulation of the flow of time.
    • Mage: The Ascension has it as a specialty of the Cult of Ecstasy (a Tradition that uses ecstatic measures to enter an altered state of perception), whereas Mage: The Awakening has it as a specialty of the Acanthus Path.
    • The rare and much maligned True Brujah bloodline from Vampire: The Masquerade can control time with the Temporis Discipline.
    • Wraiths may gain some control over the passage of time using the Pandemonium Arcanos in Wraith: The Oblivion.
    • Characters in Changeling: The Dreaming can control time using the Chronos Art.
  • Magic: The Gathering:
    • The game has a select few cards that can, in fact, skip or repeat a player's turn, which tend to be Blue-aligned. Some are guaranteed (being very powerful) and other are conditional (doing something X number of times, for example) or left to straight-up chance, like flipping a coin. An example of one such card would be Stitch In Time, from the Ravnica Block.
    • For a specific character example, the Blue Planeswalker, Teferi, specializes in Time magic.
  • /tg/ give us the aptly named Meanwhile: the Time Wizards, where the players are Reality Warpers that can bend time in order to tear holes in the fabric of reality and logic itself. There results range from cereal rains to burger rays, with a stroll through crazy country when a bar becomes a bra and everyone is now squeezed in between two gigantic breasts in an alternate dimension.
  • Rifts Worldbook 3: England features both Temporal Mage and Temporal Knight character classes.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • The Time Wizard. The anime typically portrays the card effects as the Wizard using its powers to rapidly age monsters to dust, although certain monsters can actually become stronger after a millenium or so.
    • The D-Heroes also have traces of this as many of their abilities are connected with time (like sending enemy monsters into the future).
    • Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon is able to negate card effects and control time to its own advantage during the battle phase. Its Barian-Force upgraded counterpart has an effect that negates the effects of all other cards and resets the entire state of the duel to that of the beginning of the turn and and then averts the occurrence of any unfavorable outcomes during the main phase.

    • The Kanohi Vahi gives this power, although with the limitation that only the time around a given target can be sped up or slowed down. It doesn't allow time-travel either... Unless you break the thing, in which case it crashes time itself, so that the past, present and future will be all happening at once.
    • Voporak, a member of the Dark Hunters can willingly give off a temporal force field that drastically ages anything thrown at him, this power becoming extremely potent through touch. His abilities however have no effect on the Mask of Time itself. Voporak is also sensitive to fluctuations in the fabric of time, allowing him to sense the use of and track the Kanohi Vahi. His Rhotuka has the ability to distort an opponent’s sense of time, knocking their perception of time backwards by several seconds.

    Visual Novels 
  • Nasuverse:
    • One of the Five True Magics of the setting, specifically the Fifth Magic "Magician's Blue", is this. While the exact limits are unknown, Time Travel is part and parcel of the package, along with the ability to draw upon the power you will hold years into the future to your present self or displace someone's death into the far future to revive them from fatal injuries. Its current holder is Aoko Aozaki.
    • Fate/Zero: Kiritsugu Emiya is a more restrained version of this. He has a magecraft called 'Innate Time Control' which allows him to internally affect time - speed it up for superhuman reaction time in combat, or slow down his bodily functions to avoid a search-and-destroy system. However, whenever he reverts to normal time, his body is forcibly 're-synced' to the time of the World, which can cause very heavy internal injuries, and they get worse the more he speeds up or slows down.
  • In Spirit Hunter: NG, Masaru's wish was to relive the time when his mother was alive. When he became part of Tsukuyomi, this manifested itself as the elevator in Moon Tower becoming capable of shunting people back in time.
  • Claude Trilleo from Sunrider is a time traveller, which makes her omnipotent by the setting’s rules. In addition to Time Travel, she’s able to teleport; stop, speed up, or slow down time for herself and/or others; create duplicates of herself by skipping back a second in time; create pocket dimensions; summon meteors from interdimensional rifts; and even create and destroy alternate timelines and universes on a whim. The only thing holding her in check is the fact that using too much of her power will result in reality-destroying temporal paradoxes, which limits her to more subtle displays of power.
  • Ezekiel "Zeke" Dorian in Villainous Nights has the power to manipulate time. He's vague about the specifics of how his ability works and what he can do with it, citing the potential for paradox, but he can speed up or slow down time for a few seconds to allow himself to Flash Step. His power also appears to allow him to see into possible futures or alternate timelines; in Renzei's third season, he mentions the death of a particular villain as being a catalyst for ominous future events.

