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"When a mysterious explosion destroys an artificial intelligence lab, Adam Hollister is framed - his son, Jack Hollister, sets out to prove his father's innocence, that someone else had caused the explosion and had stolen an experimental computer brain. Merging it with his own brain, he transforms into the master criminal known as Cybron. To fight Cybron and his evil Bioborgs, Jack Hollister becomes Skysurfer One, leader of the Skysurfer Strike Force."
—The Opening Narration from the first season.

Skysurfer Strike Force is a syndicated cartoon show that aired on the Amazin' Adventures cartoon block (later renamed BKN)note . Created by Ruby-Spears Productions, this series ran for two seasons from 1995 to 1997. It was Ruby-Spears' final production before closing down.

As the Opening Narration above explains, the series featured a titular team of five heroes. Led by Jack Hollister aka Skysurfer One, the Skysurfers fight show Big Bad Cybron and his Bioborgs to stop his attempts at world domination and clear Jack's late father Adam's name. The Skysurfers used technologically advanced wrist-worn Digitrans that transformed them from their casual clothing to battle gear and weapons. During the transformations, their cars transform into rocket-powered surfboards that they can ride in the air.


Skysurfer Trope Force:

  • Animesque: As with Ruby-Spears' Mega Man series, the animation was by Ashi Productions, meaning that a Japanese anime group is acting as the animator of a American-original superhero animated series.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: Sliced Ice after she was enlarged and brainwashed by Cybron in "Titan of Terror".
    • Also the Slitha Monsters, giant Bioborg worms in "Attack of the Slitha Monsters".
  • Clothes Make the Superman: All of the Skysurfers' powers came from their armored suits and equipment.
  • Flying Car / Hover Board: The Skysurfers' all purpose vehicles, which can change from civilian cars to flying surfboards.
  • Frame-Up: Jack Hollister's father, Adam, for Cybron's crimes.
  • Henshin Hero: The Skysurfers used their Digitran devices to transform from civilian to hero.
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  • Nineties Anti-Heroes: The heroes, by looks and names only. Over-the-top "xtreme", definitely, but in a family-friendly way.
  • Replaced the Theme Tune: The first season Title Sequence used an Instrumental Theme Tune as musical backing for the Opening Narration. The second season retained the visuals, but replaced the narration with an original song by Japanese funk metal band Super Junky Monkey.
  • Sky Surfing: The premise of the show. The heroes use rocket-powered flying surfboards to fly into action as they fight Cybron's gang.


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