    Web Animation 
  • DEATH BATTLE!: The series feature plenty of combatants who can mainpulate time itself.
    • Ratchet & Clank VS Jak & Daxter has this and compares the two versions directly. Jak can use his Super Mode of Light Jak to slow time to a crawl which allows him to use it to shoot a defenseless Ratchet. Clank can also do this, but his time-manipulation is slightly slower than Jak's. Unfortunately for Jak, Clank is flat-out immune to any attempts to alter time and can pass this skill onto other people. Ratchet dodges Jak's attack as a result.
    • There's Shadow the Hedgehog, who can freeze time via the Chaos Emerald. It helps him in his fights with both Mewtwo and Ryūko Matoi.
    • While it's not used in the 2018 rematch between both Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, the hosts both mention on how they could both freeze time via the stopwatch and Chaos Control respectively, but cited on how Mario's is easier to use and has been done so in canon compared to Sonic's usage only being shown in a non-canon multiplayer game.
  • hololive has two examples, both of which come from the English branch. Amelia Watson from Generation 1/Myth is a detective with a sci-fi pocketwatch that allows her to travel through time, including parallel timelines, possibly being the cause of some Indonesian branch members showing off AU counterparts of themselves. Heck, she even has a few of her own, the most infamous of which is known as Smol Ame. Meanwhile, Kronii Ouro from Generation 2/Council is the titular council's very own "Warden of Time", and effectively an Anthropomorphic Personification of time itself, with it being suggested that she's the one who allows Amelia's Time Travel watch to function in the first place.
  • In Red vs. Blue, Gary/Gamma's special AI ability is to manipulate time. The Meta steals it between Blood Gulch Chronicles and Revelation.

  • In El Goonish Shive, Susan uses a slow time spell creatively to become this. (Note that this is only in an initially non-canon Fable pastiche that later became canon, but only as a Dream Sequence. Time magic officially doesn't exist in the "real world" of EGS.)
  • Heroes Unite: Timesweep. With sufficient technological assistance and a powerboost he can send people through time. Most of the time he can 'just' slow down and speed up time for specific individuals.
  • There are two major groups in Homestuck with mastery over time:
    • Time is one of the powers available to Sburb players, and one of the two which must occur in every session. Dave Strider is the Knight of Time in the human session, Aradia Megido is the Maid of Time in the troll session, and Damara is the Witch of Time in the pre-Scratch troll session. All are in charge of timeline management - using their powers to establish and take advantage of stable time loops to ensure things proceed as they must, and to provide a way to avert bad futures should things go wrong (which they have... often). All use music-themed Magic Feathers to travel through time - Dave uses turntables, while Aradia and Damara use music boxes; after ascending to the God Tiers, Aradia is strong enough in her time powers to freeze Jack Noir in time without any assistance, however temporarily it may have been. Also, both Dave and Damara's Lands house the item necessary to initiate the Scratch, itself a massive burst of time energy.
    • The Felt each have a different power that allows them to manipulate time or perceive things in the past or future. Well, except for Biscuits, whose "power" is hiding in an oven that he thinks lets him time travel into the future. Technically true, even though he's just traveling at the same rate as everyone else. Actually, his oven doesn't have time powers; it has space powers.
    • Lord English has absolute dominion over time. He has the ability to travel to any point in time, anywhere in any physical (or non-physical) location. He can even travel outside of time itself. So he isn't just coming for us. He's already here. Lord English was originally the cherub Caliborn, the time player (specifically, Lord of Time) in a failed Sburb session.
  • M9 Girls!: Any/Blue Destiny can generate a bubble inside of which time almost stops completely.
  • Unordinary: Sera can't travel through time, but she can stop time - allowing her to eliminate entire teams in the blink of an eye - and "rewind" any injury she does manage to receive, restoring her to perfect health... and this is all in addition to Super-Strength, Super-Reflexes, and Super-Toughness. John explicitly compares her to a god.
  • Wayward Sons: Nysus can speed or slow time in a localized area. He first used it to rapidly ferment wine.

    Web Original 
  • Dan from Trinton Chronicles has control over time including accelerating, deaccelerating, and stopping time. As a bonus he gained light and dark generation and control which gives him the bonus abilities to age/de-age (from light) and restore/degrade (from dark) people and objects.
  • Word of God says there is no time travel in the Whateley Universe, but Stopwatch has the power of temporal warping. He can speed up his own personal time until he's effectively a speedster, or he can slow down someone else's time while he moves at a normal rate.

    Web Videos 
  • Tony the Talking Clock from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared can move and transport objects backwards and forwards through time at will, as well as speeding up or slowing how fast an object moves through time.
  • Nightmare Time: Stopwatch (aka Daniel) has the power to stop time for as long as he holds his breath. He uses it in fights to dodge attacks.
  • Virginia from The Platoon of Power Squadron. At first she can only make time stop, but then she and the gang do a little experimenting and discover she can unfreeze people and create portals to other times and places. There are a few side effects, such as portals to the past being invisible from that end. Naturally, Donald ends up getting lost once.
  • Tempo from WarpZone Project. He has the kind that doesn't permit time travelling, unless it's greatly boosted. There is a character who can boost other people's powers in the work, but he is one of Tempo's enemys and hence only helps in Enemy Mine situations.

    Western Animation 
  • The Batman: The Villain of the Week in "Seconds", Francis Gray, has the ability to reverse time up to 20 seconds, so he can relive what he just did and avoid mistakes like awkward one-liners. When his estranged son dies as a result of his actions, his power goes into overdrive and sends him decades back, just before he could set off the string of improbable coincidences that set him down the path of supervillainy in the first place, and he's much happier as a result.
  • Ben 10:
    • Professor Paradox. Thanks to a Time Travel experiment gone wrong and thousands of years of practice, he's capable of displacing himself across time and space at will. He's also immune to time manipulation done by outside forces.
    • Paradox's Arch-Nemesis, Eon, is also a time master who can travel through time at will, age enemies to dust, and cause cross-time brain swaps.
    • There's also Clockwork, whose entire species, the Chronosapiens, can manipulate time.
    • Special mention goes to Maltruant, the final Big Bad of Omniverse, who's a stronger than average, rogue Chronosapien who wants to rule time itself.
  • The Big Bad of Class of the Titans is Cronus, the God of Time himself. He does have the power to speed up, slow down, and stop time at will. He only has the ability of Time Travel during New Years Day, and even when he does use it, he could be made weaker from using it excessively.
  • Clockwork in Danny Phantom. The Observants who presumably rule the Ghost Zone see a linear timeline; Clockwork sees everything, as in all the possible choices and futures.
  • Parodied on Johnny Bravo with Chronos, Master of All Time! *Dramatic Thunder*: A talking Grizzly bear who had dubbed himself Master of All Time! *Dramatic Thunder* due to having stuffed his cave full of watches that he all meticulously kept precise time on. Well, except the VCR clock. That one was beyond even his vast and immaterial powers.
  • Two of the zodiac Kwamis in Miraculous Ladybug grant their wielders some power over time:
    • Fluff, the rabbit, is the official kwami of time and grants the power to create time portals. These can connect to or from any time or place through an extradimensional “burrow,” which allows heroes like Bunnyx to time travel and Teleport Spam.
    • Sass the snake, as the kwami of the second chance, allows his wielder to create a short-term "Groundhog Day" Loop. Once activated, they can repeat the next five minutes as often as they like and achieve victory through trial and error.
  • Molly of Denali: In "Home Made Heroes," besides having weather powers, Molly's comic character Shaeeyaa can also control time. She uses it to make night come faster.
  • In the Season 5 finale of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Starlight Glimmer evidently Took a Level in Badass into this — managing to modify Equestria's only known Time Travel spell from something limited to the point of nigh-uselessness... into something Dialga would be proud of. This predictably leads to some Bad Futures the good guys must sort through.
  • In Season 7 of Ninjago the ninjas battle Krux and Acronix, the (former) Masters of Time. Acronix could accelerate the flow of time or force people/objects into slow motion. Krux could reverse time or freeze people/objects by stopping time. These powers were later taken from them and sealed inside four "time blades."
  • Chronozoid on Skysurfer Strike Force complete with Villain Teleportation and of course Time Travel.
  • The Pastmaster from SWAT Kats, an undead Evil Sorceror with the ability to travel through time, and with the Tome of Time, summon creatures from different eras.
  • Transformers:
  • The Xelor class in Wakfu are time mages, and casually do all of the associated tricks, except for the aforementioned Time Travel, something beyond even their patron god. Nox goes to some unsavory lengths to try and prove that last part wrong. In the end, it turns out all the power he'd accumulated over two hundred years was enough to send him back a whopping twenty minutes. He doesn't take it well.
  • Xiaolin Showdown: The Sands of Time allows its user to travel back and forward in time, also applying a Ripple-Effect-Proof Memory if the past is affected.

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